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Making Our Baby


There comes a time in a young woman's life when the love for her man becomes so true that she cannot imagine it ever changing. For some it proves to be an ethereal and elusive moment that is eventually lost in time, never to be rediscovered. For a lucky few, though, it is what it seems, a harbinger to a lifetime of wedded bliss...

Julie felt the steamy air rise up through the bubbles covering the surface of the bath. It enveloped her in its warm embrace like a soft blanket and she sighed as she shut off the faucet, leaving the small room in momentary silence. She touched the water with her fingertip, tentatively at first, but then with more confidence as the warmth of the water pleasantly covered her skin like the supple cloth of a velvety glove.

Hmm, perfect, she quietly said to herself as she rose to remove the robe that covered her body. As she turned, she saw her reflection through the partially fogged over surface of the bathroom mirror. The excited smile that played across her face caught her by surprise, making her bite her lip slightly and causing a momentary blush to fill the smooth skin of her cheeks.

She was excited, her heart fluttered constantly and she had found that same smile appearing at the oddest times over the last few weeks. As she pinned her light brown hair up into a bun behind her head, a tiny giggle escaped her lips. Oh, I can hardly wait for Richard to get home!

Julie untied the sash at her waist and let the white robe flow off of her shoulders. After hanging it on the hook by the door, her gaze moved back to the mirror and she looked over her own body with, perhaps, a less critical eye then she had in the past. She had just celebrated her 24 th birthday and, as her husband kept telling her, she probably looked better then she had the day she first met him.

Then she distastefully pinched at her trim waist, pulling up a small bit of skin between her fingers, Well, almost as good anyway. Richards a dear, but he'd say anything to make me happy!

Julie cupped both of her breasts, lifting them slightly. They filled her hands nicely and were still quite firm, showing no signs of sag. Her nipples were a rosy pink, and sat slightly upturned on the rise of her boob. And they're all natural too the words came out playfully, but she had always been proud of her bust line and considered it to be one of her best features.

She tweaked one of her distended nipples gently and a soft moan escaped her lips as the almost electrical sensation of arousal began softly pulsating from the stimulated bud. The sensation was delicious and she couldn't help but pinch the other one before forcing herself back to her bath.

Lastly for effect, Julie lit a number of scented candles that she had placed around the tub and slipped on the headphones from her Ipod before carefully relaxing into the wonderfully warm water.

As she ran the soapy sponge over belly, she let her mind drift to her life with Richard. She'd been working two jobs over the last three years, jobs that supported them both while he had completed his Masters Degree.

It had been a difficult time and her muscles had often ached from the stress that the jobs had put on her, but when they married they had both decided that he should finish school first. They both knew that once he had a better job than either of them could have gotten before, she would be free to quit her waitressing jobs and go back to school herself.

She had known deep down that she was taking an awful risk. If he had not turned out to be the type of man she thought him to be, she would have lost precious time and may not have ever had a chance to finish her own scholastic career.

Julie lifted her right leg from the water and ran the wet sponge down over her calf and then back up to her inner thigh, content in the knowledge that she had made the right decision. During that time, Richard had taken care of the majority of the household duties and had never complained once about any of it. He wasn't the type of guy who went off drinking with his friends or staying out late without explanation.

He hadn't had unexpected expenses and there had been no mysterious phone calls that might have indicated that he was seeing another woman. No, he was home every night with her, sharing whatever little event might have transpired or problem that might have developed during the day.

Raising the other leg, she repeated the sponging of her skin, enjoying the feeling of the soft material on her body. She had been touch deeply when, shortly after he had gotten the job they had both worked so hard for, and paid better than both of her jobs did together, he simply asked what she wanted to do.

He made no demands on her and had no expectations of what her decision might be. If she still wanted to go to school, or if she had just rather taken some time off, he had made it clear that he would be okay with it.

She settled in the tub, relaxing into the water as she recalled the look on his face when she told him what she really wanted.

She told him that she wanted to be a mother.

The look on his face was one she would remember forever. It was one of shock and surprise to be sure. They had always been too busy to even think of having a baby, and she had dropped it on him from out of left field, but there was also an unmistakable feeling in him of excitement and joy at the prospect. He had taken her into his arms and kissed her so passionately that she would never have been able to doubt his sincerity.

They had made love that night with more passion and excitement than they had since the first months of their marriage, so it had been difficult for her to have to tell him that he would have to go buy condoms before she would let him have her again. He had looked like a puppy being scolded, and despite herself, Julie still found the memory amusing.

Understanding his confusion, Julie had taken his hand in hers and explained to him that she wanted to know exactly when she, when they, conceived their baby. She just wanted everything to be...perfect.

He'd kissed her with the same passion he had shown before and over the next few days he came to agree with her desire to have everything just so. Julia had then gone off of the pill and waited for her cycle to reach a point when she would be absolutely sure she was fertile, and while Richard didn't yet know it, that time had finally arrived.

Still, she had been surprised at how powerfully the prospect of having a baby would affect her. She thought about it all the time now, and as far as sex went, well she couldn't remember ever being in such a state. Her pussy was constantly wet and aching to be touched, so much so that Richard had even said as much on several occasions. She laughed softly again at her husband's plight. All that wetness and the poor guy had to wear a rubber...Ah, such a waste!

Julie ran a single finger under the water and touched her pussy. Her labia opened easily and the slim digit slipped inside without resistance. Ahhhh...Get home soon my Love...Mommy is waiting!

She was not a girl who masturbated often because her upbringing had taught her that proper girls didn't behave that way, but the feeling of her finger lazily moving inside her sent a pulsing wave of pleasure coursing through her that she lacked all will to resist.

She dragged her finger up over her clit and began lightly rolling it around under the hood covering it. Fresh lubrication flowed into the heated flesh of her sex and a steady rhythm of sensations began pouring into her body. Feeling herself respond so quickly to her own touch, Julie gave up all resistance and embraced the inevitable cycle that she had started. Oh damn...I hope he doesn't come home too early!

Without conscientious thought, her unused had rose to her breast and cupped it gently, sending tingles rippling though her body. Her fingers found her nipple and she began rolling it between them, causing her to shudder slightly. Ohh my, that's nice...

Raising her leg and resting it on the edge of the tub, she found that her petals opened nicely and she dipped her finger into her heated pussy. The feeling of her inflamed labia being caressed in the warm water mixed with the scents from the candles and the soft music playing in her headphones, creating an illicit eroticism in her mind that her body merged into a single sensation. She closed her eyes, imagining it was Richard's hands stoking the flames of her arousal and felt the uncontrollable urge to arch and bear down on her fingers.

Slipping a second finger into her sex, Julie trapped her clit between the two and rubbed it over and over again, creating vibrations that coursed through her like liquid fire. Her legs flexed against the tub, causing her body to rise slightly out of the water in the ecstasy of the moment.

By now her clit was fully consumed in her need and she spread her pussy open, making it protrude slightly. She then brought her other hand down to flick against her button, sending shockwaves of pleasure pulsing in every direction.

She thought of her husband's erection slicing into her, spreading her open and filing her with the hot iron of his manhood. Ohh my love...keep touching me there. Yes baby make me cum for you. Make me cum so hard... The words turned to barely audible murmurs that Julie barely noticed as they issued unbidden from deep within her.

Many times her husband had asked her to masturbate in front of him and she had always refused, telling him that she would much rather have is hands or mouth on her pussy. But in truth, she had been far too self conscious to give him that pleasure. Now, in this heightened state of arousa,l she understood why he would want her too. Images of him watching and stroking his cock filled her mind and the thought of seeing his cum fly out and landing on his chest made her heart flutter with desire.

Her body responded to her touch and to the images in her mind and soon she felt the delightful stirrings in her belly that heralded her impending orgasm. She concentrated her awareness on those feelings, drawing them close to her heart and reveling in their overwhelming power. She struggled against her own fear as if she thought the moment would somehow slip away like a vaporous cloud, holding on to it and nurturing it until she was certain that it would not escape her.

Then a deeper feeling built. Hot and penetrating, it radiated outward into her thighs and up to her breasts while visions of brilliant colors danced before her closed eyes as she hung on the precipice of her release. The sensation of every touch on her mound became distinct in her mind, as if she could see each finger as it massaged a different part of her femininity.

Her hips rose of their own accord, rolling and flexing as she found the secret places that would bring the wave of pleasure crashing into her. A moment later her body trembled and spasmed as her peak hit with full force, causing her to shiver violently as the convulsions overcame her and despite her desire to the contrary, a loud moan of blissful pleasure, low in tone and powerful in intensity, issued from her lips and echoed off of porcelain like surface of the bathroom walls.

As the wonderful, rippling trembles subsided in the afterglow of her orgasm, Julie relaxed back into the tub, temporarily sated but no less excited by what lay ahead for her. This was going to be a night she would remember for the rest of her life. Somehow she was sure of it.

While Julie toweled the water droplets off of her body, she contemplated how she wanted to dress for the night. She wanted to wear something that would keep his blood up while still being understated. Let's see, something sexy but not slutty. Well, maybe just a little slutty!

She had purchased some sexy new baby-blue satin undergarments that she had no doubt would catch Richard's attention, they certainly had caught hers. With a fresh blush on her cheeks, Julie lifted the tiny thong style panty and held it balled up in her palm. There's not enough here to cover anything she thought excitedly.

She spread it open by the waistband and marveled that anyone would design such a thing. It amounted to not much more that a couple of elastic bands connected to a small piece of fabric that Julie felt would barely cover her freshly shaved mound.

Julie felt a rush of naughty titillation as she slid the satin thong up her thighs. Wiggling her hips slightly, she adjusted the waistband until it clung high on her hips and the thin back had slipped completely into the crevice of her ass. Smoothing her hands over the still bare skin of her butt, she actually giggled at how naked she still felt in the tiny thing. Oh yeah, Richard is going to love this!

Happy with how sexy and comfortable the panties felt on her, Julie next fitted the matching bra around her breasts and fastened it behind her back, and then adjusted the thin straps until they fit comfortably over her shoulders. As she adjusted her breasts in the lace lined cups, she was very satisfied with the way her already impressive cleavage was being displayed. This should get his blood up, she thought to herself with a smile.

While her lingerie was meant to arouse him, the dress she chose was just as deliberately understated. Dark blue, it fit tight at her waist but flowed out loosely down to her knees. It was cut fairly low at her bust, but she decided that teasing him a little wouldn't spoil the little surprise of what lay underneath.

Julie went over the last preparations in her mind as she pinned her hair up. The dinner she had prepared was all but ready and she still had a few minutes to get it on the table before he got home. So far, everything was going just as she had hoped.


Rick climbed onto the iron framed concrete stairway that led up the outside of his apartment building feeling relieved that he and Julie would soon be out of this dump. He didn't mind the stairs so much, at least they gave him a little exercise as he came and went from home. The stairs, in fact were one of the only things about the place he did find acceptable.

It was the small size of the place that really got to him. The apartment's one bedroom and 700 sq ft. made for close quarters even for a couple as close as he and Julie were. Worse still, the walls were paper thin, and any sounds made in the adjoining units could be heard clearly in their own apartment. It was so bad in fact that he and Julie had, on more than one occasion, been treated to the passionate sounds of the couple next door enjoying what was clearly a very healthy sex life.

Rick had actually been amused by the woman's calling out of her husband's name while he gave her what must have been a very satisfying fuck, but Julie had been horrified by the thought they might be able to hear her in the same condition and had since struggled mightily to remain silent no matter how hard Rick had made her cum. Ah Julie, I love you dearly, but It would be nice if you could just let yourself go! It wasn't so bad that she didn't satisfy him, but she had just never been the sexually adventurous type. Would it really hurt to change things up a little?

He smiled at the thought, but after three years of marriage he felt it unlikely that she would ever change. Anyway, there was definitely something about her shyness that he still found to be adorable. It was just one of those funny little quirks she had, like her insistence on calling him Richard when everyone else in the world settled for Rick. Somehow it all made him feel special and if that meant that she was never going to be as adventurous in bed as he might have liked, well it was a tradeoff he knew he could live with.

When Rick came in the door he was immediately greeted by the pleasing odors of a fresh meal being prepared. The small apartment seemed filled with the multilayered scents of herbs and spices mingling with the unmistakable aroma of chicken roasting in the oven. Damn, he thought as savored the scents in the air. I've really missed her cooking. I was doing well just to make steam!

As he came into the tiny living room, he was greeted by the lilting tones of Julie's voice coming from out of the kitchen. "Hi babe, you're just in time for dinner."

"Wonderful, I'm starving! It smells absolutely delicious."

He set his briefcase on the half-round table against one of walls of the living room and felt Julie's hands slip around his shoulders from behind him. "Mmm we need do it quickly baby, my husband will be home soon!"

As he turned toward her, she laced her fingers together behind his neck and stood up on her toes to kiss him softly. Richard's arms found their way around her slim waist and he drew her close until her body was pressing against his and played into her little joke."Why did you ever marry him anyway?"

Julie bit her lower lip and idly straightened his tie as she became serious. "I married you because you are the most amazing man I've ever known and I couldn't bear the thought of losing you." She then rose up on her toes and kissed him tenderly on the lips.

"You were never going to lose me Julie. Not even if I had to make a complete fool of myself to get you to take me." He kissed her forehead and brushed a stray hair from her face. "I've loved you since the day we met, and nothing will ever change that."

"What do you mean 'if you had to'? You did make a complete fool of yourself, but I fell for you anyway." Julie saw the pained smile cross his face and couldn't help but laugh. She loved to tease him, but knew that he meant everything he said and she sighed as he held her close.

The truth was she couldn't imagine her life without Richard in it, and she hugged him close and rested her head on his shoulder. He had been her first and only lover and she had never had cause to desire any other man. "Well, since you are my husband, I guess I should offer you dinner."


After they had eaten, Rick sat on the couch and let his eyes roam over his wife as she crossed the room to put on some music. Through their years of marriage, he had never tired of looking at her, and of late, her natural grace seemed to have become even more enchanting to him. The last few years had been tough though and he was well aware of how it had worn on her. But now, free of the stress of holding two jobs, Julie seem to glow with the same youthful beauty that had caught his glance when they had first met.

Julie was very much aware of his attentions and enjoyed the effect she had on him. The night was going just as she hoped and her heart beat with excitement as she considered what was to come. She pressed 'play' on the stereo and the soft melodies of the love song she had chosen came alive and filled the small space of the room.

Julie hummed with the music as the first song started and moved around the room, lighting several candles that she had place earlier. Then, with the small flames casting their glow, she turned off the electrical lighting, instantly transforming the mood in the room to something far more romantic.

As familiar bars of music rose and caressed her body with its delicate energy, Julie began dancing slowly with the beat as if she could feel it coming from within her. She turned to toward Richard and began singing along with the vocals, expressing herself through the impromptu harmonies of the duet that she had created.

"I live to feel your lips upon my neck, Your gentle touch upon my face. You make my heart throb in my chest, And it beats in time with your every breath. I feel you're love for me, And it's all I'm ever gonna need

So I'll lay my head upon your breast. In your arms I'll always be at rest You are the only one I want, You are my one So baby, tell me you love me"

She was singing the words written by another, but they were pure and from her heart. She motioned for Richard to come to her, and when he took her into his arms, she settled against him and they danced as songs of love bound them together.

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