Making Out With Mom


I moved to her and engulfed her in a hug, making sure that my erection pressed into her vulva again. I grabbed her ass and pulled her body into me, moving my hips a little so that my penis would rub against her pussy. "I love you, Mom," I said as I bent to kiss her. Once again, her eyes closed and her lips parted and we ground against each other as we French kissed.

She moaned and grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me against her as she moved her own hips to increase the rubbing contact against my rock hard dick. I knew then that she would let me bend her over the bed and fuck her, and I knew exactly how wonderful that would feel. But I didn't want to be the one to cross her line. I pulled away, and she opened her eyes.

"Rick?" she said.

"I'll go take that shower now, Mom," I said. "I love you."

"Oh, I love you too, Sweetie." She smiled at me.

I slowly walked through the door and down the hall, hoping she would call me back to her, but she didn't.


On Saturday Mom let me sleep in, but I was awake by 6:00 anyway, my body in need of my mother's touch. I got up and messed around until 9:00, then went into the kitchen for some coffee. Mom was already there, dressed in linen shorts and a white cotton halter top.

"Morning, Baby," she said. Then she grinned at me. "It's going to be a beautiful sunny day, and I thought I'd work on my all-over tan. Wanna join me?"

"Umm... honestly, Mom, I'm not so sure," I said.

"C'mon, Sweetie, like I said, it's good for the soul. You've got to try it at least once."

"Well... okay."

So I went to my room, got naked, wrapped myself in a big beach towel, and walked through the sliding glass door off the breakfast nook to join my mom out on the patio. Our house is on a cul-de-sac and has a good sized backyard with a patio, a small pool, and several large trees with bushes and flowers between them. Because of the curve of the cul-de-sac, the neighboring houses are offset and our fenced backyard is very private.

Mom arranged two chaise lounges next to each other, and then removed her towel, revealing her beautiful nude body. She put the towel on her lounge and laid face down on top of it. "Ahhh," she said. Then she looked up at me expectantly.

What the hell, I thought. I took off my towel and laid face down, too.

"There," Mom said. "Doesn't the sun feel good on your naked bum?"

"Yeah, I have to admit that it does."

Mom reached under her lounge and pulled out a bottle of lotion. She squirted some onto her hands and rubbed it onto my back, my legs, and my ass. "We can't have you burning that fine little butt of yours," she said."

"You think my butt is nice?" I asked.

She stopped rubbing it and looked into my eyes. "Rick, you have the nicest body I've ever seen, and I'm not saying that just because I'm your mom. You have a gorgeous body, you big hunk!" She slapped my ass to make her point, then handed me the lotion.

"Now me," she said, laying back down.

"You want me to put this on you?" I asked. Stupidly.

"Yes, Dummy, I don't want to burn my fine little butt either."

I trembled a little as I squirted lotion onto my hands, then massaged it into her back. She sighed as I worked on her shoulders, then moved down to her middle back. My hands lingered over her breasts, which were smushed against the towel and sort of pushed out on either side of her. "We don't want these to burn either, right?" I said.

"Nope, sure don't!" she answered. I spent as much time fondling her breasts as I dared, then moved on to her lower back. I got more lotion and began to work it into her tight little ass cheeks, and she sighed again. As I moved further down she parted her legs a little and I had a beautiful view of her bare pussy mound. Was I supposed to put lotion there, too? I didn't know, so to stall for time I stroked lotion into one fine, toned leg, and then into the other. Down and back up, one hand on each side of the leg. As I slowly moved up each leg, my inner hand would brush up against her pussy, and she would give a little shiver, but she didn't say anything.

Emboldened, I squirted a little more lotion onto my hand, then placed it gently onto her pussy mound and began to rub.

"Uhhn," she said, but nothing else. Her pussy was wet, so I knew that she was horny. I rubbed harder, up and down her pussy lips, and lingered over her clit.

"Mmmmm," she said, and propped her butt up a little higher to give me better access. I gave up all pretense of spreading lotion, and started rubbing her clit directly.

"Mmmm, Rick," she said. As I continued to stroke her clit, I wiped the lotion off of my other hand and slowly inserted first one, then two fingers into her pussy.

"Oh, Baby," she said, and began grinding her mound against my hands. "Faster and deeper," she said, and I complied.

By this time my cock was hard as granite and dripping pre-cum onto Mom's butt. Again, I knew instinctively that I could mount her right there, and I wanted to do that in the worst way, but I was scared to go that far over the line.

"Rick! Ohhh... OH! God, aaaaahhh!!" Mom's body tensed and her moan became almost a scream as she climaxed. "Ahhh, AHHH, Oh God, oh, oh, AHHHH!!" A little stream of cum shot out of her pussy and onto my hands. I hadn't known that women could do that!

I slowed down, but continued to gently stroke her clit and pussy lips. First her body began to relax as she came down off her orgasm, but then it tensed again and I felt her vagina tighten around my fingers. My mom was having another orgasm! This time, she bucked like crazy and really did scream a little. My hands were dripping with her juices, and the towel beneath her was soaked.

As she came down from it, I removed my hands from her pussy and gently stroked her back. She looked around at me, and I was surprised to see tears streaming down her face.

"Mom? Are you OK?"

"Wonderful!" she said. "Oh, Rick, that was... certainly the best suntan lotion application I've ever had. I'm sorry about... all the noise and stuff."

"I enjoyed it a lot, Mom." I touched her pussy again, and she shivered. Then I brought my hand, covered in her juices, up to my nose. Mom watched as I inhaled her wonderful scent, then, one by one, put each finger in my mouth and sucked her delicious moisture off.

She shivered again as she watched me, then pushed me face-up onto my own lounge.

"Sweetie," she said with a smile, "I think it's time to do your front."


I fell asleep shortly after Mom finished sucking me off. I awoke to the sound of a female gasp of surprise. Was somebody there with me? Afraid to move, I opened my eyes just a bit and looked through my dark sunglasses. Jenny Sharier, another senior in my 5th period math class, was staring at me through our sliding glass door, her mouth making a little 'O' of surprise.

"What is it, Jenny?" I heard my Mom say from the living room. Jenny didn't answer; she just continued to stare at my naked backside. Mom joined her at the window and smiled.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Jenny. I'd completely forgot that Rick is out there getting some sun. Do you want me to wake him up and have him put something on?"

Jenny never looked away from my body. "Uh... no, that's okay," she said.

Mom looked at her, then at me. "Are you sure, Dear? Can you still help me clean up here with a naked boy asleep in the backyard?"

"Uh... sure! I was just a little surprised, but really it's okay, Mrs. Johnson."

"All right, Jenny. Why don't you start on this big window while I run down to the ATM to get some money to pay you with? I'll be back in a little while."

"You got it, Mrs. J!" Jenny was recovering her cool.

After Mom left, I watched as Jenny slowly washed the inside of the big sliding glass windows. She must have done a crappy job, because her eyes never left my ass. The whole thing had given me a hard-on, and I decided to give her a good show. While she watched, I pretended to move around a little bit in my sleep, then turned over to lie on my back, with my head angled enough so that I could continue to watch Jenny surreptitiously from behind my shades.

Jenny gasped. My erection was standing proud and high, sticking up in the air over my stomach. With the sun directly overhead, and Jenny only ten feet away on the other side of the big window, I knew she had an excellent view. I wanted to grab myself and start jacking, but I didn't think I could get away with going that far.

While I watched, Jenny slowly slid the screen door open and crept onto the patio. She walked to the side of my lounge and knelt down next to me. Her face was maybe six inches from my cock, which was bouncing up and down a little bit in time with my heartbeats. Jenny licked her lips nervously and looked around.

"Rick?" she whispered. "Rick, are you awake?" She put her hand on my thigh, so close to my cock and balls. "Rick?"

I moved a little and tried to make breathing sounds like I was asleep. Emboldened, Jenny slowly moved her other hand onto my rigid prick. I couldn't help moaning a little, which startled Jenny. So I moved around some more and then settled again, trying to convince her that I was still asleep.

After remaining motionless for a minute, Jenny began inspecting my body in earnest. First her hands played with my rock hard penis, moving up and down and around the shaft, and moving the skin around. Then she became fascinated with my ball sack, playing with the loose skin and moving each testicle around a little. Then back to my penis. I wondered if I was the first guy she had seen naked, or maybe just the first guy with a hard-on.

Finally, she encircled the shaft with both hands and clumsily began to jack me off. I didn't want her to stop, but I figured that she'd be suspicious if I didn't wake up now. I moaned, "That feels good," and put my hand on her back. "Jenny? What are you doing?" I took off my sunglasses and looked at her.

She froze and looked at me in sudden fright. "I'm sorry, Rick. I just... I wanted to see the stuff come out."

"The stuff? You mean, my cum?"

"Yeah, I wanted to see your cum, Rick."

It was so sexy hearing those words come out of her mouth. "Have you seen a guy cum before?" I asked.

"No." She looked at the ground. "I've never been with a boy like this. I really want to see it happen... to know what it's like." She looked into my eyes again and her hands started moving on me, and I moaned again. "Let me make you cum, okay, Rick?"

"Okay, Jenny," I said. I reached down and showed her how to hold me for the greatest effect, and what rhythm to use as she jacked me off. When she got going right, her hands started making a familiar slap-slap-slap sound.

"Is this right, Rick?" she asked.

"It's perfect, Jenny. It feels great. You're a natural. I'm going to cum in no time."

She smiled at the compliment, then looked down at my dick. "What's this stuff?"

I looked down to see that pre-cum was streaming from the tip of my cock onto my abs. "It's called pre-cum, and a guy's dick always makes some when he gets excited. Grab some of it onto your fingers, and use it to lube up my dick."

She grabbed a big wad of my pre-cum and rolled it onto my shaft. It felt so good that I moaned yet again. She continued jacking me off with one hand as she raised the other hand first to her nose to smell my juice, then to her mouth. Her tongue darted out and tasted my pre-cum. I thought I was gonna cum then and there!

"Salty," she said. "But good." She started jacking me hard again using both hands. I felt the tingle start.

"Jenny, you're doing real good. I'm about to cum."

She quickly moved her head directly over the tip of my penis, so as not to miss the show. Part of me wanted to warn her about how far my cum would shoot, but a bigger part of me wanted to see this happen.

"I'm cumming, Jenny, I'm cumming! Right now!! Aaaagh!!" My body started bucking and I watched as the first ropy wad of my cream shot directly into Jenny's face. She gasped in surprise and pulled her head back, but not far enough: the second spurt landed right in her open mouth!

She's a trooper, though; she never stopped jacking me off. What a sight for a horny young teenager: a pretty girl, both hands working up and down my spurting prick, and a big wad of my cum slowly dripping down her forehead and cheek.

"Ith's in my mouf, Rick!" My body was still bucking and I was straining to get the most pleasure out of my orgasm, but I fought to keep my eyes on her face and was rewarded by seeing her swallow a big mouthful of my jism!

Finally, my climax was over, and I had to grab Jenny's hands to stop her from continuing to jack me off. "It's too sensitive right after I cum," I said.

"Oh, sorry Rick," said Jenny. She sat back on her heels.

"Umm... you've got some on your face," I said.

"Oh." As I watched, Jenny used a finger to wipe my cum off of her cheek and forehead, then popped it into her mouth and sucked it down!

"How does it taste, Jenny?"

"I like it!" she said. "You've never tried it?"

"No," I said, taken aback. "That would be kinda gay, I think."

"Who's gonna know?" she said. Then she scooped a little cum from my stomach and held her finger in front of my mouth. "Try it," she said.

So I did. I wrapped my lips around her finger, sucked, and pulled my head back. Her finger made a little popping sound when it left my lips, and I had some of my own cum in my mouth.

"How does it taste?" she asked.

I rolled it around in my mouth and swallowed. "Salty, and kind of slimy, but okay, I guess."

"I like it," she said again, and then bent down and started licking the rest of my cum off my abs, my balls, and my cock. By the time she was done, I was rock hard again.

"Do you want to do it again?" she asked.

I looked at her, and over her shoulder I saw my mom watching us from the window. Shit, how long had she been there?

"Umm... not right away," I said. "You'd better do some cleaning before my mom comes home." Hearing that line, my mom hustled back into the living room and out the front door.

"Okay, Rick, but I want to do this again with you!" Jenny scampered back inside, just as my mom 'came home.'

"I'm back!" said Mom. "How's the cleaning going?"

"Fine, Mrs. J!"

"Oh, I see that Rick flipped over onto his back. Are you still okay with the nudity?"

"Sure, no problem," said Jenny.

Mom smiled at her, then pointed at her cheek. "You've got something on your face there, Dear. Here, let me." Mom wiped the last trace of my cum from Jenny's cheek as Jenny turned bright red from embarrassment. "Some kind of cleaning gook, I guess," said Mom, still smiling.

"Yeah, I guess," mumbled Jenny, looking at the floor.

Mom looked at me and, as I watched, she sensuously licked my cum from her finger. My mouth dropped open, and my hard-on raged.

Mom smiled. "Well," she said, "I'm going to go wake up my boy. I don't want him getting too much sun out there." She came outside and pretended to shake me awake. "You're insatiable," she whispered.

"It just kind of happened, Mom," I whispered, feeling guilty.

"I understand, really I do. I was young once, too," Mom said. Now get up and get inside; you really will get burned if you stay out here much longer." She pulled me up off the lounge and pushed me towards the house.

"Shouldn't I cover up?" I said, pointing to the towel.

"Why?" said Mom. "Jenny's pretty much 'seen' everything already, right?" Jenny looked up at the mention of her name, and stared at me standing there stark naked.

"Right, I guess so," I said, and walked into the house past Jenny, my hard-on bouncing in front of me. As I walked down the hall, I heard my Mom say, "So, Jenny, do you want to help me clean every weekend?"

"Sure, Mrs. J!"

That sounded good to me, too.


Later that afternoon, I was lying on the bed reading when my mom came in, sat on the bed, and began unfastening my shorts. "Mom?" I said.

She smiled at me as she pulled my shorts down, exposing my cock. "Honey, after what I saw this morning, I realized that you need more than our usual once-a-day 'treatment.'" She immediately bent down and took my entire soft cock into her mouth.

I quickly hardened as she worked on me, and in no time at all she had me moaning and bucking on bed and shooting my cum into her soft, warm mouth. She looked up at me and let her mouth open a little, and I could see that she was swirling a mouthful of my cum around with her tongue. She closed her eyes and swallowed, then licked her lips and looked at me and smiled.

"Wow, Mom, thanks!" I said. "But..."

"But what, Sweetie?"

"It's just not as much fun when you're dressed. I really like looking at your body."

"Oh. Well, I can fix that pretty fast." She stood up, shucked off her clothes, then laid back down next to me. I turned to spoon into her, and she pushed her butt back against me.

"Rick, I want you to know that any time you want me to get you off, I'll be there for you. Hand job, blow job... whatever. As many times a day as you need."

For the first time I reached around her and put my hands over her beautiful tits. My cock started to harden again.

"Mmmm, nice!" she said. She snuggled back even tighter against me, pressing my cock against her ass crack. I played with both of her tits, paying special attention to her hard nipples. One of my hands moved down and began gently stroking her pussy lips. She moaned and ground her ass against my hard cock.

"Mom, it's okay for me to be touching you like this, right?"

She sighed, then turned in bed to face me. "No, Sweetie. None of what we've been doing lately is right."

"But I just meant..."

"I know, but let me explain. What we've been doing is called 'incest.' Do you know that word?"

"Yeah," I said.

"Our society believes that incest is wrong, mostly because bad things can happen when close family members have children together."

"I know," I said. "We learned that in school."

"Also, people are afraid that if parents and their kids have sex, it'll mess up the kids' heads."

"That won't happen to me, Mom."

"I know, Rick. You're a lot like me."

I waited.

"I haven't always been an old fuddy-duddy, kid."

"Mom, you're not!"

"Just hear me out. I first started having sex when I was Jenny's age. I loved it, and I couldn't get enough. Your old mom is a bit of a nympho, Sweetie. I had to have it all the time." Mom frowned. "After your father died, I pushed my sex drive down deep into a part of me that I've kept locked up for four years. But seeing your beautiful naked body and your big fat hard cock unlocked that part of me, Rick."

I was a little shocked by all of this. Also, I'd never heard my mom say, "Cock" before, or anything stronger than the occasional, "Oh, shit!" when something really bad happened.

"I woke up a little at a time. First, you showed off that gorgeous body to me every morning, and I told myself that it was okay and healthy. Then you wanted to see me naked, and I convinced myself that that was okay, too. Then when I caught you masturbating, I really wanted to do it for you and you made that easy for me. Just a mother who loves her son and wants to give him some relief and pleasure – nothing wrong with that, right?"

"You bet, Mom!"

"But I've always loved sucking cock, so I just had to have yours in my mouth. It was easy to rationalize moving from jerking you off to sucking down your jism: same result, only we were both getting what we wanted, you see?"

"Sure, Mom." Her dirty talk was really turning me on.

She rolled over onto her back and stared up at the ceiling. "Today when you made me cum out on the patio, though, it became clear to me that what I really want is for you to fuck me. I need your big thick cock deep down inside of me, and I need it now. Can you do that, Sweetie? Can you fuck your mother without screwing up your psyche?"

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