tagMind ControlMaking Scents Ch. 01

Making Scents Ch. 01


Thanks to all for the great feedback on my other stories and the prodding to write something new. News and updates will be on my profile as always.


Carol stared at Donald as he worked on the new formula. There was a real man. His 5'4" stocky frame filled out his lab coat in such a sexy way. His thick glasses exemplified his high IQ. The way his magic hands worked, as he titrated sample 327, made her body tingle. She wanted to run her fingers through his slick brown hair, parted perfectly in the middle. She had to show him how she felt about him. Her 35" C Cup breasts heaved beneath her lab coat. She felt a wetness between her long, toned legs. Slowly her 6' body moved up behind him. She released her long black hair from its trademark pony tail and shook her head to loosen it. he licked her full red lips as she placed her hands on his shoulders. Donald jumped and dropped the test tube he was holding in his lap, spilling its contents on his pants.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Carol said innocently. "I didn't mean to scare you."

"It's OK, Carol," Donald replied. "It's just that this is a sensitive experiment."

"Should you be so tense then?" Carol asked.

"I should be more relaxed," Donald replied. "But, it's just been a long day."

Carol turned him around in his swivel chair and leaned in toward him. "Do you want me to help you clean that up?"

"It's OK Carol. I can . . ." Donald stopped as Carol rubbed the wet spot on his pants. Her hands made his cock twitch and when she felt it move, she encouraged it.

"The chemicals might seep through your pants," She warned. "We'd better get them off."

With that, she unbuckled his belt, opened his pants and pulled them off of him along with his underwear. "We should get you cleaned up, too," she said as she dropped to her knees in front of him. She took hold of his cock, which was already almost hard, and sucked it into her hungry mouth. Donald grabbed the seat of his chair and gasped as the feeling of her warm mouth around his cock caused every muscle in his body to tense in reaction to the pleasure.

"Carol, we're at work," He gasped. "What if someone walks in?"

Carol raised her head but continued to stroke all four inches of his now rock hard cock. "Do you want me stop?"

"God no!" Donald said as he grabbed her head and pushed it back on his member. "Just keep doing what you're doing. God knows I need to re . . .re . . .relaxxxxx."

Carol made no response other than to moan as she enjoyed herself on him. One of her hands squeezed his leg while the other gently massaged his balls. Donald knew that it wouldn't be long before he came in her mouth but before that could happen, she stopped. Donald's eyes popped open and he looked down at Carol who was smiling at him. Slowly, she stood up, making sure their eyes stayed locked. She then tore open her lab coat to show the latest Victoria Secrets lace lingerie in red with matching garters. She climbed on his chair and straddled him, pushing her panties to the side to allow his cock to enter her. She began to move her hips back and forth - slowly at first - but quickly picking up speed.

"Oh, Donald, I love your cock so much!" She moaned. "Oh . . .Donald . . .Fuck me! Oh Donald! Oh Donald . . .Uh . . .Donald?"

Donald jumped in his seat. Carol was at the door, her lab coat on, clothes obvious beneath it and her ponytail in place. She was looking at him curiously.

"Are you OK, Donald?" she asked.

Donald looked at the equipment in front of him and realized she was asking because the test tube he was working with was overflowing. He stopped adding the neutralizing agent and began to turn his chair toward her when he realized that she might see the tent in his pants. He just turned his head and tried to look busy.

"Oh . . .Uh . . . I'm fine," Donald replied. "I . . .Uh . . .Was just going over some formulas in my head and kinda zoned out."

"Oh, I do that too, just not in the lab," Carol giggled. "Want me to help you clean that up?"

Donald's cock twitched. "No!"

His response shocked Carol. She took a half step back.

Donald tried to recover. "I mean, I can handle it. Don't worry."

Carol relaxed again and then noticed some fluid dripping off the desk.

"The chemicals might seep through your pants," She warned. "You might want to get them off."

Donald looked down to see the growing wet spot on his crotch. When he looked back up, Carol had left the room.


"So did you ask Carol out?" Tyson asked as he and Donald enjoyed drinks at their favourite patio bar. The sun was just beginning to set and a cool breeze wafted off the water, bringing a little relief from the dry heat. A medley of old school songs was playing not so loud that you had to raise your voice to talk. The bar was filled with suits, just off from work and few "artsy" types. There was eye candy "a plenty" or, if you preferred, a beautiful view of the ocean and beach where a few people already lounging. Even some of the suits had removed their shoes and socks to feel the sand between their toes.

Donald took a sip from his Diet Coke before replying "No, not yet."

Tyson shook his head. He doubted that Donald would ever ask Carol out. Having grown up together, Tyson knew all of Donald's hopes and fears. Theirs was a symbiotic relationship. Tyson had the street smarts and Donald, the book smarts. When they were younger, Donald often helped Tyson get through school by helping him with his homework and tutoring him on courses. Tyson helped Donald get through school by protecting him from bullies and inviting him to social events that someone such as Donald would normally not be invited to attend.

Now, at 30, they were still best friends and still at opposites ends of the spectrum. Tyson was 5' 11", with a lean muscular frame, and broad shoulders and a commanding presence. Donald was 7" shorter with a potbelly and slouched. Tyson was black. Donald was white. Tyson wore the latest fashions. Donald looked like his mother dressed him. Donald had a great job. Tyson moved quickly between jobs. Tyson had a life. Donald had hobbies. Donald had his virginity. Tyson had taken at least a dozen others. What they had in common and what kept them together were movies, video games, music and a fascination with the stories about each other's lives.

"How's the secret formula coming then?" Tyson asked.

"No luck yet, but I'm sure I'm getting close," Donald replied. "In the meantime, I've come up with three new scents for the company."

"They must love you."

"Sixteen percent raise starting Monday."

"Donny, I don't know if you'll ever get your formula working, but it sounds like you're going to become rich in the process. I still don't know why you don't start your own company. You could be making a percent of the profits rather than just a good salary. That'd be worth millions."

"I'm not a businessman. I don't pretend to be. I 'm a scientist."

Tyson perked up. "I could run the business for you."

"Yes, like you ran the other six businesses you started? The breakfast bookstore was my favourite."

"That should have worked! It works for books and coffee."

"Syrup and paper are never a good combination. The food shouldn't be accessible BEFORE you buy the books."

"I really lost a lot on that one."

Just then, their waitress - a petite brunette with olive skin, long curly hair, small perky breasts and a round hard ass - came up to check on them. She wore the bar's standard outfit consisting of a short denim skirt, a yellow halter and yellow platform sandals.

"How are you gentlemen doing?" she asked.

Tyson smiled at her. "We are doing great, Nancy," he said, reading her name tag. "Even better now that you've returned."

Nancy smiled back at him. "Would you like anything else to drink?"

"Another beer for me, please," Tyson replied. "But can you go get that and then come back and ask Donny what he wants?"

"Why?" Nancy asked, tilting her head slightly with curiosity.

An evil grin appeared on Tyson's face. "Because I love watching your ass wiggle when you leave us."

Nancy blushed. "What would you like, Donny?"

"Another Diet Coke, please." Donny replied though sheepishly. His friend's remarks always seemed to embarrass him.

"Coming right up." Nancy smiled at Donald, playfully sneered at Tyson and left to get their drinks. The extra wiggle in her ass when she walked was obvious.

"OK, let me ask you this," Tyson continued. "Do you really think you can discover a magical formula that will make people irresistible?"

"It's the basic pheromone principle. We know how they work and they are very powerful in the animal world. If you can just find the correct scent for a person at the right intensity, you should get a proportionate response. I'm sure the secret is in the animals we have."

"You're doing animal testing?"

"No, not really. We're using their scents to create our formulas."

"Their scents?"

"Yes . . . Well . . .You know . . ."

"Oh God! You mean if this works, we might be spraying animal piss on ourselves?"

"If you could get any girl, would you?"

Tyson thought about that for a while. "What kinda animals?"

"Cats, dogs, monkeys . . ."

"Would I spray monkey piss on myself if I could fuck Angelina Jolie? Hmmm. Who am I kidding? Yeah."

"I'm sure the monkeys will appreciate it."

"Well, I hope you find it. Just remember, I'm available to field-test it for you."

"You've made that abundantly clear, Ty."

Nancy returned with the drinks, placed them on the table and then placed her hands on Tyson's shoulders as she asked, "Is there anything else I can get for you?"

Tyson reached up and put his hand on hers. "Maybe you can answer a question for us."

"Sure." Nancy replied.

Tyson looked at Donald although he was talking to Nancy. "Is the way a man smells important to you?"

"Well, yeah. I mean if he stinks, why would I want to go near him?"

"That's a given," Tyson responded. "What I'm asking is if you have two guys, and number one is better looking, but number two smells better, which one would you talk to first?"

"I'd probably go with the better looking one and then buy him some cologne that I love."

Tyson tilted his head up so he could see Nancy as he talked to her. "Nope. No modifications. What you choose is what you're stuck with."

"Well . . . Then I'd go with the one that smelled better."

"Why is that?"

Nancy squeezed Tyson's shoulders. "Because smell intensifies when you get sweaty, and if I plan on spending a lot of together time with the guy, then that would be a great perk"

Tyson smiled at Donald. "It looks like she'd love your new cologne," He patted Nancy's hand. "Thanks Nancy."

Nancy leaned down and smelled Tyson's neck. "You have a nice smell to you."

"You'll have to thank Donny here for that. He created the cologne I'm wearing."

She took another sniff. "Mmmm . . .Thanks Donny." she said and then left to see to other customers.

Donald looked at Tyson. "You're going to sleep with her tonight, aren't you?"

Tyson kept the evil grin on his face. "Not at all. If I have my way, there will be no sleep all night."


Donald didn't go home from the bar. He went back to the lab. Security let him through, shaking their heads after he entered. Donald often spent his evenings here and they found that really sad.


Tyson didn't go home from the bar. He went to Nancy's. Security let them into her building shaking their heads after the two entered. Nancy didn't bring a lot of different men home, but they both wished that they could be one of them. When they knew some other guy was going to fuck her, they got really sad.


"Smell intensifies when you get sweaty." Nancy had said. This was an obvious point but it stuck in Donald's brain. There was something important to it.


Tyson and Nancy started kissing the moment they got in the apartment. For the first time this evening, Tyson realized just how good she smelled. She tasted even better. The two of them struggled to get each other's clothes off as they fell on the couch. As their passion increased, Nancy noticed that Tyson's cologne got stronger. She inhaled it and as she kissed his bare chest. They had lost their shoes and tops. Now her hands worked at his belt.


Donald opened Julius' cage and pulled the chimpanzee out. He stroked the monkey's fur as he put a tiny Viagra pellet in his mouth.


Nancy opened Tyson's pants and pulled out his cock. She stroked it lovingly , watching it grow to its full 7" and then slipped it into her mouth. Tyson took in a breath as he watched her suck him. She was wearing that glossy lipstick that made her lips almost glow. The sight of them wrapped around his cock made him want to explode in her mouth right then, but they were just getting started. Nancy pulled him out of her mouth and started licking his shaft while one hand slid along his stomach feeling the muscles of his six-pack. Her other hand stroked the areas of his cock that her tongue wasn't getting at. She opened her eyes, looked up at him, smiled, and then took his cock right back into her mouth until her lips were at its base. She sucked hard and then began pumping her head up and down on him. Tyson's eyes rolled into the back of his head as she worked.

"The girl is a pro" he thought as his hands fell onto her head. Part of him wanted to push her head to his own rhythm, but she was doing such a great job, he resisted. After a few minutes, her hand came up to help stroke his cock as her mouth focused on the tip. Her other hand began to play with his balls. Tyson grabbed her head as he felt his cock begin to fill. He came hard into her mouth and she swallowed it all with a smile. Nancy then pulled his pants right off. She stood up and dropped her skirt and panties and got on the couch with her legs spread.

"Now me." She said.

Tyson looked at her naked body and noticed that she had shaved and trimmed her public hair to form a small arrow pointing at her pussy. Nancy began to knead her own tits as she waited for him to service her. Tyson didn't make her wait long. He practically dove for her and planted his face between her legs. He licked up and down her labia and teased her clit with his tongue.

"Circles." He heard her say, so he started moving his tongue in a circular motion around her clit. He reached around and grabbed her ass. It had a "black girl booty" shape, but was solid. Nancy moaned and raised her hips as his tongue pleasured her.

"Fuck, Tyson, that's great!"

Tyson took the encouragement and increased the speed of his circles. Nancy grabbed onto the pillows of the couch and moaned in response.

"Fingers!" she then called out. Tyson took two of his fingers and shoved them up her cunt. "Oh fuck yes!" She screamed and began to grind her hips against his hand.

The sight and sound of her made Tyson start to get hard again. He pumped his fingers hard and fast and licked her up and down. She tried to grab his hair but his almost shaved style made that impossible. She settled for pushing it hard into her clit.

"Oh god! Oh God!! OH GOD!!" she called out and then bucked as she came. Tyson drank down her juices as she settled down. He then climbed up her body to kiss her passionately.


Donald took Julius and slipped him into Vivian's cage. It wasn't long before the two of them were fucking like crazy.


Tyson took his hard cock and slipped it into Nancy pussy. They started slow, but it wasn't long before the two of them were fucking like crazy. Nancy was ramming her hips into him with a surprising strength and they were in danger on sliding off the couch. Neither of them seemed to care though. "Fuck me, Tyson! Oh God . . .You feel so good!" Tyson had one knee on the floor the other on the couch and his cock as far up Nancy's cunt as he could manage. She pinched her nipples and looked into his eyes and suddenly no sound came out of her mouth except a tiny squeak of air. She grabbed him and pulled him close and he felt her pussy squeeze his cock, felt her legs wrap around his waist and finally heard that squeak turn into a scream as she came.


Donald retrieved Julius after the monkeys were finished. He pulled Julius back out and collected some monkey sweat before putting Julius back in his cage.


Tyson pulled out after Nancy's orgasm, but he was nowhere near finished. Nancy got down on the floor - on her hands and knees - and Tyson got behind her. He wiped some sweat from his brow with his hand and then spread it across Nancy's smooth round ass before putting his cock back in her pussy. She gasped at the force of entry but pushed back against him as they started up again. Nancy dropped to her elbows and made a sound like a cat. Tyson smacked her ass and her back arched. He began pumping hard again, determined to cum this time whether she did or not.

"Oh yeah!" he exclaimed as he felt the tightness of her around him. Nancy had her face buried in the carpet and again, made catlike noises as she fucked him in rhythm with his strokes. He slapped her again and she let out a tiny yelp. Her locks flowed off her head over the carpet. Her ass glistened from both his and her sweat. One of her arms stretched out forward and grabbed the carpet and then clawed slowly back. Tyson reached under her and coated his finger in cum and sweat and then pushed it into her anus. Nancy pushed off the floor. Her hair floated up and fell on her back.

"FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!" she screamed. Her cunt tightened around Tyson's cock. The sight and feel of it was too much and Tyson unloaded into her. Nancy continued to push back, pumping him for every drop he had. Finally they both collapsed.


Donald rushed the sweat over to his table and added it to a new formula.


Nancy went to the kitchen, and poured herself a glass of ginger ale, grabbed some rye and added it to the drink. She offered a similar drink to Tyson who accepted. They put their clothes back on and sat down on the couch to talk, making idle chit chat.


While Donald worked, Julius began to act up. Apparently one go was not enough for him this evening. Donald tried to ignore the monkey's cries as he combined chemicals, centrifuged samples and filtered the compounds. Julius banged against the door of his cage and screamed but Donald was "in the zone".


There was something in the way Nancy moved, laughed and looked at Tyson that made his cock start to act up again. Apparently, one go was not enough for him this evening. Tyson tried to ignore the bulge in his pants as he talked about meaningless topics just so that he could joke and make her smile. His cock pressed against the confines of his pants and leaked small droplets of cum, but Tyson was stayed in the zone.


It wasn't until the sound of the banging changed slightly that Donald looked up and noticed that he hadn't locked Julius' cage properly. Just then the monkey popped out of his cage.


It wasn't until Tyson had to shift in his seat to get more comfortable that he noticed that he hadn't done up his fly properly. His cock was already poking out from under his underwear and when he moved it popped out of his pants.


Donald raced over to grab him, but Julius began to run and jump around the lab, seeming to giggle the whole time. Donald chased him, but Julius stayed a step ahead until finally, he jumped on Donald's work table.


Tyson chased Nancy around her apartment with his cock hanging out of his fly. She ran and jumped around the place, giggling the whole time. Tyson was actually doing her best to catch her, but she stayed a step ahead until finally, she dove onto her bed.


Julius picked up various test tubes and flung them around. Their contents sprayed across the table, the walls and the floor. He then picked up the beaker with Donald's latest formula. Donald froze.

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