Making Scents Ch. 02


"Donny!" he exclaimed. "Kara, this is my best friend, Donny."

Kara glanced over at him, eyed him up and down with an unimpressed look that he was used to getting, and greeted him with a "Hi." that seemed to say "Don't talk to me." She then turned back to Tyson. "So anyway, Paula walks in wearing the exact same dress as Ivana!"

"Oh no!" Tyson laughed. "And she'd already changed twice?"

Kara's eyes darted over to Donald and back to Tyson. "Yeah, and Ivana says, 'That girl better be ready to turn and walk away 'cause I've already been here an hour and I ain't going nowhere!'" Kara's eyes now looked like she was watching a tennis match between Tyson and Donald.

"So, did Paula leave?" asked Tyson.

"No," answered Kara. "She'd had enough, so she . . .She . . ." Kara turned her complete focus over to Donald. "I'm sorry. Your name is Donny?"

Donald wondered if she knew him from somewhere. "Yes."

"I'm sorry if I seemed a little rude earlier. I just don't like to be interrupted when I'm telling a story."

Tyson laughed. " Yet you're interrupting your own story to tell him that."

"It's OK," Donald told her.

"Are you sure? Because if I insulted you in anyway, I didn't mean it."

"I'll get over it." Donald assured her.

"I DID insult you," Kara realized and seemed genuinely hurt but that fact. "How can I make it up to you?" she said putting her hands on his chest. "Just tell me how and I'll make it better."

Donald gently removed her hands, saying "It's OK, Kara. No harm done. You can finish your story."

Kara had a confused look on her face and glanced from Tyson to Donald and back again. "OK, so Paula decides to . . .Can I buy you a drink Donny?"

Tyson turned Donald and began to walk him away from Kara. "How about we go grab some drinks and you wait right here." he said as a statement, not a question.

"I can come with you." Kara almost pleaded.

"Donny, tell Kara to wait here." Tyson told him.

"Kara, wait here please." Donny told her.

"OK, Donny, if that's what you want," Kara resigned. "I'll be right here. Don't be long."

Tyson whisked Donald over to the bar. "OK, tell me I'm not tripping here. Did the honey that was into me just throw herself at you?"

Donald sighed. "It's been happening all day. That nurse, a neighbour of mine, I think even Carol might have made a subtle come-on. I'm sorry, Ty. I didn't mean to . . ."

"Don't sweat it, Donny," Tyson insisted. "I'm happy you're finally getting some play but why? It doesn't make sense unless . . .Oh you dog! You did it!"

Donald was oblivious. "Did what?"

"You perfected your formula and you're trying it out! It works like a charm!"

Donald shook his head. "I didn't perfect my formula. I didn't even get to try out the last batch. The monkey . . . threw it at . . .me ."

"Oh shit! That's right! You told me that! He coated you in the formula."

"You may be right. It would explain everything that happened today except that . . ."

"Except what?"

"Except that I had that sponge bath AND I showered. I should have washed it all off."

"Well you obviously missed some. But you have the formula right? You wrote it down?"

Donald looked almost angry at Tyson. "I'm a professional, not a crackpot scientist on TV. I had the formula recorded before I put together the actual chemicals."

"Sorry to insult you, Mr. Scientist, but I don't know these things," Tyson apologized. "We're going to have to go back to the lab and make more."


"Hey, I'm your test subject, right?"

Just then the girl, who was standing next to Donald at the bar, excused herself to get by. She was mulatto with the body of a porn star and short brown hair that she spiked up at the front. The green dress she wore hugged her like a second skin and matched her mesmerizing eyes. She held Donald with those eyes and a sultry smile before she and a friend carried their handfuls of drinks over to their other six friends who were hanging out next to the designated dance area on the patio.

Donald and Tyson had stopped talking and just stared. The bartender had to slap Tyson on the arm to make him acknowledge that their drinks were up. Tyson paid silently, leaving a much too big of a tip and handed a beer to Donald while grabbing the Diet Coke. After his first sip, he switched the drinks. Donald never even noticed her was holding a drink, nor that it had changed. The friends of the girl in green were beautiful as well, but not as stunning as she was. Soon the song changed and the girls got excited and moved quickly over to dance. The girl in green gave Donald another smile and began to dance with her friends. The expressions on Donald and Tyson changed simultaneously and Tyson took a swig of his beer to hide his face.

Donald turned to Tyson. "Have you ever been extremely attracted to a woman in one instant and then want to run screaming in the next?"

Tyson spat out the beer in his mouth and doubled over with laughter. Donald's statement echoed his thoughts. If there was no music playing he might have thought that the girl was having a seizure. Tyson also believed, mostly from experience, that the way a person danced echoed the way that they fucked. As beautiful as that girl was, he doubted he would ever want to find out what she was like in the sack. The surprising thing was that her friends were dancing fairly normally, a couple even sexily.

"Her friends must really hate her." Donald stated as if sensing his thoughts. Tyson was just recovering from his laughing fit when that statement sent him into another.


Mariko had walked down the street for about half a block before she turned back toward the condo. She couldn't believe what she had done. She didn't really know why she was so attracted to Donald. He had been on her mind all afternoon. All she knew was that she got dressed up in a sexy outfit to try and impress a guy she met for two minutes in an elevator and then she waited in the lobby until she saw him coming toward the building, at which point she pretended to be going out. Even in the lobby, she had second thoughts about what she was about to do. She looked at him and the attraction she felt earlier just wasn't there. She almost just hid and went home. But saying "hi" wouldn't hurt and, when she got close to him again, it came right back: an almost animal need for him. Mariko hoped the dress she wore was enough to get his interest. It was all she could do not to throw herself at him. She kept touching him as much as she could. Now, she'd be having drinks with him sometime next week.

What the hell was she doing? She was married. She loved her husband. This was not the way that she behaved. She was normally shy, demure and conservative. This dress was the sexiest thing she owned and her husband had bought it for her. She usually felt awkward wearing it. Now that Donald wasn't with her, she felt awkward again. Where was this going to lead? She wouldn't cheat on her husband, would she? Her heart raced. Her conscience gnawed at her. She didn't know what she was going to do. She was only certain of one thing right now - she was really fucking horny.

She returned to the building, checking to make sure that Donald was not in sight, and rode the elevator to the 39th floor. She cursed under her breath and took it back down to the 23rd floor. She finished making dinner and then created a romantic candlelit setting for her husband Kazumi to come home to.

Kazumi was a traditional Japanese businessman. Work came first to him and family second. Men ruled the household and women knew their place. Kazumi was short and stocky whose body was almost a cylinder, but he was still taller than Mariko, if only by a couple inches. He had no hair on the top of his head, thick black hair around the sides and back and a goatee on his face. When he was happy, he was actually pleasant to be around. When he was with his friends he was the obvious leader. His leadership and skill at worked reaffirmed that he belonged in a position of power. This was what attracted Mariko to him, that and the fact that he treated her like gold until the day they were married, at which point he considered her his property. In a strange way, though, Mariko enjoyed being made to feel like his. It was just that some affection and tenderness a little more often would go a long way.

When Kazumi returned, instead of being pleasantly surprised, he asked why the hell the place was so dark. Mariko explained that she wanted to surprise him with a special meal, as he had been working so hard lately and it was Friday night. He grunted his "OK" and they sat down to eat. Mariko did her best to look and eat in a sexy way. This was difficult because: A., this was not a manner in which she was used to behaving in; and B., Kazumi seemed only focused on the meal he was eating.

At the end of the meal, however, Kazumi began to catch on. It was probably the actual clearing of the dishes - during which she wiggled her ass whenever she bent to pick something up and strutted as best she could in the sexy dress - when he finally got the message. Whatever it was, he came up behind her as she rinsed the dishes and placed his hands on her hips. She smiled at his touch and felt him slowly trace out her figure. He soon cupped her breasts and pulled her into tight to him. She felt his hardening cock behind her as he kissed her neck. She let the dish she held slide into the water and reached back to grab his ass.

"It would be so sexy if he took me right here," she thought as she ground her hips into him.

Kazumi shoved her toward the door of the kitchen. "Go to the bedroom and take off your clothes. I will be right there." he ordered. She rushed into the bedroom, stripped and jumped onto the bed. She tried to strike a sexy pose for him but, when he came in, in just his underwear, he looked confused.

"What are you doing? Get under the covers!" he yelled. With that he turned off the lights and climbed in with her. He climbed on top of her immediately and sucked on her tits. She held his head to her as a mixture of pain and pleasure hit her. He tended to bite and almost claw at her breasts. She moaned and squirmed when it got very painful. She wanted to remind him that they were attached to her, but that might anger him and he'd stop. She needed this so badly right now. She didn't know that he took the sound of her moans as an indication that she was enjoying his skillful lovemaking. When he had his fill of her tits, he moved up until his cock was at her the entrance of her needy pussy.

"So, little Mariko is hungry for her husband's wonderful cock, is she?" he teased in Japanese. He saw the shadowy image of her head nod in the dark room.

"Yes, husband." she replied. They always fucked in Japanese.

Kazumi shoved his cock into her and she cooed as he started to pump it in and out of her. He picked up speed quickly and she felt her body respond. She lay there, letting him take his pleasure from her. Several times his cock hit just the right spot and she let out a little squeal. Part of her wanted to adjust her body so that he could hit her G-spot over and over, but it was the man's job to give pleasure and the woman's to receive it and be thankful. Her mother had told her that. She lay as still as possible so as not to interrupt his rhythm. She let him adjust her on the bed when he wished and she felt his tempo increase. She had been fucking Kazumi since their wedding night five years ago and she knew from experience that he would soon come, but she wasn't ready yet. She suddenly remembered a movie she'd seen where the woman sat on the man's stomach and rode his cock. She imagined she could get him to please her just right that way.

"Husband, let me get on top." she whispered to him.

"One moment." He said and suddenly fucked her with quick savage thrusts.

"No," she thought. "Not yet. I'm close."

"Husband! Husband!" she exclaimed, but he took her cries to be moans of ecstasy and only pumped harder. Moments later his cum filled pussy and he collapsed on her body.

After a few minutes he lifted his head. "You were loud tonight." He said with a smug tone in his voice.

"Yes, husband." She stated.

"I give you everything a woman needs, don't I?" he prompted.

"Yes, husband." She lied.

"If you are lucky, I will give you more before we go to sleep tonight."

"Thank you, husband."

With that he got out of bed, turned on the lights and threw on some clothes. He stood in the doorway a moment and looked at her curled up under the covers. "Take some time to recover from that, but not too much. You have to finish cleaning up and I want my shoulders rubbed." He shut the door as he left and she soon heard the TV come on.

She lay in bed more frustrated than ever. "I wonder if Donald lets his women sit on his stomach when they make love?" she thought. "He probably does. He seems the caring type. He wouldn't bite my breasts. He would be more tender in bed."

Images of Donald kissing her filled her mind. Her hand moved down to her clit and she began to play with herself. She never played with herself, but there she was standing in front of Donald. He pulled her in close and kissed her. tongue played with hers. His hands caressed her. His scent filled her lungs and made her head go light. His kisses moved slowly down to her neck and he nibbled on her shoulder. His hands cupped her small breasts and gently squeezed them causing her to sigh with pleasure. He then kissed her breasts. He took a nipple into his mouth and his tongue played with it. He rolled her other nipple in his fingers and she inhaled quickly twice. He licked and sucked one breast and then the other. She grasped his hair so hard she was surprised he didn't complain. Then, Donald moved lower, kissing her stomach, and lower still, until he reached her bush. His tongue mimicked what her fingers were actually doing, sliding up and down, teasing her clit. Kazumi never licked her. She had never asked. It was dirty, almost as dirty as sucking his cock, which he luckily did not ask for very much. She didn't know why she was thinking about it now. Donald made her crave many new things.

Donald pulled her over to the bed and lay down. She climbed on to off him and grabbed hold of his cock. She stroked it a few times and looked at its colour, so different from her husband's. She guided it into her pussy. She sat looking down at him and placed her hands on his chest. He smiled at her. Her hips moved back and forth and she adjusted her position to find that magical spot. When he was hitting it, she moved faster. Donald reached up and played with her breasts. He told her how beautiful she looked and his hips responded to her motion. She picked up the pace arcing her motions. Donald licked his lips and then grabbed hold of the bed to either side of them. Faster she went, feeling his cock plunge in and out. In reality, her fingers fucked her pussy with a lust-filled fury.

"Oh Donald!" she moaned, "Oh Donald, please!" She was practically bouncing on him now. Donald grunted below her. His face twisted with pleasure and the need to cum.

Mariko couldn't believe her own need. This was so unlike her, yet it felt so good. Finally, there was not stopping her. The orgasm hit hard and it was the first real one she had had in her life. "Aaaaiiiyyyeeeee!" she squealed. Her fingers plunged into her pussy and gripped it. Every muscle in her tensed up and then the euphoria washed over her. She lay there breathless with a huge grin on her face.

Kazumi flung open the door. "What happened?!"

Mariko wiped her smile off and quickly moved her hand from her pussy, though he couldn't see it under the covers. "I dozed off and had a bad dream."

Kazumi relaxed and his concern left him only to be replaced with annoyance. "That was your mind punishing you for sleeping when you should be helping your husband. Now get up."

"Yes, husband." she replied. Mariko got up, got dressed and finished her chores. She massaged her husband's shoulders and watched TV with him. Later, they fucked again. This time, he was quicker than before. She didn't care. She had made a decision that night that brought a comforting happiness to her. Next week, she was going over to Donald's apartment and she was going to seduce him.

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