tagToys & MasturbationMaking Scents Ch. 04

Making Scents Ch. 04


Previously on Making Scents:

"Ok, let me ask you this." Tyson continued. "Do you really think you can discover a magical formula that will make people irresistible?"

"It's the basic pheromone principle." Donald explained. "We know how they work and they are very powerful in the animal world. If you can just find the correct scent for a person at the right intensity you should get a proportionate response."


"Oh, I don't know," Carol replied. "I was just throwing it out there. I'm glad you caught it though. I'll call you," she said backing out. "Or you can call me . . .Or we can talk on Monday. You know, Whatever." She bumped into the door frame, smiled awkwardly and then let herself out.

This was the first time Donald had ever seen Carol flustered and he didn't know why. She was never flustered around him. It was always the other way around.


"You perfected your formula! It works like a charm!"

"You may be right. It would explain everything that happened today."


Carol knew that she wasn't in love with Richard. She was addicted to him. He wasn't a nice guy. He didn't treat her very well. He was completely unreliable. But when he fucked her, none of that mattered.


"I'll take Kara, if you don't mind?" Tyson suggested.

"Not at all."

Tyson then pointed to a sexy black girl and hot red head. "You two, come with us." he ordered.

"You sure three is enough?" Donald asked sarcastically.

"They're not just for me. They're for each other." Tyson explained.

"Ahhhhh." Donald acknowledged. "Always putting others before yourself."

And now Chapter 4...

Donald opened the door to see Tyson standing there with a black eye and a swollen lip.

"What the hell happened to you?" he asked.

"The best night of my life . . ." Tyson told him. ". . .and the worst morning."

Donald wasn't sure what had happened, but he was sure a jealous boyfriend fit into it somehow. "Who beat you up?" he asked, letting Tyson into his place.

"The girls." Tyson responded.

"Hold on. The girls you took home? Why?"

"Because apparently when the pheromones wear off, their attitudes toward you change. They accused me of drugging them, even though I never even met them before they volunteered to come home with me. The two from the washroom have boyfriends who they threatened to call and Kara studies Tae Kwon Do. The good news is that none of them are going to cry rape, not that they'd have much of a case. I didn't even fuck them that much last night. The blow jobs at the restaurant wore me out. I spent more time watching them go down on each other. This morning, they could barely look at each other."

Donald sighed. "I guess based on that, you don't want to try out the pheromone any more?"

Tyson's eyes widened in disbelief. "What are you? Fucking crazy? I said it wears off. I just need to make sure I have enough to keep it going until they're safely away from me. Speaking of which, did you make a new batch?"

Donald grabbed a perfume bottle off his coffee table and held it up. "Ready for testing."

"You didn't try it already?" asked Tyson.

Donald shook his head. "I finished up around 5 am, came straight home and crashed. You actually woke me up."

Tyson then realized that Donald was still wearing his clothes from last night.

Donald, meanwhile, realized that if Tyson had been fucking all night, then he couldn't have gotten much sleep either. "When did you go to bed?" he inquired.

"We finished up around six, but the girls woke me up with pummeling at about seven."

"What time is it now?" Donald wondered aloud.

"Nine," Tyson answered. "I changed, showered and came right over."

"Just to try this out?" Donald asked, shaking the bottle in front of him.

"Noooo!" Tyson mocked being insulted. "I came to check on my best friend and take him out to breakfast and, if by any small chance, the potion was ready, well then we could run a few tests."

"Yeah, right." Donald laughed. "Well, here," he said, spraying his friend. "Go out, find a girl and bring her back. If she's willing to do that without question, then we know that it's working. In the meantime, I'm going to shower and change."

Donald spent a good twenty minutes in the shower. The hot water relaxed away the stress of working half the night. When he exited his ensuite into his bedroom, he could hear soft moans coming from his living room. He decided to go see how hot a chick Tyson had snagged.

A hot Latino lady in her mid-thirties lay on the couch with Tyson's face buried in her pussy. She squeezed her big tits and licked one of them. Donald recognized her immediately. Fourteenth floor. Husband and two kids. She had a bit of a belly and her ass could be firmer, but no sane man would turn her away. She had flawless tanned skin, thick DSLs (which Donald was sure he would see suck some dick soon) and one of those faces that can go from innocence to harlot at the touch of a clit. He'd ridden up the elevator with her a often and jacked off to thoughts of fucking her several times as well. Now, here she was with her bra around her waist, skirt on the floor, her high heels still on and acting like a porn star.

"Yeah, baby. Lick my pussy," she moaned and then seemed to whine like a dog as Tyson worked his tongue over and in her. Her face took on a look of shock, although she was staring at the ceiling and then she clenched her tits hard and let out a long loud "EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Tyson lifted his head and she grabbed him and pulled him up to her. She shoved her tongue into his mouth and her hand roamed his body trying to have all of his at once. Tyson stood up and removed his pants and threw them on the coffee table. She dropped to her knees and started sucking his cock like it was the last one she'd ever get. She wanted to show how grateful she was for the orgasm. Donald watched from the doorway with his hand under his towel, jacking himself off.

Tyson held the woman's hair out of the way as she sucked and stroked his cock and moaned as much as he did from it. Donald was sure he was going to fire off into her face when he pulled her head free and lay down on the couch. She got off her knees and moved toward him in a sultry erotic motion, showing off her body. She got on top of him and slid his cock into her wanting pussy. She rode him slowly and her whining soon returned. Tyson reached up and played with her bouncing breasts and her volume increased. Donald wondered if his neighbours could hear. If they could, they probably thought he was torturing a dog.

Donald had never seen his friend fuck anyone, even last night they were in separate stalls or hidden by the table. He made mental notes of Tyson's technique and his hand stroked his cock. Just then, Tyson grabbed hold of the woman's waist and held her in place while he brought his own hips up and fucked her hard. She let out another "EEEEEEEEEEEE" and Donald expected her long black hair to make a sound like a whip when she threw her head back. She went on to continue with her little whines which sped up in frequency.

Donald suddenly wondered why he was only watching. He could use a blow job to start the day. So walked into the living room and dropped his towel. He didn't know if Tyson was willing to share the girl, but it was his formula and his apartment, so he figured he was entitled. The woman's whines switched to high pitched "Huuuhs" and Tyson started to grunt beneath her.

"Can I join?" he asked, letting his presence be known.

The woman stopped and screamed. She jumped off Tyson's cock so fast that his eyes went wide from the pain as she bent it.

"Who the fuck are you?" she screamed.

"This is my place." Donald answered calmly. "Tyson, tell her to come suck my cock."

"Go suck his cock, Maria." Tyson ordered.

"Are you fucking crazy?" Maria yelled as she looked Donald's short flabby body up and down. He knew that look. "I'm not sucking his cock!"

"If you want more of mine, you'll suck his." Tyson warned.

Maria looked back and forth at them incredulously. "What do you think? That I'm some cheap slut you can pass around? Fuck you! You two are sick! I'm outta here!"

She grabbed her skirt and top and stormed out. They guessed that she'd get dressed in the hallway. Her panties lay on the floor. They doubted she'd come back for them.

Tyson shook his head. "It looks like it wasn't a strong enough batch."

Donald stared at him for a few seconds and then burst out laughing.

"What?" Tyson asked.

"You stupid ass," Donald laughed. "It's not that it wasn't strong enough. It didn't work!"

"What?!" Tyson said again, though this time the word had a whole new meaning.

Donald fell into his easy chair and continued to chuckle. "You just charmed her into coming here and fucking you. There were no pheromones involved, and you did it with a black eye and swollen lip."

"Well, I used that for a sympathy ploy." Tyson explained.

Donald laughed some more and then said, "Could you please tell me again just why you think you even NEED this formula?"

"Any man would want that formula." Tyson stated blunted.

"Even models and movies stars?" Donald challenged. "I doubt that."

"Then you not only don't know women, you don't know men," Tyson responded. "No matter who you are, there are always those girls that you can't get. And no matter what you can get, it's the ones that you can't get that you want the most."

"So you're saying that men are stupid, horny masochists who torture themselves over what they can't get rather than being happy with what they have."

"Yep. That's us!" Tyson grinned.

"If I had Carol, I wouldn't want anyone else. I wouldn't need anyone else." claimed Donald.

"Tell me that again, let's say, a month after you've had her."

"I will." Donald confidently replied.

Tyson picked up the perfume bottle. "So what do we do about this?" he asked.

"I guess I go back to the lab and figure out what I missed last night." Donald told him.

"I'll come with you." Tyson offered.

Donald shook his head. "First of all, I'm not going today. I'm exhausted and after you take me to that breakfast you promised, I'm going to take a nap. I've got D&D tonight."

"Saturday night Dungeons and Dragons." Tyson sighed. "You know I respect that you still enjoy playing that game. I enjoyed it until I was fifteen, but WHY on a Saturday?"

"It's the only night all the guys are free."

"Do you realize how sad that is?"

"Hey, it's not like all the guys are geeks without lives. Some have wives and kids."

"Do their wives ever play? Do any girls ever play?"

"Actually, yes, we've had girls play from time to time but . . ."


"Well, Kevin or Rajesh or someone just ends up hitting on them too much and they stop coming."

"Horny guys attacking any piece of ass that comes close. Do you know how much they'd pay for your potion? I mean, they may be geeks but they all pull in six figures, right?"

"At least."

"Donny, you're sitting on a fortune. Take the afternoon and create it."

"What's a day or two one way or another?" Donald asked.

"Fine," Tyson gave up. "It can wait till Monday. Go slay werewolves and save imaginary damsels."

"Calm the hell down. It's not like you still can't get laid tonight."

"Yeah, yeah." Tyson grunted.

Just then Donald's phone rang. He wondered who would call him this early on a Saturday. The call display showed Carol's cell number.

"Hello?" he answered. "Oh, of course it's not too early I was actually just getting ready to go out. Tonight? Um, no, I'm not doing anything. Sure, I'd love to! I . . .I mean, that would be nice. Six-thirty? Got it. I'll see you then."

Donald hung up the phone and marched to the bedroom. "We'll pick up Mickey D's on the way to the lab." he stated.

"Now we're going to the lab?" Tyson asked. "I thought it could wait for a couple days."

"Carol and I are going to a movie tonight," Donald answered from the bedroom as he got dressed. "The formula has to be ready by then or I'm screwed."

Tyson smirked. "But what are you going to tell your D&D buddies?"

"Nothing yet," Donald replied. "If I can't get the formula to work, I'll go over after the movie because I know Carol will want to go straight home."

"Your confidence is inspiring!" Tyson mocked.

"It's experience talking," Donald shot back. "But it doesn't matter. If today goes well, then tonight, I will lose my virginity to the woman I love and we'll begin a new life together.


The day did not go well. Donald created batch after batch of the formula. Tyson had to wash his neck and chest each time before applying the new scent and then go out and hit on random women, building up to requests that no woman would normally do. Tyson did get some numbers out of it that he would later use. He also got some slaps and one knee to the balls. The weekend guards, seeing Tyson's comings and goings, weren't sure what was going on and searched him a few times, just in case.

"It would be easier if we had a girl that hated me locked in a cage here," Tyson suggested. "Then whenever she wanted to fuck me, we'd know it worked."

"Yes, and up until that point, as well as after the effect wore off, it would be kidnapping." Donald answered as he put together a new formula.

"It shouldn't be this hard," Tyson stated. "I think we're missing something."

"You're a scientist now?" Donald asked.

"No, but something's been nagging at me all day." Tyson explained. "You told me that Julius threw a bunch of chemicals around the place, right?"


"Well, what if the formula got mixed up with some of them when you fell?"

"It's possible," Donald agreed. "But not knowing which chemicals and how much would make this a futile attempt."

"Oh, and there's one more thing . . ." Tyson remembered.

"What's that?" asked Donald.

"He pissed on you." Tyson said, pointing at Julius. "The piss must have gotten mixed with the formula."

Donald lit up. "You're right! My shirt was soaked with both the formula and the piss."

Donald went over to Julius' cage and gave him some soda pop. Julius loved Diet Coke and Donald knew it. So he kept giving it to him while they waited. Less than an hour later Donald had a monkey piss version of the formula and Tyson headed out again. He shook his head when he returned.

Donald was frustrated and exhausted. It was after five and he knew he had to get going. Then the answer hit him.

"I'm an idiot!" He exclaimed.

"What? Did you figure it out?" Tyson asked.

"I don't need to!" Donald exclaimed. "I have the formula soaked into my shirt, lying in my garbage bin at home. I just have to bring it here, do a chemical analysis on it and reverse engineer the formula! We can do it tomorrow!"

"What about your date tonight?" Tyson asked. "You gonna to cancel?"

"No, not on our first date." Donald answered. "I'll just take her out as friends. Less pressure for me that way anyway. And I'll wear the formula to work on Monday."

"Sounds like a plan." Tyson agreed.


Carol looked stunning. Donald had just worn jeans a nice shirt and sneakers to make it clear that he wasn't trying to impress or woo her. She, however, had "painted on" jeans that made any man who saw her want to grab her ass. A tight white top barely contained her breasts and let the black lace bra, beneath it, show through. Her ponytail was nowhere to be seen, so that her hair draped sexily over her shoulders. She wore enough make-up to have a glow to her, but not to be a piece of artwork. She needed no help for that. Her lips were luscious red and, thanks to her lipstick, and always looked wet. She thankfully, however, did not wear heels, just a pair of white thongs (the shoes, not the underwear). Donald didn't need any more of a gap between their heights.

"You look handsome tonight." she said as a greeting.

Donald couldn't think of a compliment that could adequately express her appearance and settled for "You look pretty beautiful yourself."

"Thanks." she replied.

Donald realized he hadn't actually thanked her for her compliment and was lost in thought trying to figure a way to recover from it when she continued. "So what kind of movie are you up for?"

"Anything is fine with me," Donald replied and Carol instantly frowned at the remark.

Tyson's advice flooded back to him: "Women like men who make decisions, not who leave decisions to them or go along with everything they do."

"I could go for a horror flick," Carol suggested. "as long as I can hide my face in your shoulder." She winked and touched his arm when she said that.

Donald could swear that she was flirting, but he knew that the effects of the pheromones had worn off by now. She had to just be playing with him and, while the thought of her holding onto him and burying herself into his body was extremely compelling, Donald knew that if the movie was at all scary, then he'd be the one seeking comfort. So he killed two birds with one stone and got out of the movie while looking assertive.

"I'm more in the mood for a comedy, actually." he said. "Besides, I hear that the horror movies here aren't that great."

Carol smiled. "OK, I could use a good laugh anyway. Life's been a bit stressful lately."

"Then we're agreed." Said Donald. "Now let's see what comedies are here."

They settled on the 40 Year-Old Virgin. "Can you imagine someone going that long without sex?" Carol giggled as they went in.

"Yeah, that's crazy." Donald agreed while secretly hoping it wouldn't come to that for him.

During the movie, Carol turned to Donald whenever she laughed to see if he was laughing too so they could enjoy the joke together. He was, for the most part, but he also made a conscious effort to turn to look at her just so she'd see him doing the same thing. He also snuck little glances at her at other moments such as when things got sexual. One time, she caught him looking and smiled.

Carol also touched his arm whenever she laughed hard, as well as when she reached for popcorn that she had insisted they share. Donald kept telling himself that the signs were all there that she liked him. Donald also kept telling himself that she had a boyfriend and they were only out as friends and that's why she was so comfortable with him. Which statement was true remained a mystery through the movie. Carol's actions were affectionate but not sexual and could be those of a close friend or a girlfriend. By the end of the movie, he wanted to just get up and scream at her "Do you want me or not?!"

As the credits rolled across the screen, Donald got up and led Carol, who casually took his hand, out of the theatre.

"That was a good movie!" Carol beamed. "Thank you for taking me, Don."

"You're welcome, Carol." he told her. "We'll have to do this again sometime."

Carol pouted. "It's only nine. We don't have to go home yet. Did you have other plans?"

Donald wanted to jump her right then. Her pout was adorable and sexy at the same time. "Uh . . .No . . .Nothing I can't get out of." he told her.

He'd have to call his D&D buddies and cancel. "They're gonna be pissed at me for bailing this late on them" he thought.

Carol's face lit up. "Good, because I drove and you weren't going anywhere I didn't want you to go anyway." She hooked her fingers into his belt loops and pulled herself close to him. "Let's go get a drink."

"You're driving." Donald said, wondering if he should hold her arms, or hold her around the waist, or just reach out and squeeze her tits. God, he wanted to squeeze those tits.

"But you don't drink," she responded. "So you'll just do the driving later."

"OK." he agreed and summoned enough courage to put his hands on her hips. "Where did you want to . . .I mean . . .Let's go to the Devil's Martini."

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