tagFirst TimeMaking Scents Ch. 05

Making Scents Ch. 05


Previously on Making Scents:

"Ok, let me ask you this." Tyson continued. "Do you really think you can discover a magical formula that will make people irresistible?"

"It's the basic pheromone principle." Donald explained. "We know how they work and they are very powerful in the animal world. If you can just find the correct scent for a person at the right intensity you should get a proportionate response."


Mariko didn't really know why she was so attracted to Donald. He had been on her mind all afternoon. All she knew was she got dressed up in a sexy outfit to try and impress a guy she met for two minutes in an elevator.


"Are you sure you want to save yourself for Carol?" Tyson asked. "You said she has a boyfriend."

"If she responds like these women it won't matter." said Donald. "And besides, I want my first time to be with someone I know is sweet and caring and loving in bed. That's Carol. Although, I'm hoping some wild stuff will come later."


"Who beat you up?" he asked, letting Tyson into his place.

"The girls." Tyson responded.

"Hold on. The girls you took home? Why?"

"Because apparently when the pheromones wear off, their attitudes toward you change.


Donald exclaimed. "I have the formula soaked into my shirt, lying in my garbage bin at home.


Carol nodded and leaned in toward him. Donald could swear she was going to kiss him when her cell phone rang. The happiness seemed to drain from her face when she saw the number. "I'm sorry, Don, but I have to get going."


"Hey Kevin, is your mom home tonight?" Rajesh asked.

"Stop thinking about fucking my mom, man. That's just sick."


Carol went red at first, wondering how she must look with her shirt and bra open and her naked tits hanging with hair clips on them, her naked bottom impaled on the stick shift and cum dripping out from under her, her hair messed and snagged on the sunroof window, and a "just fucked" look in her eyes. She knew she was pretty much fucked. So she said the only thing she could think of.

"What seems to be the problem, Officer?"


And now Chapter 5…

Donald entered the kitchen and grabbed various beers and pop cans out of the fridge to meet the requests of the guys in the basement. He spotted some pecan pie in there and decided to grab a piece of that, too. He was cutting a slice when Mrs. Townsend entered in a negligee and robe.

"Don't mind me, Donald," she told him. "I'll be out of your way in just a moment. I just wanted to make a cup of tea."

"It's your house," Donald replied. "I should be saying 'Don't mind me.'"

She put a hand to his face. "You're sweet," she said. "You're the sweetest of the lot."

Donald blushed. "Uh . . .thanks."

She smiled at him. "Don't be embarrassed, it's a compliment. You're nothing like Rajesh. Do you know he's come on to me a few times now?"

Donald's eyes widened. "Rajesh?"

She laughed at his surprise. "Oh, yes. You should have been there. Cut me a piece please?"

Donald cut a piece of pie for her and they sat down to eat.

"It was quite amusing," Mrs. Townsend continued. "Here's this kid, twenty-two years younger than me, the same age as my son, and he's trying to sound all suave and macho, but he's basically a stick with a crooked goatee and his voice is cracking as he tells me what a sexy woman I am and that I really need a man in my life to satisfy my needs properly."

Donald laughed and Mrs. Townsend laughed with him. "Don't tell him I told you," she warned. I know you guys give him a hard time as it is, as well as Kevin."

"Um . . .sorry, Mrs. Townsend." Donald apologized.

"For what?" she asked. "Making fun of my son? Good lord, Donald. Go ahead. Do it until he moves out."

"You don't like him staying here?" Donald asked.

"Donald, he's my son and I love him," she stated. "But, the boy has to learn to cook for himself, clean for himself, and do his own goddamned laundry! He makes $125,000 a year and won't find his own place. He spends all his money on comics and dolls . . .sorry, 'action figures', videos and sex phone calls."

"Sex phone calls?" Donald repeated.

"Oh, he thinks I don't know because he has his own phone bill but I've sneaked peeks at his charges. I'm pretty sure he's gone out and gotten hookers too. I just want him to find a nice girl and be happy."

"Maybe he will one day," Donald suggested. " Why don't you just kick him out?"

"Because my husband paid for everything for me when I was trying to get my career going. Even now, I'm worth over five million and I still have maids and cooks come in and do everything for me whenever work gets overwhelming, which has been almost constantly lately. If I'm not doing these things for myself then how can I kick him out and tell him to do them?"

"Because if you don't he'll never grow up." Donald offered.

Mrs. Townsend frowned. "Do you really think so?"

"Mrs. Townsend . . ."

"Please," she interrupted. "Call me Rachael when we're alone. I feel so old when you call me Mrs. Townsend. You don't think of me as old, do you?"

Donald shook his head. "Not at all."

"Good," she smiled. "Because I'm only fifteen years older than you, you know. And, believe it or not, I've dated guys your age."

"Oh, I believe it," Donald replied. He couldn't believe that she thought he wouldn't believe it. This 45 year-old blonde bombshell looked ten years younger, had a body that was solid muscle and tits that dwarfed his head. She was self-conscious and that, in the least, surprised him.

"The sweet ones are the ones that always get overlooked," she said. "You know, if I knew you were interested and I knew Kevin wouldn't freak out about it, I'd date you."

Donald's jaw dropped and a big grin came over her face. "Don't look so surprised," she said. "You're intelligent, funny, caring and loyal. I'm not blind. The thing is, I also know that Kevin would disown me if we got together."

Donald was beside himself. He certainly did not expect to blurt out his next statement at all. "Maybe if he knew we were together, he'd move out."

Rachael laughed. "I never thought of that! Fuck my son's friends so that my son will leave home."

Donald wondered how they'd shifted from dating to fucking.

"Wanna do it on this table right now?" she asked.

Donald coughed out the piece of pie he was eating. Rachael giggled. "I was kidding."

Suddenly Kevin's voice rose from the basement. "Yo, Don! How long does it take to grab some drinks?"

Donald and Rachael exchanged glances. "I guess you'd better go." she said.

"Guess so." Donald agreed.

"Thanks for the talk," she said. "I work so much, I don't get a chance to just socialize much any more."

"Any time," Donald assured her.

He scooped his last piece of pie onto his fork as she got up from the table.

She gently grabbed his arm to stop him from eating. "Oh and Donald?"

"Yes Rachael?"

"I'll think about what you said," she told him. "I just may take you up on your offer."

With that, she picked the pie of pie off his fork with two fingers and stuck it in her mouth. She slowly pulled her fingers out, sucking on them as they slid. Despite not having anything in his mouth, Donald swallowed. Rachael grabbed her tea and left the kitchen, her hips swishing as she left.

Donald sat there, still holding his fork up, waiting for his hard-on to subside.


The swelling had gone down on Tyson's lip, but his black eye was still apparent. He was holding an icepack over it when the phone made its familiar double ring, letting him know that someone was in the lobby.

"Yeah?" he answered.

"It's Kara. Is it OK if I come up?"

Tyson wasn't sure about that. "Are you going to hit me again?"

"No, I promise."

"OK." He hit six and hung up the phone.

A few minutes later, he let the sexy Pilipino with the big tits into his place. She winced when she saw the shiner that she had given him.

"Sorry about that." she said.

"Did you come up to apologize?" Tyson asked cynically.

"No, I . . .Er . . .Well, I just couldn't stop thinking about last night." she answered.

"Which part?" asked Tyson.

"Everything up until we fell asleep," she told him. "It was the hottest, wettest night of my life. The girls were amazing. You were amazing. Even the short time we spent with Donny was great, although I never got to fuck him."

"So that's why you kicked me, punched me and gave me a black eye?" Tyson mused. "Makes sense."

"I said I was sorry," she said angrily, but then became subdued at once when she realized she didn't want to fight with him. "How did you do it? How did you make me feel like that?"

Tyson shrugged. "It was just one of those nights. We were all in the mood. We'd all been drinking and we let our emotions run rampant rather than try to restrain them."

Kara tried to figure out if he was lying or not, but couldn't read him. She stood there looking at him torn between what she was feeling and what made sense. She still thought that he drugged her somehow and, if that was the case, then she should stay as far away from this man as possible. However, she wanted those feelings again. She wanted the passion and the intensity. She had never fucked like that before. She had been with several men and women and a few couples before, but last night put all her of her other sexual escapades to shame.

Finally, she just asked what she wanted to know. "Can we do it again?"

She didn't want to know if it was drug induced or spur of the moment. She just wanted to know if it was now unattainable.

"There's just the two of us right now." Tyson said flatly.

"Maybe we can start like that," she suggested. "Let's see how it is between the two of us. I want to see if even a spark of last night is there. If so, you can call whoever you want, we can do whatever you want. I'll give myself to you anyway you want." She looked at the floor when she spoke that last sentence. She would never have thought she would say that to any man, but here she was, offering her self up as a sex slave, IF he could give what he promised.

Tyson's cock was a piece of steel in his pants. This girl wasn't just throwing herself at him, she was giving herself to him. He wanted to tear off her clothes and fuck her right there. So he did.

Kara felt her shirt rip open and made no effort to stop him. She relished the passion he was displaying. His hands enveloped her breasts and his tongue entered her mouth. She kissed him back forcefully as she struggled to get his pants undone. Once she got his cock free, she dropped to her knees and took into her mouth. Tyson grabbed her head and pushed her face on and off his cock. Her tits slapped against his thighs. One of her hands pressed against his hip to try and steady her. She seemed consumed with need for him and let him do whatever he wanted to her. He figured he'd tell Nancy to come over after work. She'd love Kara, and he had the numbers he'd collected during the day. Tonight would be better than last night. At that thought, he spurted his cum into her mouth and she drank most of it down. Some leaked out, but he loved the look of it as he stared down at her.

"Get on the couch and I'll lick that pussy of yours." Tyson ordered.

"No." she said releasing his cock and leaning away from him.

Tyson was shocked. "Excuse me, bitch?"

"I said 'No,'" Kara replied. "You have a great cock and I'm sure it would be nice but that's all I'm feeling, 'nice'. I don't feel the need from last night. I would have done anything you said. As you can see right now, I won't."

"At least I came before she told me that" Tyson thought, but as he looked down at the little sex kitten, he knew he needed more. The question was how to get it without the potion.

"I think I should go." Kara said getting up. She pulled her shirt together but it just opened up again. She sighed.

"No! Wait!" Tyson exclaimed.

"Tyson, this isn't working for me." Kara insisted.

"I can make it work." Tyson claimed.


Tyson led her to the couch and turned on the TV. "Watch something, listen to the stereo, help yourself to some food, whatever. Just give me an hour and I'll be back with the solution to our problems."

"And that would be?"

"You'll see." Tyson said as he grabbed his car keys and left. Donald said that the formula was in his shirt. Tyson just had to get the shirt and figure out a way to get some of the formula out of it.


Hot sperm filled Carol's mouth as the police officer came from her skillful efforts. The cop stood in the door of her car while she remained in the driver's seat. One or two cars had passed while she "paid for her ticket", but she was fairly certain they thought she was just getting a lecture not a cum shot. The joke about the blonde taking the breathalyzer test entered her mind. She felt blonde at that moment. What a way to get out of an indecent exposure charge!

"Can I get your number, ma'am?" the cop asked as he zipped up.

"Sorry, officer, catching me masturbating in my car gets you a blowjob, but not free access to my body." Carol scolded him. She was grateful for the offer though. She was also grateful that he was young, fit and good-looking. She doubted she would have had the guts to do what she did otherwise.

"Yes, ma'am." he replied a bit sheepishly. He had the advantage up until his cock went in her mouth. Now she was in control and he knew it.

Carol pushed him away and shut her door. The car started and she waved out the window as she left. "Good night, officer."

"It already was, ma'am." he said watching her go. His friends were never going to believe this.

After driving a few clicks down the road, Carol broke into a grin and a giggle. "I just sucked off a cop to get out of a charge! Oh Carol, you dirty girl! I wonder if I sped, could I get out of the speeding charge that way." She laughed. "Stop thinking like that, girl. You're in enough trouble as it is. You're about half an hour late."

The smile left her face and she pulled over to the side of the road again. "Why am I doing this? Why am I in a rush to go to a place I don't want to be? He's just going to hurt me and then fuck me." Even as she thought about it she felt herself get wet. "That's why. Because you LOVE the way he fucks you. You love it more than anything. That fucking cock of his sends you to heaven every time." She gripped the steering wheel tightly and shook it violently.

"You've got to stop sometime," she told herself out loud. "You've got to have the strength to say this isn't enough for me, I need more. Don't go there, Carol. Go anywhere but there."

She sat there thinking of the pain and the pleasure, about her self-esteem and pride. Tears leaked from her eyes. Cum leaked from her pussy. What was she going to do? She wished Donald was with her to help her think it through.


"You look like you're going to fall down any second." Kevin told Donald.

"I've had two hours sleep in the last two days." Donald explained.

"Do you want to crash here?" Kevin suggested. "Take one of the spare rooms and I'll drive you home in the morning to save you some cab fare."

"There's no way I'm going to refuse that offer." Donald smiled.

The D&D crowd was on their way out. It had been an enjoyable night for everyone but Rajesh, whose character had perished in a realm of unspeakable torment. Whether that was part of the real scenario or just Kevin lashing out at him for the "fucking your mom" comments was up for debate.

"Can I crash here, too?" Rajesh asked. "I'm pretty tired."

"Fuck you, Raj. Go home." Kevin snapped back.

Rajesh pulled Donald over and whispered, "Fuck her if you get a chance." into his ear. Then smiled a mischievous grin at Kevin and headed out the door.

"Sometimes I wonder why I stay friends with him." Kevin wondered aloud.

"If you look past the perversion, he can be a really cool guy." Donald answered.

"Well, some guys are just jerks," Kevin said and then yelled at the top of his lungs. "Mom! Can you set up one of the spare rooms for Donald?"

Donald was embarrassed for his friend. "That's okay. I don't need anything set up, just a place to lie down." he said.

"Don't worry," Kevin comforted him. "It's no problem. What are friends for?"

Rachael soon appeared. She looked a little disheveled and a bit flushed. Donald's first thought was that she had been masturbating. He thought he could smell sex in the air. She led him to one of the guest rooms, turned down the bed and brought him an extra pillow, a clean towel and face cloth.

"This really isn't necessary, Rachael." Donald told her.

"Hush," Rachael replied. "It's really no trouble. The bathroom is just down the hall and it has spare toothbrushes in it."

Donald looked her over. Her robe had come open and he noticed a wet spot on her panties. She caught his gaze, blushed and covered up. Donald wanted to fuck her. He told himself he would after Carol and then caught himself. Here he was, already planning on cheating on her. "Well, it won't be cheating if she knows," he argued to himself. "With the pheromones, she'll do whatever I want and a threesome with Carol and Rachael would be a dream come true."

"If you need anything, my bedroom's at the end of the hall." Rachael informed him.

"If I need anything, I'll wake up Kevin," said Donald. "I'm not going to bother you any more tonight."

She smiled playfully. "There are some things that you may need that Donald can't give you." She winked and squeezed his ass.

"Rachael!" Donald exclaimed as he jumped away from her hand.

"You are just too much fun to tease, Donald." She laughed.

Donald decided to play her game and grabbed her ass. She didn't even flinch. She just turned to face him, tightened her muscles and his hand lost its grip.

"If you wanted something soft to grab you should have gone for my tits," she said. As she walked out of the room, she let her robe drop and grabbed it in one hand. She was absolutely stunning in her little negligee. "They and the rest of my body will be in my bedroom." With that she disappeared down the hall.

Donald went to the washroom to brush his teeth and grab some tissues to jack off into. He undressed and climbed into bed. His hand slipped beneath the sheets and stroked his cock as he thought about Rachael in her bedroom. His lack of sleep got the better of him, however, and he fell asleep in mid-stroke.


Kazumi thrust his cock into Mariko again and again. He loved the feel of her tight little pussy around his throbbing cock. He just wished she was a little more animated. He could not complain much though. She willingly let him prop her body into whatever position was best for him and then held that position until her moved her again, or until he came. She let out sweet little moans beneath him, letting him know how much he pleasured her. She was lucky to have a man such as him: faithful, dedicated and skilled. He decided to surprise her tonight and grabbed one of her breasts tightly as he came in her. She gasped at the feel of him. He was sure she came with him. Her nipple hardening at his touch was a sure sign. He knew she came whenever she let out a little squeaks or large gasps. He knew he was very good at making his wife happy. Satisfied, he rolled off her and fell asleep almost immediately.

Mariko lay in bed listening to her husband snore. He had grabbed her breast unexpectedly and she thought it was going to be the start of something spontaneous and different in bed, not the end. The grab had aroused her. It was the first time in years her husband had done anything to arouse her and it was his last act before rolling off her. She climbed out of bed and went into the living room. Her thoughts drifted back to the other night when she played with herself for the first time, when she came for the first time. She felt guilty about it. She should not do such things, but it had been so pleasurable that her head still swan in thoughts of it.

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