tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMaking Scents Ch. 06

Making Scents Ch. 06


Previously on Making Scents:

"Ok, let me ask you this," Tyson continued. "Do you really think you can discover a magical formula that will make people irresistible?"

"It's the basic pheromone principle," Donald explained. "We know how they work and they are very powerful in the animal world. If you can just find the correct scent for a person at the right intensity you should get a proportionate response."


Mariko didn't really know why she was so attracted to Donald. He had been on her mind all afternoon. All she knew was she got dressed up in a sexy outfit to try and impress a guy she met for two minutes in an elevator.


"Are you sure you want to save yourself for Carol?" Tyson asked. "You said she has a boyfriend."

"If she responds like these women it won't matter," said Donald. "And besides, I want my first time to be with someone I know is sweet and caring and loving in bed. That's Carol. Although, I'm hoping some wild stuff will come later."


"Who beat you up?" he asked, letting Tyson into his place.

"The girls." Tyson responded.

"Hold on. The girls you took home? Why?"

"Because apparently, when the pheromones wear off, their attitudes toward you change.


Donald exclaimed. "I have the formula soaked into my shirt, lying in my garbage bin at home!"


Carol nodded and leaned in toward him. Donald could swear she was going to kiss him when her cell phone rang. The happiness seemed to drain from her face when she saw the number. "I'm sorry, Don, but I have to get going."


Rachael pulled Donald in and cuddled with him. "Silly. It's your first time. You'll learn, and I'll be happy to teach you. From now on I'm yours, Donald."

"What about Kevin?" Donald asked.

She laughed. "He can fuck someone else's mother."


Chapter 6!

He was born Sundeep Gupta. His parents moved here when he was six. He went through the typical ridicule from wearing a turban and was beaten up a few times in grade school. By high school, however, he underwent a growth spurt, not only in height but girth. After breaking both the nose and arm of a kid in one brawl, he earned a great deal of respect. He also stopped wearing his turban after several long arguments with his parents, pointing out that his hair only need be kept clean and uncut according to their beliefs. From then on, he wore his hair in a long pony tail. It looked sophisticatedly sexy that way and girls loved the wild look about him when he let it out.

Sunny G, as he was now called, grew to 6'4" and had the build of a football player, although his forte was business. He had his share of women and used his family money to build a large company which was now number four in the world of colognes and perfumes. His success was not only for his talent and experience, but his instincts about people. He snatched up Dr. Donald Jacobs as soon as he was aware of his potential and Dr. Jacobs' contributions had pretty much been the basis for the company's position in the market for the past two years. For that reason, Sunny made sure Jacobs had a great salary, excellent benefits and healthy bonuses. He was not one to screw up something good. However, he was also not one to allow things to screw themselves up. To that end, Sunny had cameras and microphones secretly installed in the lab and Dr. Jacob's apartment. If the doctor ever planned on leaving, Sunny wanted to know about it as soon as he did.

This precaution had led him to the discovery of something more important than his prize employee's departure. He discovered Dr. Jacobs' pheromone project. Of course, he made no effort to stop it. He only wished he could somehow encourage it without tipping his hand. He checked the doctor's progress regularly and was impressed with how the side project didn't affect the results of the doctor's regular efforts. Recently overheard conversations between Jacobs and his friend, Tyson, revealed that Jacobs was very close, so close that he actually brought his friend in to try samples on him. That was careless, to say the least. The guards had reported it. Sunny had OK'd it. Sunny was considering having surveillance put in Tyson's apartment as well. It wouldn't be hard to find out where he lived. It might make for more entertaining visuals as well, judging by the conversation he had heard. Apparently, Tyson was a real ladies' man. Sunny had gotten a sample of the man's skills on Saturday morning. However, the big show took place on Saturday night.

Sunny watched the tapes as Tyson entered Dr. Jacobs' apartment and retrieved a soiled shirt from the garbage. Sunny recognized the shirt and chuckled to himself as he recalled the events that led to it being soiled. The peculiar thing was that Tyson was sniffing the shirt. He seemed unhappy with the results. Who wouldn't be? But, he then proceeded to steam the shirt which Sunny knew would only release the odours within in. Why would anyone want to release the odour of monkey piss? Why would they also make an effort to ensure the smell coated their body like Tyson did? The answer soon came with a knock on the door. Tyson opened it to find a small cute Japanese woman stood there in a red blouse and knee-length jean skirt, looking like a young girl on her first date. A confused look came over her face and she checked the number on the door.

"I'm so sorry," she said. "I was looking for Donald."

"Donald is out right now but will be back any minute," Tyson replied. "Why don't you come in and wait?"

"No, that's OK. I don't want to interrupt"

"Nonsense!" Tyson said, dragging her in. "I'm going to be leaving soon anyway, so wait with me and when Donald gets here you can talk to him privately."

"O . . .OK" she said, although she looked around nervously.

Tyson sat her on the couch and quickly removed the evidence of his little experiment. He returned sit next to the woman who shifted away from him immediately.

"I'm Tyson, Donald's best friend," he said holding out his hand. She took hold of it with her fingers as though she didn't want to touch him.

"I am Mariko, his neighbour," she replied.

"Did you and Donald have plans?" Tyson asked.

Sunny chuckled. He had seen Tyson and Dr. Jacobs planning Jacobs' date with Carol that evening. The man was probing. Maybe he wanted to get a piece of ass.

"No," Mariko answered. "I just dropped by to say hello."

"It's a little late just to say 'hello' Mariko," Tyson stated. "What did you really drop by for?"

"That IS why," Mariko insisted. "and even if it wasn't, it wouldn't be your concern."

She rose and Tyson grabbed her arm and pulled her back down to the couch. "I didn't mean to offend you," he apologized. "I don't want you to think I'm not a nice man. Do you think I'm a nice man?"

Mariko sat there seemingly unsure of what to do or say. The fear in her eyes seemed to change to curiousity.

"I think . . .Yes . . .If you are Donald's friend, you must be nice." she said

"And you should be nice to Donald's friends, shouldn't you?" Tyson prompted

"Yes," Mariko answered, the curiousity now gone from her eyes and replaced with something more feral. "I should be nice to his friends."

"How nice?" Tyson asked.

"As nice as I can," she answered.

"What the fuck is this?" Sunny thought. "She was ready to bolt a second ago and now she looks like she'd suck his cock if he asked," Then it clicked. "That shirt, it's coated with the formula!"

Tyson stood up and unzipped his pants. Mariko's eyes widened when she saw his cock which was well over twice the size of her husband's. Tyson moved in front of her so it hung before her face.

"I think it would be nice if you sucked my cock, Mariko." Tyson insisted.

Mariko reached out and grabbed hold of it. She rolled it in her hands with fascination. Her fingers slid along its shaft exploring and caressing it. A drop of precum escaped the tip which she grabbed between her thumb and forefinger and gazed at, closing and separating her fingers.

"I said suck, Mariko," Tyson reminded her.

She whispered "Yes, Tyson," and put the tip into her mouth.

"Now this is what I'm talkin' about!" Sunny exclaimed. "Suck it bitch. Suck that black cock, you Japanese ho!"

Mariko's head slid back and forth taking a little more of Tyson's cock in each time. Sunny switched to a different camera for a better shot of the action. "Interactive porn!" he laughed.

Mariko was so small that Sunny was sure that she couldn't suck all of Tyson's cock. She could barely get her mouth around the head. She had both her tiny hands around his shaft and the head was fully clear of her fingers.

"Lick me," Tyson ordered. Mariko immediately licked his shaft and his balls. Her eyes kept looking up at Tyson's face to make sure he was enjoying her work. Tyson grunted with appreciation. He couldn't help admiring the slim woman and her delicate fingers. Soon, she was sucking his cock again, getting about four inches of it into her mouth this time. She choked every now and then as she tried to take more in. Tyson decided to let her off the hook and pulled her off his cock.

"Do you want me to fuck you, Mariko?" he asked her.

She nodded furiously, "Yes, please yes!"

"Have you ever fucked a black man before?"

"No, I've only ever had sex my husband," she said meekly.

Tyson grabbed her hand and placed it back around his cock. "Does he have a cock like this?"

She shook her head, "No, not even close." She was transfixed on it, causing an evil grin to spread across Tyson's face.

"Is he a good lover?" he asked, already almost sure of answer.

"No. He just makes love to me until he's done and then rolls off."

"So you don't cum very often?"

"He's never made me cum," she admitted, turning red in the process.

"Not even when he licks you?" Tyson asked.

She looked up at him suddenly with both surprise and hope in her eyes. "He has never licked me. He only makes me suck him on occasion."

Tyson lifted her like she weighed nothing and laid her on the coffee table. He pushed her skirt up and pulled her panties off. Mariko lay still for him. "Let's get you that orgasm," he said as he put his face between her legs.

Sunny expected her to start bucking at once, but Tyson took his time. He licked her thighs first, slowly, moving closer and closer to her pussy lips. She let quiet sounds escape while holding on to her skirt to keep it off his head.

Sunny had to switch between the overhead camera and one on a nearby bookshelf to see the action properly. He was glad they had a zoom feature.


Tyson continued to tease Mariko with is tongue. Her movements were very slight and he wouldn't know if she was enjoying herself if not her breathing and moaning. His tongue finally stroked Mariko's labia from bottom to top touching her clit briefly. She gasped and her hips bucked. "I'm sorry!" she said before settling down. His tongue circled her clit a few times and then dipped down and entered her cunt briefly. She bucked again and followed with "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Tyson stopped and lifted his head up to talk to her. "Would you mind telling me just what the fuck you're apologizing for?"

Mariko blushed again. "I know it is the man's duty to give pleasure and the woman's to be still and take it."

"Who the fuck told you that?" Tyson asked in disbelief.

"My mother," she answered

"Your poor fuckin' father!" Tyson exclaimed shaking his head. "It's a wonder you were even born!"

She looked at him curiously. He shoved his thumb up her cunt quickly. "Oh!" she called out as her hips lifted off the table. "I'm sorry!"

"Shut the fuck up with that 'I'm sorry' stuff!" Tyson ordered. "I am going to fuck you in a moment and when I do, I want you active and vocal. I want you to move your body the way that brings you the most pleasure and don't worry about whether I'm enjoying myself because, trust me Bitch, anything that feels better for you feels better for me. Got that?"

"Yes Tyson," she said submissively.

"And I don't want to hear 'I'm sorry' again tonight. If you say anything it should be along the lines of 'Oh god', 'Fuck me', 'Tyson you're so good' and my favourite 'I'm cumming.'"

"Yes Tyson . . .I'm sor-" she caught herself. "I'll do my best, but I've never talked like that in bed."

"Have fun with it. You'll like it. Trust me."

"Yes Tyson." She did trust him. She didn't know why. She didn't know him. What was wrong with her? This was the second stranger who she had carnal interests in. This was all wrong but she couldn't help herself. She needed this man. She'd do anything to make sure he wanted her . . .Anything.

"Now let me finish up here," he was saying, "and, just for the fun of it, try not to move until I fuck you." With that, his head disappeared between her legs again.

"But you said . . ." was all she could get out before his tongue attacked her clit while two fingers slid into her pussy and fucked her hard. "OOHH!" she screamed as her hips bucked again.

Her body wasn't used to this kind of pleasure. She writhed beneath his mouth. Part of her wanted to get away as her pleasure centers went into overload while the other part pushed her hips into his hungry mouth. "Oh my God! Tyson! I can't!" and then the orgasm hit her. Her mind went over his choices of things to say and although "I'm cumming" was most appropriate she found herself scream "FUCK ME!" It shocked her since she normally didn't swear at all.

"I think you're ready for me now," Tyson said, lifting her off the table and placing her on the floor. "Remember, let your body do whatever it wants to increase the pleasure."

She looked up at him and nodded. She was a little scared because of the size of him, but she wanted him more than she'd wanted any man, even Donald. "Donald!" she realized. She came here for Donald and now she was fucking his friend. She'd become a cheap whore. She didn't know if she could live with herself after this.

She felt him push inside her. She clenched her teeth. "He's so big!" Her pussy was slick from cumming but it was still difficult to take him all in. Finally the head popped in. She shut her eyes tight and grabbed hold of his arms. It was a strange mixture of pain and pleasure. He stopped moving and let her adjust to him. She wanted it to end. She didn't want it to stop.

"You OK?" he asked.

She nodded, gripping him tightly and keeping her eyes closed. He pushed in farther. She wrapped her arms around his neck and bit into his chest but, at the same time, she brought her hips up to him, taking more of him in. She began to whimper, but her hips started to pulse slowly. Tyson pulled out a little and her eyes shot open. She thought he was going to pull out. She was about to complain when he pushed back in, going deeper. Her mouth opened but no sound came out. He pulled back again and she braced herself. Another thrust and over half of him was in. She had broken into a sweat. Tyson thrust and lightning seemed to shoot through her body. It happened twice more before he buried himself to the hilt with a massive push. "GODDDDD!" she screamed as an orgasm ripped through her. "Oh God Tyson! You're so big!"

"Hang on," he said confidently as he began to fuck her.

She did as he told her. Her hips came up to meet his. Her hands roamed his body. She even touched herself through her top. She had never felt such pleasure and soon she came again. "Tysoooooooon!" she squealed. She remembered what else her said and self-consciously tried out a "Fuck me, Tyson." He responded with an extra hard thrust. "Fuck me!" she said louder and his cock seemed to sink farther than before. "Yes! Oh God, yes! Fuck me with your big cock!"

Part of her couldn't believe what was coming out of her mouth, but he responded to it, so she kept screaming obscenities while beginning to enjoy it very much. She felt another orgasm building when suddenly Tyson's cock expanded inside her. She didn't think she could contain him. She tried to inhale but her lungs didn't seem to work. She slapped his back in some distant hope that it would cause him to shrink. She spread her legs as wide as she could, praying that it might help. Then the orgasm hit her like a truck. Instead of giving him room, her cunt contracted on his cock and she came again. She felt his cum filling her and she came yet again. She had just discovered orgasms and now she was having a multiple. All thoughts of what she was doing being wrong were gone now. There was only the need to please this man so that he would do that to her forever.

Tyson lay on her for a while. She twitched every now and then from micro-orgasms as her body settled down. She kissed his chest and wanted to kiss him on the mouth but he was so big that his head was out of reach. Finally, he pulled himself out of her. She didn't expect such an intense feeling of loss. She got that kiss she wanted which had passion in it that she hadn't felt since her husband was courting her. Tyson stood up. She moved to follow but he stopped her.

"Clean me up," he ordered. She was shocked. His cock hung in front of her covered in both her cum and his.

"That's disgusting!" she thought, but she saw the serious look in his eyes. Her head seemed a little clearer now. It was like her need for him had suddenly diminished. OK, so she had just acted unfaithfully. He still shouldn't treat her like a cheap slut. She shook her head. Without warning, his hand grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth onto his cock. She pushed back against his legs but he was too strong. She gagged on him, despite the fact that he was now soft, as he fucked her face. "You fucking asshole!" she thought. "How could I have wanted a man who would do this to a woman?"

She struggled to get free, but he was easily twice her size and several times stronger. Then, his cock began to grow. She began to panic at the thought of it growing to full size again while that far in her mouth when something else changed. The need began to resurface. She went from fear to anticipation in less than a minute. Tyson released her head when her hands came up to stroke his cock. Just as she was really enjoying herself he pulled her off himself and stood her up. They kissed again. Tyson turned her around and slapped her ass. "Go into the bedroom and strip," he ordered. She ran out of the room almost tearing her clothes off as she went.

Tyson followed her in long confident strides. She was lying on the bed, naked when he entered the room. "What are you doing?" he asked.

A confused look came over her face. "I'm ready for you," she answered.

"Not like that," he said. "Get on your hands and knees and with your ass the edge of the bed."

"OK, but I've never made love like that before."

"We're not making love, Mariko, we're fucking. Say that."

"We're fucking." Mariko said as she got into position for him.

Tyson walked up behind her, stroking his cock to keep it hard and put the tip at the entrance to her pussy. She pushed back against him as soon as she felt it, but he moved back as well. She turned to look at him. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing." He smiled and pressed his cock against her again. When she pushed back, he pulled away again.

"Tyson, please put your penis in me," she said.

"My cock," he corrected.

"Put your cock in me," she said.

"And?" he prompted

"And?" she echoed. "And . . .Fuck me. Please fuck me, Tyson."

With that, he rammed his cock all the way into her.

"Fuck!" she screamed, after which she buried her face in the sheets to scream some more. Tyson began to pound her hard and gave her ass the occasional slap. She barely noticed the slaps. She was lost in a euphoric world as his cock brought on orgasm after orgasm. Her head came back up and she moaned, calling out obscenities that heightened the experience for her and spurred Tyson on. She didn't know sex could be like this. She might have gone the rest of her life not knowing and being content, but the last few days had changed all of that. She would do anything to have this man keep fucking her.

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