tagInterracial LoveMaking Scents Ch. 07

Making Scents Ch. 07


Previously on Making Scents:

"OK, let me ask you this," Tyson continued. "Do you really think you can discover a magical formula that will make people irresistible?"

"It's the basic pheromone principle," Donald explained. "We know how they work and they are very powerful in the animal world. If you can just find the correct scent for a person at the right intensity you should get a proportionate response."


Mariko didn't really know why she was so attracted to Donald. He had been on her mind all afternoon. All she knew was she got dressed up in a sexy outfit to try and impress a guy she met for two minutes in an elevator.


"Are you sure you want to save yourself for Carol?" Tyson asked. "You said she has a boyfriend."

"If she responds like these women, it won't matter," said Donald. "And besides, I want my first time to be with someone I know is sweet and caring and loving in bed. That's Carol. Although, I'm hoping some wild stuff will come later."


Donald turned to Natalie. "Natalie, listen to me. I want you to spend your free time this week watching strippers and porno movies. Learn to dance from watching the strippers. Learn to fuck from watching the pornos. Got that?"

"Yes, Donny! I'll be a great dancer. You'll want to fuck me soooooooo bad!"


"Who beat you up?" he asked, letting Tyson into his place.

"The girls." Tyson responded.

"Hold on. The girls you took home? Why?"

"Because apparently, when the pheromones wear off, their attitudes toward you change.


He walked quietly to the bedroom and looked in to see who Tyson had nailed this time. When he saw Carol his face went white.

"I don't ever want to see you again!" Donald told him. He turned to address the girls as well. "I don't ever want to see any of you."


Kevin never thought he would resort to drugging his mom so he could fuck her but, God damn it, if Donald can get a piece of that and he can't!


So begins Chapter 7…

Natalie sat in the patio chair in her ripped jean shorts and yellow tube top, sipping her Iced Tea while her friends stared at her in shock. She scanned their faces while they thought of how to react to her story. Immediately to her left, in red and black bikini which was partially hidden by a matching wrap around her waist, was Faith. A Caribbean woman with smooth oil black skin that had a shine to it, Faith was the tallest of the group (nearly 6') and the most forward. If they had a leader, it would either be Faith or Natalie. The position seemed to vary based on the situations they were in. Natalie led them happily into trouble and Faith led them faithfully out. Faith's long soft black curls were a direct contrast to Natalie's short brown hair that hugged her face spiked up at the front, just as Natalie's milk chocolate skin contrasted her interracial parentage with Faith's pure Jamaican folks. Both girls were well developed: Natalie had large breasts and a round hard ass that gave her an almost Anime girl figure; Faith was thicker with large thighs, a big black bootie and tits that could knock a man out. At her size, if Faith lost about 30 pounds, her body would rival Natalie's, but Faith didn't care. The extra weight didn't stop her from getting a man whenever she wanted, and it let her eat whatever she wanted too. Natalie dieted dedicatedly to maintain her figure.

Next to Faith was Jessicca, blonde, slim with what she called her "ittie bittie titties" and no ass to speak of. A couple guys in the past had even commented that it was almost concave. Jessicca was the sports nut of the group. She kept her hair short, about 2 inches in length, so it wouldn't get in the way and she hardly ever wore makeup. You wouldn't notice her from behind. You might even mistake her for a skinny guy. To look at her face would crush any such notion. She looked like an angel with hazel eyes with gold flecks that were almost hypnotic. Her nose was upturned and her mouth seemed to always pout. She was most attractive when she was lost in thought and her eyes got that far away look. Jessicca refused to believe that she had power over men despite reactions she got and the words of her friends. She just saw the skinny tomboy she had been since childhood.

Amber was next with red wavy locks - exemplifying her name - that ran down to her shoulders. An inch taller than Jess, Amber was 5'9" when she stood, with blue eyes, chubby cheeks that dimpled and freckled skin that didn't seem capable of tanning. She was cursed with a cylindrical body in that her breasts came out as much as her stomach and her ass melded into her thick thighs. Amber was cute when she smiled, but only when she smiled, which was probably why she did it so often. With a lollipop in her mouth, she could even be sexy. Despite this or perhaps because of it, she was a slut. It didn't take much for a man to get her on her knees sucking his cock. Amber was also a natural submissive, though not a part of the BDSM scene. A forceful man could make her do just about anything.

Lastly there was Quynh. Quynh was a force of nature: purebred Hawaiian and only 4'10". She had the tits and ass of Faith with jet black hair reached her butt. Men often wonder why she didn't fall forward from the size of her breasts. Quynh was cute, but not many men saw that. They saw large buoyant 40 D's and round firm ass in a compact package that implied a tight little cunt (which was the truth). Her body just ached to be tried out. The problem was that men ONLY wanted to try her out. "I'll call you" was the most common phrase she heard from men, which was a shame because Quynh was the sweetest of the group, treated her men like kings and would never cheat on her lover. Another consequence of her body was that large cocks simply wouldn't fit in her. Six inches width and average girth gave her a stretch. Seven inches became painful.

"Girl, I must have heard you wrong because that made no sense to me whatsoever," Faith finally piped up. "You say you found the fat ugly one so irresistible that you sucked his buddies cock?"

"Freaky isn't it? I've never met a man who had such power over me."

"The fat ugly one?" Faith confirmed. "What power was that?"

"Didn't you see how all the girls reacted to him?" Natalie asked. "They were lined up in the ladies' room for him. Haven't you ever met a man whose presence you can physically feel when he walks in the room?"

"Once or twice, but not that night. And if either of those guys were to give off that presence, it would have been the black guy."

"Tyson." said Natalie, partially lost in the memories.

"Yeah, no way I would have sucked Donny's cock."

"I would have." Amber chimed in.

Jess laughed, "You would have sucked them both off at the same time!"

Amber slapped her friend's arm. "Jess!"

All of the other girls focused on Amber with matter-of-fact looks.

Amber gave in. "OK, fine. I would have, but you have to admit that Tyson is sexy."

"I'd do him," Jess agreed.

"Yeah, he was tasty," Quynh echoed.

"I thought you didn't like black men?" said Jess.

"No, I won't fuck black men," Quynh told her. "They're too big."

"Not all black men are big, you know," Faith pointed out.

"I know . . ." Quynh replied, "But no black man I've known has been able to get his cock inside my pussy. I'm better off sticking to white and Oriental. You know, laws of probability."

"I don't know how you can live without black cock, Quynhie," Amber sighed. "It's my favourite flavour!"

"Well, the thing about that night was . . ." Natalie began, attempting to bring the focus back to her where she liked it. "That they didn't want to fuck me. I mean they took a few girls home with them and I was so wound up by that point that I would have happily gone along, but they left me."

Amber was shocked, "You NEVER fuck on the first night! I'm surprised you sucked them off."

"I just sucked Tyson," Natalie corrected. "I didn't even get to see Donny's cock. God I wish I had."

"So this is an ego thing for you?" Amber concluded. "What man could resist, Natalie Fellows?"

"No, no . . .Well, a little, but it's what he said to me. He told me to go to a strip club and learn to dance by watching stripper, and to watch pornos and learn to fuck by watching them. He doesn't know how I fuck! And what's wrong with the way I dance? I'm a sexy dancer, aren't I?"

The rest of the girls simultaneously tried to avoid her gaze. Natalie was stunned. "What? Faith?"

Faith shrugged, "Hey, you have your own style, that's all I'm saying."

"What's that supposed to mean? You saying I'm not a good dancer? Quynh, you can be straight up with me, can't you?"

Quynh squirmed in her seat. "Uh, Nat, you need to work on your rhythm, I guess."

"My rhythm? What's wrong with my rhythm?" she was growing more upset by the second.

"Let me give it to you straight, Nat," Jess spoke up to rescue Quynh. "Did you see that Seinfeld episode where Elaine danced?"

"That ridiculous dance that looked like she was having a seizure?" she paused "You're not saying that . . ."

"No, I'm saying that you would be lucky if you could dance like Elaine."

The girls all giggled at that except, of course, for Natalie.

"So this has been a private joke for all the years we've known each other?"

"It's not a joke really," Quynh said. "It's just that . . .Well . . ."

"Well what?"

"You're gorgeous, Natalie," Faith explained. "You're goddamned near fucking perfect! Guys don't give the rest of us a second look when we're with you . . .Unless they can see some obvious flaw with you."

Amber laughed, "And the dancing is about as obvious as you can get."

"You bitches!"

"Take a pill, Nat," Faith admonished. "Even with your freaky floor show, you have more men approach you than any of us, almost as much as us combined. Excuse us for wanting some attention."

"Yeah, Nat," Jess added. "We weren't trying to be mean."

"Just trying to get a little action of our own." said Amber.

"We love you, Nat!" Quynh cooed and put a hand on Natalie's leg. That made her calm down.

"OK, fine, but are you guys going to be pissed if I learn how to dance better?"

The girls exchanged glances and shrugged.

"But I guess none of you will teach me?" Natalie concluded out loud.

"Honestly," Faith told her, "I wouldn't know where to begin."

"This still doesn't explain the ‘learn to fuck' comment he gave me," Natalie mentioned.

"He said that because you suck in bed," Faith explained.

"How could he know how I am in bed?" Natalie argued, "For that matter, how could you know?"

"I know because guys we've fucked are friends and it comes out in pillow talk. He knows because dancing is quite often related to fucking."

"Who said I suck in bed? I'm great in bed! Even if the guy isn't any good, I'll put on an amazing show when I fake it."

"Too much of a show," Jess corrected, "Even when you're not faking. Plus you have no sense of rhythm in bed either."

"You can't suck cock worth shit, either." Amber stated. "Has even one man cum in your mouth?"

"No, thank God," Natalie responded but then immediately wondered why that was. She thought that they preferred to cum in her pussy. Now that she thought about it they most often jacked off over her body in the end.

"You need to learn how to kiss, too," Quynh said quietly. "Sucking face is just an expression. You're not supposed to actually suck."

"What?" Natalie was dumbfounded.

The girls laughed again. "I'll teach you to kiss," Amber offered.

Natalie sat back remembering her past boyfriends. None of them seemed to like to kiss. She thought it was just them. Several had broken up with her for no good reason that she could think of. She was always good to her boyfriends. She broke up with the jealous ones. Then, there was the string of guys she caught fucking other girls; girls that were no where near as beautiful as she was. She always wondered why they had slummed when they cheated. It didn't make sense until now. Now it all made sense.

"Anyone want to go to a strip club tonight?" She asked finally.

"I'll go!" Amber exclaimed. That was no surprise to anyone. There would be lots of horny guys at a strip club. Amber would be taking at least one home. "But I'll go you one better," She continued. "There's a dance studio in town that teaches you to dance like a stripper. You pay for lessons. We could sign up together. You learn stage, lap and pole dancing."

Natalie liked that idea. "OK, I'm in."

"Me, too!" Jess announced. "Sounds like fun."

"Anyone else?" asked Natalie.

"No, I'm good." Faith said. "I could out dance a stripper without any lessons." There was no denying that. While Natalie repelled men on the dance floor, Faith could make a man who wasn't interested get a hard-on in seconds if she danced near him.

"I don't think it's for me." Quynh stated.

"Those tits probably wouldn't let you get close enough to the pole anyway!" Jess joked and they all laughed.

"I'm meeting them next weekend at the club," Natalie said when they calmed. "I'd like you guys to meet them, too. Donny is mine, but one of you can hook up with Tyson."

"I'll admit I really want to meet this guy and see what the fuss is about," Faith told her.

"Oh, you will." Natalie said confidently.

"Next week I'll be the one in control . . ." Natalie thought. "And Donny is going to beg to fuck me!"


A hundred dollars was all it took to get into Dr. Jacobs' apartment. Sunny had the foresight to take a cologne bottle to pour the solution into. Now he had it, but didn't know if it was too diluted to work. The obvious course was to test it. The question was "Who best to test it on?"

Sunny remembered a party he attended where an investor's wife had had given him a look of disgust when they were introduced. He was surprised that she gave him the look instead of the other way around. The 42 year-old had her blonde hair in a bun, caked and cracking make-up that only Tammy-Faye Baker would find acceptable, and a hideous orange and green dress that did nothing for her figure. He later overheard her talking to a friend: "How these Indians get into positions of power is beyond me. It's bad enough they're stealing the lower class jobs. At least he didn't smell like curry." Then, in an Indian accent, she continued, "I am vetty, vetty pleast to meet you Mrs. Ackon. It is my pleasure to be making thees perfume for you. Tank you, come again."

Sunny respected Larry Acton. He had so little respect for the man's wife that he didn't even remember her name. He knew she came from money, upper crust white society. He had heard from some of the other men at the party that she used to be quite a knockout as well, a blonde bombshell with an ass to die for. Now, she was overweight with too much collagen in her lips, too much make-up on her face and too much attitude in her head. She had purchased a pair of C-Cups to enhance her figure, but it wasn't enough to counteract the combination of age, snobbery and unhealthiness. As Sunny arrived at the estate, he wondered if he'd be able to get it up for the woman. Second thoughts about his plan rose in his mind, but in the end he knew the Bitch needed to be taught a lesson. That thought made his cock swell.

The maid, a plump Hawaiian woman with a kind face, answered the door and let him into the living room to wait for Mrs. Acton. Sunny noticed that the maid was the type of heavy woman that still came off as sexy. She'd probably be a fun fuck, too. Their conversation was brief, but when she walked away she stumbled a bit as though something important had just occurred to her. She turned around to eye Sunny up and down and smile before going to get her employer. "Cute ass," Sunny thought.

There was a bar in the living room, so Sunny made himself a Scotch on the rocks as well as one for Mrs. Acton. He was admiring the décor of the room which seemed designed to scream at any visitors "We're rich!" It was obviously Mrs. Acton's work.

"Mr. Gupta," he heard before he saw her. "What is it that I can do for you? I am quite busy today." She was wearing a white buttoned shirt and jeans. She still had the bun and the make-up.

"You mean state your business and get out before you stink up my house, don't you?" Sunny thought, then laughed inwardly. In a way, he was stinking up her house.

Sunny walked up to her, causing her to take half a step back. "I made you a drink. I hope you like Scotch."

She took the glass and placed it on a coaster on an end table. "I don't. Now, again, what is it I can . . ."

He saw it happen. Her pupils dilated for a moment and her cheeks flushed. "That you can . . ." he echoed.

"That I can do for you?" she finished.

"What CAN you do for me, Mrs. Acton?"

She seemed unsure of how to respond. "Mr. Gupta, I think that the investments that my husband and I have put into your business have shown what I can do for you. I just hope we continue to see our investments returned."

"Yes, well you do something for someone, it's nice to get something in return, isn't it?" Sunny smiled. "I can do something for you right now if you can give me something in return."

He could actually see the struggle in her eyes. The part of her that was disgusted with him was being assaulted by a new part that continued to grow more horny for him.

"And what is that, Mr. Gupta?" she asked.

He placed a hand on her face. Her nipples immediately hardened and poked through her shirt.

"You looked stressed. I can help you relax."

She pulled his hand away from her face slowly. "This is not relaxing me . . .Quite the opposite."

He grabbed her hand and pulled it down to is hip. Her body moved into his as a consequence. "Would you like to relax a bit?"

She gasped as her face moved into his chest. Before she could pull back she inhaled his new cologne point blank. She became unsteady on her feet.

"Tell . . .Tell me how," she said breathlessly.

"Let your hair down."

She did.

"Take off your clothes," he ordered.

"I don't know you," she said, but her hands moved up to the buttons of her shirt.

"But you want me, don't you?" he asked her.

She nodded and licked her lips. "I don't know why but I do. This is wrong. You people are-"

"Shut up, bitch!" Sunny snapped. "Show me some respect. If you want me to touch you, you will address me as Sir."

"Yes, Sir." She had her shirt off. He quickly grabbed it and used it to wipe the make-up off her face, not bothering to be gentle about it. She didn't complain or try to stop him. She even tried to get her pants off as he worked.

Sunny walked away from her and finished his drink as she removed her pants and undergarments. When he came back, he reached below her bushy mound, between her legs and felt her pussy. She was soaked. "I am going to call you whatever I like: Bitch, slut, cunt, whore . . . You'll agree that's what you are."

"Yes, Sir," she moaned as his hand stroked her pussy lips.

An idea suddenly occurred to him. "Do you have a camcorder?"

"Yes, Sir."

"What's your maid's name?"


"Daya!" Sunny yelled.

Daya appeared within seconds, her jaw dropping when she saw her naked employer being fingered by the strange guest. Her eyes were closed and her hands were on his chest for support.

"Come here now, Daya!" Sunny ordered and her training took over. She hurried to stand in front of him. "Daya, I want you to go and get the camcorder. Make sure there is a new cartridge in it."

"Yes, Sir," she replied. Before she could turn to leave, Sunny grabbed her by the arm and pulled her in to him. He kissed her deeply, then pushed her away. She left on weak legs, using the furniture and walls to steady herself as she exited.

Sunny turned back to Mrs. Acton who was lost in a world of pleasure. He wasn't even sure if she was aware that Daya had come and gone. He expected she would have been embarrassed by her maid's presence, but she seemed oblivious. He whispered instructions into her ear.

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