tagMind ControlMaking Scents Ch. 08

Making Scents Ch. 08


Previously on Making Scents:

"OK, let me ask you this," Tyson continued. "Do you really think you can discover a magical formula that will make people irresistible?"

"It's the basic pheromone principle," Donald explained. "We know how they work and they are very powerful in the animal world. If you can just find the correct scent for a person at the right intensity you should get a proportionate response."


"Are you sure you want to save yourself for Carol?" Tyson asked. "You said she has a boyfriend."

"If she responds like these women, it won't matter," said Donald. "And besides, I want my first time to be with someone I know is sweet and caring and loving in bed. That's Carol. Although, I'm hoping some wild stuff will come later."


Donald turned to Natalie. "Natalie, listen to me. I want you to spend your free time this week watching strippers and porno movies. Learn to dance from watching the strippers. Learn to fuck from watching the pornos. Got that?"

"Yes, Donny! I'll be a great dancer. You'll want to fuck me soooooooo bad!"


He walked quietly to the bedroom and looked in to see who Tyson had nailed this time. When he saw Carol his face went white.

"I don't ever want to see you again!" Donald told him. He turned to address the girls as well. "I don't ever want to see any of you."


Amber continued. "There's a dance studio in town that teaches you to dance like a stripper. You pay for lessons. We could sign up together. You learn stage, lap and pole dancing."

Natalie liked that idea. "OK, I'm in."

"Me, too!" Jess announced. "Sounds like fun."


A hundred dollars was all it took to get into Dr. Jacobs' apartment. Sunny had the foresight to take a cologne bottle to pour the solution into. Now he had it.


Chapter 8!

"Oh . . .uh . . .Donald." Mrs. Townsend said over the phone. "I wanted to talk to you."

"About what?" Donald asked, already guessing at the answer.

"Well, about the other night. It was wonderful, really, but . . .well . . .I think I got caught up in the moment. I like you, Donald. I really do, but I don't think we should have done that. I know I was the instigator and I'll treasure the memory, but we can't see each other that way again. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Rachael."

"You don't think I'm a bitch or anything, do you?"

"Of course not."

"OK . . .Well . . .Um . . .I guess maybe I'll see you at the next game."

"OK Rachael."

"Oh, and you'll call me Mrs. Townsend around the boys, right?"

"Of course. God knows what Kevin would do if he even suspected we had an affair."

"Affair . . .uh . . .yeah. OK. Good-bye, Donald."

"Good-bye, Rachael."

Donald hung up the phone. Well, that seemed to confirm his findings. The last day hadn't been what expected. After finding Tyson in bed with Carol he wanted only to find a way to get revenge. Perfecting the formula in order to get Carol was the first step but he also planned on making a reverse formula and mixing it in with Tyson's laundry detergent. Every woman the man met for months would hate him if Donald could pull it off. During his tests of the first step, however, Donald made some interesting discoveries. One was that the formula didn't work they way her thought. The formula itself really didn't do anything to women. What did affect them was shocking. What was more shocking was the side-effects. He had good idea of how it all worked now. There was just one more test to perform.

He had washed himself several times to make sure all traces of the chemicals he had worked with were gone before going for a brief job around the building. Now he was back in Lucille's office. It was Monday morning and she'd be in any second.

She was surprised to see him. She probably figured they would awkwardly avoid each other for at least another week, but here was Donald, sitting on the examination table that she had sucked his cock on.

"Oh . . .Er . . Hi Dr. Jacobs." She greeted.

"Hi Lucille. Come sit next to me. I think we need to talk."

The plump blonde lady came over to him but didn't sit. She stood in front of him nervously.

"Dr. Jacobs, I just have to say that I don't know what came over me the other day. I apologize for my actions. Please don't file an harassment suit against me."

Donald reached out and took her hand and patted it gently. "It's ok, Lucille. I'm not upset. I'm very flattered that you find me attractive."

"But that's just it, doctor. I . . .I . . ."

"Are you ok, Lucille?"

"Yes, sorry I just . . .You seem . . ."

Donald felt her squeeze his hand. "You like to show off your breasts, don't you Lucille?" he said noticing she was wearing another low-cut blouse beneath her lab coat.

She nodded and blushed.

"Would you like me to see them?"

She looked at him with hope in her eyes, as though a fantasy of hers was coming true. She nodded again.

"Then let me see them."

Lucille hurriedly removed her lab coat, top and bra. Her nipples were hard and almost an inch long. Donald didn't realize that they came that big. "I could hang coats on those things," he thought. He also realized that she was a sexy woman. Her breasts were huge and her tummy stuck out in a cute way. She had a scar from a C-Section which he traced with his finger. His touch made her shiver.

"Let your hair down." He told her and she released her bun, letting her hair fall. It covered part of her face and stopped just below her shoulders. She primped it with her fingers to make sure it looked appealing for him. She was standing right in front of him now, her body between his legs. The next thing Donald knew, they were kissing. This woman was beautiful his mind was telling him. How could he have not seen her before? Somewhere at the back of his mind a fading voice told him not to listen.

He reached up and grabbed her breasts, making her moan in his mouth. Her hands undid his shirt so that they were both soon topless. They then fumbled with each others' pants. It was not long before they were naked. Lucille jumped up on the examination table and Donald got on top of her. The paper beneath them crumpled and crinkled loudly beneath them, but they didn't notice it. They needed each other badly. Donald remembered this need. He felt it the other night with Mrs. Townsend. He held both sides of the table as he tried to guide his cock into Lucille, but was having problems finding her pussy. She reached down and grabbed him to guide him in. Slipping his hand behind her head, he kissed her. Her tongue slipped into his mouth. He didn't really know what to do so he tried to put his tongue in her mouth by first pushing hers out. She took it as a sign that he didn't want to kiss and broke away. Her hands grabbed his ass and pulled him in tightly. He tried to pull back to pump but she was too strong. He didn't know how she expected him to fuck her if he couldn't thrust into her at all. To try and get some more leverage, he pulled his hand out from behind her head to grab the table again. Unfortunately his watch got caught in her hair and she yelped as it tugged and pulled a few strands out. Donald moved his wrist back where it wouldn't hurt her. Propping himself up on his elbow, he tried to free her hair with his other hand. When he shifted, his elbow slipped off the edge of the table followed immediately by both their bodies. His cock popped out in the fall and her pelvis struck it and his balls on impact.

"Are you OK?" Lucille asked.

In a high-pitched, cracked voice, Donald answered "Yes . . ."


Nancy drank Tyson's cum down then waited for his body to stop shaking. A few more long slow strokes and she let his cock out of her mouth with a slight pop.

"Am I forgiven?" she asked.

Tyson took a moment to recover from one of the best blowjobs he'd ever had. "I . . .Um . . ."

"The inability to speak counts a 'yes'." She laughed. "I'm really sorry, baby. I thought you'd be able to get free. Kara must've tied you up extra tight. Can you blame her? You left her here and went off to fuck another woman!"

"Didin mean ta" Tyson said weakly, as he recovered.

"You didn't mean to? What happened? You tripped and your cock landed in her pussy?"

"Just meant to test it. Didn't mean for things to get out of hand."

"Test what?"

Tyson frowned, realizing he'd said too much. "New cologne of Donald's. Supposed to drive women wild."

"I'd say it worked . . .In good ways and bad. Waitasec. Are you telling me you left Kara to go get some cologne because you thought it would get her in the mood?"

She still held his cock in her hand and her grip tightened as she spoke. Tyson looked down, seeing his black cock wrapped in her delicate white fingers. He wondered if he should come clean. Nancy had come in around 9am and found him. She untied him and helped him to the shower to let him wash the sweat and piss from his body while she mopped his floor. Thinking back, he was surprised she didn't try to fuck him but the smell of his urine must've overpowered the pheromones. After showering he had no effect on her other than the sexual chemistry they had already established. That chemistry was pretty powerful on its own though. He wondered if she'd believe that his friend had essentially created a love potion. Probably not.

"It's complicated," He said finally. "But there's something else I did that I'm pretty ashamed of."

"Oh? Do tell."

"I slept with the girl my best friend is in love with."

"What?! Tyson that's horrible! How could you?!"

"I don't know. It just sort of happened."

"What if he finds out?"

"He did. He walked in."

"Oh no. What happened?"

"He threw us all out. He wants nothing to do with any of us again."

"ALL of us?"

"There was another girl there too. His neighbour I think."

"He caught you in a threesome?"


"And he's still a virgin?"


"God, what a blow to his ego. I wouldn't want to see you again either."

"Nance, I don't know what happened. Really. It's like I was drunk on sex with Mariko when Carol walked in."

"Mariko? She was Japanese?'


"Was she hot?"

"She was cute. She got very sexy when she got horny. Slim waif of a girl though."

"I love Japanese girls. Think she'd fuck me?"

"Nance, focus. What do I do about Donny?"

"I don't know if there's anything you can do. You're looking at, at least a month of begging and groveling if there's even a chance that he'll speak with you again."

Tyson knew she was right. He'd have to work his ass off to get back in Donny's good graces and he'd have to give up any notion of ever using the formula again. It was too powerful. It was actually dangerous.

"If I could take it back I would, Nance. Do you hate me for this?"

She thought about it while twirling a finger in her brown locks. The silence while he waited was painful. "No." she answered at last. "I'm not impressed with you at the moment, but I'll get over it. You're a good guy, Tyson. I know that. You just did a really dumb thing last night."

Tyson hugged her fiercely.

"Woah!" Nancy exclaimed. "Here's a side of you I didn't know about. I thought you were all about being the manly man."

Tyson didn't let go as he answered. "I may have just lost my best friend since grade school. I can't even imagine my life without him. I saw us growing old together."

"Um . . .are you sure you're not gay?"

He smacked her head but didn't let her go, even nuzzling his head into her shoulder. "I'm meant we'd be each other's best man, our kids would be friends and hang out, maybe even our grand-kids, shit like that." He sniffed.



"Are you crying?"


"Can you let me go so I can see your face?"


Nancy chuckled and patted his back. "OK baby."


"You're trying too hard, Natalie" the instructor told her. "This should be fun, not work."

Natalie was beginning to think her body just didn't move that way. Amber had gotten the move immediately. Jess had it after a few tries. When Natalie tried to do it, her body seemed to fight a war between what it was used to doing and what she was telling it to do. The result looked like some sort of seizure.

"This stuff is too basic." Amber complained to Jess and Natalie. "When do we get to try out the pole?"

"Some of us haven't dreamed about being strippers all our lives." Jess replied. "I'm just getting the hang of it. Have a little patience. Are you sure you should be in the advanced class?"

"I asked her. She said there's still a lot for me to learn in this class."

"There IS an advanced class? I was kidding."

"I think she's going to make me repeat this course in summer school." Natalie half-joked.

"You'll get it, Nat." Jess encouraged. "She's right though. You're trying too hard."

"Yeah, watch. It's simple." Amber walked as she talked. "Strut, wiggle, strut, twist."

"Slut." Natalie joked.

Amber put her hands on her knees and wiggled her tits at Natalie. "And proud of it!"

"You're incorrigible." Jess laughed.

"You're just jealous because you have nothing to shake!"

"They shake! It's just minor tremors."

"Alright ladies . . .and gentleman." The instructor announced, tapping a cane on the floor.

"'Ladies' is fine." The only man in the class replied in an effeminate voice.

The instructor smiled and continued, "I've shown you the basics. Now let's put it together and do out full stage strut."

Their instructor was an attractive woman just over fifty. Long platinum blonde hair flowed over a fit body with an hourglass figure. Although the crow's feet had developed around her eyes, her make-up was being used to youthen instead of enhance, and her breasts were slightly sagging, she still appeared much younger than she actually was. She could probably still make money dancing as a stripper, but she told the class that it's best to get out when there's still some demand for you. She took some of her savings and started her school with 2 younger girls helping out. Business was good even though there were no singles for tips anymore.

On the first day of class the instructor came out and did a show in which she went from business woman to harlot in 3 songs. She purposely did not strip completely, but was left in red corset that hid her tummy, pushed up her breasts and rounded her ass, giving the illusion that she still had the body of a twenty year-old. Any doubts the girls had about this class were squashed right then. When she was finished she introduced herself and went over the basics of the course. Her name was Dominique. That was, of course, her stripper name. Part of the fun of the class was that each girl had to pick a stripper name for herself. Jess had gone with Sugar Cane. Amber chose Chesty McButt. Natalie was as lost about that as she was with everything, but she didn't have to decide until their final lesson when they performed a solo act.

Natalie looked around at the other girls in the class. They were just walking. They had to master the sexy stripper strut for coming on stage. It wasn't that different from Amber's normal walk, but that was no surprise. The extra accents Amber gave it would actually get many men's attention. Meanwhile Jess, Ms. Sugar Cane, worked her little wiggle and sultry sway in such a way that she was sure to drive several men wild despite her lack of tits and ass. For Natalie it seemed that the only way to look sexy was to stand still. Dominique spent extra time with her with little results. Although her friends were supportive and helpful, Natalie couldn't help notice the little giggles that the other girls in the class made when she screwed up yet again.

"Perhaps you just do not respond well with so many people watching." Dominique suggested, her French accent making her that much more alluring. "I teach private classes as well. Would you be interested in attending those to supplement this course?"

Natalie nodded as tears began to flow down her cheeks.

"We can start tonight if you'd like to stay after class." Dominique told her.

Natalie hugged her and then rushed to the ladies' room before anyone could see break down completely.


"Tests prove that the formula does not function on its own but is absorbed through the skin where it bonds with RNA and acts as a pathogen, spreading through the entire body. The body then releases altered pheromones which affect the mind of nearby subjects so powerfully that they will not only want to have sex with the host but will obey his every command. The pheromones wear off sometime after exposure has ceased. However, the endorphins released during an orgasm also seem to counteract their effects. If the host continues to produce the pheromones then subjects will soon become affected again if they do not leave immediately."

Donald looked at the vial of Lucille's sweat he held.

"I believe there is also a side effect that affects the pheromones of female subjects. Today's tests will prove or disprove my theory."

Sunny switched off the monitor to focus on the job at hand, or rather the blow job between his legs. He had always wanted to fuck his secretary. He had hired her as much for her looks as for her skills. Now, thanks to Donald's formula, she was happily sucking away, anxious to please him in any way possible. And, according to what he just saw, all he had to was spray himself with that formula and he'd be set for life. In the meantime, however, he had a bottle of the temporary pheromones and was about to begin talks with celebrities in order to choose the next spokesperson or persons for their new line of scents. First on the list was Angelina Jolie


"The first thing you need to do is to unlearn everything you've been taught." Dominique told Natalie. "Your body has been conditioned to move a certain way and that way is wrong."

"How do I do that?" Natalie asked.

"There are a few ways. Well try them each in turn and see which works best with you."


"First I want you to stand with your feet slightly apart and your hands at your sides."

While Natalie readied herself Dominique put on The Look of Love by Dusty Springfield. She came up behind Natalie and pressed up against her body. Natalie's eyes went wide at the sudden contact, but she didn't say anything. Dominique placed her hands on Natalie's hips saying, "I want you to relax your body so that it will move whichever way I lead it."

With that she shifted Natalie's hips but met with immediate resistance. "Relax, Natalie." Dominique whispered in a sultry French voice. She took Natalie's wrist and waved her arms. "Let the tension out."

The stiffness in her arms grew fainter until they flopped like a rag doll's. Dominique returned her grip to Natalie's hips and moved them again. There was considerably more give. "OK, now feel my body and think of it as an extension of your own. When I move, you move with me. Don't try to move on your own just go along with what I'm doing. Think about the music and let it help to guide you."

Dominique's breasts pushed gently into Natalie's back and her pelvis spooned her butt. The French temptress began to sway and Natalie let her body move with her. It was just a swish of the hips but the slow subtle movement was both alien and enticing to her. Soon her hips were rocking from side to side in a figure eight motion to the rhythm of the music. Natalie closed her eyes and enjoyed not only the motion of her body, but also the sensuous touch of the woman guiding her. She felt Dominique's knees bend into hers and tensed for a moment. A sultry, "Just go with it," unlocked her body again and a slight dip was added to their duet.

Dominique took hold of Natalie's hands and guided them down the sides of her body. Dominique's breasts pressed harder, making Natalie bend forward and allowing her hands to roam farther down.

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