tagErotic CouplingsMaking Scents Ch. 09

Making Scents Ch. 09


Previously on Making Scents:

"OK, let me ask you this," Tyson continued. "Do you really think you can discover a magical formula that will make people irresistible?"

"It's the basic pheromone principle," Donald explained. "We know how they work and they are very powerful in the animal world. If you can just find the correct scent for a person at the right intensity you should get a proportionate response."


"Are you sure you want to save yourself for Carol?" Tyson asked. "You said she has a boyfriend."

"If she responds like these women, it won't matter," said Donald. "And besides, I want my first time to be with someone I know is sweet and caring and loving in bed. That's Carol. Although, I'm hoping some wild stuff will come later."


Donald didn't know which was worse: that he'd lost his virginity to the wrong woman or that he'd actually missed the moment when he lost his virginity! He had no idea how long Rachael had been riding his cock, but when he felt her pussy squeeze him, he no longer cared.


Kevin never thought he would resort to drugging his mom so he could fuck her but, God damn it, if Donald can get a piece of that and he can't!


He walked quietly to the bedroom and looked in to see who Tyson had nailed this time. When he saw Carol his face went white.

"I don't ever want to see you again!" Donald told him. He turned to address the girls as well. "I don't ever want to see any of you."


"He caught you in a threesome?"


"And he's still a virgin?"


"God, what a blow to his ego. I wouldn't want to see you again either."

"Nance, I don't know what happened. Really. It's like I was drunk on sex with Mariko when Carol walked in."

"Mariko? She was Japanese?'


"Was she hot?"

"She was cute. She got very sexy when she got horny. Slim waif of a girl though."

"I love Japanese girls. Think she'd fuck me?"

"Nance, focus. What do I do about Donny?"


"Hey Donny."

He spotted his sister, Daphne sitting on the couch.

"Daph, what are you doing here?"

"I need your help big brother. I think Ahn may be cheating on me." She got up and hugged him. "Oh Donny, if he's having an affair, I don't know what I'll do!"


Chapter 9!

Donald's sister Daphne was much like Donald in that she had a keen mind, but not much in the way of looks. Two years younger than her brother, Daphne was akin to Velma in Scooby Doo. She had the short rounded haircut, the thick glasses, the pudgy build, and a voice that, while currently pleasant, hinted at becoming the grating noise of a cranky old maid in years to come. The fact that she landed Ahn (or Allen as he was known to his friends) was the luck of circumstances. Ahn was the product of a Dutch father and Chinese mother. He stood almost six feet tall and weighed in at two hundred and thirty pounds and, back in high school, none of it was fat. Today he had gained loved handles and a bit of a belly but in clothes was still a marvel to look at. He had sandy brown hair, oriental eyes and chestnut skin. He was a natural athlete. His only problem was science. Ahn had a business-oriented mind and the mandatory high school sciences courses threatened to cut his GPA down to a point where he wouldn't be able to get into the colleges he wanted. Enter Daphne, tutor extraordinaire.

By the time that Daphne was assigned to Ahn in the school's tutoring program she had been through far too many sessions with other jocks. The thought of spending an hour a day trying to impart knowledge to a stump far outweighed the view she would have when doing so. Her friends were excited for her. "An hour a day with Allen Vrogt!" She only groaned in response. He would use his charm to get try to get her to do his homework for him just like all of the others before him did. She had to admit that it worked the first time . . .and the second. By the third jock, however, it was a tired game that resulted in hurt pride and time wasted that could have been spent finishing her own homework. No, Daphne had grown wise to these men in just a few short months. She prided herself in picking up on things quickly in all aspects of her life. Then Allen walked in for their first session.

He was probably the first one that was actually polite to Daphne, introducing himself and thanking her for her time right off the bat. She was used to compliments such as "Wow, you're cute for a tutor." and "I think intelligence is sexy." All lies. She guessed that Allen had heard that those tactics were now useless on her and that he was trying a different approach. Their session was pleasant. Allen tried to make a few jokes and she politely smiled. He made an effort to do as she instructed and slowly, but somewhat painfully, came to the correct answers. He thanked her again when they were finished and actually shook her hand. He frowned a little when she didn't grip his hand tightly.

"If you don't take hold in a handshake offered then the offerer will think that the gesture is being made under false pretenses." She looked up at him and cocked her head. "You don't think my 'thank you' is genuine?" he asked.

"No, I do." she said awkwardly. She didn't know if he was playing a game or if, in her indifference, she had actually insulted him.

"Then shake my hand." he challenged.

They shook again. This time her grip was as firm as his. "Thank you, Daphne." he said again. "I really appreciate this."

Allen left, leaving Daphne standing there wondering what just happened. She lost control of the situation for just a moment, but it was a crucial moment. He had left with the upper hand as polite as he had made it seem.


They met the next day and shook hands before sitting down. Daphne made sure her grip was genuine. Allen smiled in appreciation. It occurred at that moment to her that this may be his way of getting close to her before he asked for the usual favours. She decided to proceed cautiously. She had to admit that this one intrigued her. He was either a genuine good person or skilled in the art of manipulation. She was hoping for the latter because she wanted to catch him and call him on it. What she didn't know and what Allen later told her was that she was equally intriguing to him. He was used to women falling over themselves to please him. She had a no nonsense approach to her work and, in that first handshake, he thought that she was either repulsed by him or playing some mischievous game of hard to get. He was hoping for the latter because he wanted to catch her and call her on it.

And so it went. They met each day, each playing a little game of sleuth. Neither of them suspected that there was really no game to play. Subtle probing questions arose from each of them in an attempt to make the other one slip up. All these questions did was allow them to get to know each other better. Allen resisted the urge to make Daphne laugh, thinking it was her plan to make him woo her. She was that challenge that men get pulled into because they loves games and don't like to lose. On occasion his nature got the better of him and Allen told a good joke. Daphne rarely laughed, but always politely smiled. This aggravated him immensely, but he was not going to let her win.

Daphne was impressed with Allen's willingness to learn. His knowledge of physics had improved dramatically once she started using football analogies. He revealed that he actually started applying certain principles during practice and improved his game. He told her that he couldn't believe that she was tutoring him in sports as well as science. Daphne giggled at the remark, but quickly caught herself, coughed lightly, and resumed her formal lesson. Once in a while he'd say something so funny that she couldn't help but laugh, despite herself. This aggravated her immensely, but she was not going to let him win.

The battle went on for weeks, the winner being Allen's grades. Even though Allen was pleased with the academic results, the social ones tormented him. This girl was an enigma. She had a wit that no one he knew could match and taunting yet alluring smile that emerged when she used it. Daphne's method of taking his personal experiences and turning them into questions of physics, biology and somehow chemistry went a long way to helping Allen out, but also caused him to reveal more to her than any other girl he had known. He got into the habit of pretending he couldn't relate to things so that Daphne would use a personal experience of her own to make a point. She saw this as a way of him getting inside information on her that he could later use to seduce her. She admired his cunning and knew from then that he would become an outstanding negotiator in the business world. A balance resulted in which half the information came from each of them and each of them carefully made sure that the balance was maintained. What was oblivious to both of them was that half the school year had passed by with neither of them giving in. Although it had become apparent to both that some game was being played. Friends on both sides said that they were obsessed with this competition.

"She'll tap the end of the pen to her teeth when she's coming up with a new plan to use on me." Allen told his friend Pete. "When her eyes sparkle I know she's got it."

"He'll run his fingers through his hair when he wants to turn the focus back on me." Daphne told Ming-Li "And when he needs time to think he'll nibble on snacks he's brought for just that purpose."

"When are you just going to bang her?" Pete would respond.

"Wouldn't it be easier and less time-consuming to just do his homework rather than prepare for and play this stupid game everyday?" Ming-Li would ask.

"That's just what she wants!" Allen would exclaim.

"That's just what he wants!" Daphne would argue.

With the big Valentine's Day dance approaching Allen was reminded that he didn't have a date and hadn't actually been on a date in two months. Allen remembered his last few. The conversations during them didn't hold a candle to the talks that he and Daphne had in tutoring sessions that would sometimes stretch into three hours. On his dates he'd "Uh huh" and "Hmm Mmm" and wonder why the girl he was with wasn't being tutored herself. Then he'd stare at her drink and remind himself to ask Daphne about carbonation the next day. Of course he slept with them. When a hot girl throws herself at you despite an agonizingly uncomfortable dinner and you haven't had sex in a week, you take what's offered. Then when the last girl he was with sat naked in bed next to him, striking a seductive pose to indicate she wanted to go another round, Allen realized that he had no attraction for her and feigned tiredness to get rid of her as soon as possible.

Valentine's Day was the last thing on Daphne's mind. Having only had a Valentine when one was assigned to her in kindergarten and him preferring to eat mud rather than kiss her (actually doing it too), she had long since given up the notion of having a Valentine or hoping for one. Ironically she had a few offers this year. They were from what others called the geeks of the school and she thought of as awkward friends. She could say yes to them but they weren't what she wanted and she was not one to settle. When asked what she wanted she had no answer. Daphne was not one to fall for looks, which gave the geeks an opportunity, but she needed someone who was confident around her and could challenge her each day. None of them were up to the task.


"You're going to have to tell her." Pete said to Allen.

"Tell who what?" Allen asked, completely lost.

Pete patted him on the back with a slight chuckle. "Blind. How poetic. You know the other guys are going to raz you for a while, but they've pretty much figured it out, the smart ones anyways. The rest'll get used to the idea. If they don't, then to hell with them anyways. This is our last year. I've never see you so passionate about anything and I honestly believe she's the best thing for you. I'm your best friend. I think I know you better than anyone. Well, except maybe for her."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Pete laughed loudly this time. "How can you not see it yourself? 'Her smile mocks and enchants at the same time.' 'Somehow the total lack of make-up makes her attractive.' 'Her disinterest in fashion gives her a unique style.' Any of those quotes sound familiar? Face it. Despite her looks, she's the most beautiful woman you've ever met."

Listening to quotes he'd made complaining about her, Allen finally saw what Pete was getting at. "You're crazy!" he denied.

"You're the one that's crazy," Pete corrected "for not doing something long before this. The dance is Friday. You should bring her. I like her. The guys like her. If you don't ask her, I've half a mind to ask her myself."

The last statement was what drove the point home. Jealousy swelled up inside unexpectedly at that thought. Allen stood up and grabbed his jacket.

It was 10pm. Pete was a little shocked at his initiative. "I didn't mean right now!"

"You said yourself. I've let it go too long."


Allen had dropped Daphne off at home on several occasions when their tutoring/fencing sessions had gone long. He'd never been inside her house nor had he met her family. His introduction to her father took place at 10:20pm on a night when he made sure that incoming calls ended at 10:00 and guests were out by 9:00 so that he was sure to get a good night's sleep.

"May I speak with Daphne, please?" he asked in response to the "What the fuck do you want?" stare he got when Mr. Jacobs opened the door.

The reply was "Do you realize what time it is?" actually meaning "Are you some kind of a moron?"

"It's very important, sir." Allen tried to explain. "It can't wait until morning." As an afterthought to make it sounds plausible to the man he added, "School stuff."

Mr. Jacobs grunted and shut the door. Not knowing if that meant "I'll go get her" or simply "Fuck off", Allen stood quietly on the porch. A minute went by before he contemplated the punishment for ringing the bell again. He was saved when Daphne re-opened the door dressed in her flannel pajamas with a robe wrapped loosely around her.

"Ahn, are you crazy?" she whispered loudly. She'd been calling him Ahn since she found out it was his birth name. She was the only one outside of his family who called him that. He never objected to it and now, hearing it on this visit, he understood why. "Do you know what time it is?!"

"Why do they keep asking me that?" he wondered.

"I need to talk to you and it can't wait." He began.

"You have a physics problem that needs solving this late?"


"You found a rebuttal to the argument I won today."

"No, I-"

"Let me guess-"

"How about you shut up for a sec so I can tell you?"

She finally saw the look in his eyes and realized that this was very important. She stepped outside, closing the door behind her, then took his hands in hers, neither of them noticing because it came so naturally. "I'm sorry. What is it?"

And then he froze. Here she was, waiting. Eyes usually playful and fierce were now filled with warmth and concern. She squeezed his hands as if to prompt him.

"I need to get a new tutor." He finally blurted out in a pathetic attempt to avoid what he needed to tell her.

"Wha? . . .Why?" The hurt on face was obvious. A look of panic shot into her eyes. She responded with far more emotion than she should have. Catching her at home this late made her drop her guard and the emotions left unprotected and exposed let him know that their feelings were mutual and caused him to smile as he answered.

"Because I'm in love with my current one."

She didn't know how to respond. Was he for real or was this the last step in the world's most underhanded and hurtful deception? He squeezed her hands this time. "We've been playing games for too long, Daphne. I want to stop. I want to put all my cards on the table and tell you how I feel. I want us to be together and I really, really . . .oh fuck it!"

He pulled her in and kissed her. Their lips met, her eyes went wide and her mouth opened slightly in the shock of the moment. Within seconds her eyes closed and she kissed him back. Her arms wrapped around him as she felt his arms not only embracing but comforting her. It was the first real kiss for her and the first kiss that really mattered for him. Neither of them could say how long it lasted, only that when ending there was a mixture of regret at separating and joy at what they'd discovered.

"I love you, Daphne." He said with surety.

"I love you too, Ahn." She let him know, even though the kiss had already told him.

They held each other for a while before engaging in a smaller affectionate kisses.

Unexpectedly the door opened and Daphne's brother Donald appeared. "Ok, you two knock it off. You can see her in the morning, Ahn." The two had never met but Donald knew instantly who Ahn was from talks with his sister.

He pulled Daphne by the arm and she floated inside, her eyes staring off into space and her smile seemed permanently etched on her face. Ahn absentmindedly began to move inside too, but Donald stopped him. "Snap out of it, Romeo. Your car's that way."

Ahn came to his senses and turned to leave.

"Oh and Ahn," Donald said to regain his attention, "It's about bloody time."

Ahn was stunned. "Am I the only one that didn't know?"

"Nope. She's as big an idiot as you are." Donald smiled, before closing the door.


Ahn picked her up for school the next day, wanting to spend as much time with her as possible in an impossible effort to make up for their period of obtuseness. They hugged and kissed hello and snuggled in the car, but as they approached the school Daphne pulled away and sat quietly and nervously. Ahn asked her want was wrong. She bit her lip and squeaked out what she figured he was too scared to say. "We can keep this a secret if you want. I don't want to intrude on your life and I'm just happy having you to myself when we're alone."

Ahn burst out laughing and then told her about his conversations with Pete and her brother. He bet her that her friends would probably give a similar story. (He later won that bet.) She immediately snuggled back into him, kissing his cheek before getting comfortable.

The truth was that not everyone knew about the couples feelings for each other. Ahn's male friends knew as did Daphne's female friends. Everyone else was stunned. Daphne was greeted with mixed reactions when Ahn strolled up to his friends holding her hand. The guys who she'd gotten to know just before or after Ahn's tutoring sessions hugged her, made playful fun of her and asked if she'd dull her wit around them now. She'd almost always gotten the better of them in snide remarks. They enjoyed it because she was one of the few girls in the school who didn't either swoon over them or pretend to be unimpressed in order to win their respect. Ahn had wrongly thought that the latter had been the case with Daphne, only she genuinely WAS unimpressed with them (as athletes). She received haughty looks and the sucking of teeth from the girls. On the flip side Daphne's friends seemed to lose the power of speech when she brought Ahn to them, while the boys nearby made comments they were sure would go over Ahn's head. When he shot back an excellent retort to one they fell silent.

Daphne surprised Ahn later that day at their tutoring session. He moved in to kiss her, but she only offered her cheek before making him sit down. When asked her what was wrong she replied, "Nothing, but this is important to you, to your future plans. So until you get through the lesson we are tutor and tutee. After that you can kiss me."

He didn't think he could love her more until that moment. After the session she moved in to kiss him and this time he stopped her.

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