tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMaking Scents Ch. 11

Making Scents Ch. 11


Previously on Making Scents:

"OK, let me ask you this," Tyson continued. "Do you really think you can discover a magical formula that will make people irresistible?"

"It's the basic pheromone principle," Donald explained. "We know how they work and they are very powerful in the animal world. If you can just find the correct scent for a person at the right intensity you should get a proportionate response."


Donald turned to Natalie. "Natalie, listen to me. I want you to spend your free time this week watching strippers and porno movies. Learn to dance from watching the strippers. Learn to fuck from watching the pornos. Got that?"

"Yes, Donny! I'll be a great dancer. You'll want to fuck me soooooooo bad!"


Dominique suggested, her French accent making her that much more alluring. "I teach private classes as well. Would you be interested in attending those to supplement this course?"

Natalie nodded.


"Lots of men would join us for their pick of any of our sluts to fuck any time."

"The subliminals in the lights and music seem to be working well." She told him. "I didn't think they'd be that effective."

"On your knees and suck my cock, slut."

Dominique dropped quickly, hungrily took out his cock, and sucked on it like a starving infant.

"Of course they work." He told her, then whispered to himself. "How do you think I got you?"


Sunny had a bottle of the temporary pheromones and was about to begin talks with celebrities in order to choose the next spokesperson or persons for their new line of scents. First on the list was Angelina Jolie.


"What I learned with you and Carol, I took to my bed and showed my husband. It was wonderful." Mariko paused remembering. "But it could be even better. I want you to teach me so that I can be a better lover and I can teach my husband in turn."

"You want me to give you sex lessons?" asked Tyson.


"Don't worry, Mariko," Nancy assured her. "You're in good hands." She hit the button and they waited for the elevator car. "So what did you want to learn first? Oral techniques? New positions? Ever use oil?" She gave Tyson a wink.

Mariko was dazed. "I . . .I don't know where to begin. I know next to nothing."

"A clean slate. That's actually good. You don't have to unlearn any bad techniques. I'll fix you up and make you a sex kitten in my own image."

"Lord, help us." Tyson mumbled.


Carol smiled, took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

Donald was worried. "You know I'm not going to be as good as Tyson."

Carol frowned. "You'll be different, but you won't be worse."

"How can you know that?"

"Because with Tyson it was about sex, with you it's about love."

"When the pheromones kick in it'll be about sex with me too."

"Then I'll get the best of both worlds, won't I?"


Chapter 11...

Carol's legs spread wide across the bed as Donald thrust his cock into her over and over. Her head was swimming. Her need for him was so powerful. She remembered the similar feeling with Tyson, only this one left that feeling far behind. It was because no part of her was holding back. As much as she could not resist the effect of the pheromones, with Tyson a part of her knew it was wrong and wanted to stop. That wasn't the case now. She loved Donald. She loved his short, pudgy little body. She loved his brilliant mind. She loved his sweetness and compassion. No part of her held back and the result was beyond stimulating. It was like she orgasmed with every thrust, although when an actual orgasm hit she realized those thrusts were nothing. Her body was on fire. Not even Richard had made her feel this good. The first time they tried to make love they had to stop after only two minutes and put a bag over her mouth when she started hyperventilating. Now that she knew what to expect, she could last about ten minutes in this state before she was in danger of passing out. That was good because that seemed to be Donald's maximum as well, and he'd only managed that once. At first she thought she'd have to work on building up his staying power, but quickly realized that, that might actually kill her. Still, some teaching would be necessary. Donald was eager and loving, but he essentially just thrust back and forth. No style, very little rhythm. Again, she worried about heightening his prowess. Could her body handle sex more intense than this?

She pulled him down and kissed him. She wanted to somehow take his whole body into her. Her tits crushed into his chest. Her nipples sent shocks through her body on contact. It was like every part of her was sensitive and the erogenous parts were on overload. She came again. Tears came down her face. Her head cleared as her natural endorphins nullified the pheromones. She saw him with for who he was for a moment and smiled. Then she lost herself again and he became the only need that mattered in her life. Her hips rose forcefully to meet his. Her hands caressed his back and ass. She did her very best to please him. She didn't want him to be disappointed with her in any way. Some part of her knew that was impossible, but the lust-filled animal was afraid of losing him. She'd do anything to make him happy, just like he was making her happy. He slammed into her again. He didn't fill her as much as Richard or Tyson, but her pussy was wetter than it had ever been in her life. His cock was like a vibrator on its highest setting.

She was screaming his name. She was screaming sexual obscenities. She couldn't hear or feel herself doing it though. Her mind was adrift in the waves of pleasure that surrounded her. The world didn't exist beyond their bodies. When Donald spoke to her, he sounded like he was in a different room and if there was any other sound in the room, she couldn't hear it. His voice was important, nothing else was. Even just hearing him brought her closer to orgasm.

Donald was close, but she didn't know if she could hold out this time. She squeezed her pussy to make him cum faster, but it only made her cum again. Her body convulsed and bucked.

"Are you OK?" Donald asked.

"Oh god. Yes!" she panted. "But I don't know if I can . . .Fuck!" She felt him grow inside her. Her legs closed around him. "Nnnnnggggghhhh Nnnnnggggghhhhh Nnnnngggghhh." was the only sound she could make. Donald's cum splashed into her and she saw stars. He continued to ram her, emptying his cock. She locked her fingers in his hair, oblivious to the sudden cry of pain he made. Soon her head cleared again and she relaxed her body. "Donald, please . . ." she whispered.

Donald got off her quickly and opened the windows before disappearing into the bathroom. She got up and stood in the window with the sheet wrapped around her. She could soon hear the sound of the shower. Even now, the pheromones tried to take her again. She wanted to chase after him and let him fuck her standing up while the hot water rained down on them. The first time Donald tried to shower that's just what she did. And the second. She remembered her tits pushed up against the tile of the shower wall, her ass pushed out to give her man easy access. His hands held her hips. His cock vibrated with energy. She was holding the shower curtain when she came and tore it off its rings. She caught a glance of herself in the mirror before the release of steam completely fogged them up. Did she really look that sexy when she came? She thanked Donald by turning around and sucking his cock. He came almost immediately in her mouth and she savoured every drop. By that point the water had washed the pheromones off and the orgasm cleared her head, but she gently massaged and suckled him. They both looked down at the curtain and laughed. The memories alone made her want to repeat the encounter, but she was exhausted and could barely even stand. Carol gulped fresh air and after a couple minutes she was back to herself again.

"Maybe I could shove nose plugs in right after." She mused. It was so hard for them to break free of each other. Donald was affected by her pheromones too, a side effect of the formula. So they could really only stop once they both came and their heads cleared at the same time. They'd been fucking for two days straight, barely even eating or sleeping. Both had called in sick at work. She still didn't know if things had worked out for the best. This was more than anything she could have dreamed, but it had its price. Pretty much every woman Donald came in contact with could become affected and go after him and, if Donald didn't handle it right, he could get caught up in their pheromones and fuck them. That meant that he could cheat on her even if he didn't want to. And if he did want to . . .She knew he wasn't that type of man, but when you can have any woman you meet, how long until temptation wins out?

Things would have been so different if Donald had asked her out two years ago. Where would they be now? Would it have lasted? How much time had they wasted by leaving it until now? It was as much her fault too, she realized. This was the 21st century. She could have asked him out. It was useless going over the "what ifs" though. Donald created a super pheromone, not a time machine. The important thing was not to waste any more time. This was what she wanted, dangers and all. She felt her pussy craving him and smiled, knowing that the pheromones had nothing to do with it this time.

Donald soon emerged naked from the bathroom and wrapped his arms around her. Being so much short than her, his face was buried in her tits. She giggled, then pulled away and sat on the bed while holding his hands. "Donald, I've been doing a little thinking. This, all this, is what I want. I wasted so much time waiting for it and I don't want to waste any more time. I want to keep it."

"You will keep it." Donald assured her. "I love you, Carol. I always have. I'm never going to leave you."

"Prove it." She smiled.

"Prove it? How?"

"Marry me."


Sunny sat on one couch while Angelina took another. There were various refreshments, perfumes and documents laid out neatly on the table between them. The movie star wore a beige suit and had her hair done up in a bun. She was making a point to show this was business. Sunny imaged that, even dealing with professionals, this woman must get hit on quite a bit. She'd set the stage for their meeting and let him know he was to stick strictly to proposals and negotiating. Sunny chuckled inwardly. That would change soon enough.

"As you can see, Ms. Jolie," He said, as she sniffed the sample. "Our newest fragrance is not only enticing on its own, but also when combined with a person's natural odour. It changes slightly to suit that person and intensifies. Only a small amount is needed."

"Very impressive." She admitted.

"Thank you." Sunny smiled. Angelina had just directly inhaled both the perfume and the pheromone. He was also wearing some to be safe. It would only be a matter of seconds now.

"What's it called?"


"I like . . .it." She looked at him strangely.

"It would make me very happy if you agreed to be our spokesperson."

She smiled. "I'd like you to be happy. Of course I'll do it."

Sunny was pretty sure he had her, but a misstep here could mean disaster. "You look a little uncomfortable with your hair tied like that."

"I do it that way to make sure things stay professional."

"I see. I just like it better down, but I guess-"

"Just a sec." She let the bun out and shook her hair down. The sexiness of her face seemed to multiply. Her eyes sparkled when she looked at him and her thick lips seemed to pout seductively. "Better?"

"Much. Ms. Jolie . . ."

"Call me Angelina please. I've let my hair down. We don't have to be so professional now."

"You know what would make me really happy?"

"What's that Sunny?"

"No, never mind. It was just a whim."

"Tell me. I'd like to know."


"I'd like to make you happy."

"Really happy?"

"As happy as I can."

"Well, it involves you doing a little something for me."

"Just ask, Sunny. I'll do anything you want."

"Take off your suit."

Her face lit up. She rose and seductively removed her jacket. Her eyes locked with his. Her hands moved to the buttons on her blouse and one by one they opened.

"I'm going to fuck, Angelina Jolie." Sunny thought. His cock was already a piece of steel in his pants.

Angelina had her shirt off and undid her pants next. She kicked off her shoes as she pushed the pants down, leaving her in a sexy black bra, thong and nylon stay-ups.

"Come suck my cock, baby." Sunny told her.

She sauntered up to him and knelt between his legs. Even the way she opened his pants showed skill and sexiness. She licked her lips as she took his cock into her hands. Gently she kissed it, her eyes still locked with his. She licked and stroked it. It wasn't until she saw Sunny's eyes close as he lost himself in the sensations that she enveloped his cock with her mouth.

"Fuck, she's good." Sunny thought. He opened his eyes again to see the girl, who many considered the sexiest woman in the world, happily sucking him off and eager to do whatever he wanted her to. His hand came to rest on her head, though he didn't need to use it to set the pace or force her. What she was doing was heaven. He couldn't imagine how any man could give this woman up. He watched her lips slide along his shaft right up to his balls. She deep-throated with ease. Her fingernails lightly scraped his balls and then her fingers played with them. Sometimes he would feel a tingle as her teeth gently pressed against the underside of his cock. Sunny wanted to fuck her, but he couldn't stop what was going on. There was no way he was letting his cock out of that mouth. His orgasm built quickly and he figured it was just as well. He'd last longer when he fucked her if he came now. Her head bobbed faster. Sunny gripped her hair. "That's it, baby. Make me cum. Suck it all down."

His balls contracted and his cock filled then spurted hot semen into her waiting mouth. She drank it down without missing a beat and milked whatever she could from his cock as it deflated. Happy, she smiled at him and sucked her fingers. "Anything else I can do to make you feel good?"

"Lose the bra so I can suck on your tits."

She deftly unsnapped it, climbed onto his lap and shoved her big tits in his face. "Do you like my tits, Sunny?"

Sunny nodded into them while slipping a nipple into his mouth. Angelina couldn't believe how much this man turned her on. This was not how she operated, but she didn't care. She wanted this man inside her and she'd do whatever he asked to make sure that happened. His mouth sucked her tit and it was like an electric current shot from it to her pussy. She pushed herself into him harder to get more of it. One of his hands was on her other breast and his other hand was on her ass. Every place her touched her buzzed with sensations. She pulled his head back from her tits and kissed him. She wanted to show him just how good she was. He responded by lifting her and himself off the couch and then dropping her back down on her back. He deftly pulled off her thong and moved his cock to her pussy. He was hard already. She smiled in anticipation. The look she gave him made all Sunny's plans of teasing her and making her wait, evaporate. He shoved his cock in, making her moan with pleasure. One of his legs was on the couch, the other on the floor. He grabbed the back of the couch and squeezed one of her tits. She reached up and ran her hands along his chest. She couldn't keep eye contact any more as the feel of his cock made her lose self-control.

"This is wrong." She panted. "How are you doing this to me?"

"Do you want me to stop?"

"I want you to fuck me harder!"

Sunny complied. Angelina moaned and sucked on one of her fingers. Sunny almost came from watching the erotic gesture. He rocked his hips and increased his intensity. She called out in response and dug her nails into his chest. Her eyes opened for a moment to meet his and then closed as the orgasm hit her. "Fuck Yeah!" she yelled. Then a look of panic came over her. "What am I . . .?" she started. "Get off!" she demanded and started to struggle.

Sunny pinned her arms down and kept pumping. "Tell me what you want, Angelina."

"I want you to get off me!"

He lowered his pheromone-coated chest closer to her. "Tell me again."

"Get off, you asshole! Get . . .Get . . ."

"How about if I fuck you doggy style?"

"God, that would be amazing!" she cooed.

Sunny pulled out and Angelina dropped to all fours on the floor.

"I don't want you to think of anything except pleasing me until you leave this office." he told her.

"Until I leave this office?" she thought. "I'm not ever leaving this office!"

"Pleasing you is all that matters to me." she told him. "Please fuck me again, Sunny."

He got behind her and drove his cock in again. She came again and her head cleared, but the suggestion he put in her kept her focus on pleasing him. She squeezed her cunt with each of his thrusts and brought her ass back to meet his in perfect rhythm.

"Fucking your client." Sunny laughed. "You're a naughty girl."

Angelina turned and smiled at him. "Maybe you should spank me then."

He did. The look on her face was priceless, a mix of pain and pleasure, of shock and desire, each time his hand contacted her ass. She bit her lower lip. Her back arched. Suddenly she pushed back hard and fast. "God yes! Just like thaAAAAAAAAAT!"

A small rivulet of juice leaked out of her pussy and down her leg. Sunny took such pride in making her cum. Angelina doubled her efforts to return the favour. "Please, Sunny, cum in my pussy. I need to know I please you."

The word excited him as much as her looks. They fucked almost uncontrollably as Angelina coaxed him until he couldn't hold himself back any longer. She smiled when she felt him grow and squeezed his cock as hard as she could. The release was almost painful, it was so intense. Sunny managed a few wobbly strokes to finish off with before collapsing on Angelina. She pushed him off immediately, turned and cleaned his cock off for him. Sunny had never seen a sexier sight. There was only one more thing to do to make it sexier.

"Sit on the couch and spread your legs." he told her.

She knew he couldn't fuck her right away at this point so she asked, "Are you going to eat me?"

"Not me." Sunny replied as he hit the intercom. "Alice, could you come in here?" He moved to the door immediately before his secretary could enter.

Alice was a tall leggy blonde with shoulder length straight hair, a small round hard ass and perky B-Cup breasts that seemed bigger on her slim frame. Though a competent secretary, she could easily be a model. She had thin lips, but wore just the right amount of lipstick to hide it. Her eyes were blue and very pale freckles adorned her face under her eyes and across her nose.

Alice had a split second to see Angelina on the couch, her pussy looking right at her, before Sunny grabbed her and buried her face in his chest. She struggled at first, but soon began to suck on his nipples. That's when he lifted her to face him. She tried to kiss him, but he held her back.

"Be a dear and strip and then go lick Ms. Jolie until she cums." Sunny told.

"Yes, Sunny." she smiled and hurriedly lost her jacket, blouse and skirt. She kept her high heels on. Moments later Angelina's head rolled back as Alice's tongue explored the area between her legs. When Alice realized Sunny had cum in her, she eagerly licked the juices out of Angelina's pussy. Angelina grabbed Alice's head and pushed her face in farther. Less than a minute later she came again.

She looked over at Sunny who was beginning to get hard again. "Come over here and I'll suck your cock for you, Sunny." she offered.

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