tagIllustratedMaking the A Team

Making the A Team

byJoseki Ko©

I started at Arizona State University (ASU) last term and found a whole new side of life. Ever since I left Topeka Kansas I seem to be on a roll from one party to another. I've been to every major frat party and every house party I could find. Unlike most of my buddies I don't go for the alcohol I go for the women. It amazes me what young beautiful women will do after they've been drinking.

Now don't get me wrong I'm no stranger to the term coyote ugly, it happens to every one at some point in their college life. My best party was during national nude day. The Alpha Omega's held a nude party. They put up solid walls around their house and used that as an undressing area. After you were nude you were obliged to go inside and not allowed to be in any public area's. They even had a doorman checking ID's to see that every one was at least twenty one.

I met the doorman proved I was 21 and made it into the front yard. I undressed in the yard and stashed my clothing against one of the walls. I was pretty happy to be here. I bounded up the steps and I was into nirvana. As I entered the party I found I wasn't disappointed. The frat had a sister sorority the Delta Kappa's. The Delta Kappa's had made this a mandatory event and they were all here. It was like a ticket to heaven. I got myself a beer and settled down at a table to play quarters.

It's always important to get the lay of the land before you start hunting. I needed to know who belonged to who and whether there were any of the others to stay away from. You know like the girl the offensive linemen wants. A good game of quarters is perfect for that. You get to socialize and drink. Always a must.

Well the boys had gone all out for this party. There were at least ten kegs (a record for any party I've been to) and a wet bar set up in the corner with a male and female bartender charging kisses for a drink. And boy were they doing a brisk business. It helped that they were both gorgeous. He was about six feet tall long wavy brown hair and a body that had to see the gym at least 3 times a week. The redhead working the bar with him was statuesque. She reminded me a lot of Julie Newmar. Her read hair hung to her shoulders and every time she came out from behind the bar I could tell she was a true redhead.

Most of the same people make frat parties. So you tend to acquire a kind of camaraderie if you will. I knew most of the guys and had bedded no small number of the girls.

I was really getting into my game of quarters. It's not so much that I'm good at it I just have a high tolerance for alcohol. I was playing with one other guy and three girls. For the most part Larry (The other guy) and I were holding our own and the girls had drunk far more than we had. Every time you dunk the quarter three times in a row you get to make a rule. We had plenty of rules going and the girls were drinking far more due to infractions of the rules than Larry or I making the shots.

One of the things I began to notice was that only good looking people were at this party. I must have thought out loud because Larry answered me. He was one of the frat brothers and he and his boys had decided that no ugly people were allowed. I kind of laughed at this but Larry assured me it was true. This was the frat's party and the frat wanted only the best this time around.

I should mention that while I'm about six feet tall and I do work out a bit I'm not all that muscular. Larry on the other hand looked like a Greek god. Covered in muscles with long black hair that hung to his shoulders. The girls were very nice as well Two blondes and a brunette. All very cuddly with curves in just the right places. I'd really been trying to work them but it was becoming apparent that I'd never get anywhere with Larry around.

I finally excused myself and went off to play a game of Simon's hand. This was more fun than usual because of all the pretty girls kneeling on the floor bent over to slap the floor. I was knocked out pretty quickly because I kept looking at the girls and missed my turn.

I watched the game for awhile but I eventually moved on. I found that most of the party was on the first level and quiet couples had peeled off to separate rooms. I did a little looking around but most of the doors were closed. I finally gave up and headed back to the keg.

I picked up a cup of beer and headed out to see what else there was to see. I eventually found the stairs to the basement. I could hear sounds from below so I headed down the stairs and I was quite surprised at what I found. About half way down I found I could see the little tableau as it unfolded. In the basement were a guy and a girl. She was about 21 or 22 and had a really nice rack. I really love those upturned titties that can put your eye out if your not careful. Her long brown curls hung back from her face almost giving her the appearance of a lion.

Strapped to a table was a young guy about the same age. He was on his back and naked as the day he was born. He looked kind of big and I could see his shaved head was sweating. She was beating him and he was crying out the usual slave comments.

"No, Mistress Kaity, please stop, please stop. I beg you to stop"

He kept repeating that over and over. His voice sounded very strained. I'd gone a little farther down the stairs when I realized the reason he was begging nonstop. Some where she'd found a length of chain and was beating him with it. I ran down the last few steps yelling for her to stop.

She looked at me with wintry eye's and said "He's my slave I can do what I want with him."

"Yes you can," I replied earnestly "but if I may, you should not beat anyone EVER with a chain. It does real damage to a body and can even kill."

"Humph" She sniffed "Paul didn't seem to mind it."

I looked her over. "I can tell you two things right now. One you've never whipped anyone before and two, he's never been whipped before. Have you Paul!"

"No Sir." Came a pain filled voice.

I could see the uncertainty enter her eyes. "Paul did I really hurt you?"

"Yes Mistress."

She immediately rushed over to him and gave him a kiss. "Why didn't you tell me it didn't feel good?"

Paul started to say something but I cut in. "He tried to tell you but he's not experienced enough to stop calling you mistress. He was trying his best he just didn't know enough to really say stop and you are both to new to understand safe words."

I helped her untie Paul and gave them both a quick lesson in safe words and I had a little talk with her about how to whip. They were really giving each other the eye by the time I was done and I'm pretty sure their next scene was going to be a good one.

As I came up out of the basement I met her in the kitchen. I walked out of the door just as she turned. We slammed into each other and I knocked her down spilling our drinks everywhere.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Let me help you up." I was pretty embarrassed

She looked up at me from the floor with a big grin. "Well at least I didn't ruin my good dress."

We both had a good belly laugh at this. I got over my initial concern and gave her the once over. Just as she was doing it to me. Her feet were very petite and she'd obviously had a pedicure recently. Her ankles were very slim and graceful. She was really tall. Her legs seemed to go on forever. As my eyes climbed every inch of her body I noticed the sweet swell of her hips, and her neatly trimmed pubic mound. She was a natural redhead with freckles everywhere. As my eye's passed her stomach I could see the muscles gently rolling there. She worked out at least twice a week. Her chest was glorious as well. Natural C cups on what I'm pretty sure was a 36" chest. Again I couldn't help but notice the freckles. Her neck was long and slim as well. Sweet sensuous lips, a button nose covered with freckles, long lashes completed the ensemble. Her crowning glory though was her hair. Like most guy's I know I love long hair. Hers was that color of red you can never get from a bottle. It hung from her head like a crown jewel, falling to her shoulders in full waves of red.

Her eyes had traveled my body as mine had traveled hers. She must have liked what she saw as well. She had a smug little grin on her face.

"Let me help you up." I said matching actions to words as I reached out my hand.

She took my hand saying "Thanks I needed that."

As I pulled her to her feet she seemed to stumble a little bit and fall into me. She wrapped an arm around my neck to keep her from falling. I really enjoyed the feel of her body pressed up against mine. Even if the spilled drink rubbed off on me.

"You know." I stated "I usually save this for the morning after, but I think I should ask you now"

She kind of perked up at the humorous tone in my voice. "And what might that be?"

"Care for a shower?" I replied, in just as deadpan a voice as I could manage.

Her eyes lit up as her hand flew to her mouth. She tried really hard to stifle a giggle. I was pleased when her effort failed and she let out this cute little giggle.

I swept of a very imaginary hat and used it to make a sweeping bow before her. "Well Milady, shall we venture forth in search of the land of water and soap."

She was grinning as I straightened up and offered her my arm. She took it somewhat gravely and looked up at me through her very long eyelashes.

"Very well Milord, a quest it shall be, and let the dragons beware."

And so off we went to find the bathroom. As we climbed the stairs we kept sneaking peeks at each other. She was just as interested in me as I was in her.

When we entered the bathroom I made sure to lock the door while she turned on the shower. She set the temperature pretty high. She must have seen my look because she grinned at me.

"I don't want that manhood of yours shrinking on me."

I looked down and sure enough I was already at half mast. I grinned back at her and our lips met as I climbed into the shower. It was a glorious kiss. I felt her lips part and her tongue push at my lips. Skyrockets seemed to appear as I tasted her deeply. Her arms wrapped around my neck and I sank into them. Our bodies pressed firmly together with the water rolling off of us.

I felt her shivering in my arms as the water tickled her back with its heat. I wasn't sure but I thought that the heat that we were creating would match or beat the water's heat. I felt her fingers curling up into my hair and her head tilt a little more to the side as she deepened the kiss. I was not usually attracted to aggressive women but I had to admit that I was stabbing her in the belly by this time with my cock. I am not one of those guys that are hung to my knees but I have enough to make many women moan and beg for more.

I moved my hands down her back. I love a woman's back they are so sexy and if you get the right kind of woman she is really ticklish right on the small of her back. This one did not disappoint me as I hit that sweet spot she ground her hips against me. I groaned into her mouth and slid my hands down her back further cupping her ass. I have fairly large hands but there was still some left over. I was in heaven. I liked girls skinny but not so skinny that they didn't have an ass. Her hips kept humping forward harder. Finally I dragged my mouth away from her.

She smiled at me her eyes had grown darker. I guess I looked surprised when she dropped to her knees in the shower and picked up the bar of soap. I watched her rub her hands together and then start washing me at my feet. I kept wanting to chuckle every time my cock hit her hair or face. I felt her hands moving up the insides of my legs. I moved my feet farther apart as her fingers moved over my nut sack. I had been a little buzzed but her hands and touch were yanking me back into being sober really fast.

She put the soap down and began using both her hands on my nuts and balls. She was trying to close her hand around my cock but couldn't quite do it. I reached down and pulled her head back and let the water run down her tits and belly. The water rinsed my cock and nuts off and I pulled her head towards me. She looked up for a moment in surprise then opened her mouth as I pushed the head into her open mouth. I held her head with both of my hands as my hips went back and forth. She kept gobbling my cock as I worked it in and out of her. Her hands were resting on the backs of my thighs.

I was suddenly grateful that the shower was so big. I tugged at her hair a little and brought her back to her feet. She smiled at me and started to speak. I shook my head and turned her around against the wall of the shower. I heard her startled gasp of surprise as I pushed her against the wall and rubbed my cock between the cheeks of her ass. I curled my hands over hers and held them flat against the wall as I worked my hips back and forth against her.

If her moans were an indication she really was enjoying this. I held her plastered to the wall as I essentially jacked myself off between the cheeks of her ass. "Please, please milord do you not wish to feed this lusty wench?" she begged as she pushed her hips back against me just as hard as I was pushing against her.

I bit lightly into her shoulder in answer as I started moving faster and harder against her ass. The water was still coming down but was getting colder as we were running the hot water out from our playing. Besides I figured that it was just a drink and not like a plate of food or something that had dropped on her. We would be clean enough even when the water went completely cold. My attention was brought back to her as she began to shudder against the wall of the shower and the wall of my chest. I heard her moaning loudly.

I knew she was getting ready to cum. I pressed her more firmly against the wall and worked my hips faster. I felt like my ass cheeks were the handles of a jackhammer I was moving so fast. I wasn't even inside of her and I was ready to bust a nut. I sunk my teeth into her shoulder again and heard her scream out her pleasure. As she screamed I came between her ass cheeks and all up her back. I felt the hot jets of my cum on my chest but I didn't care. It felt great.

My mind went on hiatus, when I once again found myself I noticed we were both leaning on the wall slowly coming back to ourselves. She looked over her shoulder with that sweet innocent look girls favor and I gave her a soft kiss on the mouth. She smiled and I looked down between our bodies.

"Well it's a good thing were still in the shower." I joked. "It'll make cleaning up a whole lot easier." I could hear voices calling from the hallway and an insistent knocking on the door.

She smiled back at me. "The natives are getting restless we'd better go."

We rewashed ourselves fairly quickly, dried off with a towel and exited the bathroom. We got several looks and a few comments both flattering and nasty as we sailed out into the hallway and down the stairs.

As we reached the first level I stopped and looked around the party. She stopped and watched me looking around, a questioning look on her face. I smiled and looked down at her.

"Okay, what?" she asked.

"I was just thinking this is the best party I've ever been to and quite possibly the best party I'll ever be at."

She looked around and nodded. "Yeah this is the best party I've ever been to."

"So" I said looking into her eyes. "Do you want to leave?"

Her eyes got real big. "Why would you want to leave? The parties just getting started."

"The purpose of this party mostly seems to me to be to meet someone have sex and then meet someone else." I stated.

She nodded looking at me in a serious matter.

"I've already found what I want. I want to spend the rest of the night with you and you alone."

She stood up on her tiptoes and kissed me. "Well then," She said breathily "Shall we go?"

I grinned and taking her hand in mine we headed for the front door. As we got outside we quickly found our clothes and started to get dressed. I stopped her before she got to far and told her no underwear. She smiled and dropped her bra and panties into a wad by the wall. She watched to make sure I tossed my boxers there as well.

With a smile on our face we headed out onto the street and began walking. As we walked down fifth Ave. I could see A mountain in the background.

Insert Amountain.jpg Picture here

I'm not really sure we had a destination in mind, it was glorious just to be walking with her. I had one arm around her shoulders and she had one arm around my hips. We just kind of sauntered down 5th St. basking in each other. We must have walked for about half an hour when I heard a little muffled laugh from her.

"What's up babe?" I asked.

She pointed over to the big yellow A on "A" Mountain. I was just thinking about making the A team."

"Ummm...Ok babe I'm still kind of new around here. What's the A team?"

She stopped in shock, mouth wide open like a deer caught in the headlights.

"You've never heard of the A Team?" She asked incredulously.

"Uh...nope." I said confirming that I was an idiot.

"Well honey," She explained "it's kind of a right of passage around here. You climb up "A" mountain and have sex on the A. That's why it's called making the A team.

"Oh." Was about all I could muster for an answer.

"So how about it honey she cooed it'll be a first for you and me and we can tell people we made the A team on national nude day."

I had to think about my options real quick. Have sex with a beautiful an d obviously kinky girl that I just might be in love with or not.

"Ok babe," I wheezed "let's go make the A team."

She giggled and set off almost at a trot dragging me along. We walked to Mill Ave. and then turned north on Mill to the mountain. It ended up being quite a walk. We climbed the mountain, it's not very steep so it's not like we needed pitons and a hammer or anything. Even a 400 pound out of shape armchair quarterback could have made it.

"So is it part of the tradition that you get naked to have sex on the A?" I asked.

She laughed. "No silly I just want to be naked when we do it."

All I could do was laugh. "Ok babe, let's be about it."

We stripped down which was kind of easy since we'd both skipped the underwear part and I never wear socks. I didn't know the A was so huge, we could have had a hundred person orgy on that A and nobody would have been in the dirt.

All I could do was laugh. "Ok babe, let's be about it."

I didn't want to disappoint her. I helped her lay back on the A. I was in heaven instantly because as I looked down and got a better view of her I noticed that she was almost completely shaved. I reached down between her legs and stroked her pussy gently. She moaned and wiggled on her back. She kept trying to pull or push at my hand but I was having none of that. I reached down and curled my fingers through her grabbing hands and pulled them up holding them against her belly as I worked two of my fingers from the other hand slowly in and out of her pussy.

There are benefits to having big hands. I was enjoying moving my fingers in and out of her. I wasn't really sure how much time we would have alone up here on the A. From what she had told me many people come and go each night up here. I wondered if there were any more of them around the A right now doing this. I reached up and played with her nipples as she started begging me. I smiled at her and watched as she squirmed on her back. I wasn't trying to torture her but how many times does a guy get to have sex with a girl buck assed naked out in public.

I leaned forward and started sucking at her nipples. While I was doing that I reached down between my legs and stroked my cock with my pussy juice soaked hand. I knew that she wanted to cum. I could smell her body and I knew that my balls were more then ready to cum. I looked over my shoulder thinking I heard something. I half chuckled to myself thinking great some couple sneaking up here is going to get a nice view of my white ass pumping away.

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