tagIncest/TabooMaking the Most of It

Making the Most of It


"Whew! I'm sorry, I'm not used to running so far," Jessica says to her cousin as she leans against her door.

"You didn't do too badly," Clive says with some encouragement. "You just need to do it every day and you'll get used to it."

"Well come on in, I'll let you use my shower to get cleaned up."

She opens the door and grabs his arm, dragging him inside.

"I'll let you go first, I'm used to be this sweaty," Clive says stopping just inside the house."

"Don't give me that bullshit, come on."

"Come on?"

Jessica moves up behind him and pushes him toward the bathroom. Once inside she closes the door and get up on her toes to kiss him. His hands quickly move to her waist and he lifts her up onto the sink, still locked in their embrace. They break apart long enough for her to remove her shirt, revealing two perfectly set breasts.

Clive pushes her back and leans in to take her breasts into his mouth one at a time, alternating between twirling his tongue around her hardened nipples. A small groan escapes Jessica's lips as her nibbles lightly on them. Then his fingers brush over her ribs and down her stomach, stopping at the edge of her shorts, sending a shiver through her body.

"Let's get these off," she says pulling at his shirt and pushing at his shorts with her feet.

Clive, with her help, pulls off his shirt while his shorts drop to his ankles. His cock is already swollen and pointing upward by the time his shorts hit the floor. Jessica looks at it in amazement. "Oh, goddamn it big," she says with a gasp. "I don't remember it ever being that big. She rubs her foot along the bottom of his shaft a couple of times. She spreads her legs and pulls at her panties revealing a shaved, wet pussy. "You don't want to go back home without taking care of that do you?"

Clive drops down to his knees and leans forward toward her inviting pussy. He pulls off her panties, tossing them aside. With no further warning, his tongue splits apart her pussy lips and he licks slowly, all the way up.

Jessica almost screams from the sensation. Several times he runs his tongue all the way up and each time it causes a low moan to form in her throat. His tongue flicks against her clit again and again, As he licks, his hand moves upward and he slides a finger into her.

"Oh, god," Jessica moans.

Slowly he works his finger in and out while keeping his lips wrapped around her clit, her moans grow louder and she begins to arch her back, pushing closer to him. His finger curls, massaging her insides and her legs start to shake. His tongue moves frantically against her clit. Every movement leaves her moaning and bucking against him as her pussy walls tighten against his finger.

Clive quickens his pace, sucking on her clit and then alternating with flicking at it with his tongue. His finger slams in and out of her with rapid speed. Then without warning, an orgasm tears through her and her pussy juices soak his finger. He doesn't lose speed until the wave passes. His tongue slows and then stops as he slips his finger out.

Jessica leans forward to kiss him solidly, running her tongue over his lips which are coated in her juices. Their kissing speeds up and her hands slide down over his toned chest and across his muscular stomach and to his large, hard cock. She wraps her fingers around it, pulling him closer to her.

"Since I'm going to see you for a few months you need a going away present."

"This is going too far," Clive says pulling away. "We're cousins and this isn't right."

Jessica frowns. "We used to do this when we were kids."

"That was different," he reasons.

"No it isn't and you know it," Jessica quips back.

"It is."

"I love you Clive and I know you feel the same way."

Clive drops his head, fighting against all reason not to do this. When he finally lifts it back up he says, "I love you too."

"Then it's settled," Jessica says pulling him back in by his cock. "Now ram that big ass cock in me."

He kisses her hard, harder than before as his hand runs through her hair. With his other hand he pushes away hers and brushes it against her pussy lips, teasingly. Jessica moans and arches her back toward him. When she can't take the teasing anymore, she wraps her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply and lifting herself forward to pierce herself onto his cock.

His cock stretches her wide as it slides in forcing a loud moan from deep in her throat. She wraps her legs around his back, pulling him in even more until his pubic bone is settled against her. His face drops into her neck, breathing heavily. "Oh god," he moans deeply.

As Clive just sits there enjoying the warmth and wetness of her, Jessica begins to push herself upward, sliding up his cock, then back down, only slightly faster than before. After a few thrusts Clive takes over, grabbing her hips and thrust his hips forward and hard into her. Jessica throws her body back until she presses against the mirror, her hands on either side gripping the sink for support.

He groans each time their bodies come together. He pulls her back up until Jessica is almost sitting. His hands slide up her back slowly with each thrust until his fingers clutch her shoulders, allowing him to pull her down with more vigor. His body slides over her clit, making Jessica dig her fingers into his skin.

"Ahh!" she moans. "Nnmm!"

Suddenly, Clive lifts her off the sink while still in her and turns her around, pressing her into the wall. With her legs wrapped securely around his hips he thrusts even harder into her, causing the wall to shake each time he drives into her. "Ahh shit!" Jessica screams. "Fuck me harder!"

Clive complies sliding in and out even faster than before. He brings up a hand behind her neck to bring Jessica in for a kiss. Their kisses only last a few seconds each before she breaks out into a long moan. Her body shudders and before she knows it, she is gushing pussy juices all over his balls and thighs.

"Oh, god, yes!" she cries.

As her orgasm subsides, her feet slide to the floor. Clive doesn't waste any time and eh turns her around, pushing her forward until she needs to use her hands against the wall for support.

"Mmm," he growls as he quickly slides his rock hard cock back into her sopping wet pussy.

Jessica moans loudly as he enters and pushes until her ass is settled against him. "Mmm, that's it," she moans.

Clive quickly begins thrusting harder. Jessica's cries become louder and in response, he thrusts get harder and harder. He pumps her so hard, Jessica struggles to keep from banging her head against the wall. After several minutes, Jessica can feel the overwhelming feeling of another orgasm rising up in her.

"Cum with me!" she cries out.

Clive grunts in response as he thrusts harder and faster. Within seconds he can feel his cock swelling up and his balls tightening. Then he explodes just as her orgasm erupts, plastering her pussy with his hot and sticky cum. He leans over her as both their orgasms die down. His cock softens up and slowly pops out of her.

When their breathing come back under control, she says, "You have to go tomorrow?"

"I'd stay if I could."

"But you'll be back?"

"As soon as I can."

"I miss you already," Jessica pouts. "Why does your business have to take you away so often?"

"It's a living," he says. "But I will be back here in your arms."

"Until then, let's make the most of our time together," she offers.

Clive smiles and grabs her hand, pulling her toward the bedroom. "I can do that."

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