tagMind ControlMaking The Perfect Husband

Making The Perfect Husband


Mark agrees to participate in a research project a few weeks before his wedding. At the same time, his relationship with his fiancé takes a strange twist. Is it all just coincidence?


Mark Jones was savoring the rich taste of his coffee early in the morning when his phone rang. He glanced at the caller-id and did not recognize the number. 'Probably a sales call,' he thought. He decided to answer it anyway.

A cheerful woman's voice filled his ears. "Good morning Mr. Jones. My name is Isabella and I work for the Northstar Research Group. We are conducting a research project and your name was referred to us as a possible candidate to participate."

Mark did not want to be roped into a research project, but he was intrigued. Isabella was very pleasant and so he figured he give her a few minutes to explain and then he'd find an excuse to not participate. "A research project? What type of research?"

"We are studying the effects of hypnosis on people and the choices they make. The study will be conducted over a three week period and you will be paid $250 a week."

Now she had his attention. Mark glanced at his calendar. He was getting married in two weeks. He'd probably be busy in the last week but for $250 a week he'd make it work. He had recently bought a house with his fiancée and with the wedding expenses, he sure could use the extra money.

Before he could answer Isabella said, "Mr. Jones I'd like to explain the project in more detail with you. Why don't you come down to my office tonight?"

He was already hooked and so he easily agreed. "Sure I'd love to."

Mark arrived at Isabella's office promptly at 6:00. It was located in a corporate complex not far from where Mark worked. The parking lot was empty as most business people had left for the day. Mark found his way to Suite 250 and opened the large frosted glass door.

The foyer was very modern looking. The walls were painted a bold purple color and the ceiling was a deep black color. The foyer was dotted with small cone shaped lights which hung on long chords that stretched up to the ceiling. A receptionist sat below large silver letters that read Northstar Research Group. The receptionist wore a phone headset and sat behind a simple glass top desk. The only thing visible on the desk was a flat screen monitor and keyboard. There were no papers, pens, files, or writing pads. It was clear that her only job was to greet guests, take calls, and look sexy.

She was more than qualified for the sexy part. Mark could clearly see her slender stocking clad legs beneath the desk. The skirt she wore was so short, that as visitors approached it left them wondering if she was wearing anything from the waist down. Mark could smell her perfume as he approached the desk. He thought it smelled pretty and inviting. The blond girl smiled and cheerfully welcomed him.

"Good evening. You must be Mr. Jones. Miss Kiersten is expecting you."

Mark wanted to say something clever to the cute girl, but instead he stuttered slightly and said, "Ah, yes that's me."

From the side of the room, Mark heard a soft soothing voice that he recognized from the phone call earlier. "Thank you for welcoming Mark Chrissie." Mark turned to see a slender woman walking toward him. He was surprised at how young she was. He imagined a hypnotist to be an older somewhat strange person.

She approached Mark and extended her hand. "I'm Isabella. So nice of you to come down on such short notice Mark."

Mark shook her hand, "No problem at all. This sounds like an interesting project."

"It's is an interesting project and I know you are going to love it too. It will be a fun experience for you."

Isabella led Mark down a small hallway and into her oversized office. On one side of the room a small desk sat in front of a large book shelf that was filled with various journals. The remaining part of the office reminded Mark of a suite in a hotel. There was a couch and two plush arm chairs. A comforting blue oriental rug covered the middle of the sitting area. Isabella motioned for Mark to sit in on the couch.

Mark sunk into the couch while Isabella took a seat across from him. The cozy couch and dim lighting was comforting to Mark. While Mark relaxed, Isabella was all business. She sat upright in the chair and crossed her legs. Her blond hair was pulled above her head in a bun. Her writing tablet and the round thin-rimmed glasses she wore gave her a studious look. Mark seemed to sink deeper into the couch, giving the perception that Isabella was towering above him. It was a bit awkward for Mark, but the nice view of Isabella's legs made up for the awkwardness.

Isabella started, "Thank you for agreeing to participate in the study Mark. The study will last for two weeks and you will be required to come to my office two or three times a week during that time. Does that work for you?"

"That should not be a problem."

Their discussion was interrupted by the entrance of Chrissie. She walked in carrying two mugs in her hand. As she walked across the room, Mark could see that she was indeed wearing a skirt. It was an extremely short leather skirt. The lacy tops of her stockings were visible and Mark could clearly see the straps of her garter belt. He thought she looked incredibly sexy, but he wondered how Isabella could allow her to dress in such a provocative way at work.

Chrissie announced, "your tea is ready Miss Kiersten." She placed the mugs on a small round end table next to Isabella's chair.

Isabella offered one cup to Mark. "Try this tea Mark. It's so good and very relaxing."

Mark did not usually drink tea but he politely took the mug and sipped the warm liquid. It was just the right temperature and was smooth and full of flavor. Mark commented, "I love the flavor. I'm not a big tea drinker, but this tea tastes delicious."

Isabella smiled at his compliment. Then she dismissed Chrissie. "Thank you for making such wonderful tea. Mark is my last appointment so you may go home now."

Chrissie leaned over to give Isabella a kiss. "Good night Miss Kiersten."

Mark was delightfully surprised to get a nice view of her ass. The only fabric visible was a small black thong. The quick flash of her ass left an erotic impression on Mark. He was even more surprised when Chrissie leaned over to him and gave him a peck on the cheek. Her warm lips sent erotic chills through Mark. He also got a quick view down her shirt as she leaned forward. She was not wearing a bra and so Mark was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her nipples. Chrissie sweetly said, "So nice to meet you Mark. Enjoy the rest of your evening."

Slightly stunned at her openness, Mark replied, "yes, ah..nice to meet you. Have a good night."

When Chrissie walked away, Isabella went right back to business. "Mark, as I said on the phone, this study involves hypnosis. You will be given recordings to listen to each night and I will also hypnotize you a few times. Throughout the project I will be asking you questions about some products and you will also be asked to try a few products. Have you ever been hypnotized before?"


"That's not a problem. It's really quite simple."

Mark had several questions about hypnosis and Isabella did a fantastic job at answering them. Finally she said, "It's all about relaxing and opening your mind. Would you like to try a simple relaxation exercise?"

"Sure," agreed Mark. He was already feeling relaxed from the tea.

"Close your eyes and take a deep breath."

Mark followed her instructions and took a deep breath. Isabella guided him into breathing deeply and relaxing. As he breathed and relaxed he started thinking the whole thing was silly. He was skeptical about the real effect of hypnosis.

Isabella's voice was very soothing as she guided him into a trance. "Relax and think about something that makes you happy,"

Mark thought of his fiancé Amy and how exciting it would be to marry her. Soon Isabella's voice faded away and his mind drifted into nothingness. Eventually the nothingness faded away and Mark could hear Isabella's voice faintly in his mind. At first it seemed like a dream but soon Mark realized her voice was real and he had drifted off to sleep. 'I better pay attention' he thought. The next thing Mark remembered was hearing Isabella counting backwards from 10 to 1. There was a loud snap and he woke up.

It took him a few seconds to come to his senses. "How do you feel," asked Isabella.

"Definitely relaxed. I think I drifted off a bit while you were trying to hypnotize me." Mark was apologetic for not paying attention. "I'm sorry. It's been a long day and I guess I was tired."

Isabella smiled pleasantly. Mark thought she looked very sexy when she smiled. "Don't be sorry Mark. It means you truly relaxed. Although you didn't hear me, your subconscious mind did. That's how hypnosis works."

"Oh, I see," said Mark, not really believing that it worked.

Although he was doubting hypnosis he was feeling a strong desire to participate in the study anyway. He was intrigued by the whole idea of hypnosis, but there was also a selfish motive. The more he talked with Isabella the more he was attracted to her. He was finding it exciting to be in her presence and look at her sexy body. In fact, he noticed that a button on her shirt had come un-done revealing a bit of her cleavage. His cock stirred as he enjoyed the view.

Isabella rested her hand on her chest briefly and Mark's attention shifted to her bright red finger nails. She moved her hand up and touched her lips briefly. Mark's eyes followed, taking in the fresh coat of red lipstick that Mark didn't even see her put on. Her hand moved up and brushed away blond hair that was falling over the side off her face. As Mark's eyes followed her pretty nails, Isabella's deep blue eyes caught his and held their attention. By now, Mark's cock was fully erect. He did not know why he was so aroused. There was something extremely sensual about Isabella that was driving Mark crazy. He was transfixed by her eyes and could not look away as she talked.

"Mark, what did you think about to make you happy," asked Isabella.

"I was thinking about my fiancé, Amy. We are getting married in a few weeks."

Isabella's face lit up. That's wonderful Mark. Congratulations!"

"Thank you. Miss Kiersten. I'm very excited for the wedding." Mark did not even notice that he addressed Isabella formally and with her last name. It just seemed natural for him to do this.

"It's so nice that she makes you happy. You must really love her. You must love to please her."

"Yes I do," agreed Mark.

You're a smart man. A good man knows that the most important thing to do is please his wife. Pleasing Amy is what you want to do isn't it?"

Again Mark agreed, "Yes Miss Kiersten."

"Good boy," complimented Isabella in the same manner and tone a mother would compliment her child for doing something good. Mark was not fazed by the motherly tone. The phrase actually made him feel good and proud that he impressed Isabella.

Isabella continued, "Mark, you will make a wonderful subject for my research project. It would please me very much if you would participate."

There was no question in Mark's mind about the project. After meeting Chrissie and Isabella, he had a strong desire to participate. He was still gazing into her eyes. He really wanted to please her and so he responded, "Of course Miss Kiersten. I will be glad to participate."


Isabella handed him a silver MP3 player and explained, "This is loaded with a hypnosis file. When you go to bed tonight, I want you to put on the headphones, relax, and play this file. It will play for about two hours and then shut off. You do not have to be awake as you listen. If you focus on relaxing, you will probably fall asleep pretty quickly. Any questions?"

"No. I can handle that."

"Good. You will do the same thing each night for the rest of the week. On Friday night I need you to come back into the office. Can you be here at 6:00?"

"Sure. That's not a problem Miss Kiersten."

"Good-boy," complimented Miss Kiersten. Once again, her compliment made Mark feel happy and proud that he had impressed Isabella.

Mark left Isabella's office looking forward to listening to the mp3 player. That night he went to bed early. As soon as Isabella's voice filled his ears, his cock grew hard. Mark could not resist stroking his cock and day dreaming about her and Chrissie as he listened. He was very curious about what she would say and so he was determined to stay awake for the duration of the session.

She talked in a slow and soothing voice. "Close your eyes and rest Mark. Take a deep breath. In and out......in and out..." Mark could hear Isabella taking deep slow breaths. He mimicked her breaths and began to relax. Her voice continued, "Listen to my voice pet. Open your mind to me. That's right pet, focus on my words. Allow them into your mind. Allow my words to control your thoughts as you relax and fall into a deep sleep."

Mark thought it was odd that she referred to him as pet. In his horny state of mind, he liked the idea of being her pet. He stroked his cock and imagined kneeling before her. Her voice continued to relax him and take him into a trance. His stroking became slower as he grew tired. Soon he drifted off to sleep. He was awoken in the morning by his alarm clock. He got out of bed with a raging hard-on. Mark tried to remember the recording from Isabella, but his mind went blank. He guessed that he fell asleep pretty quickly after turning on the mp3.


Mark remained horny all day at work and he could not keep his mind off Isabella and Chrissie. Throughout the day he discreetly stroked his cock through his pants and imagined orally pleasing both Chrissie and Isabella.

Later in the day his fiancé, Amy, called and inquired about the recording. "How was your first night of hypnosis? Are you a walking zombie now," she joked.

"I feel asleep pretty quickly, so I don't recall much of what was said. I don't feel any different. It's really kind of silly, but the money is good."

"It's not that silly Mark. It really pleases me that you are doing this. You can use the money to buy me a nice wedding gift, don't you think?"

Mark's mind shifted to his session with Isabella the night before. Her word's echoed in his mind, 'pleasing Amy is what you want to do isn't it....' He suddenly had a strong desire to please Amy. He agreed with her suggestion, "Yes, that is a great idea."

"Excellent," said Amy. Her devious smile could be felt in her words.

Mark wanted to please her even more and he was very horny and so he suggested, "Why don't I come over tonight and give you a nice massage."

"Oohhh. That's a fabulous idea Mark, but unfortunately I have to pass. I have a ton of errands to do for the wedding. This is going to be a busy week. I'll take you up on the offer later."

"O.k.," Mark said disappointed that he could not see her sooner."

For the rest of the week, Mark listened to the recording every night as instructed. Isabella's voice was very sexy and whenever Mark heard her voice images of Isabella and Chrissie floated in his mind. His cock would get erect and he would start stroking it as he listened. Each night Mark intended to listen to the entire recording. Isabella's voice was just to soothing and hypnotic. He always fell asleep a few minutes into the recording and he always woke up horny and not remembering what was on the recording.

When Friday came, the only thing Mark could think about was his meeting after work with Miss Kiersten. After work he rushed to her office. He wanted to get there as early as possible so that he could flirt with Chrissie for a little while before his appointment.

When Mark entered the office, Chrissie immediately jumped up from behind her glass desk and walked out to greet him. With a cheery smile she said, "Welcome back Mark. It's so nice to see you again." She hugged him tightly and Mark enjoyed the feel of her pert breasts against his chest.

"Hi," mumbled Mark, thrilled at the wonderful greeting from such a sexy girl. She was dressed just a provocatively as the last time he met her. She wore a skimpy black dress that clung to her shapely body. The top was low-cut revealing tantalizing mounds of cleavage. Mark was certain she was bra-less again. A plain white silk scarf was draped loosely around her neck. It was simple and eye catching.

"Please sit down," said Chrissie, gesturing to a foam-like sectional couch in the corner of the waiting room. "Miss Kiersten told me how much you loved her special tea. I will get you a cup."

"Thanks," replied Mark as he sat on the firm couch.

Chrissie disappeared behind a wall and then reappeared rather quickly with a warm mug of tea in her hand. She handed Mark the mug and sat diagonal to Mike on the sectional couch. Mark took a small sip of the tea and enjoyed the rich soothing flavor.

His eyes settled on the white scarf when Chrissie asked, "So have you been listening to the recording from Miss Kiersten each night?"

"Oh yes," said Mark unable to take his eyes off her scarf. The shiny and smooth fabric mesmerized Mark. He imagined how soft it would feel against his skin. The thought caused erotic emotions to stir within him.

"And how is it going," inquired Chrissie.

"Good. To be honest, Miss Kiersten's voice is so soft and soothing that when I listen to her recording I always fall asleep rather quickly."

A flirtatious smile filled Chrissie's face. "I know what you mean Mark." touched his knee with her hand as she spoke. Her touch sent chills through his body. "The same thing happens to me."

"You listen to her recordings," asked Mark, slightly surprised.

"Of course. It's one of the perks of working here. I get to listen to all of Miss Kiersten's recordings. I love her voice. Sometimes, just for fun, she calls me into her office and hypnotizes me." Chrissie touched his knee again and leaned toward him. Her voice lowered. "I actually find her voice to be quite sensual. I'm often very aroused after listening to her talk."

This bit of information caused Mark's cock to swell in his pants. He felt like a teenager, unable to control his arousal. Chrissie seemed to be staring at his crotch when she asked, "Do you get aroused from her recordings also?"

"Well, I have been very horny lately," admitted Mark. "I thought it was more because...well...you know, I hadn't had much sex during the week."

Chrissie giggled playfully. "It's got to be the recordings Mark. Miss Kiersten's voice has that effect on everyone."

Chrissie noticed Mark staring at her scarf. "Is there something wrong with my scarf," she asked.

Mark suddenly realized he was caught staring. "Oh no. I'm sorry. It's really nice. I was just admiring it."

"Thank you." Chrissie ran her fingers along the silky scarf. "It's so soft and silky. I just love it," she purred. "It feels so good against my skin." Her voice lowered again. "I have to admit, I love the way it feels rubbing over my nipples."

Mark could not believe the information she was sharing with him. His cock was fully erect as he imagined her playing with her nipples with the scarf. He seemed to be in a daze. He imagined what it would feel like rubbing over his cock.

"Would you like to feel it," asked Chrissie.

"Sure," replied Mark. He reached out and touched the smooth fabric. It sent chills through his body. He looked into Chrissie's eyes and became infatuated with her beauty. Her red lips parted slightly and it seemed inevitable that they were going to kiss. Mark leaned towards the soft lips. His body was heating up in anticipation of feeling her sexy warm lips.

Then suddenly Chrissie pulled away and perked up. Excitedly she said, "Mark, I just remembered! Your collar came in." She jumped up and went over to drawer behind her desk.

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