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Making Time


I sighed to myself as I walked quietly down the hallway. It had been a long ass day, but at last, home. The bedroom door swung silently open, spilling light from the hallway across the bed. Asleep already? But it's only, damn, 11pm! When did that happen?

Reaching back into the hallway I flick the light off and make my way to the bed, shedding clothes as I walk. I never used to sleep naked, it was Her idea, but it's a good idea, for sure! Nothing like feeling warm skin against your own, plus it frees up access if She decides She'd like a play in the middle of the night.

Slipping between the cool sheets I feel Her stir, just slightly. If only it weren't so late. It's been a few weeks since we last had sex, life just keeps getting in the way. Without thinking my hands go out to massage Her shoulders. She likes back rubs quite a bit, and it's become part of the nighttime routine, at least when we go to bed together.

Her skin is warm and smooth beneath my fingertips. A sigh of approval falls from Her lips as I begin and I smile to myself - pleasing Her is always top priority. Though not the *only* priority. My cock swells as I rub Her shoulders. It's been a while, but I've certainly not forgotten just how much fun it is when we play. Running my tongue over my lips I recall the feel of Her nipples between them, my tongue lapping, mouth sucking.

Impulsively I lean down to rain kisses on Her shoulder, gently but insistently pulling Her onto Her back. The kisses drift across from Her shoulder, over Her breast, settling on the nipple, which I suck, lick, gently bite. Beneath me Her body responds, a moan of approval meets my ears, making me smile again. She loves Her nipples played with in particular. I bite a little harder, testing Her mood. A lower groan signals the order of the day: rougher.

With my mouth occupied teasing and pleasing one of Her breasts, my hand finds the other, squeezing, rubbing, thumb and forefinger pinching the nipple, tugging on it, gently at first, just in case.

"Yessssss" She hisses through Her teeth, clearly loving the pleasure pain mix. Obligingly I tug a little harder, press more strongly with my teeth, raising my head to pull away. More moans urge me on. Switching over I nibble on the other nipple, hand replacing mouth on the first, using the wetness to roll and pinch, continuing the delicious torture that She loves so much.

I can feel Her fingers on my thigh, touching, then grabbing, the slight bite of fingernail digging into my flesh. In response I rise onto my knees, shuffling across as Her hand searches for my well hard cock. Achieving Her objective I feel Her fingers wrap around the shaft, stroking softly, teasingly, enough that it feels nice without distracting me from lavishing Her boobs with attention.

Emboldened by Her responses my hand slides down over Her belly, fingers tracing Her pussy lips. Her reaction causes me to moan, the sound muffled by Her breast, still over my mouth. Her hips lift against my hand, pushing back against it. I can feel Her pussy already dripping with excitement, coating my fingertips as they slip between Her lips to tease Her clit more directly.

This time I hear a gasping moan, Her hand involuntarily tightening on my cock, squeezing it surprisingly hard.

"Fuck this!" She growls, grabbing a handful of my hair and pushing my head down between Her legs. "Eat me," She instructs, "as if your cock depends on it!" I suddenly realise She hasn't let go of me at this stage, and the sting of nails digging into my shaft suggests that Her words might just have been a real warning!

She was clearly quite keen for me to lick Her delicious pussy, and while I was thankful to oblige, some things shouldn't be rushed. I paused, face so close to Her that she could feel the exhale of my hot breath, and took a deep sniff. I could smell Her excitement, her arousal, that most enticing of scents so intoxicating. Leaning over Her as I was, my hips near Her head, body alongside Hers, I layed a trail of soft kisses along the outside of Her lips, tongue parting them slightly as I went.

My slow and steady approach ruined in an instant as Her hips bucked up against my face, grinding against my lips and chin, a slick coating of Her pussy juice wiped against me. It hurt, a little. If She wants licked, that's what She gets. I reach up with my hands, pulling Her thighs apart, fingertips spreading pussy lips just as wide, exposing Her to my tongue, which takes a long lick from above the clit to below Her entrance, and then back up again, pausing to drink from Her, lapping nectar from her body and then on to play with Her oh-so-sensitive clit. Another lift of Her hips, but this time I'm ready, moving with Her, maintaining a constant pressure with my tongue. Swirling, licking, flicking, sucking, taking Her on a wild ride of pleasure. Listening to Her groans and moans of delight turns me on even more. I can feel precum dripping from the tip of my hard, hard cock. As focussed on Her pleasure as I am, She has let Her hand drop from me - a relief, truly, as it means She has given Herself to the moment. No battles with Her trying to distract me from my task, nor my desperately trying to hold off on cumming as She so expertly toys with my cock. Familiarity has it's benefits, in this case, for Her, it's me being able to listen to Her cues, to ensure that while I enjoy eating Her, and holy fuck do I love burying my head between Her legs and *smothering* myself with Her luscious pussy, smelling Her, tasting Her, covering my face with Her wetness...

Her cues let me drive Her on, always getting closer and closer, but without rush, giving Her every moment to savour. Her body writhing beneath me, against me, locked in an almost tortuous dance with my tongue against Her clit.

She's moaning words, now, "That's it, eat me! Fuck it feels so gooood! Don't stop, don't you fucking dare stop!"

Not that I would, not that I could, I'm as invested in this as She is - which the ever growing puddle between my knees on the bed shows. I keep giong, experience tells me, She cums hardest when She gets there slowly.

"Yesss, fuck yess, I'm... I'm going to..."

Her body tightens, knees raise, I press in closer, this is the best part, my hands pull away as

"I'm going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmm!" She exclaims. Her body coils up, thighs squashing my head between them, pulling me against Her pussy, literally smothering me with Her orgasm. I can only move with Her as She rocks Her hips, revelling in the sensations from my tongue so slowly stroking Her clit, my head is completely trapped, mouth, nose, eyes all covered, ears blocked by flesh that holds me tightly in place.

As She continues to cum I can feel my breath run out, that inescapable panic as my body uses up the oxygen already in my lungs. Fortunately, this time, I feel the tapping on my back, Her thighs loosen the vice grip. She's had enough, wants me to stop, releases me so I can. Her hips fall back to the bed, along with Her feet, thighs falling open as She flops, exhausted. I place one last lingering kiss on Her pussy, evoking a shiver through Her, and filling my mouth once again with Her taste.

I rock back to sit on my feet, accidentally putting my knee in the wet patch my (still excited) cock has left. In the dim glow of the streetlights through the curtains I can see her lips curve into a smile. Without a word, or backward glance, she rolls back onto her side, satisfied, relaxed, and shortly after, asleep.

For my efforts I got my reward. She came on my face.

I curl up behind her, sticky cock pressed against her butt, the wet patch soggy against my bare skin, my arm draped over her sleeping form. I sigh happily as I drift into sleep as well. Maybe next time we'll make some time for her to use me.

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