tagBDSMMaking Time Pt. 02

Making Time Pt. 02


I'm not sure who had the idea originally. It's certainly the kind of thing that I like, so it may well have been me. I was certainly the one who went through the Play store to find a suitable app. We wanted something like Snapchat, only, and this was important, it had to be something else. Something that wasn't what we used for regular social media stuff. Something other people wouldn't borrow, or be shown. Something the kids wouldn't open trying to send a video of themselves singing happy birthday to Granny. Ideally, something that required you to click on pics before displaying them - so we could open the app and not have home-made porn visible to those around us, or on our lap.

We found one, the developers 'upgraded' it, breaking all the things that made it so perfect for sexting. Ended up with Telegram. Not perfect, but good enough. Hidden images, real time, easy to use. So now I can send Her pictures from work. I can model for Her to show I wore the underwear She picked. I can send proof that I carried out a particular task. More often than not, however, I send Her pics of me, stark naked, from the bathroom at work. Always as hard as a rock. I love it. I love taking pics for Her, I love hearing Her reaction. She loves that, in the middle of the work day, I strip off for Her, send Her pictures, that I get hard each day, just for Her. I love the way it makes it feel like we're engaged in sex all day. Which can sometimes be the only time we get!

Today I sent Her a set with a cheeky caption "I'd so love to fuck you right now!"

I got the reply "If you get the kids to bed and give me a backrub, I'll let you fuck my mouth tonight." She was clearly feeling horny today - not a great surprise, Her period often has that effect, perversely. It also tends to make Her feel horrid, which is a frustrating combination.

The exchange set the scene for a very long afternoon of anticipation. She has a lovely mouth, and is very talented at using it on my cock. On top of which, it had been a few weeks since we'd had the time and energy, both at once, to do much more than hug. Tonight would be different!

As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men. I was late home, the kids weren't interested in bed and before we know it, we've hit 10pm again. 10.30pm before we get to our own bed. Wearily we sneak under the covers. As has become habit, I begin to ease the tension out of Her shoulders. Fingers massaging the stress away, thumbs applying that hard pressure She likes best. I disappointedly resign myself to another late night, and another cock block from the kids.

I am consoled by Her enjoyment of the back and shoulder rub, however. She gives the cutest moans as She relaxes. She's told me I'm easy, to which I always counter "No, you're just hot." though She never seems convinced. Perhaps it's both, but as is often the case for me around Her, as I rub, even before She makes a sound, being so close to Her naked form causes my cock to swell. I'm always careful to be just far enough away I don't poke Her with it - I don't want Her thinking I expect anything. Nor, if I'm honest, do I want Her making fun of me. I honestly do find Her just that exciting, so appealing the thought of rubbing Her bare flesh always gets me hard. Bittersweet given the time, but it still feels good to touch Her, and being hard is always pleasant too.

Then I hear Her voice in the dark "Given how late it is," She says. I glance at the clock to find it's now 10:45. She's going to want to sleep. Again. "How about you come over here and stand by the bed so I can suck your cock while you rub my shoulders?" Chuckling, She adds "I'm sure you're already hard back there!"

10 years together we can fairly reliably judge the others reaction. She's got my number, that's for sure. I'll admit it, I rushed. Out of my side of the bed, around the end and stood by Her. Almost got there before She'd had time to sit up and swing Her legs over the edge of the bed.

It's exciting. Our sex is always exciting. I stand before Her, a shiver running up my spine. Legs shoulder width apart, close enough to the side of the bed that She can reach me, without overcrowding Her. I can feel my cock throb, as it stands erect between us. My hands reach Her shoulders first, continuing the job they began. She reaches out with Her hands, placing them on my hips and very slightly pulling me toward Her.

I wish it wasn't so dark. I like looking at Her naked, and it's an extra kick to watch Her lips slide along the length of my cock. She loves it too. The blowjob, that is. She's not a fan of watching Herself, but wow, She loves cock. I'm so lucky to have a Domme that enjoys it so much. We're nicely matched that way, as I utterly adore licking Her pussy.

So many thoughts as She's pulling me closer. Her tongue snakes out to tease the head of my hard on. I bite my lip. Her mouth closes over the head, warm, wet, and feeling amazing. I can't help but gasp with delight, Her tongue still playing with the tip.

To my credit, I mostly manage to continue Her shoulder rub, even as She toys with me. Sliding my full length into Her mouth, and out again before sucking it all the way back in. Concentration on the massage wanes, the heat of Her blowjob robbing me of breath. We weren't always in this D/s relationship. At one stage we were plain old regular fuck buddies. I take a chance. Something I haven't, we haven't done in a long time.

Threading my fingers through Her hair I cup the back of Her head. Tightening my grip I assert control, dictating the pace, making good on Her promise I fuck that gorgeous face. Her hands have dropped to Her lap, implicit approval of my rash behaviour. She always enjoyed this, too. I moan, head falling forward, revelling in the deliciousness of stroking into Her mouth. It feels so damn good!

I know my place, though, so I slow, release Her hair, yield control. I would have loved to have filled Her mouth with the cum that's been building for weeks, but not without permission. Not without Her choosing that.

Fortunately for me She's not done yet. Instead of releasing me, She holds the tip of my cock in Her mouth again, playing with it. She knows it drives me nuts and I find it next to impossible to orgasm from it. She loves how desperate She can make me. The shoulder rub has been forgotten. My fingers reach for Her breasts, seeking out Her hard nipples. Unexpectedly, She frees them from Her top, giving me easy access.

She has lovely tits. Not too large, about a handful, which I think is just right. Her nipples are hard, waiting for my fingers to squeeze them, gently pull. I enjoy playing with them almost as much as She enjoys the feeling of me playing with them. I feel her moan around the shaft of my throbbing cock. The teasing is having the desired effect and I'm getting frustrated. It's an exquisite kind of torture that my mind doesn't really know what to do with. It feels so fucking good, quite intense, almost too intense, but endless.

I find myself wishing it was a week ago, or a weeks time. The more turned on I get the more eager I become to taste Her sweet sweet pussy. I want to push Her back on the bed and bury myself between Her legs. I love Her scent, the feel of Her unshaven pussy against my nose and lips. Tingles run through my body. I have reminded myself of the other night when She let me smell Her naked pussy. Let me press my face against it. The heady scent was intoxicating, I couldn't help myself, I was so excited I was moaning against Her. In return She began to grind against me. My tingles get stronger. I begged Her that night. Begged to be allowed a taste, even a single lick. She hadn't even touched me, beyond my face between Her legs, and I was so desperate to eat her. She gets a kick out of denying me, which isn't all bad, I kinda like begging. Sometimes it even works.

She seems to be in an accommodating mood tonight, so I take another chance with something I know She loves. Albeit slightly reluctantly. I step back, slipping out of Her mouth and push backward on Her shoulders. She willingly falls onto her back, asking me "What are you doing?"

In reply I climb onto the bed beside Her, on my knees, a bit further back, so I can lick Her nipples. "Mmmm, okay." She tells me. Licking and sucking on Her nipples is always a good way to arouse Her. Seemingly today is no different, a light bite of Her left nipple draws an encouraging groan. Sealing my mouth around the nipple I suck, and suck hard. Her mood appears to be a slightly rough one tonight and I'm more than happy to accomodate.

As I suck one nipple, and roll the other between thumb and forefinger, She wraps Her hand around my cock and begins to stroke it. I didn't kneel near Her head so that She could reach me, but I should have! I moan into Her breast, grazing Her nipple with my teeth again. She moves beneath me, and I fear I've hurt Her until I feel a tugging on my cock and She pulls me around to get the head of my cock in Her mouth again.

Another moan against Her chest quickly turns into a gasp of delight, my head popping up. She is not only sucking on my head, but Her hand is stroking the length of the shaft, and quickly! Fuck it feels good, and sends my heart rate racing.

My head drops, resting against her body. The intense stimulation very effectively sending me toward orgasm. "Fuck, yesssss" I growl as I feel the inevitability of climax approaching. As does She. Her head moves back, releasing me from Her grasp and mouth. I convulse slightly and involuntarily, denied the bliss of orgasm just at the very edge. I pant, breathless and frustrated. So damn close.

"That wa..." complaint cut short as Her warm hand grips my shaft once more, Her hot mouth sucking my cock back in for another round. I can feel the pressure from Her grasp, holding my shaft firmly, stroking it as only She does. Tongue teasing, lips pleasing, I whimper, such a good feeling radiates through my body, starting with my cock, and balls that feel like they're tightening again, preparing for the beautiful release. It's more intense this time, I tremble slightly as we approach. This time, yes, yes, nearly, yes, oh fuck! No!

She stops again. The feelings subside, leaving me aching, almost painfully, panting, out of breath and still shivering. My mouth is dry. My hands simply sit, all my focus centred in Her hand, Her mouth, my poor tortured cock, glistening in the faint light from the street, dripping, I'm sure, with my excitement, with my hope, my need to cum.

Another whimper flows from my parched lips, She's taken me in hand again, Her lips sliding over my head, an added tease as we start again. Each time the feelings build quicker, each time higher, each time more intense. As the edging continues it becomes harder and harder to contain myself. More difficult to keep my hands to myself. I want to cum so much, so hard, so badly that I want to interfere. I want to stroke myself when She lets go. I want Her to not let go! I want Her to continue until I spurt my pent up cum into Her waiting mouth. I want "Nooooo!" I whimper as She once again denies me. Stopping all Her stimulation just a fraction before the point of no return. I realise I'm whimpering. A lot. It's been so long since we had actual sex, and the Telegrams have been winding me up all week.

Trying to regain my breath, I can feel Her hand encircling my shaft again. I twitch, She's got me so on edge I don't know that She will be able to stop soon enough this time. A thrill runs through me I might, finally, get to cum!

My cock is so sensitive, so engorged, so ready it is also twitching in Her hand. Precum dribbling from the tip, every fibre of my body alive and ready for the orgasm She has been teasing with. Instead of the exquisite slick warmth of her mouth all I can feel is her grip tighten. Harder against my soft aching flesh. Tight enough it hurts, making me gasp with an unexpected mix of delight and pain.

"Not tonight." She says, releasing Her iron grip and pushing me to one side.

I lay there on the bed, on my side, panting, dripping, naked and trembling. Not what I had in mind, when She offered me a blowjob this afternoon. Possibly not what She had in mind either.

She's in bed now, I'm still recovering. Bringing my heart rate back to normal, breathing slowing. Never know where things are going to go, but no matter how frustrating the destination, the journey is always a blast. If I'm honest, while I do love an orgasm, especially one at Her hand (or mouth, or pussy) there's an indescribable something about being in a constant state of arousal and frustration. Something enticing, exciting, desirable. Sex has never been this good before. Not with anyone else. Not even with us. We're getting better and better. Even though I orgasm less often than when I was single. Maybe it's because it's less often...

I crawl into my side of the bed as these profound epiphanies swirl in my head and fall almost immediately to sleep. Being so wound up is physically and mentally exhausting!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/29/18

Delightfully mysterious!

So far we've only heard your voice - erotic and passionate.
Towards the end you hint at the start of Part 3: "Even though I orgasm less often than when I was single. Maybe it's because it's less often..."

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