tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaking Troy A Man Ch. 04

Making Troy A Man Ch. 04


Troy awoke blearily. He was vaguely aware of his aunt bellowing her usual morning greetings. The black fuzz that had a grip on his mind slowly abated, and he came to consciousness. A horrible, bleak consciousness. Instantly he died inside. He remembered where he was. What his plight was. What had... happened last night. Molested. Violated. Used. Affronted. An image of his cousin frantically finger-fucking herself and squirting clear liquid in every direction as she squealed and bounced came to his mind. Instantly sick, he tried to think of anything else.

"Good morning, Tiger!" The voice of the selfsame cousin came from his left. He felt to cry.

"Good... morning, Gumdrop!" he faked cheerfully. "I, uh, musta fell asleep. Uh, last night. I'm sorry..." Dammit! He had fallen asleep! He never even had the chance to drink the water he intended to in order to wake him in the night. The phone... dammit! Another wasted night, another day without a plan to escape, another condemnation to this hell...

"Oh, don't worry, Tiger. Are ya... are ya ok? I mean, you were cryin' an' awful lot when ya fell asleep. I mean, it's ok... I don't mind if ya cry. I know you miss your Momma. An' all. All what ya been through. I just... are ya ok, Tiger?"

"Oh, yeah, sure, sure, I'm fine," he lied. He started a stretch, feeling how sore his limbs were. Painfully sore. As he was getting used to. In a long list of horrible, unimaginable things that he was getting used to. His mind quickly ran down, as disgusting as it was to recall, events of last night. He thought of a response to follow up Glenda's query. 'I'm fine' didn't seem like it would cut it. "I just..." he began. "I just really don't know what's wrong. You know. With my... my equipment. You're really so cute, Gumdrop, really beautiful... and sexy... really. And watching you play like that... well, it was about the hottest thing I've ever seen."

Glenda blushed deeply again, with that provincial buck-tooth grin beaming on her face. In her upright posture, Troy noticed her nipples and areolas dimple and harden. Everything about her was utterly disgusting to him. He had to keep spouting this fabricated tale just to keep her off-balance and in his camp. He felt he had no other choice.

"I've just been so tired, so exhausted," he went on. "And maybe Aunt Lulu being there kinda... freaked me out a bit. This is all new to me. She's... real understanding though. I hope... I hope you don't think my little problem there doesn't make you think I don't like you, Gumdrop..."

"Oh, gosh sakes, gosh sakes no, Tiger!" Glenda breathed. "I know about ED an' all that... we had some boys here we turned right what couldn't get it up at first... Momma's got some tricks that'll help with that," she giggled. Troy feigned interest, rather than the alarm and sense of dread that her statement elicited. "I just know yer gonna come along! Everything you say, Troy, gosh, I just know how much you like me! No one ever said anything as sweet as you did t' me, an' Troy, I just know you could never be makin' stuff like that up! An' gosh, Tiger, everything you do, everything you say, well gosh, you just light my fire so bright!" She cuddled into him, her huge, pendulous breasts pressing against his chest and shoulder. His skin crawled. He did his best to override the sensation and return her embrace. "I sorta let it slip out yesterday, but I was gonna tell ya today, and lands above, I ain't afraid t'say it! I love ya, Troy! I know we jus' met an' all, but there ain't no boy that ever made me feel anything like you make me feel! I love ya, Troy! I love ya, and I'm in love with ya, an' I wanna make you so happy... An' however ya want me, Troy... whenever ya want me... I'll do anything for ya, Troy, just anything! However I can make ya happy, any way I can turn ya on, however ya wanna take me, anything you wanna make me do, I'll do anything! Just anything! Oh, gosh, Tiger, I just love ya so much, I just love ya so much..."

Troy just let her babble and pour forth her heart, such as it was. Well, he didn't seem to have to worry about her liking him... Maybe just liking him too much? In any case, he was relieved beyond belief that his lack of sexual responsiveness didn't even seem to register. Her mind was so deluded that she was justifying anything to play into the fiction of whatever deviant, perverted 'relationship' they seemed to be developing. He almost felt sorry for her, wondering how love-starved she must be to fall head-over-heels like that. Being an inbred, fat, ugly simpleton who could only use rape as a means of getting any attention from the opposite sex couldn't be a walk in the park. In any case, he just had to keep up the charade. In light of last night's events, he was coming to a revolting decision. If he couldn't escape within 24 hours, he was probably going to have to find a way to have sex with this corpulent beast to try to stave off his perverted Aunt and his other two vile cousins from raping him as well. And, should worse come to worse, if he couldn't escape within a week, two more twisted cousins would be arriving for their chance to rape him as well.

"Aw, Gumdrop, you're the sweetest, prettiest thing ever... I love you too." He almost choked on the words. She squeaked with joy and her face lit up even brighter if that was possible. She just stared at him stupidly, her face an open-mouthed, buck-toothed, unabashed glow or pure joy. A hint of a tear peaked out from the corner of her eye. Then she leaned in a kissed him, hard and full on the mouth. Deeply and passionately. Troy fought his urge to cringe and scramble away with all his might. He returned her kiss. And prayed silently for death.

"Oh, Tiger, let's get up! We dawdled enough here, Momma's gonna start barkin' about breakfast getting' cold. Troy... gosh, Troy, I love ya so much..." The she giggled loudly, and leapt out of bed, a jiggling, animated pink blob of flesh, and began throwing her clothes on. Troy did his best to follow suit.


It was afternoon now, and Troy was forcing his aching muscles into the routines which he was getting used to. Mentally mapping everything out, he kept running an inventory of all items which might be of any use. Though he feigned like he was busy with his tasks, and shooting a grin at Glenda periodically, he was active and aware constantly.

"So Gumdrop," he began as he spread some hay out for the cattle, "I can't help but be a bit curious. Your sisters went out on some kind of errand. To Looton, was it? Do you, uh, know what that was about?"

"Gosh, Tiger, ya know I'm not supposed to be tellin' ya any of this, right? So ya can't let on. But I'll tell ya anything ya wanna know, ok? Promise. But please, ya gotta swear ya won't let on. I'd get in real bad trouble from Momma. I know she's real pleased 'bout you an' me, but she's got her methods. Swears by 'em. I think yer pretty much right already, Tiger, but she's in charge. An' I'm not supposed to say nothin' about any of this, no matter what we feel 'bout each other. So swear ya won't let on for me, ok Tiger?"

"Of course, Gumdrop. I'd never want you to get in any trouble. I swear."

"Ok, Tiger." Troy thought her face was going to split at any moment, with all the grinning she was doing. Her face took on a little more sincere, concerned look. "Well, Momma already knows about yer little problem. I hope you're not gonna be mad at me, Tiger, but I'm supposed t'tell her everything. So I told her about me suckin' on ya there, an' how I couldn't get nothin' goin'on. Please don't be mad, Tiger, I ain't worried about yer equipment, an' Momma ain't neither. Boys that are right sometimes can't get it up neither. But I'm supposed t'tell her everything so I did. I just know yer gonna be all man for me, when yer ready. I just know ya are. So don't you worry about that, I ain't concerned. 'Sides which, ya already do me so good, Tiger, that tongue o'yers... oh gosh, y'take me places I ain't never dreamed of goin', Tiger..."

She drifted off dreamily, and snorted a couple of laughs. She looked so stupid. So ignorant. It struck Troy periodically. He just masked his face in a gentle smile and let her continue. "Anyways, Tiger, I wanna tell ya everything. Please don't be mad none, we just all want ya t'get right, an' Momma told us all about how Aunt Tessa found ya. The makeup an' the heels an' the garters an' everything, and Tiger, ya gotta understand, I don't care 'bout none o' that. I think yer beautiful, just beautiful, yer such a beautiful boy, I ain't never laid eyes on a boy what was half as sweet lookin' as ya are... If you wanna dress up like that, gosh Tiger, I'd love t'let ya... I'd even help ya out, help ya with yer makeup, tell ya how purty ya were, whatever ya like, I'd do it all for ya... I'd dress up like that fer ya too. I ain't never put on no heels or stockings or garters or did makeup or nothin', but I would, if ya wanted... I'd dress up like a boy for ya if ya wanted too... If that's what ya like, it don't matter, I'd do anything for ya, Tiger, really I would, anything..."

Troy just faked some chuckles and grins, saying nothing. He wished she'd stop babbling about all this preposterous shit and just get to the point, but he didn't want to break this spell he seemed to have over her. Any information he could get out of her was good information.

"Anyways, Tiger, the whole heels and stockings thing, that's why Wendy an' Carol went t' Looton. That's the closest place y' c'n buy any o' that stuff... an' there was some drugs Momma wanted t' get too. Viagra the stuff is called. I'm sure y' know all about that. Like, not like ya ever needed it..." she giggled. "I mean, I'm sure y' don't need it, Tiger. I mean, I'm sure it'll just come. I just know it will. I know when y' look at me, gosh Tiger, I can just see it in yer eyes. You want me as bad as I want you, I just know it, I just know it... Anyways, Momma doesn't wanna leave any stone unturned, ya know what I mean? So they was out in Looton, an' pickin' up a couple o' supplies an' stuff just in general, an' they got some heels, stockings, garters, makeup, an' th' Viagra."

Troy was stunned, confused. He just tried to look enthralled with her words. Which was in fact the truth. Every syllable she uttered, English, slang or otherwise, was dissected, cross-referenced, and filed away carefully. It was too much information for him to process adequately at the moment anyway.

"Um, that's, uh, kinda surprising news, Gumdrop... I mean about the supplies. And gosh, Gumdrop, you're so sweet. I just wanna make you happy too, you know? Whatever and however, we can talk about anything we wanna do, it doesn't matter, you know? As long as we're both happy, and wow, Gumdrop, you're really so sweet. You're so understanding, you're really so supportive... I'm sure I'm just gonna need you. Just you. For real. But anyway... uh, were they buying all that stuff... like, for you and me?"

"Oh, gosh sakes, Tiger, I mean... aw shucks, I'm gonna tell ya everything. Anything you wanna know. I love ya, Tiger. I'd never hold anything back. Anyways, no, it's not fer you an' me. I mean, if it helps ya, I'd really do anything ya want, I don't care... anything, really. But yeah, well, Saturday nights we cut loose a bit. Have a snort o'whisky. Do some dancin', pull out the fiddles an' such, have some fun. Well, Momma's got the idea that th' heels an' such'll turn ya on. Seein' as how Aunt Tessa found ya. An', really, Tiger, ya gotta know I don't mind if ya like that stuff. Might even kinda make me a bit excited, ya know?" She giggled again, snorting a couple of times. "Anyhow, Momma knows yer doin's so good, comin' along better than she or any o' us ever thought, eatin' my pussy an all, but she really wants to see yer cock get hard. Ya know. I mean, I know I turn ya on, I just know it when ya look at me Tiger, but she wants t'see it. Ya know. T'make sure yer really are turned on, I mean, I know it's silly Tiger, I know yer turned on, but she's jes' got her methods. So she got some o' that dance music, y' know, the stuff you were listenin' to, an' the clothes an' th' makeup... An' th' Viagra... She figures if you get all that stuff y' might have an easier time getting' yer cock hard. So, um, there it is, Tiger. That's what it was all about. Um, do ya think that might help ya?"

"Urhm, well..." Troy paused. Again, too much information. And all fucking horrifying. He forced himself to respond. "Well, really, Gumdrop, I, uh, I don't see how it could hurt. Um, I know you're not, like, upset or anything about my... sleepy l'il fella or anything, and Gumdrop, please, you know how wonderful and understanding that is. I know you can see how bad I want you. And I love that about you, Gumdrop, I really do. But, um, it couldn't hurt I guess? I mean, if I can lay it all out on the line, I mean, that's what really turned me on, you know? It wasn't guys or nothin', it was just the heels and stuff. Dancing around. That's what turned me on when nothing else could. No guys, no girls, just me and the makeup and everything. No one ever turned me on, Gumdrop, until you. Now when I look at you, I get that feeling. You know, that tingle. And I'm gonna be a man for you, really I will, I promise, you have no idea... But I dunno, maybe the heels and stuff will help? And the... Viagra too? Who knows right? But don't worry, Gumdrop, I've been tired, well, exhausted really, and stressed out, and this is all new, but don't you worry. You're gonna see more of my hard cock that you can handle. Real soon. Promise."

"Oh Tiger, Tiger!" Glenda gasped, "Tiger, I know! I know I will, an' really I can't wait, I really need you so bad, Tiger, every time I look at ya, I just... I just... Oh, Tiger I just light right up, ya know?" She giggled again.

Troy just smiled back. Fuck. Heels, garters, stockings, makeup. Viagra. Dance music. Saturday. So his fucked-up Aunt could see him get a hardon. Again, he shuddered to think what he might be forced to do with it if he did. Saturday. Shit, was that tomorrow? He wasn't even sure what day it was, he realized. He had to pay more attention!! Any detail could be crucial. Dates, weather forecasts, news... He had to get on the ball. He had to watch TV with his 'family' tonight, no matter how tired he was. He was sure he could get them to watch the news if it wasn't already on their schedule.

"Tiger, you know I burn for ya, every time I look at ya... I'm burnin' for ya right now... if ya only knew, everything ya say, everything ya do... Look, we got a few minutes now that we're done fodderin' th' cows, an' I know ya liked watchin' me last night... An' I'm burnin' for ya, Tiger, just burnin' for ya... Can I... Can I pet my pussy down for ya? An' you c'n just watch? You don't have to do nothin', just watch me, can I do it for ya, Tiger?"

"Oh, wow, Gumdrop, would you?" he enthused. Ok. This was different. As revolting a thought as it was, this was definitely a positive step. He could scarcely think of a less appealing image than this pink, piggy blob of a farm girl masturbating in front of him, but compared to being force to perform cunnilingus on her? There was no question which was preferable.

Maybe if he pretended it was more exciting for him to watch her than going down on her? She did say she'd do anything for him... Well, for now he would take this as a win. Maybe... maybe if he managed to get a hardon while watching her, that would keep him from having to touch her, having to touch any of them? But he did tell her he wanted to fuck, he had to tell her that... But he also told her he was waiting for the right moment, make it romantic... Fuck, he hoped the 'family' would respect that... as horrifying a prospect as it might be, she might be his 'first'. Fuck, he would have to fuck her. Sooner or later, and what if Saturday was tomorrow??? Too many thoughts, too many variables. Keep her hands and her disgusting body off of him. That was his priority. Ok, see if you can make this happen. Get hard. Jack off. Shoot a load. If she's convinced that watching her rub one out turns you on, maybe you can just keep doing that. Best option for now. Ok. Try to get hard. Think of Kevin. Sweet Kevin. Think of cocks. Big hard, throbbing, thick, horny cocks.

His cousin was practically tearing her clothes off in her enthusiastic haste. She was flushed, blushing, and panting in arousal. Her eyes were alight with adoration and unbridled lust as she stared deeply into Troy's; her rubber boots, coveralls, panties and T-shirt ending up in a pile beside her.

Think of big, swaying, dangly balls. Tight abs. Rippling muscles, bulging pecs and biceps. Strong jaws, heavy brows. Masculine men. Think of big loads of sperm... hot, thick, salty. Kevin's delicious sperm, his own yummy sperm, all the loads he had seen shot in all the gay porn he'd watched...

Glenda was now panting rapidly, practically wheezing, as she stood before him, squatting slightly as if she were straddling a horse. She was naked, sweating, and quivering, blushing from head to toe. Her head was thrown back and her eyes closed, a look of bliss on her open-mouthed face. Her protruding front teeth were clearly visible. Her right hand was moving frantically between her legs. Her left was squeezing and pulling on her nipples. Wet, squishing sounds emanated loudly. Troy tried to keep his eyes focused on her without seeing. Tried to not hear. Tried to live in his imagination.

Think of leather studs, tattooed body builders, grabbing him, forcing him to his knees, shoving their thick cocks into his mouth. Calling him a bitch, a whore, a cocksucker. Moving around behind him. Spreading his buttocks. Preparing to sodomize him...

Glenda was masturbating in a frenzy. She was gasping and grunting. Her legs were shaking. Her tits were bobbling and jiggling, as was the flesh of her belly and her thighs. She was lost in total lust and pleasure. Panting for breath, she lowered her head and forced her eyes open to look at Troy. Open-mouthed, her face was positively glowing with desire and pure love. Troy looked through her. Past her. Tried not to see her at all.

Think of big, hairy men. Strong hands grabbing him. Holding him down. Big booming laughs, mocking his weak struggles, his spindly arms and legs. A large, hot phallus pushing up against his sphincter. Forcing its way inside him. Roughly stretching and penetrating his anus... He grasped himself, squeezing, tugging gently...

Glenda was cooing, moaning with every breath. Her hand was a blur on her pudenda. She was trembling as her fingers stroked her gushing pussy furiously. She was loud. Unabashed. "Oh, Tiger!" she gasped. "Tiger! Oh, fuck, Tiger! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUCK! FUUUUCCCKK!" she wailed. She pitched forward and squatted a bit lower. A huge blast of liquid sprayed forth from her pussy as she bucked and shook. She squirted all over her hand, soaking her thighs and the ground beneath her. "Fuck!" she squealed. "Oh, fuck, Tiger, oh my fuck, oh my fuck..."

She nearly fell over. Troy tried to look straight at her but see nothing. He was vaguely aware that she had just given herself a tremendous orgasm. His mind was focusing on being spit roasted by two swarthy, burly men. But his penis would not respond. His mind was conjuring up the nastiest, hottest, most filthy gay sex scenarios it could come up with, but his body would not respond. Not at all.

"Oh wow, Gumdrop, Gumdrop..." Troy found himself praising his cousin. His mind slid back into his body. "Oh, Gumdrop that's the hottest... you are so beautiful, so sexy... you're the most amazing..."

"Oh, Tiger, Tiger..." she cooed. She was heaving for breath in the afterglow of her orgasm. "Oh, Tiger, I never felt anything like this, never felt anything like you make me feel..." She stumbled a bit and giggled as she righted herself, standing erect. "Oh Tiger, I'm still on fire for you, ya know that... I can't believe how good that was... I never did it like that in front of someone before, not like that... I always had t' kind of fake it a bit, y' know, put on a show... But that was all so real, Tiger, oh gosh, so real..."

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