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Making Up


I sat there on the floor broken hearted, tears running down my face. I've never felt love like I feel for you. Because of my mean words and jealousy I sit alone. You left me a week ago, and I've realized that I love you.

They say "You never know what you have till it's gone." I can honestly say this is true. I've realized what you mean to me, but it''s to late.

There I sat broken hearted, crying, tears running down my face. I hear a sound off in the distance, but not paying attention. My thoughts are consumed by you. A hand is placed lightly on my shoulder. I look up tear streaked face an all, and there you stand. My heart leaps, the butterflies start there swarm.

You put out your hand, taking it I stand before you. Vulnerable and scared I wrap my arms around your neck. You place your hands around my waist. My eyes cannot even meet yours. The shame I feel inside is felt.

In your hand you take my face, our eyes meet. Mine fill with tears. I try to pull my face away, but you won't let me. Our eyes meet again. I can see yours are filled with love. My tears spill over.

You wipe my tears away, our lips meeting. You lean in kissing me. Soft and tender your lips meet mine. Little kisses developing into passionate kissing. The butterflies are tamed and calm. Kissing you still takes my breath away.

We find our way to the bedroom, our lips never parting. In the dark we stand taking our clothes off. No words are needed, just our hearts. Your lips finding their way down my throat and neck. My body starts to shake and shudder, your hand going to my back to steady me.

We lay on the bed together, spooning. In each others arms we lay. My back against your chest. Feeling your heart beat with mine. Our breathing becomes as one. And we drift off to sleep.

During the night I wake up yearning to make my love happy an knowing he is loved. I slowly lay you on your back, trying not to wake you. I slip from your warm embrace. I kiss you lightly on your soft lips. Making a trail down your body with my mouth. I skip over your man hood. Going to your thighs kissing soft, I cup your balls in my hand massaging them. I lean in kissing the base of your dick. Letting my tongue escape from my lips I lick you from base to the head.

Opening your eyes you smile down at me. Still we need no words. Your fingers reach for my hair. Licking under the head and coming up to it, your cock meets my lips. Parting my lips I let you slip between them. I roll my tongue around the head, letting it fall back under it. My lips wrap around you, applying some suction.

I work the head very slowly in and out of my mouth. Savoring your dick in between my lips, I slowly allow more of you to enter my mouth. Leaning over you more, I start slowly working the head and length in and out of my mouth until reaching the base licking down towards your balls.

Small groans escape from your lips. Still massaging your balls with my hand, taking your cock between my lips sucking on your length sideways. From head to the base I work you up and down between my lips.

Coming up to the head I notice some pre-cum, not being able to control myself I start sucking the head. And the head only real slow I suck it in and out of my lips. Your fingers roaming in my hair, intertwining, grasping hair between your fingers you wrap it tight. Then relaxing then back to hand fulls.

I know how to make love to your body with my mouth, and I give you my everything. I give you my heart over and over again.

Slowly I make love to you dick with my mouth, wanting this to last forever. Your dick worked from base to the head in and out of my lips. Softly sucking, licking letting my tongue dance over every inch you have.

Slowly I increase my pace, using alittle more suction. I look up into your eyes and fall in love with you all over again. My heart was totally in what I'm doing. I made love to your dick with my mouth. Swallowing all of you letting you feel the back of my throat. Licking the base of your dick, I feel your hips start to meet my rhythm.

Working your cock in and out of my mouth, from base to the head. I love to suck just the head using my tongue, flicking hard under neath. Just where you love it. Then you in all the way, keeping a steady rhythm.

I could feel you start to grow alittle more harder and bigger. This really turned me on. I felt your balls become very firm. Holding them tighter in my hand. My other hand going to your ass. Slightly gripping it. Your hands intertwined deep in my hair.

I let go of your balls. In long, hot waves you come deep and hard into my mouth and throat. You totally start working your dick in and out of my mouth. Sucking harder, swallowing all you have to give me. You keep your hands still in my hair. Licking and sucking you till there was nothing left to give.

You pull my back up to you by the hair, not really pulling. You take me in your arms kissing me deeply. I slide back into your embrace feeling our heart beats together. Our breathing again becoming one. Still no words are needed.

That was my last thought before falling asleep in your loving embrace.

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