tagLoving WivesMaking Up For Lost Time Ch. 02

Making Up For Lost Time Ch. 02


When Jeff got home Karen was so engrossed in a phone call to her sister that she just waved to him and kept on talking. As soon as she'd hung up, the phone rang and it was their daughter on the line. She'd just rung up for a chat with her mum and to arrange a shopping trip for the weekend. Karen was going to see her for the day, and they spent a half an hour catching up and plotting for the weekend. By the time she was off the phone, Jeff's racing mind had settled down and everything seemed normal. But if Karen had been able to see the thoughts and images in Jeff's head, she would have realised things were far from normal.

The image was of Jenny in her car, with her skirt almost up to her waist, seemingly acres of smooth, tanned thighs on display -- her knees as far apart as they'd go. Then the image changed to the second webcam photo, the quality wasn't brilliant but you could clearly see the outline of her slit and the neatly trimmed dark blonde bush of her pussy hair. He was really glad she had kept some pubic hair, and wasn't clean shaven, as most women seem to be these days. It just seemed to highlight that whole area of a woman's body -- or maybe he was just showing his age! As Jeff watched the TV, he imagined running his hand up Jenny's thigh, as he had done so many years earlier, and running his thumb through that hair whilst his fingers caressed and slid into her. He could almost hear Jenny's moans, and feel her wriggle as he imagined his fingers stroking her clit.

The next few days were all the same, images and pictures -- some from the past and some imagined -- came into his head at inappropriate times. Each one enhancing his anticipation of events the next week. But mixed in with the anticipation was anxiety too -- all adding to the feeling of tension across his chest. He hadn't made love another woman since he'd met Karen. Was his technique any good? Would Jenny like the same things as him? Well for one thing Karen had always told him he was the "biggest" she'd ever had -- though in truth he only thought of himself as average -- certainly in comparison to most of the studs he'd seen on the internet porn sites. He also wondered about Jenny -- was this just another extra marital affair for her? Maybe she'd had a whole string of lovers -- she certainly seemed relaxed and confident about the situation. More so than Jeff did for sure. Ah well, he'd find out soon enough.

Tuesday morning arrived -- and Jeff and Karen found themselves both packing bags. Karen was helping to run a training course in Chester until Friday -- so they'd both be away until the weekend. They kissed each other and hugged goodbye, threw their bags into their cars (Karen's noticeably bigger than Jeff's -- "No surprise there!", Jeff smiled), as they set off in opposite directions.

The pick-up and set down parking at the small village station (one stop down the line from where Jenny had hopefully got on), was empty. Jeff parked and picked up his phone. There was a text message from Jenny:

Sry, last minute change of plan. Cant make it. Will explain l8r. xx

He felt like he wanted to throw up, his disappointment so was intense. Then his phone chirped and another message came in:

"Ha ha -- that's for calling me a tease. C u in 5 xxx"

The train pulled in as he was taking in the message. It wasn't only her eyes that were laughing as she walked along the platform with a massive grin. He walked over to her and pulled her to him with a huge hug.

"You little sod! Any more stunts like that in the next 24 hours and you'll get kicked out of bed!" was all he could say.

"Oh, I don't think so ..." and she reached down, rubbed his crotch and winked playfully.

"We've a two and a half hour car journey ahead, and any more of that and it could take two and half days!"

"Not a chance -- I want you in a bed, not in some lay-by with me bent over the bonnet of a BMW thank you." And at that Jeff put her case in the boot alongside his own.

She looked great as usual -- denim skirt above the knee, white strappy top, with an open yellow shirt over it. They made decent progress for the first hour or so, and were making small talk whilst holding and stroking each other's hands. Then out of the blue Jenny announced, "Oh, this isn't going to work, it's no use!" Jeff's heart sank, but before he could say anything she reached across and continued "I'm just going to have to see your cock, I can't wait any longer."

With that she grabbed his belt buckle, undid the top button of his jeans and then, one by one, the buttons of his fly. "Hmm, I think he wants a bit of fresh air", she grinned as she put her hand inside his boxers and fished out his semi hard penis.

"Well, it's a promising start", she murmured as she slowly stroked it -- feeling it lengthen and harden with each stroke. "Very promising...", as Jeff felt his cock get absolutely rock hard. "Ok buster, you keep your eyes on the road..." and with that Jenny shifted her weight so she could lean over and put her head in his lap. She slowly licked and circled the tip with her tongue, and then kept her lips around the end of it for a few seconds. Then slowly she started to move her head down, and without flinching or bobbing her head, but in one smooth movement she took the whole length into her mouth, with not the slightest hint of gagging. Jeff had never been deep throated before and he could feel his balls start to tighten as if he was going to come. But before he could shoot, she withdrew her mouth, and looked up at him.

"I think that's enough for now, we don't want you to get too excited, do we? Besides, the first time you come, I want you to be deep inside me".

"That was amazing; I have never had that done to me before."

"Well, in that case, we'll have to see what other surprises I can give you. Oh, and no pressure, but you had better be bloody good, because I've waited 25 years for this!"

The hotel he had booked was a typical East Anglian country hotel -- a converted old manor house set in acres of land. Some given over to gardens, and some left wild. They checked in and the Receptionist smiled and informed them their room was all ready. As the bell boy was busy helping some American tourists, Jeff said they'd find their own way up. The lift was small and perfectly slow -- allowing time for a long, passionate kiss.

Jeff opened the room door and let Jenny in first. She turned with a smile.

"You old smoothie, you! Are you trying to seduce me?" she asked indicating the Champagne chilling in its bucket.

"We'd have had oysters too, if I'd remembered to ask you if you liked them. Plus I didn't want to risk you having an allergic reaction."

"I think I'm having an allergic reaction now, my clothes feel really itchy. I think I'd better get them off before my skin goes all blotchy, or I pass out or something."

Jeff needed no second invitation and moved towards her. She flicked off her shoes, instantly dropping two inches as Jeff lifted the shirt off her shoulders and reached down to undo the skirt. It fell round her ankles and Jeff's hands wandered to the waistband of her lacy, white knickers. As his hands roamed around her body she apologised that she wasn't wearing a thong.

"I know men like them, but they really do disappear up the crack of my bum."

Jeff didn't know why he said it, but straight away he quipped, "We have to see what else can do that trick then."

Jenny froze, pushed him away and looked at him for a few seconds, before announcing that if Jeff thought for one minute that monster between his legs was getting anywhere near her arse, he could think again.

"But hey, never say never...." She added with a smile, as she pulled him towards her and started to unbuckle his belt.

His jeans loosened and slipped down his legs as Jenny stepped out of the crumpled heap of material that was her denim skirt. Jeff sat on the bed to get his jeans fully off. As she bent down to tug his them off his legs, her top fell forward and Jeff saw her beautiful tits, round and inviting, nestling in the white bra underneath. He reached out, eased the strappy top over her head and cast it aside. His hands went up to caress the nipples he remembered so vividly.

Once his jeans were off, he reached round to undo the white, lacy bra. And for the first time Jenny seemed defensive and embarrassed. A quizzical looked asked what the problem was.

"I'm not 25 years old anymore, I've had two kids and these are really a bit floppy". Her arms were folded, reinforcing her embarrassment.

"Are you out of your mind -- they look brilliant!"

"In this piece of engineering, maybe." She responded as she flicked her bra strap, "but you haven't seen them loose -- well, not for 25 years!"

Jeff stood up, held her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes.

"Listen, yes we are both older, but I'd like to think we are a little bit wiser. I am not stupid enough to think that your body is like it was 25 years ago, because I know mine's definitely not." With that he slipped off her bra straps, and then continued, "but right now, you are my perfect woman," and his hands reached round and undid the clasp in the small of her back. "And what's more, I fancy the arse off you, and I want these nipples in my mouth right now."

As the bra fell away she reached up, clasped her hands round his neck, and kissed him. Jeff's hand was between them caressing her breasts, and feeling the nipples grow because of the attention he was giving them. He inched back, sat back on the bed, and then lay back as he pulled her on top of him. Their kisses intensified, so they were kissing each others necks. Jeff slowly eased Jenny up so he finally got his mouth round those nipples, which Jeff realised must have been centimetre and a half long. Jenny squeezed his head harder and let out small gasps as she felt her whole body respond. Her thigh was against Jeff's crotch and she could feel his cock stiffening in anticipation. She reached down, stroked him through his boxers and then slipped into them over the waistband and gently started to stroke him. After a very short time, with her breathing getting more and more uneven and rapid, she broke away from him and looked at him.

"Make love to me, NOW -- we can fuck later, but right now I want you to make love to me"

They moved further onto the bed, and she pulled off his boxers while he eased down her panties. Jeff rolled her over so that he was lying on top of her. Jenny's legs eased apart and his cock, now absolutely rock hard, was perfectly placed at the entrance to her pussy. Their eyes were locked together in a look of intense affection. He was going to reach down and guide himself in, but before he could Jenny just inched herself lower, and the tip of his cock slid inside, into warmth and wetness. Without taking their eyes off each other they both slowly moved their hips and Jeff's cock gently slid in to the hilt.

"A perfect fit", he smiled, "just as I knew it would be."

Jenny's hand moved round to stroke his face as they slowly started to move together. The initial movements were very slow and rhythmic, but each stroke was the full length of Jeff's cock. Jenny flinched with pleasure and let out a small gasp as each slow thrust went in, and Jeff could feel the hardness of her nipples rubbing against his chest. As the movements got gradually quicker, their bodies acquired the sheen of perspiration caused by a combination of their efforts and warm summer afternoon.

Despite the pace getting slowly more urgent, they were still concentrating on each other's eyes. Jenny's small gasps had changed with each thrust.

"Oh....oh ......oh.....oh God .....oh God........" was in unison with Jeff's grunts of exertion.

"No....oh God....oh.....oh...oh...oh God..." became more rapid as the deep thusts became more vigorous.

"Don't stop ....oh God ...oh ....no ....oh God ... no........noooooo!" Jenny screamed and her hips convulsed in a huge orgasm as Jeff shot a huge load deep inside her. Their joint orgasm was prolonged in a series judders as they slowly came down from their mutual high. Her eyes broke into a smile and her hands pulled his head forward for a long, passionate kiss.

They lay together in the warm afterglow that only great sex can bring, Jeff's flagging manhood still inside her. Eventually he slid out and Jenny shuddered. Jeff rolled onto his back still holding her with his left arm around her shoulder just caressing her breast, so she was on her side with her left leg draped over his body and her head resting on his chest. Neither wanted to say anything to break the spell and the magic of the intense sex they had shared. Finally, Jenny whispered, "Can I tell you something...", then without waiting for an answer continued, "that was the first orgasm I have ever had."

Jeff lifted his head, incredulous, not knowing what to say, then she turned her head upwards, looking at him and grinned " but it won't be the last -- and God, it was worth waiting for!"

They kissed and stroked each others damp bodies, and Jeff felt himself starting to get hard again. Jenny raised herself up on one elbow:

"Well now I know I'm capable of having one, let's go for a multiple shall we?" Jeff nodded his agreement with a smile.

"Right buster, now you can fuck my brains out!" she said as she rolled on top of him and straddled his hips - all self consciousness from half an hour earlier completely gone. She moved slowly back so that she could reach down with her head, and for the second time that day her tongue licked the tip of Jeff's swelling cock. As she did so, Jeff was treated to the sight of her tits hanging invitingly down. He found himself reaching round and taking one in each hand. Although it wasn't the first time Jenny had tasted and licked her own juices mixed with a man's semen, it had been a long time since she had done it. The strong odours of their earlier intimacy stimulated her senses and she could feel herself getting more and more aroused and damp between her legs. Unlike the earlier time in the car, this time she took her time -- slowly licking its length and then sucking the tip. As Jeff uttered his approval with a series of "oh Gods" of his own, Jenny enjoyed the feeling of power as once again his cock became a steel girder under her tongue's influence.

She looked up at him, "I thought you were a big boy all those years ago. And this is the biggest I have ever sucked. And what's more, I love your taste."

She saw him bristle with pride, and guessed he had filed away the obvious question to ask at that point. Jenny wondered how long it would take for him to ask it, and whether she'd tell him the truth when he did...

With that she slowly started to bob her head up and down the length of his cock, one hand holding his balls and the other wanked his cock in time with her movements. Jeff was holding his breath as he sensed what was coming, and Jenny took her hand away and her mouth went all the way down to take all of him into her mouth and throat.

"Oh fuck!" was all Jeff could say as Jenny sucked and moved her head slowly up and down his length. But before he could shoot, she let his cock go and looked at him.

"Babe, you can come in my mouth, on my tits, my arse or wherever you like later. But right now I want you in me again," and she moved up the bed, lifted her hips and reached under herself to guide him. She held the tip at the entrance to her slit, which was sopping wet from a mixture of Jeff's earlier come and her own fresh wetness. With a smooth lowering of her hips she impaled herself on him and took his entire length in an easy movement.

"Oh shit, this feels amazing!" was all she could say as Jeff's hands gripped her waist and she started to ride him energetically. As she gathered pace going up and down her tits bounced and Jeff's hands went up to caress them and his fingers pinched her massive nipples. Jeff started to thrust up to meet her and they were in perfect synchronisation. Their movements got faster and faster. Jeff tweaking her nipples and Jenny with her eyes closed moved her hands onto his to help him massage her breasts. She then raised her hands up and behind her head still riding him for all she was worth.

To Jeff this was one of the most erotic things he had ever seen. An incredibly sexy woman, eyes closed in fierce concentration, hands behind her head, her gorgeous breasts swaying, her trimmed pubic hair soaked with juices as she let out small, breathless cries of pleasure. Then Jenny let out the loudest "Oh God" yet, and yielded to a shattering orgasm. Jeff had managed to hold back and was still hard as Jenny collapsed forward onto his chest, and he kept up a steady but slower series of thrusts. The now familiar series of "Oh....Oh .....aah.....aah" got louder until she shuddered again, in the third orgasm she had ever had. Jenny sat up, and looked at Jeff. To him she seemed almost as if she was on some drug -- her eyes were wide, her mouth was open and her breathing erratic. She put her arms behind her and leaned back. Jeff was still thrusting -- God knows how he hadn't come yet -- and as Jenny leaned back they both looked down at the sight of his cock sliding in and out of her glistening pussy lips. Jenny was transfixed at the sight. The new position somehow helped Jeff not to come, and for what seemed like hours, but was probably only minutes they just enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding effortlessly into her. He loved the way it gripped his cock, the way small folds of skin came out with him, the way her pussy lips glistened with natural lubricant. His eyes drifted up to Jenny's face, as she slowly returned to normal and smiled at Jeff.

"You look pretty proud of yourself", he grinned.

"Well it's not every day a girl has her first orgasm, and then her first multiple orgasm, you know!"

"Ah but I am not sure two in a row counts as a true multiple -- I think you need at least one more before it counts. And I think I know exactly how to do it!" and with that he stopped thrusting and gently withdrew his cock -- secretly still amazed it was hard, and that he hadn't come yet! He grabbed a couple of pillows, placed them on top of each other. Jenny smiled, knowing full well what he wanted, and lay with her stomach resting on them. Jeff moved round and thought this was one of the best sights he'd ever seen. He moved her knees wider apart so she was stretched out and he could see the gap opened up by her pussy lips. With no hesitation he placed his dick at the entrance, and slowly circled it, stimulating her clit without entering her.

"Listen you bastard, you're supposed to be fucking my brains out so stop pissing around and ram it in!"

Only too happy to oblige, Jeff thrust for all he was worth and Jenny let out a scream that was probably heard in the next village. But then he just kept going -- the sight of him sliding in, the squelching sound of her wetness, and the groans were getting too much. But he desperately wanted this not to stop -- so despite the rising crescendo of Jenny's screams, the tightening of her pussy and the juddering of her body he kept going. Jenny now pushed back in the same frantic rhythm. Gripping her hips all he could hear was Jenny's voice screaming. "I'm coming .... Oh god ....oh again.....aaaauuuggghhhhh" and Jeff exploded with an equally loud exclamation. He kept thrusting until he collapsed in a heap, but not before Jenny completed the fourth, and longest orgasm of her life.

The sun was a lot lower and shining in through the open window when they eventually awoke. Jenny had her back to him, but their bodies were fitted snugly together -- Jeff's arms around her, and Jenny's arm reached back resting on his buttock.

"As I see it", Jeff whispered into her ear, "we have two choices." He felt her tense up, wondering what was coming next. What dramatic statement about their future?

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