tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaking Use of the Fairchilds

Making Use of the Fairchilds


James Levburn walked the paved path from his car to his new, albeit temporary, home. He was impressed. It was 3 stories of old brick, ran thick with ivy that choked the windows and hung from the roof tiles. The house was part of a long terrace that stretched into the horizon, the streets lined with oaks and ancient iron bollards. Small gardens framed the houses, and the one he approached now was thick with heather.

Reaching the front door, he lifted the brass door knocker and thumped it down several times. It was shaped like a snarling lion's head. He snarled back at it, before breaking into a hyena-like grin, all teeth, and chuckled to himself.

The door was answered by Rebecca Fairchild, a work colleague of his for nearly a year. They were both teachers at the same local high school, James teaching physics while Rebecca taught english.

That was how they had met, and how James had found a place to stay after his previous house had burned down. He had suffered a truly awful week, having lost all of his possessions in one pointless accident, and he had decided he was going to treat himself. He had mentioned his plight in passing to Rebecca, knowing that she couldn't resist playing the good samaritan and inviting him to stay with her. Rebecca was what he was going to treat himself to.

"Hello--ooohhhh," she said something between a greeting and a yawn. Her eyes were screwed shut, temporarily blinded by the summer sun, and she rubbed at one eye lazily with a small fist. Her mouth was wide open in a characteristic yawn. She had full soft lips that framed a pink tongue that arched upwards invitingly.

"Hello Ms. Fairchild," he said. "Didn't wake you, did I?" As he spoke he let his eyes wander over her.

It was a passtime he often enjoyed. Rebecca was a notorious sleeper, barely a week going by without her being caught napping on her desk during one of her own classes or curled into a ball on one of the faculty staffroom's couches. James would often find himself staring at her sleeping face, watching as her eyes fluttered and she cooed softly as she slept.

Rebecca had long blonde hair that, as usual, she had pinned atop her head in a bun. Pinned up poorly - loose hairs sprung from it in all directions. Her eyes were a dancing green and she had a short upturned nose at the end of which perched a pair of square spectacles. Her skin was pale and creamy, and she had light freckles across her nose and cheeks.

Her nape was crowned with a few downy blonde hairs, and her slender shoulders disappeared beneath a white shirt that looked like it had never seen an iron. She wore a grey business jacket that she filled with the swell of large, firm breasts, and a matching pencil skirt that hugged her hips and clung tight to her perfect ass. She had long legs hidden beneath black stockings, with taut, slender calves, and thighs that promised so much before disappearing beneath her tight skirt. To make matters worse, she wore black heels that did delicious things to her legs and rump, pushing them up behind her in a way that invited thoughts of bending her over her desk and fucking her pretty little brains out.

She was wearing her work clothes. She must've gotten home and immediately fallen asleep without changing.

"Come in," she yawned dreamily, before turning and disappearing down a narrow entrance cluttered with shoes and a mountain bike propped against one wall which took up half the corridor. It was an old house, and the builders had been economical with space.

"Thanks again," he called out. "I don't think my neck could take another night sleeping in my car." He placed a large hand to the back of his neck, kneading the corded muscle there in memory of having woken the previous night with his head jammed against his car door at an angle that would make a cat wince. He moved his hand upward and through course brown hair that had been left long and unruly.

He must look terrible. He hadn't had a chance to shave recently, and his broad, muscular frame wasn't built for sleeping in the back of a small car. Oh well, he was going to make up for all that this weekend!

"Oh you poor thing! Of course it's no bother, we had a room free." The 'we' she had referred to must have been her daughters. Not that James would have ever guessed if she hadn't told him herself, but Rebecca was a mother of two. She was in her mid-thirties, but looked ten years younger, firm in all the places James cared to stare. Which was everywhere.

Her daughters both attended the same high school he worked at. The pair were 18 years old, and almost as desirable as their mother. While they lacked her raw sex appeal, they made up for it with a youthful cuteness. He was going to treat himself to Rebecca's daughters as well.

"Would you like something to drink, coffee maybe?"

"Yes," he replied brusquely as he followed her into the kitchen. There was a large dining table dominating a room too small for it, and the cabinets and shelves were decorated with various knick-knacks and cutesy dolls. You could tell that women lived here.

As they sat and drank they made small talk. James had been away from work for a week to get his affairs in order. He asked if Rebecca had had any trouble getting the afternoon off work.

"Oh no," she said, waving a hand dismissively, "I'm sure my class is doing fine without me." James found that he wasn't surprised to learn that she had left work for the day without telling anyone. She was intelligent, so he could only attribute her lack of any sort of responsibility or foresight to being half-asleep most of the day. And fully asleep the rest of the day. She would turn up to work on Monday and get chewed out for leaving a classroom of teenagers unattended, probably while looking confused at what all the fuss was about.

Despite her gross misconduct she would not be fired on the spot, because James was by no means the only male staff member to fantasize about having Ms. Fairchild on her knees in the staffroom, looking up at him with wide green eyes as he pressed his balls tight against her chin and replaced her usual lunch with thick ropey cum.

James felt his tight jeans become tighter as he imagined the prim and proper Ms. Fairchild with her little tummy full of his cum.

"I'll show you to your room," she said, closing her eyes as she smiled, oblivious to what was going through her guest's mind. They made their way deeper into the house, up two flights of stairs and a maze of hallways.

They reached his new room, at the end of a corridor so narrow that the crawl spaces in the walls were probably wider. The room itself was cramped and there was a bed against one wall, little more than a mattress atop a bare frame. He wasn't going to sleep here. He'd take her bed. She could sleep on the floor.

Without warning he grabbed her by one arm and pulled her over to him. He crushed her against the wall with his body. Her face pressed into the crook between his chest and his chin, and their eyes met. Rebecca's face was bright red, her eyes wide with shock. What was going on!?

"W-wha? Hah!" she squeaked, as his legs intertwined with her own. One of his legs came between her thighs, separating them as he shifted his weight. Her skirt rode up her thighs and beyond the tops of her stockings. They were hold ups, ending in a lacy trim that abruptly gave way to her exposed skin.

"Haaaaah," gasping deeper this time, she sounded almost pained. He pushed his leg farther forward. Her pencil skirt rode the rest of the way up, completely exposing her hips and revealing her panties - black lace that rose high to each side of her taut stomach but delved mouth-wateringly low over her cunt.

He grabbed both her arms and held them above her head, and then he kissed her. She tasted like vanilla. He bit her bottom lip, he thrust his tongue into her as far as it would go, and he left her panting against him.

"You are mine, Rebecca Fairchild. I will fuck your face tonight, and you will drink my cum. If you disobey me," he thrust two thick fingers into her mouth, "I will treat your family to dinner as well. Do you understand me?" She nodded her head furiously in agreement.

The slam of a door could be heard from downstairs. Rebecca's daughters had returned from school.

Her daughters were at the kitchen dinnertable when James and a dishevelled Rebecca entered.

"Hello Mr Levburn!" said Alice, the eldest daughter, with a thousand watt smile. She was a vibrant girl and took after her mother physically. Exaggerated blond curls reached to the small of her back, and she had decorated them with girlish pink bows. She was also a busty girl, with easily the largest breasts amongst the Fairchild family. "Welcome to our ho-o-ome!" she sang, with an accompanying little wave of her arms.

Rebecca's second daughter, Nate, said nothing. She had her face buried in a book, and looked up nervously as he entered. She blushed furiously when she spotted him. She had a crush on James and didn't hide it well. She had mousy brown hair that was cropped into a messy bobcut, and wide cat-like eyes that seemed perpetually surprised. She had also inherited her mother's freckles. She had smaller breasts, but made up for it with her ass and hips. She had firm buttocks that were begging to be bitten and slapped, and wide childbearing hips that held a delicious gap between her thighs.

They were still in their school uniforms. They both wore dark green jackets emblazoned with the school crest, under which was a black sweater. A dark green pleated skirt hung off their hips and butt, coming down to mid-thigh. They wore green school stockings that came up just below their skirts, and little black lacy boots that hugged their calves.

The three lived alone. From what James understood, Rebecca had married a guy when she was young. After a year together he had divorced her and left Rebecca to look after her children alone. She hadn't been with a guy before or since.

"Hiya Nate, how's my favourite budding physicist?" he said. Nate's face went a brighter shade of red at her teacher's compliment. That ought to get her little white panties wet, he thought with a smirk. The girls didn't notice that their mother's face was also scarlet, or that she kept staring down at her feet meekly.
Alice was the family cook and shortly prepared dinner. They all sat down to eat.

"Ah, that looks delicious Alice! Real home cooking," James said, and Nate mumbled her thanks as well. Nate was reading a book as she ate and Alice babbled about some childish shit that James tuned out.

"So I was walking home from school," she twittered, "and I saw the cuuuutest little puppy! This lady had him and we petted him and he was almost as cute as Snowberry!" Snowberry was a stuffed rabbit that Alice carried with her everywhere. She had kept it since she was a small child, and couldn't sleep without it. It was her constant companion. Personally, James thought it was fucking embarrassing that a senior in high school still dragged a toy everywhere with her, but that was Alice through-and-through. Stuffed animals and pink bows and frills. Sugar and spice and everything nice.

He decided that this family scene was entirely too peaceful. Time to mix things up.

"Don't eat too much Ms. Fairchild, remember I'm treating you to dinner later tonight!" She choked on her food. Alice and Nate broke into giggles, thoughts of romantic candlelit dinners running through their naive heads. Rebecca's eyes pleaded with James not to say anything in front of them.

After dinner they retreated to the sitting room. There were two couches, Alice and Nate taking one while James and Rebecca occupied the other. James noticed that there was no TV, remembering something Rebecca had once said about not wanting to raise her children with television's corrupting influence. She had been very thorough with their upbringing. Well, her long careful years of tutelage were going to come to nothing this weekend when he introduced her little princesses to the influence of cum in their tight virgin wombs.

"Sooooo..." began Alice, "where are you talking mom for dinner?" Another fit of giggles from the girls.

"I'm not taking your mother anywhere," he replied cooly. They looked to each other, confused.

"So... you're going to cook something for her?"

"No, Alice. I'm not cooking anything."

"I... I don't understand. What are you giving mom for dinner?" James leaned forward and stared directly into Alice's eyes. He felt Rebecca tense up beside him, and he heard her praying under her breath.

"I am going to feed her my cum, Alice. She is going to take my heavy cock to the back of her throat and drink my cum." There was absolute silence. All three girls were stunned rigid. Rebecca cut off mid-entreaty, her prayers having gone unanswered. Nate drew her open book up to her face so only her large eyes were visible peering over the top.

"Are... are you joking..?" Alice finally spoke up. By way of answering, James stood up and pulled his shirt over his head, throwing it into Alice's face. He kicked his shoes off and then slowly unzipped his pants. He let his jeans and boxers fall together.

His cock was fully erect, nine inches of thick meat covered in angry throbbing veins. It would be quite the initiation for the young virgins who now sat squirming in their seats. It curved upward to his navel and glistened with precum. His heavy distended balls hung underneath, obscene in their size, and wiry pubic hair sat around the base of his shaft.

"Okay Ms. Fairchild. I think it's time we began. Get on your knees."

"...no, please no... not in front of my girls..." she whimpered.

"Remember what I said about obeying me? You have just earned one of your lovely little daughters a belly full of hot cum." She jumped up immediately and wrapped herself around him.

"NONONONONO! Please! Anything but that! I'll do it!" He grabbed her roughly by the chin and stared directly into her.

"Too late, it IS going to happen. One of your darling girls is going to walk out of this room with a full tummy. Unless you want to make it both of them, you will get on your knees. Right. Now."

The girls had looks of stunned disbelief plastered across their faces. He wouldn't... not to them... they hadn't so much as kissed a boy!

Rebecca slowly sank downward. She felt her skirt ride all the way up her thighs as she got on her knees. "...ohgod ohgod ohgod..." His cock was before her face now. He slapped her across one cheek with it, and she flinched at the feel, heavy and wet.

"Open wide. Stick your tongue out," he grunted savagely. She complied, and he smacked his cockhead against her tongue. The girls jumped in their seats - this was really going to happen. No hero was going to jump in at the last moment and save mommy.

He gripped her with one large hand, grabbing the bun at the back of her head. "Please don't do this, please please please I'll do anyth--" She was cut off as he pulled her face onto him. Two inches of fat cock pushed into her wet mouth, pressing her jaw down painfully. She whimpered. This had to be a bad dream. Wake up, Rebecca! Wake up!

"Your days of teaching are over, Ms. Fairchild. I'm going into work on Monday, and I will hand them your notice of resignation. You don't get to work anymore. You are going to stay at home." He couldn't do that! It was her job! He pushed another two inches of cock into her. Her cheeks bulged obscenely as his girth filled her face, and saliva dribbled down her chin as he pulled out a little before thrusting back in.

"Your girls also aren't going back either. They don't need to finish high school. They're learning everything they'll ever need to know from you, right now." Nate felt sick. Learning was her life. He couldn't be serious! But he was. "I've been on a few, shall we say, 'work outings' with the guys," he explained. "I know private things about them. We've made pacts. If I ask them to cut Alice and Nate loose, they will, no questions asked. Your school days are over, girls." And that was it. The years of study and revision they had done were for nothing. Their dreams for the future were over.

"Ah fuck... you're getting really tight... take it! Take it all!" he grunted, powerful buttocks working to violate the sanctity of her mouth. He slapped her cheek with his free hand. Humiliation and pain coursed through Rebecca. She felt her face being contorted to fit him and she tasted the bitter tang of his precum smeared across her tongue.

He turned to face Rebecca's sheltered little girls who were watching their mommy get filled impossibly full. "I hope you're taking notes," he snarled. "One of you is next." They shrank back into the couch.

With a victorious howl, James thrust his entire nine inches into Rebecca Fairchild, former english teacher. His balls slapped audibly against her chin, making the girls jump again. She was now fully impaled on him, his cockhead lodged at the very back of her mouth, making her slender neck bulge. Her pretty nose was crushed flat against his pubic area, and her thin spectacles were bent out of shape. Her skirt had completely risen over her ass, as she had been unconsciously sliding her thighs wider apart, and her long legs were completely exposed.

"Now..." James gasped, "tell your girls how much you love them." She was frightened, frightened of what would happen if she disobeyed him, so she began his impossible request. She turned her eyes to her daughters and she tried to tell them how much she loved them. She tried to tell them that she would protect them, and that she would always be there for them. She remembered words she had whispered to them across all of those years to send them to sleep at night. Her love for her children was reduced to nothing but a muffled moan by the cockmeat that choked her.

But it was the vibrations of Rebecca's voice trying impossibly to comfort her children that sent James' over the edge. "Let's fill you up," he cried, and his ball tightened and emptied themselves into her. Rebecca felt his hot cum making it's way down her neck with a sense of utter degradation. Alice and Nate's faces were masks of sheer horror as the audible sound of gulping could be heard. James' filled her stomach, and then her mouth, until finally his cum dripped over her lower lip and down onto her grey business jacket.

To be used like this... Rebecca felt her bottom squirming beneath her, and she realised she was wet. She had never felt more complete. She moaned wantonly around his cock.

James put a hand to either side of her head and pushed. Slowly his thick meat slid out of her. She dropped onto her ass and panted. She felt heavy, laden with cum. Rebecca and James both took a minute to recover.

"You make for a good cocksucker even if you can't do anything else. Let's see if it runs in the family. Pick which of your children you want to see with a cock down her throat."

"...I couldn't... not ever..." she panted.

"Are you disobeying me?"

"NO!" She turned to her daughters. They recoiled in fear. She looked to Alice. Exuberant and energetic, Alice always had a bounce to her step, a font of girlish innocence. Then she turned to Nate and her puppy dog eyes, the studious girl who would spend whole nights revising over her desk. A thousand happy memories of their childhood flooded through her head. How could she do this to either of them?

"...Alice..." she finally whispered in utter defeat, sacrificing her eldest daughter to James' fat cock. Alice couldn't believe her ears. She sat listlessly, looking from her mother, to her sister, and then to James' saliva-coated cock.

"Tell me what you want me to do to her," James said. She knew there was only one answer he would accept.

"I w-w-w-want you to... put yourself... in her mouth..." She sobbed as she said it.

"And where do you want me to cum? Do you want me to cum down her throat or do you want me to cum on your daughter's face?" Rebecca paused, trying to work out which was the less harrowing and degrading.

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