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Making Waves


He awoke in a daze not exactly certain where he was or . . . someone was gently nudging him back to consciousness . . . through hazy eyes a clock on a wall in front of him read eleven, but he had no idea whether it was morning or evening. With greater awareness came answers in the form of something taped to his arm: an IV. That suggested a hospital. The person touching him appeared to be a nurse, quite angelic, with big boobs, not huge, just . . . had he died and gone to heaven? Not likely.

"Admiral," she whispered. "Time to wake up."

He looked up. She was beautiful.


He tried to speak, but his throat was dry. She could see that and spooned a small cube of ice into his mouth. "Where . . ." was all he could manage, but he wasn't even certain he'd gotten it out.

"You're in a naval hospital. You've just had a double bypass. I'm your nurse, Ensign Rebecca Layne. Do you have any recollection?"

It was easier to shake his head, but then he wasn't really trying to remember anything. He was merely too dazzled by . . . Rebecca.

But with her help, over the next couple of hours as he came out of anesthesia, between what she could tell him and what he gradually remembered, he had the full story. He was Rear Admiral George Sadler—that much he already knew—one of the youngest men of his rank in the United States Navy. He had been on an inspection of the nearly completed aircraft carrier U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford when he had a heart attack, which apparently required a double bypass; not a good thing to happen to an up and coming admiral. He'd been airlifted to the Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, and here he was.

Sadler became very comfortable with Ensign Layne—she never left his side—and so, was quite disappointed sometime later when she told him that he was being transferred from recovery to intensive care. He wanted her to accompany him.

"Admiral, it would be my privilege to continue to care for you," Rebecca said sincerely. "But I'm assigned to recovery. Besides, I'll be retiring from the navy before you'll be discharged. However, I've seen to it that my best friend, Juliette James, will take as good care of you as I have."

"Will you at least visit?" he asked, sounding like a lovesick schoolboy, but probably not realizing what he was really asking.

Her smile alone made him feel better. "Of course."

"So, why are you getting out?" Sadler asked. "Navy not taking care of you?"

"No, sir. Going back to school. Going to use my G.I. Bill to become a nurse practitioner."

The admiral nodded. "Good for you. Anything I can do, let me know."

Since achieving any rank of importance, Sadler had never been hospitalized, so he didn't know if having a nurse assigned to only him, and then an ensign, not just a corpsman, who was basically at his beck and call was standard or because of his position. While he didn't want special treatment, he wouldn't have turned away Rebecca, and as much as he had wanted her to remain with him, Juliette James turned out to be a worthy replacement. And if that wasn't enough, when Juliette's 12-hour shift was over, Rebecca visited, and the two introduced their third team member, who had the other shift, Natalie Thornton, and she preferred to go by the boyish name of "Nate." And yes, she was as gorgeous as her compadres. What had he done to deserve this?

In his mid-forties and single, Admiral Sadler liked women as much as any sailor, but because of his position, he couldn't be obvious about it; particularly since he was in that minority of officers who believed that women should be as equal a part of every branch of the military as men. But there was something about this surgery, which provided him with a sense of his own mortality; that uncharacteristically had his eyes a little more sharply focused on the fairer sex. Or was he just still under the influence of too much medication that clouded his thinking?

"Everything okay, admiral?" Nate asked after Rebecca and Juliette departed.

"Nate—I'm sorry—ensign, I'm just wondering how long it'll be before all this medication has completely worn off. I don't believe I'm thinking very clearly—as calling you by your nickname has just proven."

"Well, sir, everyone reacts to anesthesia and pain medication a little differently. You should be over the worst of it. But it will continue to be gradual." She offered a smile as warm as Rebecca's. "And as to what you call me, it can be anything you want. We like to be casual around here, to the extent we can."

"I would imagine there would be some officers who might not like that kind of informality."

"That's what I meant by 'to the extent we can.'"

Sadler nodded his understanding. "Then you can call me George."

With a smirk, Nate said, "Thank you, but I couldn't. If my C.O. overheard I would be in big trouble."

"I'm sure I outrank your C.O."

"Thank you, admiral, but I only have a short time before I stand down. I don't want to make waves."

"You too? Ensign Layne is getting out also."

"We all are. Me, Rebecca and Juliette. We're going to become nurse practitioners. But don't worry, Juliette and I will be with you until you're discharged."

"Well, that's good news. Why not stay in the navy and do it?"

"It would take too long, not to mention having to commit to more years of service. If we get out, we can use our G.I. Bill and get it sooner."

"I'm sorry that the three of you are leaving, but I understand. As I told Ensign Layne, if there's anything I can do, just let me know."

* * *

He felt the soft hand gently grab his penis. It was divine. And, it had been some time since anyone had done that. He expected an erection to occur, was in fact looking forward to it. But it never did happen. He willed it to grow, but as if it had a mind of its own, it did not. Out of frustration, George Sadler opened his eyes. Rebecca, Juliette and Nate were standing around his bed, more specifically, near his crotch. One of them, he couldn't see which, was holding him. He realized he was dreaming. But why no hard on?

"He's awake," Rebecca noted.

Someone immediately dropped his dick.

"I'm sorry, sir," Rebecca offered. We were trying to give you a sponge bath without waking you."

He asked, almost comically. "You hold a man's penis in your hand and expect him to stay asleep? Does it work?"

She shrugged helplessly. "Obviously, not always."

"Sir, sometimes it avoids embarrassment for the patient," Juliette explained.

"When it works," Sadler couldn't help but remark.

"Yes, sir," Ensign James replied, obviously now the one embarrassed.

"And it takes three of you?"

"No, sir," Rebecca and Nate answered in chorus, joining in the embarrassment.

"Admiral, we—"

"It's okay, ensign. I'm not sure I want to know."

"No, sir, I don't think you do."

"Well, I don't want to stop you from the job in hand," he quipped.

And they all had a good laugh about it.

* * *

It was amazingly easy to become accustomed to these gorgeous women frequently touching him, sponge bathing him, checking his incision. And that began an interesting chain of events, starting with covert informality; except they still called him by his rank. Sadler found himself unusually attracted to all three women, not just because they were all beautiful—one no more than the other—but also because they were just nice people. He realized that was part of their job. But he was also a good judge of character, and these ladies were the real deal. Despite the age difference, he felt he could have a meaningful relationship with either of them.

"So, admiral," Juliette said the next evening when they were alone, and she was looking at his chart. "Says here you're single."

"I would have thought that was obvious since no one has come to visit."

"No family either?"

"Mom and dad passed a long time ago," he said with no emotion.

"I'm sorry. But how is a good-looking guy like you still single?" She phrased it lightly, but really wanted to know.

"Just too focused on my career, I guess."

"That's sad."

All Sadler could do was shrug.

* * *

"So, now that you're out of the navy, why are you hanging around an old fart like me?"

Rebecca chuckled and answered in kind. "'Cause you're a handsome old fart. Besides, you're not really old enough to be medically classified as an old fart," she said with a chuckle.

Sadler laughed. "Thanks for that. But you didn't answer the question."

"Sir, yes, sir," Rebecca mocked. "The fact is, we care for a lot of officers. And they all think they can simply command us because they outrank us, regardless of medical protocol. But you haven't done that. You've been an ideal patient; not to mention that you're—"

"A handsome old fart."

"I was going to say a really nice guy. But the fact that you are so good-looking doesn't hurt."

"It's easy to be a good patient when I have three very competent and beautiful nurses."

They exchanged a look that went well beyond a regular nurse/patient relationship.

* * *

Admiral Kenneth Walker, M.D. closed Admiral George Sadler's chart and looked up with what Sadler took to be a grim expression.

"Don't sugarcoat it, Ken. Give it to me straight." The two admirals had been friends for years, having served on a couple of ships together in their younger days, even though Walker was a few years older. The senior admiral was now stationed at the Naval Medical Center, and when he heard his friend was a patient, he had pulled rank and taken over the younger man's case.

"The fact is, George, you're recovering nicely. Right on schedule. We'll be moving you to a regular room."

"And the bad news?"

Another grimace. "I could actually discharge you in a couple of days, but since you have no one to take care of you, I won't be able to. You're going to need someone almost round the clock until you're fully recovered."

"Can't we hire private duty nurses?"

"None that I would be comfortable with."

* * *

"For someone who is getting out of ICU, you don't look very happy," Nate observed as she and Juliette wheeled Sadler down the hall from intensive care to his private room.

"Well, of course I'm glad to be out of there, particularly since you and Ensign James will still be on my case."


"Apparently, that's as far as I will be going," Sadler explained with little enthusiasm.

Rebecca was waiting in his new room when the trio arrived. "What's going on?" She wanted to know, sensing something amiss.

The admiral conveyed what he had been told by his doctor friend. "So, I guess I'll need some personal items from home." He thought for a moment, and then hesitantly asked, "Rebecca, since you now have a little time on your hands, would consider doing me a favor by going to my condo and picking up some things for me?"

"Of course, admiral. I'd be happy to."

* * *

Much to Nate's disappointment, Juliette accompanied Rebecca to the admiral's condo because the latter was uncomfortable going alone, not to mention possibly needing assistance with all Admiral Sadler wanted. They were all eager to see how an admiral lived, and more specifically, this admiral, whom they had all become fond of; hence, Nate's frustration.

The residence was located down in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, near the actual Army post. It seemed odd that a naval officer lived close to an Army installation, but it was also convenient to the Pentagon, which was where he was stationed.

The admiral knew exactly where everything was in his home, and so, it took the two women very little time to collect the items he had requested. It also gave them a few extra minutes to "tour" (read snoop) the condo. It was huge, and they were amazed that a single man, even one of his stature, needed a place so large.

Rebecca was quiet on the drive back to the medical center. Juliette picked up on it and questioned her.

"Just thinking about that incredible condo," she responded pensively.

"Thinking how?"

"Nothing in particular, but I can't get over the size. I wonder how much of it he actually uses."

"I know what you mean," Juliette agreed. "He's got that huge master bedroom on the top floor. I could spend a week up there!"

"The three bedrooms on the second floor are nothing to sneeze at," Rebecca pointed out.

"And then there's that gourmet kitchen," Juliette added. "It looked hardly used."

"Makes you wonder." But Rebecca did not elaborate.

* * *

Upon their return to the center, they found Nate waiting outside in the hallway.

"Everything okay?" Juliette asked with some concern.

"Oh, sure. Admiral Walker is 'visiting,'" Ensign Thornton reported. "That usually means guy talk."

"Come on, Ken, I can take care of myself," they heard Sadler say in a raised voice.

"Calm down, George," Walker replied. "This is medical protocol. I can't discharge you without someone to care for you. I've told you this."

"Fuck protocol," Sadler argued back. "Find me some private duty nurses."

"We're looking. Just having difficulty finding someone suitable."

"How difficult can it be to find someone competent?"

"It isn't just a question of competency," Walker explained. "You're a navy rear admiral responsible for highly sensitive naval ships. There are issues beyond medical to consider."

The three nurses looked at each other. Juliette and Nate felt awkward, but Rebecca said, "Come along girls. We're on."

The other two looked at her like she was crazy, but they still followed her into the room.

"Uh, excuse me, sirs," Rebecca said. "But your voices are carrying into the hallway."

"Thank you, ensign," Walker said, then caught himself. "You don't work here anymore."

"Uh, I sent her to my condo to pick up some things," Sadler explained. "Since it doesn't appear I'll be returning there any time soon," he added tersely.

"Actually, gentlemen," Rebecca went on, not fearing reprimand since these men were no longer her superiors, "not to be eavesdropping, but I think I may have a solution to this dilemma."

Admiral Walker turned to face her, a look of annoyance on his face. He was about to speak, but was interrupted.

"What is it, Rebecca?" Sadler asked.

Now suddenly feeling nervous, having not really thought all of this through, Rebecca plowed on. "Thank you, sir. First, please forgive me—us. We were so awestruck by your home that we couldn't help ourselves looking around."

"That's rather impertinent," Walker remarked.

"Go on, Rebecca," Sadler said, ignoring his friend.

"Well, sir, we couldn't help notice that most of your place appears unused; quite large for a single person."

"And your point is?" an impatient Walker asked.

"Don't pay any attention to him," Sadler told her. "Friend of mine was transferred to Pearl and was looking to unload the condo in a hurry. Yeah, it's way bigger than I need, but the price was right and it was available right away, and I was told, it fit with my position, whatever the hell that means. So, how are your obvious observations a solution?"

"As Admiral Walker kindly pointed out, and as you know, I no longer work here. As soon as you are released, Juliette and Nate will sign their separation papers."

"Yes, and you're all going back to nursing school. I know."

"And at that point, we'll be in between residences. We would be willing to private duty nurse you at no charge in exchange for a temporary place to live. We would be able to give you around the clock care."

Sadler didn't get to where he was by not being smart. "When can you move in?"

"We can be waiting for you when you're released."

"That meets with your approval, Ken?"

Admiral Walker finally had to break down and chuckle. "Yes, that will work just fine."

The girls thought they heard the doctor whisper, "Lucky bastard," to his patient before departing.

* * *

Needless to say, George Sadler was ready to leave the next day, but Admiral Walker kept him a couple more days. Sadler told Rebecca to keep the key so that she and Juliette and Nate could begin moving in. By the time they drove him home, they were all settled in.

They ushered him up to his top floor master bedroom loft where they advised him he would mostly remain for a few days. They wanted him to gradually start walking up and down the stairs.

The admiral did not argue. He was so smitten by these three beautiful ladies that he complied, particularly since he knew it was for his own good. Just finally being home was enough to put up with a few inconveniences. He was also so thrilled to see them in regular clothes rather than scrubs, and he felt as though he was seeing them for the first time because they dressed to show off their very shapely bodies.

"Are you okay, admiral," Rebecca asked, seeing the blank look on his face, bending over to look into his eyes after they had him settled in his bed.

He was simply mesmerized watching her flit around his room, and now he was staring down her low-cut top at her spectacular breasts. "Nothing. I'm fine," he said quickly, quietly scolding himself for getting caught.

She saw where his eyes were aimed, or where she thought they were, and was secretly thrilled that he was noticing her. Not to embarrass him by calling attention to it, she glanced down at herself and asked, "Did I spill something?"

"Uh, no, I, uh, I, uh, was just thinking, wondering actually, if I needed to stay in bed?"

"We're going to gradually work on the stairs. Soon you'll be able to walk down and spend the day. Eventually, you'll be able to go up and down as you please."

Sadler smiled at being misunderstood. "No, I know that. I meant, can I sit in the chair?"

She turned and glanced at the overstuffed chair in the corner. "I don't see why not, but not for too long to start."

With a happy grin, he said, "Thanks. I've been in bed for a few days now and I'm kind of tired of it."

"I can understand that."

After he was settled in the chair with another enticing look down her shirt, he asked, "I need to ask a rather embarrassing question."

"Just ask."

"How long will it be before I can, uh, have, uh—"


The admiral looked up sharply.

"I'm sorry," Rebecca said, thinking she had misjudged. "Is that not what you were going to ask?"

"Actually, it was," he confirmed, feeling his face redden. "How did you know?"

"It's one of the most commonly asked questions, especially from men." She took a chance on the next question. "I didn't think you had a significant other."

Eyes widening, Sadler realized he might have backed himself into a corner.

Seeing his deer-in-the-headlights expression, Rebecca quickly apologized. "I'm sorry. That's none of my business."

Smirking, he said, "I kind of walked into that one, didn't I?"

"You don't have to explain. And to answer your question, once you can go up and down the stairs with no problems, you can pretty much do anything within reason." Then to lighten the mood, she added, "Nothing kinky, of course."

They both laughed.

* * *

They awkwardly left it at that, but downstairs in the kitchen, Rebecca told Juliette and Nate about the exchange.

"Admiral Walker told me that Admiral Sadler got to where he is by working long and hard," Juliette explained. "It's also probably why he ended up needing a double bypass. My point is, even workaholics get horny."

"So, what do we do about it?" Nate asked.

"Nothing right now," Rebecca pointed out. "It's too soon. All we can do is monitor the situation."

* * *

Sadler chose his words more carefully over the next few days, but it didn't stop him from discreetly watching his "nurses" every time they came to his room. Sometimes they made his heart beat a little faster, and he wondered if that was good or bad for his health. Of course, he dared not ask. In any event, whatever else it was, it did wonders for his mind.

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