tagTransgender & CrossdressersMaking Work a Better Place Ch. 03

Making Work a Better Place Ch. 03


I look up and notice Paulette talking to Peggy and occasionally looking my way. I'm busy trying to beat my high score on Adventure Time so I miss most of what's going on out there. I do catch the phrases '... keep it simple ...' and '... use small words ...' which is par for the course when dealing with me. As Smash Mouth once said, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. Peggy stands up and walks Paulette to my door. Paulette steps inside and Peggy shuts the door, staying outside. I put my phone down.

"Hey Paulette," I greet her. She walks up to my desk. For some reason she's avoiding eye contact. That is kind of strange because she has wonderful green eyes. She comes around my monster of a desk and stops beside my chair.

"Do you like me, Mr. Townsend?"

"Sure I do and call me Joshua while we are in my office."

"Joshua would you like to go out with me?" she asks, still looking down.

"Sure. Drinks would be great."

"No, would you like to go out on a date ... with me ... together," she says softly.

"Ah ... Paulette I haven't been out on a date since my wife left me. Peggy doesn't approve of me going out on my own," I reply truthfully.

"Oh ... do you find me attractive?" she whispers as she looks up.

"I think that you are beautiful. Who wouldn't? You are a stone-cold fox," I tell her. Paulette is slight, but she has a tight body. Her breasts are small, but firm and she has an ass to die for. She probably isn't one hundred pounds, but they fit on her small frame very well.

Paulette studies my face looking for I don' know what, but she slowly grins and her grin becomes a smile. It is one of the 'I did something right' smiles.

"You really think so, don't you?" she questions out loud.

"Of course I do. Why would I tell you anything different?" Sometimes I don't understand why people make life out to be so complicated.

"Would you like to have sex with me?" she says. I stare at her for several seconds and I notice a fearful hesitation appear.

"Is that a trick question?" I stammer. "Of course I would like to have sex with you. You are hot!" She reaches down, grabs my tie and pulls me up to her lips. She seems quite passionate.

I rub my hand along her leg and slides up her stocking clad legs until I cup her ass and pull her closer to me. She breaks our kiss and pushes my head into her breasts. Her nipples are rock hard and I try to suck on them through the thin fabric of her dress. Unfortunately this one seems to have the zipper in the back. I slip my other hand around and beginning pulling zipper down. As I bring it down to the small of her back, Paulette wiggles her hips and lets it fall to the ground. She deftly kicks it away.

I start taking my shirt off when Paulette stops my hands.

"Keep the tie on. I like it," she purrs. At this moment, if Paulette said she liked me painted blue, I'd buzz Peggy and ask her to get me some paint. She helps me get my pants down and off, remembering the shoes first rule. Paulette had given me a blowjob before so when I see her kneeling before me, a hungry look in her eyes, I know I'm about to have my world rocked.

She does moves with her tongue that I didn't think were humanly possible. She's got my member throbbing and she's barely gotten the tip in. She can engulf my head while her tongue strokes my shaft.

"Do that thing with my balls," I groan. She holds up a finger and wags a finger indicating I should behave.

She becomes more insistent with her hand on my member and her saliva really lubricates it. She's going all out being much wetter than our first time. I'm deciding if this is a better sensation when I feel her pull off.

"I want you inside me," she moans. She leans virtually across my lap, ass sticking out, hand and elbows on my desk. I stand up behind her lift her up a bit until she's on her toes because she's so much smaller than me, and start pressing against her puckered hole.

Paulette groans, "Harder." She looks back at me, eyes wide and biting her lower lip. I press harder and the resistance lessens lightly and I'm inside her.

"Oh," she says in the smallest of voices. I give her a moment to adjust then push in a little more. She's the tightest piece of ass I've ever had. Once I'm half way in, I start pulling back out.

"Give me more," she pants. "I can take it."

"I think I know what I'm doing," I tell her as I press more of my body down on her. I slowly push back in then reverse direction once I've passed my earlier mark.

"Oh yes," she moans. "God I feel so full."

"I'm not all the way in yet," I tease. Paulette gulps. I wiggle the last inch in and let my hips rest against her ass.

"Ready to be fucked," I say softly into her ear. She is panting so hard that all she can do is nod. I start out with slow half-strokes but rapidly build my tempo until I am almost all the way out, then slamming down to the very bottom. She grunts every time I plunge in. I love the way her ass vibrates with each impact.

"Is this what you wanted?" I ask her. Paulette nods vigorously. When she thinks she's figured out my rhythm I try something new to surprise her and hopefully give her fresh stimulation. I grab her hips and begin twisting her body. I move her left leg up first so that she is spread wide. As she adjusts to that new angle, I then take her right leg and push it around so that both her legs are together on the left side. Paulette finishes twisting her body so that she's now sideways to my thrust.

This gives her a whole new set of sensations to cope with. She looks up at me in surprise. Paulette cautiously moves a hand down and starts to play with herself. She looks up at me and I smile. Her hand motions become more vigorous. She lowers her head down on to her other outstretched arm. Her eyes close in ecstatic bliss, as if she is wrapped in some erotic dream. Paulette's hair spreads out in a silky display of femininity. For some reason she is self-conscious about pleasuring herself as a man.

From the depth of her breathing I can sense her starting to climb up to her orgasm. I now take her legs and raise them up so that I have an ankle on each shoulder and she's bent nearly in two. Paulette is shaking her head back and forth.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes ..." she keeps gasping. She is pumping her member furiously. I can sense she's close but I can't wait any longer. The tightness of her ass has become too much and I suddenly unleash blast after blast of semen deep into her bowels.

That is what it takes to cause Paulette to erupt.

"Fuck yeah!" she screams. She clams down one hand on top of her penis while she keeps pumping with the other. Her semen splashes into her palm as she twitches and writhes in orgasm. For several seconds we remain locked together. She looks up and sees me smiling down at her.

"Wow ... I don't know what else to say," Paulette radiates with contentment. "No one has ever done that for me before."

"Well, you know where to find me if you ever feel ... you know ... whatever excuse you need to come see me. I really won't mind, believe me."

"Are you sure you don't mind?" she wonders up at me.

"Why do you keep asking me that? Is there something I need to know about you that you've kept hidden?" In response she reaches up and strokes my cheek with the back of her semen coated hand. I really don't know what the big deal about her being a transvestite is. Paulette is a woman as far as I'm concerned.

"I need to clean up," she tells me. I pull her off the desk by her hips and her body slides tightly up against mine. I reluctantly let her pass and I catch her looking over her shoulder as I follow the sway of her ass as he approaches the bathroom. She gives me that look women give when they know someone wants them and that thought excites them.

Once she elbows the door handle open and slips out of sight I start to get dressed. I'll clean up with some Kleenex. I'm at the state were my mind is pretty much clear of coherent thought. I'm sated and happy and have the vague sense that I've done a good thing, but mostly I'm happy I had a good fuck. We both came hard and we both walked away wanting more.

I finish getting myself fixed up when the bathroom door reopens and Paulette stands poised in the open.

"Ready for round two?" she purrs.

"Oh fuck! I got dressed," I state the obvious. I start undressing but Paulette brings me up short with her laughter.

"Easy Tiger," she chuckles. "I was teasing. I have to get back to work, as do you. Can you help me get my underwear and dress back on?"

"Paulette, do you even have to ask me whether or not I want to put my hands on you?" She shakes her head but keeps that wicked grin.

"I'll catch up with you later. Count on it," she promises. She comes over, rubs her ass against my crotch as she bends over to retrieve her underwear. It takes her a moment to adjust it, but she molds herself into my arms as I get her dress back on.

"Thank you," she breathes heavily. She saunters to the door, stopping to blow me a kiss before opening it and stepping out. I swear I hear her whistling as she heads off into the workplace.

Peggy walks in and comes up to my desk with a box of sanitary wipes. She hand them to me and tells me to clean up my desk. I do so sheepishly, wondering how much of what just went on she is aware of.

"Peggy I ..." I stammer as I try to figure out what to say.

"Joshua, that woman would kill for you. Sometimes showing someone that they are important and that they matter makes all the difference. If you never forget that, you will be worthy of their trust.

"Peggy, help me to remember, okay?"

"No problem Joshua Townsend; it will be no problem at all," she says with an intensity that makes me feel more important and worthwhile than my Father ever has. I finish cleaning up my desk and hands so I sit down and start to pick up my phone. Peggy is still looking at me.

"My day isn't over, is it?" I sigh. Somehow I don't believe Peggy's here to congratulate me for having soul-rocking sex. Fortunately, figuring out what else I'm going to do today isn't my problem. Peggy will tell me what to do and if I'm lucky I'll be done by lunchtime. I'd like to take in a round of golf before the fairways get crowded.

"What do you know about Louisa Rojas?" she asks.

"Twenty-seven, getting over a nasty break up, been with us nine years including two years as a college intern. She moved to the fifth floor last year and works for Mr. Dillard, Dad's personal assistant. She handles most corporate travel and retreats. She's been doing a bang-up job. She could replace Dillard when he retires next March, she's that good."

"Joshua, I think she made a mistake," Peggy begins to explain. "Her ex-boyfriend made a sex tape of her having sex in your Father's office a few years ago during the corporate Christmas Party." Since I've had sex on Dad's desk – twice – it takes me a moment to think that something might be wrong. I look to Peggy for an explanation. Peggy gives me a patient sigh.

"What would your Father do if he found out that Louisa has sex on his desk? Think hard."

I do think hard. I stop thinking about what I would do – ask if I could join in – and think about Dad ... and my ex-wife and how poorly that ended up.

"He'd fire her, or maybe demote her back to the General Administration pool."

"Yes, the dark pit of hell for Louisa," Peggy informs me. "She's worked so hard to get where she is and one stupid mistake is going to ruin all of that. Joshua, has she worked hard for her position?" I think that question has only one answer that Peggy will find acceptable.

"Sure she has. Mr. Dillard is a hard man to work for."

"Do you think her work is important to the company?" Peggy asks next.

"Of course; her choices for vaca ... corporate retreat sites rock," I grin.

"I am glad you feel that way because we are going to help her save her job," Peggy smiles. I sit down and try not to look pained. My head hurts. I'm being asked to think about things before lunch and that rarely ends well. Apparently I have an aneurism because I ask something.

"Peggy, how do you find out about these things? Does anyone actually think I can help them?" I say in a pained voice. I need two Aleve.

"Paulette had to run some numbers by her and she witnessed something in Louisa's office that made her think the girl was in trouble. Paulette pried. She got nowhere until she dropped your name and told her she was going to tell you; you would investigate and everything would come out. Louisa broke down and spilled her guts. Paulette comforted her and promised you would help Louisa out.

"What in the hell made her say that?" I groaned.

"She believes in your power to do well," Peggy smiles at me. Her smile makes the pain splitting my skull in half, diminish. She believes in me. I only wish she could believe in me without me having to work for it. Something in the way Peggy keeps looking at me tells me I'm going to have to learn even more about this.

"Tell me about John Kline."

"John Kline is twenty-five, been in the company two years and plays softball. He's not seeing anyone seriously though he has come in with a hangover more than once. I don't know much ... he is a friend of Louisa Rojas too."

"What makes you think that?" Peggy questions.

"She recommended him for his position," I inform her.

"Do you know why?"

"Sure, her boyfriend asked her to. They were whooping it up at the last party GA had," I say.

"Joshua, have you ever missed a party here at the company?" Peggy inquires. I look shocked. How could she even accuse me of such a thing?

"Only the Production Party four years ago when they had a scheduling conflict with HR," I announce proudly. Had it not been for Sally Simmons' hot little ass and incredible stamina, I'd have made the Production party too. I don't think I should tell Peggy that.

"John Kline has been blackmailing Louisa ever since her ex gave him that sex tape. He's been using her both sexually and financially. He's about to force her to do something that could cost her jail time if she gets caught. I need you to stop him."

"You're right!" I declare. I'll do something about this." I pause. "Peggy, what am I going to do about this?"

"I'm glad you asked," Peggy grins evilly. "We need to convince him to leave the company without destroying Louisa and we are going to use sex to do it." I think that over and come to the only real conclusion available.

"You want me to have sex with him? I mean, there was this one time in college, but only once."

"You've had sex with a guy ... I mean a guy-guy?" Peggy asks.

"Isn't that what we were talking about?" I respond. Peggy looks at me with curiosity then laughs.

"No Joshua, I'm talking about him having sex with me," Peggy snickers.

"Oh ... Okay, but won't your husband kill him ... or is that what you want?" I'm confused.

"No, let's not worry about my husband. I'm not actually going to have sex with him. I'm going to pretend I'm about to have sex with him and then you and Louisa are going to come in and catch us. I'll cry rape, you will act outraged, then Louisa will calm you down and convince John that she can make this problem go away if he makes hers go away too."

I remain confused. Peggy sighs.

"Stay out of the office until Louisa tells you to come in. Pretend you are having a conversation with her when you do come in. Act all outraged then let Louisa pull you out of the room. Go off and make yourself a coffee and I'll come get you when it's safe. Can you do that?"

"Drama club stuff – I'm good. Are you going to be safe?" It occurs to me that I don't want anything to happen to Peggy and that she may be in some danger. I'm not sure why that makes me angry either. Peggy is giving me that 'good boy' smile and nods.

"I'll be okay and if I'm not safe you will be close by to save me," she smiles. I hope I can do that; I've never had to save anybody before.

(The next evening)

"So you never realized that they kept giving you a new turtle?" Louisa asked me incredulously.

"Honestly I thought they molted or something. I thought they ate plants and drank water. I was never told what the turtle food was used for," I explain.

"It was labeled 'turtle food' wasn't it?" she said.

"Yes, I guess it was," I reply sheepishly, confessing the death of parade of pet turtles by means of starvation.

"And the house staff kept giving you new turtles?" I nod. "I don't know what's worse, you killing all those poor turtles off, or those maids sending all those turtles to a certain death," she tells me. I have no good response.

"Peggy has given us the first key word," Louisa says holding up a hand to stop me from talking. Since I have nothing to say at the moment, this isn't a problem. Louisa is listening into head piece that apparently is hooked into my phone system which allows the user to listen to anything going on in my office or bathroom. If I was a suspicious type I might wonder how long Peggy has been doing this to my office. Fortunately, I not someone who worries about much.

"She's wonderful for doing this for me," Louisa whispers to me. This is a little odd since my office is soundproofed. I humor her.

"Peggy is the best. When she found out you need help she didn't hesitate. She thought of this and laid out the plan."

"How do you feel about this?" Louise whispers to me carefully.

"I offered to sleep with him instead, but Peggy said that wouldn't work. She's smarter than me and she convinced me that this was the better plan. I am glad to be close by incase something goes wrong. I don't know what I would do if she got hurt. I couldn't live with that."

"What are you going to do if something goes wrong?" she inquires.

"I'm going to run in there, take the lamp off the end table and break it over his head. That is what Peggy told me to do," I sigh.

"What was your plan?" Louisa asks.

"I box. I was going to beat him until he stopped moving. Peggy says I'd break the skin on my knuckles," I inform her, "and she doesn't want me to get hurt."

"Peggy likes you, doesn't she?"

"I hope so," I confess. "If she wasn't married I'd have asked her out by now."

"She's not ... there's the word!" Louisa is moving before it occurs to me why I'm there. I'm right behind her. We nearly collide at the door. She looks at me, eyes wide and she takes in a deep breath.

"Anyway," Louisa says as I open the door for her, "I was telling Ms. Collins that we had to ... oh my God!"

I step in next to her and in my most indignant tone say, "Excuse me Mr.?" Of course I know his name, but I'm supposed to act like I don't.

"John, what in the hell are you doing?" Louisa shouts at John Kline. John is lying on top of Peggy. His shoes and pants are already off and his underwear is half way down his thighs. Peggy is beneath him and I can tell that her shirt is open, her skirt is hiked up, and her panties are dangling around one leg.

"Mr. Townsend," pleads Peggy, "help me! He forced himself on me."

"What?" mutters John. "Hey, I didn't ..."

"Who the hell are you?" I thunder at the frightened man. For some reason I'm really angry at this guy.

"His name is John Kline," Louisa tells me. John glares daggers at her.

"I'm calling the damn cops," I growl. I move past Louisa and head for the phone on my desk.

"Wait," John and Louisa shout. Peggy is sliding up the sofa away from John while simultaneously trying to close her shirt. I have a sudden desire to punch John. As I change directions Peggy catches my eye and winks. I take a deep breath.

"It's not my fault," John stammers. "She lured me in here."

"Bastard," sobs Peggy.

"Let me deal with this Mr. Townsend," insists Louisa. "We don't want to get your Father involved." That gets both John and my attention. Dad scares me and apparently he scares John too because that man's penis is shriveling up faster than a snowflake in the desert.

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