tagTransgender & CrossdressersMaking Work a Better Place Ch. 06

Making Work a Better Place Ch. 06


It was a week after the vacation and I had noticed that Paulette was reacting to me oddly. I've asked Peggy about it, but she told me that things would work out. Peggy has sent Paulette an e-mail telling her to come to my office at 4:45. Peggy has already gone for the day. Paulette shows up promptly, looking so worried that I immediately shut down my Mystery game and come around the desk. I'm good at finding stuff in the Mystery game formats; I sort of suck at the puzzle solving.

"Paulette?" I say as I walk toward her. She suddenly looks fragile and very upset.

"I want to say that I'm sorry about Donna. It was that I thought our relationship was going nowhere and Donna was there. I'm sorry," Paulette says in a quivering voice.

"What are you talking about?"

"Aren't you upset with me? You've been acting so distant since you and Peggy ... got together," Paulette tells me.

"Huh? Paulette, I asked you to come here to see if you are doing anything this weekend."

"You aren't ... we are still okay?" Paulette questions me.

"I hope so. I'd like you to come out to the summer house for the weekend. Can you pack an overnight bag plus a dress? I'd like to go out Saturday night. We also have a pool, if you want to go swimming." For some reason Paulette looks totally confused. I'm trying to think if I've said everything correctly.

"Sure," Paulette agrees. "When do you want me to come over?"


"I'll be there," she assures me. As she turns to leave I take her wrist and pull her to me. I kiss her lightly on the lips, not with my normal hunger. I want her to know this weekend will be special.

I meet Paulette at the door when she arrives. Only the cook is here for the weekend. This is a necessity since I can murder a microwave dinner. I once even messed up a bowl of cereal. Who knew that clam chowder wasn't a good substitute for milk? I give Paulette a much deeper kiss when she steps into the house.

"What do you want to see first?" I inquire of her.

"Whatever is good with you?" Paulette responds.

"Let's go to the bedroom," I grin as I start pulling her along. She still has her dress bag and overnight over her shoulder.

"Joshua, is sex all we have?" Paulette asks softly. Sometimes friends confuse me.

"I can't say I'd be happy if we never had sex again Paulette, but I like you for you and I want you to be here no matter what. If you don't want to have sex we can go to the kitchen instead." Paulette studies me. I hope I don't have a zit she's staring at. I would hope Peggy would warn me about these things.

"How about this: let's have sex because I've really missed you, then we can get a bite to eat and end up cuddled on a sofa watching TV until we feel sleepy?" Paulette suggests. I kiss her.

"Works for me, but we have to make it a quickie," I caution her. "The cook goes to her quarters at 9:30."

"Joshua," smirks Paulette, "it is 6:30. That shouldn't be a problem."

"Have I told you how much I've been missing you too?" I grin. I like that look of passion that comes upon her face. I take her up the stairs to the master bedroom, put her overnight and dress bag over the closest chair and pull her with me to the bed.

Paulette giggles as I pull her up so that we can kiss eye to eye. I love the way she squirms on top of me. She's clearly happy to see me and she can tell I'm happy to see her. I take her head in my hands and look deep into her eyes.

"I love you."

Paulette looks stunned so I repeat myself,

"I love you, Paulette."

"I love you too Joshua," he whispers before she brings herself down and kisses me once more. I reach down and pull her skirt up and grab her ass, grinding against her.

"Well, I'm glad we got that out of the way," Peggy grins from the bedroom doorway. Paulette rolls off of me in a flash.

"Peggy, I'm sorry," she pleads to the other woman I love. I can't fathom why Paulette is upset again. It must be a girl thing.

"You do realize that we are a package deal, don't you," Peggy continues. Paulette stammers incoherently. I rub her back trying to comfort her.

"Package deal?" Paulette whispers. "I don't understand. He doesn't want me unless ..."

"No," Peggy laughs, "he will only take me if he gets to be with you too. He wants us both and if he can't have us both, he can't live with being without the other. I think he's being greedy, but I have to admire his taste."

"I ... so he wants to be with me as much as he wants to be with you ... I don't know what to think," Paulette admits. She does relax under my touch though.

"Do you want to be with Joshua?" prods Peggy.

"Yes," Paulette nods.

"Do you want to be with me?" Peggy asks. Paulette thinks that one over for several seconds.

"Yes, I do," she says softly.

"I want to be with you too," Peggy smile, "though I've had several weeks to it over. I am pretty jealous of Joshua's affections and it took some pretty strong persistence on his part for me to realize that I trust and love you like no other person I've ever met."

"I didn't know ... it is a lot to take in ... couldn't you two have chosen another, less traumatic way?" Paulette starts by babbling and ends up scolding.

"My fault," Peggy admitted with a raised hand. "I had to make sure that I could make that final step. I had to hear him say he loved you and for you to say you loved him. I had to be sure that he was safe." Peggy looked truly uncertain and vulnerable.

"How is this going to work?" Paulette asked looking from Peggy to me and back again.

"I thought you and I could work out the details," Peggy told Paulette, "after we fuck him senseless."

"Huh?" I say. This wasn't part of the plan that Peggy had laid out for me. Now that I think of it, the plan seems to have been concluded as far as it was explained to me. I'm in uncharted territory. A smarter man would be concerned. Me; I'm focused on the immediate prospect of sex.

Somewhere in my mental ruminations I missed the part where my two women started taking their clothes off. Men's clothing comes off pretty fast when the proper motivation is applied. Peggy comes toward me with a smoldering desire that reminds me she's not had sex with me for a whole week.

After our vacation together, I can appreciate how voracious (from my word calendar of the day -- Peggy got it for me for Christmas) her sexual appetite can be. How she made it nine years without raping the pizza delivery boy is beyond me, but I've been happy to reap the benefits. I start to think of what a lucky man I am until I realize that Paulette hasn't had sex for at least a week as well. This is going to be harder than I thought.

I make the mistake of keeping my eyes on Peggy a moment too long. Paulette has me down and her teeth are teasing one of my nipples. I run my hand down Paulette's back until I feel the crack of her ass, which she wiggles in a taunting fashion. Peggy straddles my other leg and bends over me. She holds up a nipple to put into my mouth. I put my spare hand between her legs and start wetting two of my fingers inside her before taking one out and rubbing her clit.

Peggy began to massage my penis.

"Paulette, come here," Peggy called out soothingly. Paulette looked up and smiled quizzically. She moved up and Peggy motioned her to move farther up on the bed. As they moved passed my head I have to admit that I was expecting to be a spectator to the show. She stood on their knees facing each other and began to kiss each other. I was half way between thinking I was in a porno or in heaven.

When they started touching and pulling on each other's nipples I started to lean toward the 'heaven' part. Peggy clinched it for me.

"Come here Joshua," she purred. I turned around and got onto my knees as well. Peggy took my hand but when I tried to move between Paulette and Peggy, Peggy pulled me to her. It took me a second because I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed (love that song) but I quickly moved behind her.

"Mmmm ..." she moaned as I pressed against her. I couldn't help myself; as I leaned in and kissed Peggy's neck, my hands thought sought out Paulette's breasts and I began cupping them and holding them in my palms. Peggy ran one hand over mine, tracing the outline of my hand over Paulette's chest. She let her hand drop down as Paulette's hand moved up from Peggy's breasts and touched my shoulder and head.

"I want you Paulette," Peggy teased Paulette, "inside me ... now. Joshua, lift me up." I have a funny way of comprehending bedroom gymnastics that defies my mental acumen (tomorrow's word ... I hope I'm using it right). Anyway, I'm good at it. My hands fell to Peggy's ass and pulled her up to me. I felt Paulette's knees slide between my legs and then rise up.

"Joshua, I want you in me too," Peggy moaned. I'd never done a girl in the same hole at the same time but ...

"Wrong hole!" Peggy gasped. My bad.

"Sorry," I whisper. "Got carried away." DP I've done before, it's just been a while. Okay, it hasn't happened since college.

"Won't that hurt?" I ask. Peggy giggles.

"Joshua, assume that I actually thought this out before jumping into bed with two hot lovers," she snickers. What can I say; she's the smartest person I know. Now it is Paulette's turn to giggle.

"She's got you there," which is followed by a moan on Paulette's part.

"And I have you," she pants as she kisses Paulette. I break Peggy's concentration as I slowly start entering her.

"How does it feel?" Paulette taunts back.

"Bitch," Peggy gasps. Paulette rocks forward and I feel something move against me inside of Peggy. I respond with a little thrust of my own. Whatever Peggy is trying to say gets lost in a series of 'ugh, uh, ugh's. Paulette strokes my head and our eyes meet.

"This feels so good," Paulette moans. I can only imagine how dreamlike my smile is.

"It feels pretty fantastic to me as well," I groan back. Peggy is still speechless, but she's letting her intentions know by rocking back and forth between us. The more she does, the stronger I feel Paulette rubbing against me through that thin membrane of flesh. It is an incredible sensation and I start losing myself in the desire to not lose control.

Next thing I know I'm half way into Peggy; Peggy has put her hands on Paulette's hips and is pulling her in with each thrust.

"How does that feel you little bitch?" Peggy pants. "Do you like the feel of his cock against yours?" Paulette moans in response. Peggy moves a hand up to Paulette's silky locks and pulls back on them. "Tell him how it feels," Peggy commands.

"I love it," Paulette shouts. "I want it, I want it, I want it. It feels so good."

"Show me," Peggy whispers to her. I may be a spectator, but I have the best seat in the house. Paulette pushes up on Peggy, but she doesn't fuck her, she gyrates against her. I can feel Paulette's cock slide from side to side of my own. I've had about all I can stand.

"I'm losing it," I shout. I push another inch into Peggy but I don't want to go any further for fear of hurting her. The best I can do is sit perfectly still as the two women pulse against me. My best isn't good enough and I cry out as I start to shoot.

"Oh God!" Paulette shouts, "I can feel it." Paulette picks up her tempo. Peggy is whimpering and her body is starting to shudder and shake. Paulette's shout drives all the air from her lungs. When Peggy's head goes down and she bites into Paulette's shoulder I know what is coming and all I can do to hang on. I'm afraid that Peggy is going to squeeze the life out of poor Paulette so I work my hands up and loosen Peggy's hold on her.

Paulette falls back, eyes wide with lust and shock. I hug Peggy close to me as the wave finally crests and Peggy starts crashing down.

"Fuck," Paulette wheezes, "that was unreal. Does she always come like that?"

"Only when she's really into it," I respond, "and I think she's really into you."

Paulette shoots me a wicked grin.

"Next time I get to be in the middle, though I certainly won't mind doing it like this again either," she beams at me.

"Sorry," pants Peggy, "... that was ... really good ... for me." She reaches down and slaps my thigh weakly. "That's for ... coming ... so fast ... Next ... time we go ... longer, do you ... understand me?"

"Okay Peggy," I reply as I gently kiss her neck and shoulder. Paulette takes one of my hands in her own and pulls it up to her lips. She takes my forefinger and starts to suck on it which isn't helping my heart rate come down at all.

"Joshua love, I think I need to rest for a minute. I feel you stirring back inside me and I can't take anymore right now," Peggy groans. Paulette giggles.

"I think I'm partially responsible for that."

Whatever I want to do is sort of short circuited by a sudden cramp in my thigh. I start toppling over which causes both girls to squeal. We all tumble against the pillows and I slip out of Peggy. We all lie there, Paulette and myself on our backs, and Peggy wedged between us on her side, trying to get our bearings.

I roll over and wrap an arm around Peggy. Paulette hesitates until I reach over and pull her arm toward me. We both huddle around Peggy, both women wrapped up in my arms. I'm a lucky guy. I have no idea how I got to be this lucky though. I've got two women who love me that I want to love.

A little while later we are sitting around the island in the kitchen eating sandwiches while my cook, Denise, keeps shooting me an amused look. If I didn't know better I would say I've done something that amuses her. I haven't had a guest over in a year, so I guess she welcomes the company. She always takes such good care of me; she's been doing it since I was in middle school.

"Where do we go from here?" Peggy says, breaking the silence.

"I was kinda/sorta hoping the two of you would move in with me," I suggest hopefully.

"How would that look to everyone?" Paulette responds.

"Actually Paulette, we were thinking of moving you up to Goldman's old position, but what we really need you for is the supervisor rank. Joshua wants you to be his roving fireman."

"What responsibilities and authority would I have?" is Paulette's first real question.

"Whatever we can get away with for now," Peggy admits. "Instead of using Joshua's lack of responsibility as a liability, we use it as an asset. He's only really responsible to his Dad. If someone doesn't want to listen to what we think should be done, we coach Joshua on what to tell his Father and go from there."

"That is going to be pretty rough," Paulette points out. "We are all walking out on a limb. Joshua could get booted from the company. You and I could get fired and worse."

"I agree," nods Peggy, "but do you like the company, and do you feel you could deal more?"

"Okay," grins Paulette. "I've lived my life pretty cautiously until now, but you two have really reminded me of whom I always wanted to be. I'm a businesswoman damn it. Let's get down to business."

"Does that mean you ladies are moving in?" I repeat. Peggy gives me a playful smirk. Paulette seems more introspective.

"I'm in if Paulette's in," Peggy responds.

"Guys, you do know what you are buying into, don't you. Being a pre-op transgender woman is not something certain people will take well."

"Fuck'em," Peggy and I say simultaneously.

"Joshua, what about your Father. You are only now getting his respect. You could be throwing all of that way.

"Paulette, my Dad can grow a set or get out of my way. I love you and I don't care if you grow antlers and decided to call yourself Hern the Hunter. Loving you is loving you; its' not loving you only if ..."

"I'm with Joshua. He's got a wonderful mind for minutia and he's good with people, which is a talent I lack," Peggy confessed. "Paulette, you know corporate process. I know strategic planning and how to position the three of us so that we can have the best effect."

"So you want me for more than my pretty looks?" snickers Paulette.

"No, I want you for your pretty looks," I smile, "Peggy wants you for your pretty looks and your brilliant mind. So why are you here with me?"

"Joshua, you see the real me and that is all I need," Paulette says. "When I walked into your office that first time and agreed to help me I knew I wanted to know more about you and afterwards, that kiss. I think I fell in love at the kiss. To you, the only person who mattered was Paulette. It was everything I've been trying to do all my life and then to have that person say they love you."

"I can promise you this; I have never seen him think of you as anything but Paulette," Peggy noted, "and Joshua is the people person. On that I follow his lead. In a way I've always sensed that I didn't want to get between you two."

"You came between us not ten minutes ago," Paulette teased. Peggy stuck her tongue out in response.

"Let's go to the TV room and we can watch a chick flick," I suggest.

"No!" protests Paulette. "I want to watch the Expendables."

"Mmmm," Peggy agreed, "man-candy."

"Exactly," giggled Paulette

"Huh?" I mumble.

"Don't worry Joshua, they blow up a lot of stuff too," Peggy informs me. I'm all for films where things go boom and chicks in tight clothing fight. How Kill Bill Volumes 1&2 were dissed by the Oscars still boggles my mind. Best Romantic Comedy EVER!

The film is great even though the girls won't let me practice throwing kitchen knives at my life-sized cardboard cutout of Clint Eastwood in Hang'em High. Somehow my barely adequate basketball skills don't translate over to ninja training. Paulette also suggests that we don't want to spend our first night together emergency room. I tell her they know me on a first name basis which for some unknown reason distresses her.

I cuddle between my women as sleep takes up. I dream about sexy bodies and bikinis that keep popping off. I wake up to a blow that is ... actually my hand on my pecker. The girls are nowhere to be seen. I head down to the kitchen were they are sitting next to each other talking amicably. My cook is sitting close by listening intently. I grab a cup of coffee and go to see what they are up to.

"What are you ladies talking about?" I yawn.

"We are going over baby names," Paulette smiles up at me. I lose control of my bodily functions. The coffee cup drops from nerveless fingers and cracks on the floor splashing scolding hot liquid over my foot. I'll worry about that later. I have to master this situation.

"Wa -- ha?" I gurgle. Have I missed something? "Paulette, are you pregnant?" Paulette giggles.

"No Joshua, neither one of us is pregnant," Peggy tells me, "but if you are serious about making this relationship serious, we should think about marriage and children. Don't you want children?"

"Oh, I love children considering I am one most of the time," I explain. The cook stands up with a long suffering sigh and gets some paper towels. "Which one of you do I marry, or do we go to Utah and I get to marry both of you?" It is Paulette's turn to sigh.

"They don't do that in Utah anymore," Paulette grins, "but thanks for the sentiment."

"We were actually thinking that you marry Paulette," Peggy informs me. "You two can adopt our children when they are born so they have one Father and two Mothers. Paulette gets to have her big wedding and the three of us can sneak off to some place and have a civil ceremony later." I raise my hand.

"Yes?" Peggy addresses me.

"Is this the part where you tell me what to do and I do it without having to go through all the headaches of understand what I'm doing?"

"Yes," the girls say together playfully. Sweet! Best relationship ever!

I fall on down on one knee in front of Paulette and her eyes go wide.

"Paulette Ellis," I start, "would you do me the honor of being my wife, to have and to hold, until death does us part, forever and ever?" Paulette's eyes well with tears and I pray I'm not kneeling on her toes.

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