tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMaki's Wild Elevator Ride

Maki's Wild Elevator Ride

byevil evil man©

Maki got into the elevator with about 15 other people to begin her descent from the 97th floor. The Japanese-American 20-year-old is an executive secretary. She's very young for her position. In fact, her boss mainly hired her for her looks. Maki has the sculpted body of a gymnast and her C cup tits sealed the deal. She usually attracts men's looks no matter what she's wearing but today this was especially true. She had on a blouse that was a size too small, so the buttons looked as if they would burst at any moment and let her tits spill out. She also had on an extremely short school-girl skirt and to cap it off, knee high leather boots. Maki looked like the fantasy of every man in the city. She plans to dump her cheating boyfriend in a couple of hours and wanted to look extra hot to torture him. Ever since she let herself in his apartment the other day and saw him fucking his neighbor she's wanted to hurt him.

She can still remember standing in the doorway watching as he drove his rod into the little slut. The two of them on his sofa, her head leaning over the armrest. Her legs were wrapped around his ass as he screwed her. His mouth was latched onto her nipple and sucking it. They were so into it that she stood at the door for 5 minutes watching and they never realized she was there.

As she got on the elevator the sea of people pushed her into a back corner of the compartment. Of course, a couple of the men nearby were staring at her openly. She smiled at them as she moved a lock of her black, shoulder-length hair out of her face. After all, they were attractive too. Her hotness was confirmed at lunch when she had to help her 34-year-old boss jack off. He was hard as a rock from looking at her all morning. Even that wasn't enough and just before leaving for the day she had to suck his cock. She was tempted to let him fuck her but no, that'd just have distracted her from tonight's mission. Her boss was a pretty good lay most time, not the best but still, not bad. She's let him into her pants on more than one occasion and both of them enjoyed it. He was just a little too conventional, not adventurous. Maki liked doing it anywhere, even in pubic.

She smiled to herself at how her boyfriend will stare at her all evening, wanting her, and then finding out that it was over. Ohhhh, the look on his face is sure to be priceless. The elevator doors closed and it began its journey down. After about 30 seconds the compartment gave a shudder, making everyone inside stagger. Maki had to grip the shoulder of one of the men who was checking her out. Then it came to a sudden halt and the power went out, plunging the cabin into total darkness. Like everyone else, Maki was wondering why the emergency lights weren't coming on. She could hear a couple of women crying and someone was talking frantically into their cell phone.

She turned to face the wall, mainly so she could lean against it for support. She felt a hand on the side of her waist and at first thought someone was trying to feel their way around. Then a hand was on the other side of her waist and someone's hot breath was on the back of her neck. Maki was too shocked to cry out as the hands moved around to her stomach and what felt like a very large cock was pressed into her ass. His hands moved up so they just touched the bottom of her tits before moving down and rubbing the insides of her thighs. He repeated this motion several times until Maki was completely in heat. This guy, whoever he is, had better be willing to go all the way, she thought. Her body is all geared up for a fuck.

As she was thinking this a hand reached under her skirt and up between her legs. He tugged at her thong panties until they fell down around her ankles. He had to have felt how wet she was as he pulled them off. Her panties fell to around her ankles as his hands came up to her tits. He began to squeeze them through her blouse for several minutes. Maki had never been so turned on before. The knowledge that the lights could come on at any moment was driving her into frenzy. Finally, his hands came down and began bunch her skirt up around her waist. She could feel the head of his cock moving down her ass crack towards her very wet pussy. She arched her back and stuck her ass out so he could get at her easily. It reached her opening and he pushed it into her. She could feel her pussy walls stretch to their limit as this huge cock violated her.

Maki was leaning against the wall of the elevator with her cheek and arms as he fucked her. His thrusts had a sense of urgency to them as they didn't know how much time they had. The people around them were talking in the pitch black, unaware of what they were doing. Only a couple of feet away she could hear a woman sobbing softly. His hand reached around and began to rub her clit as he pushed his cock ever deeper into her. It took all of her self-control to not yell out in pleasure. Maki couldn't believe that she was doing this. She didn't even know who this guy was or what he even looked like. And she was letting him fuck her! In public!

She could feel his hips impacting with her ass as his thrusts began to speed up. Maki's mouth was hanging open in silent moans as she struggled to keep quiet. She could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck as he used her body. Her hands went down to rub herself as she felt the orgasm build up. His hands went up to her tits where he was able to feel her nipples through her blouse. He pinched both of them between his thumbs and forefingers and began to squeeze and twist them. This was enough to send Maki over the edge. She rested her forehead against the wall as her body jerked with each wave of orgasm. She was dimly aware of him climaxing as well and filling her cunt with his seed.

He pulled out and her skirt fell back down around her. He gripped her shoulders and turned her around to give her a long, wet kiss. He stuck a slip of paper in her hand and pulled away. Maki lost him in the darkness before she knew what happened. All around her people continued to talk and sob, unaware of what she just did. She bent down and pulled her panties back up. She felt around her clothes to try to make herself presentable. Mainly she had to tuck her blouse back in. She felt her hair and realized that it was messed up, but there was nothing she could do about that. She could feel the paper in her hand but couldn't read it in the dark.

About 10 minutes later the lights cam back on and the elevator began to move again. She read the paper, which just had a name, "Bill," and a telephone number. She looked around the compartment to see if she could figure out who had just did it to her. As the doors began to open a guy next to them caught her eye and gave her a wink before exiting. By the time she got out as well he was gone. Maki made her way to her car, fingering the paper and thinking. Yes, that'd be a great way to top off the evening.

Three hours later, after she ditched her bum boyfriend with a comment about how she was off to be fucked by a real man, she was in Bill's apartment. He had her laying on her back on his dining table, her legs dangling over the edge. Her blouse was ripped open and her tits were swinging free with the spasms of her body. His face was under her skirt as he licked at her clit. And this time she was making as much noise as she wanted.

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