tagNonHumanMalcubus Ch. 03: Shallow Sex Scene

Malcubus Ch. 03: Shallow Sex Scene


My sister woke me at midday by yanking the blinds open, pulling my quilt off, and telling me to get my ass out of bed.

"Cassie!" I groaned from under my pillow.

"Doing you a favour, bro," she said as she tramped away. "And entering your stinky room to do it. Were you burning incense in here or something?"

I rolled over, looked up at the ceiling, and remembered several things about yesterday.


"She's charming," Rosmerta said, sticking her head out of my closet.

"You should see the guys she... wait, wait." I sat upright, squinting at the light. "What happened last night?"

"This morning, technically. Time, it's a funny thing - "

"What did you do to me?" I pulled back the waistline of my boxers gingerly. Remembering the heat and glow of Rosie's pussy last night, I half-expected to see something horrific.

"It's what I did for you," Rosie said, getting out of the closet and sitting down on the edge of my bed. She was in human form and wearing a green bikini that was almost more distracting than total nakedness. "I Shaped you a bit. A 'thank you, fuckslave' would be appropriate here."

The surreal burning sensation last night had left something behind. My groin was completely shaved now, first of all. That was small potatoes next to my testicles, which felt a lot heavier before. When I cupped them gingerly, they still felt pretty normal apart from being a couple of inches in diameter each and hairless. At least my dick seemed unchanged. I picked it up experimentally, and it didn't grow wings or anything.

Rosie watched me prod and poke, trying to hold back a laugh. "You're not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth, master - and you're not hung like one, either. Not yet."

I was surprisingly calm. If feeling sleepy and having my groin shaved was the worst consequence of a demon's magical assault, I guess I'd gotten off lightly. "You, uh, you should probably be explaining this right now, Rosie."

"Why tell you when I can show you?" she asked, standing up from the bed. "Your sister was right, though: you do stink. Meet me in the shower. Her hips swayed as she walked away.

Left alone in my room, I looked at my lap, wondering exactly what had happened last night. Then I wondered what Rosie had meant by 'showing me', and curiosity won out over introspection.

I had to run upstairs to the linen closet to get a couple of towels, wrapping myself in a dressing gown. Dad had long ago left for work and Cassie was planted firmly in front of the TV in her sweat pants. On the tube, a couple of pretty people were arguing dramatically.

"What are you doing today?" she asked me, not looking up from the screen.

I grabbed a couple of towels, and a fresh bed sheet for hygiene's sake. "Why do you care?"

"M'having a friend over later. Can you clear out?"

That rankled, although I was pretty used to it. "It's not like I bug you when you're entertaining."

"No, you just overhear everything. Don't you have work or something?"

"No, I - " This was a waste of time. I actually had the day off work, I had Rosie, and I had no desire to lurk around here all day. "Alright, I'll be gone in an hour or so."

"Cool," Cassie mumbled.

My footsteps slowed as I approached the bathroom. Rosmerta was still wearing the bikini, which was slightly surprising, and she was examining my toothbrush curiously. "Mortals have so many parts to clean. Doesn't it get boring?"

"You said you 'shaped' me," I said, hanging the towels up.


I took off my dressing gown and then my boxers. Having no hair down there felt weird, but not as weird as the extra weight I was carrying in my balls. "This is... . This is, um, really weird," I said. Should have been a poet.

"You haven't seen weird yet."

"You know, I actually believe you," I said, hoisting my dick experimentally. It felt the same, and didn't seem any bigger or thicker or... "What did you do to my penis?"

"Your cock. It's a cock, a rod, a prick." She used the vulgarity with a tone of relish. "You fuck a demon, you can use the bad words."

"Alright. What did you do to my cock?"

"This time?" Rosmerta shook her head. "Not very much. You're already in the middle of the bell curve, size-wise, so I thought it prudent to improve your plumbing first."

"My plumbing? Wait, what do you mean, 'first'?"

She raised her eyebrows. "You don't want more Shaping? To be bigger, stronger, hornier? What else am I going to do with all the Lust you had damned well better fill me up with? I'm gonna make your dreams come true."

"What if they already have?" That slipped out. That was so stupid. Rosie was silent, not replying. That was -

"Thank you, master," she said, surprised, hesitant. Pleased? "But I think we've talked enough. Don't you want to test out your equipment?"

So help me, I was still nervous. I nodded.

Rosmerta grinned and stepped past me with a dainty hop into the shower. There was a puff of sulphurous smoke as the illusory bikini faded away, and then...

Blur. Brimstone. Bright green eyes.

I was getting used to this, as much as you can. I stepped back a little, but I didn't make a sound, and my heart rate didn't raise more than a few beats per minute. The demon - horns, wings, tail, tattoos, tits like a fertility goddess - slouched casually in my shower. She winked. "Breakfast time."

"Uh, yeah." She didn't say anything in reply, just slouched there looking at me. Her wings were half-furled behind her, resting against two sides of the shower cubicle. The silence stretched. This was... awkward? It had never been awkward with Rosie. She always had something to say, something to do. "Are you okay?" I asked.

"Fine," she said nonchalantly, and chewed her tongue. I couldn't hold her stare and broke away. My eyes followed her runic tattoos down her torso and got caught at her groin, at the pink, shaved slot she made no attempt to conceal. We were both stark naked, and I had an increasingly distracting hard-on. Why wasn't she trying to have sex with me?

"Why aren't you trying to have sex with me?" I asked.

She shrugged, making her tits bounce up and down. "You're the master, master. It's your move."

Nervously, I stepped into the shower and moved right in front of Rosie. Her hands stayed at her sides, her expression unreadable.

"My move, huh?" I leaned in to her elfin face and kissed her. As always, it was wonderful, and her ruby lips moved against mine, her mouth opening in a soft moan. But she wasn't truly kissing back - her tongue was still in her own mouth, her hands at her sides. Normally that incredible tongue of hers was winding around mine. Normally she pressed me to herself like she was drowning and I was bright orange and buoyant.

I pressed on, trying to vary my moves, trying to remember what she'd done to me that made me go so crazy. Keep my tongue moving, my mouth pulling back momentarily for a peck, then back in again. One hand on those voluptuous hips, the other on her cheek, stroking that fiery hair. Move down to her breast as I intensify the kiss, fondling her soft titflesh, gently at first, then more firmly. Nibble her lower lip, sucking - she gave a happy hum at that, but otherwise didn't move. Fuck, my dick was so hard. She was right here in my arms, curved and so fucking beautiful, and she wasn't even brushing her fingers against me.

I finally pulled away, nonplussed. She sucked up a little saliva on her lip, but otherwise just stared at me with the ghost of a grin on her face.

"Seriously, Rosie. What's wrong?"

"Your cock is really hard," she nodded towards it, "and yet you're just standing there." The spade-tip of her tail tapped impatiently against her leg.

"Me? You're the one acting like - "

"You know what you want," she told me firmly, green eyes burning with an uncommon intensity. "Why are you waiting for me to give it to you?"

I processed that for a second. Then I stepped back up to her and put my hand on her hip, sliding it around to grab her butt. We were face-to-face, so close, but she wasn't speaking, wasn't trying to kiss me, just staring. What had I done wrong?

My dick didn't think it had done anything wrong. It was very hard, it was very horny, and Rosie's tight pussy was right in front of it. I moved almost without thinking about it, guiding it forward towards her entrance -

- And she shied away with her hips, pulling her pussy away.

"What - " I started to growl.

Rosie stuck her tongue out at me, inches from my mouth, eyes sparkling. "Little Eric wants my pussy?" I moved forwards again and she raised her hips out of range, wings flexing to keep her balanced. "Wants to fuck my pussy?" Her tail was reaching up and pushing my torso away gently. "Why does little Eric deserve my perfect pussy?"

That was it. She was so soft, so beautiful, and she was right there in my arms. I grabbed her hip with my left hand, my right hand gripping her ass, and I forced her down as I thrust forwards.

"Ahh!" she gasped softly as I slammed into her. My dick pushed straight through her pussy lips and into her depths in one motion. I gasped as well; she was so tight it was painful. I'd never gone straight into her like that. My magically modified cock was halfway enveloped as I stared at her in surprise.

Rosie's eyes were closed, a dreamy smile on her bow lips. "I knew you had it in you," she murmured.

Then her tail flicked out, pushed at the tap, and turned the shower on.

I yelped and slid out of her as cold water splashed across me. She leant her head back and laughed as droplets poured down her chest through the valley of her breasts. Her tail curled around the hot tap, slowly warming the water.

"What the fuck?" I snarled. Snarling - that wasn't me. Growling wasn't me. And this didn't seem like Rosie.

She lowered her face from the stream, wet hair pasted against her cheeks. Her smile was witchcraft. "You just gonna stand there?"

My hands decided to take orders from my groin rather than my head. I grabbed her shoulder and forced her around, her wings brushing over my head and scattering the shower spray as I swung her to face the wall. She yelped; I didn't care. From behind her tattoos curled and gestured, pointing down to her wide hips and full, soft ass. Just looking at it was wonderful, but screw looking - I could touch it. I grabbed her and yanked her hips towards mine; her face pressed against the tiled wall as she went off balance. Lining up, I shoved my cock roughly into her snatch.

Her wings flexed at my entrance, an interesting sight looking at her back. She also gave a high and very loud moan, far too loud. Cassie was the furthest thing from my mind, but some part of me still understood caution. As I withdrew for another thrust, I clamped my left hand over Rosie's mouth.

Muffled, happy cries vibrated my fingers as I thrust into her, her ass jiggling with every motion. Her juices were starting to lubricate my cock, letting me go faster and deeper. That was good. That was very good.

The water poured down over us as I fucked her from behind. This wasn't making love, or even having sex. This was fucking, fast and coarse, and Rosie loved it. She rubbed her clit furiously as her tail coiled back around my waist, pulling me in, helping me fuck her. Her tongue licked wantonly against my fingers, and I started pounding her like there was a water shortage.

After I found my rhythm and she hummed against my fingers only gently, I took my hand off her mouth. I wanted to hear her moan.

I did, but only briefly. Rosie shook her head (and her wings, which scattered water everywhere and broke my rhythm) and found some composure.

"That's - aah - that's how you, fuck a woman," she panted into the tiles. "Don't, aahh, don't sit back, and leave them, in charge - ugh!" She grunted as I went up on tip-toes, almost bottoming out. "Just take what, you want. Mmahh. Take them."

"This is how you like it?" I grunted. Thrusting back and forth like this, it was hard to keep my balance on the wet ground. My fingers pressed into Rosie's skin as I used her for balance.

"I like it - ohh, fuck - I like it any way you give it, master" she blurted. "But if you're, uhh, going to fuck, aahh, other women..." She closed her eyes for a moment, nostrils flaring as she breathed hard and tried to calm down. "You need to be, more domin- aah!- dominant."

"Like this?" I asked, winding her hair around my fingers. I yanked backwards on my next downstroke, and she moaned so hard her wings quivered.

"Hnnnh, yes! Yes, yes, fucking, yes," she gasped into the shower stream. "YES!"

She vibrated atop me in orgasm, her juices joining the water pouring down around us. Her vaginal muscles gripped me tightly as she came, making it impossible to keep thrusting at the same speed. With the way her spasms felt on my dick, I didn't mind so much, and pushed against her gently as she came down from the rush.

The incredible sensation of Rosie's orgasm atop me had me thinking about me own. This felt amazing, mind-blowing, just as it had been all the times I'd fucked her before. We'd been going hard for at least five minutes, probably ten, and yet I wasn't at all worried about coming. My dick felt so good inside her, but the precipice was more of a gentle slope with no bottom in sight.

I pushed forward into her one last time until I was resting against her back, feeling the join of her wings against my chest. My face pressed into her wet hair, and I smelt the faint perfume of her skin. "I think I've found the, uh, Shaping' you made."

"You like?"

"I do. I think - ohh." Even with both of us still, I could feel her moving. Her vagina tensed and contracted around my prick, jerking me off while I was inside her. It was like she was milking me with her slot. "That's a cool party trick."

"It is, isn't it?" She wiped wet hair out of her eyes and grinned at me. "But mortal women can't do it. So you can't just stand there and let them do all the work. You have to take your pleasure."

"What about theirs?"

Rosie's tail rose up and wagged back and forth like a finger saying no. "I'll teach you all about that eventually, but right now I'm teaching you to be the stud. Take women, make them yours, cover them in your cum." Her pussy gripped me with painful tightness on the vulgarity, making me hiss. "Be the stud, and they'll be begging for more."

I kissed her shoulder. "I'll remember. But right now, I'm the one who wants more."

"I should hope so. That was a nice warm-up, but I've only come once, and I want to really test out that new stamina of yours."

I made sure I had a good grip and started rutting her again. How long had the shower been running? Was Carrie going to hear anything over the TV? Those were the sort of questions I should have been asking, but they were far away. Everything was far away, everything except the succubus.

"Yess! Fuck my cunt!"

Rosie and her cunt, a few inches away, then right on top of me, then back away again.

"Yessss! Eric! Aauuugh! Fuck me! Fuck!"

Rosie pushed off the wall with her wings, freeing her hands to rub her clit and twist a nipple. Liquid pleasure seemed to boil up inside her before exploding outwards. Her wings rippled, drool hung from her mouth, and girlcum dripped from her pussy. It was all washed away by the water and my continued, relentless pounding.

When she could talk again, her voice was high and ragged. "Fuck, Eric."

"That's your job," I said. My own voice was deeper, raw.

"Fucking right," Rosie smiled. "You're pushing down on me."

"Ah," I grunted, taking my hand off her shoulder.

"No, it's fine," she said, "you're doing it 'cause it's hard to get deep into me when I'm standing like this." She nodded at me encouragingly. "What are you gonna do about that, stud?"

I shifted my hand from her hip to the join of her wing with her back, under her sodden hair, where the backbone would be on a human. It felt strong, muscular. My other hand came up and grabbed one of her horns at the base. She made a happy noise.

I used the leverage to bring around and force her down onto her knees. I let go of her horn briefly to turn the shower off - the hot water bill didn't need to get any bigger - before pressing her down. I pushed her face onto the wet floor of the shower as she raised her ass up to me.

At this angle, I had to bend my dick almost below horizontal to get it into her hungry twat. Oddly, it didn't seem to hurt, and it definitely didn't hurt Rosie.

She spluttered garbled moans of pleasure into the water on the ground. I yanked her head up by the horn so I could hear as I pushed down into her.

"Uggh, see?" she moaned. "At this angle, you hit - uhhngh - different parts of my cunt..."

I started thrusting in and out. Even on my knees, I had to bend forward a little and use my core to keep inside her. Maybe you could get fit off sex. I was certainly feeling the burn by the time Rosie shuddered through her third orgasm. Panting, I started to slow, only for her tail to grab me and pull me back into her.

"Keep going!"

So I did, shifting my position above her, dick bending as I put my full weight atop her. Her pussy lips were around the very base of my cock, and -

She came again, and it felt amazing, but what felt more amazing was my cock. In the very depths of her tunnel, where my cockhead was being squeezed by her walls, I'd felt something exquisitely soft press against the very tip of my dick. I pulled back and thrust again, again, deeper, pressing myself against her ass as she continued to moan. There - like a kiss on the head of my cock, a kiss from the lips of a goddess. I moaned.

Rosie, recovering, took advantage of my slowed pace to speak. "Fuck, you're so deep."

"Nngh," I replied.

"With a mortal woman," she said distractedly, "you would have just hit her cervix. Be careful with those, but - no, keep going! Keep fucking me!"

"I think - "

"Aauugh! Yes! What?"

"I think I might come?" It was hard to tell. I'd been going for so long, feeling so many overwhelming sensations, and only now were my balls beginning to boil.

"Please, unh! Cum!" Rosie grunted. "Come inside me! Give it to me!"

I went back down onto my knees and pulled her up by the horn, getting her to an angle where I could thrust back and forward faster without exhausting myself completely. My cock slid in and out of her relentlessly, her pussy lips rubbing against its base, her vagina gripping me like a tailored glove. My balls were so hot, my dick was surging, this was the point where I came -

- But I didn't. The pressure kept building, the pleasure kept growing, and I kept fucking. "What's happening?" I moaned helplessly.

Head pulled back, saturated hair covering her face, Rosie bared her teeth, showing pointed fangs. "Magic," she said.

I still wasn't coming, but the build-up of ecstasy wasn't stopping either. My orgasm wasn't an eruption or an explosion, it was a boulder rolling down a hill. Slowly at first, building up, faster and faster. Just when I thought it couldn't feel any more intense and that I had to cum right this second, it got even worse. I couldn't feel my exhausted abs anymore, and I could barely even see Rosie. All I cared about was coming.

When the dam finally broke and my dick started spurting, I lost all composure. I threw her to the shower floor hard enough to bounce her chin off the tiles and squatted atop her like a rutting beast, spasming into her depths. So much cum was pouring out of me, so much, it wasn't stopping. The pleasure kept coming, roiling up within me and bursting outwards. Cum leaked back onto my balls as I filled her cunt. Cunt. Cum. Burn. Cum...

An eternity passed. Slowly, I became aware of the rest of my body, and the girl beneath me. I was collapsed atop her, gasping like a marathon runner, the head of my dick still caught in her cum-soaked snatch. Everything was spinning. I tipped to the side.

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