tagErotic HorrorMale Attacked by Tentacles

Male Attacked by Tentacles


It's a hot summer steamy night and as he walked down the dark desolate dirt road, his eye is caught to a steady light streaming across the sky. Wearing only loose shorts and sandles, he watches as the light gets brighter and bigger in the sky. As he continues to walk along the road, he can actually hear the object whizzing past him a hundred feet over his head.

"What the hell is that"? he asks to himself with the sense to duck as it screams past him.

The object then crashes to the ground a couple of hundred feet from him. He pauses to run over, uncertain as to what it could be. He conjures up the courage and begins to slowly walk over to the object. As he approaches, he can see the ground burned and the object smoking and tilted to its side. Part of the object in dug into the ground and its metal shell is dented and damaged.

"Hello?" he asks apprehensive to get any closer to the body of metal on the ground.

Theres no movement and the bright light from an almost full moon casts a dim shadow of the object on the ground. Just as hes about to call out again, the door of this weird object hisses and slowly opens. A small cloud of smoke billows out from the opening but nothing appears in the doorway.

"Anyone there?" he calls out.

Realizing that this thing could dangersome, he decides to back away from it. Maybe it would be best to head home and call the authorities. He turns his back on the crashed items and begins to walk away.

Next thing he knows, his feet are pulled out from beneath him and he lands hard on his stomache stunned. Something has grabbed him by the ankles and pulled his feet from beneath him causing his sandles to fly off. He tried to stand up when he us suddenly and violently spun by his ankles and turned onto his back. Frightened beyond belief, he lifts his body up and looks down at his ankles. Shocked, he sees what appears to be tentacles coming from the open hatch of the object and wrapped around his feet. Before he could figure out whats happening, other tentacles fly from the open door and attack at his loosely worn shorts. They hook themselves around the waste band of his shorts and swiftly pull them down over his feet. He watches with complete dismay as his shorts are pulled away and into the darkness. Now laying there naked, fear engulfs him as he lets out a holler.

Out of the door, other tentacles are quick upon him and each wrist is suddenly wrapped by the slimy appendages as they pull his down flat on his back. Laying on the ground still stunned by it all, he suddenly feels the tentacles pull his arms outward to the ground spread away from his shoulders. He fights to loosen from the massive grip but his wrists are held down with what feels like the weight of a thousand bricks. He tries vigorously to free his arms but the tentacles are too thick and powerful in their grasps.

While he pulls hard with his arms to free himself, he starts to feel the pull of the tentacles that have wrapped around his ankles spreading his legs apart. He fights to keep them closed but again, the tentacles, like steel cables, are just too powerful. His arms and legs now spread open leaving his nude body spread across the dirt as if stuck in the open position of a gross attempt at making a snow angel.

He can feel the tentacles now tug even tighter on his arms and legs. He can feel his muscles stretching like rubber bands. The tentacles keep opening him up wider and tighter just to the point of his bones being pulled from their sockets. He lays there motionless and completely vulnerable in the inability to even be able to twitch a muscle from being completely spread across the ground

"What the fuck is happening to me? What is this thing doing?" he asks with a frightened look on his face. He lifts his head and peers down at his wide open spread naked body.

The air is so silent. The only sound is his breath that is racing in and out of his mouth as he tries to make sense of his situation. Suddenly, he looks past his legs and notices what seems to be hundreds of thick dark slimy tentacles racing towards him from the ship. They drip with ooze as the make the way over his body and begin to wrap themselves around him. He could feel the warm lubricated slime against him as if made to help ease the tentacles around his helpless body.

One tentacle circles his wasteline. Another wraps around his chest 3 times and squeezes snug against him. Two more tentacles wrap around each of his knees and pull him even further apart. His can tell this monster really wants him wide open for whatever it has planned for him. Others begin to hook around his thighs leaving slimy goo over his legs. Even more encircle his arms and begin to intertwine with the dozens that are engulfing his now slimed and glistening body like vines around a a post.

He lies there helpless for what seems to be forever when suddenly, he feels the soft caress of even more tentacles working their way up his legs. His lifts his head again and watches as they slowly make there way up to his groin. He sees one disappears beneath him. He cant even give it a thought as to what this has in mind when he suddenly feels the gentle poke of the slimed creature on his anus.

"Oh God, NO!! he yells out to it.

But before he can beg another word, he feels it slide up into his ass as the slime lubricates the thin tentacle to ensure an easy entry. Just as hes about to scream out, he notices the other tentacle begin to slowly open at its end. He can see inside what looks like hundreds of little tongues like the villi you would find in your intestines. He can tell instantly just what this one had in mind as it seemed to stare down directly at his limp frightened cock.

"No FUCKING WAY!" "You cant....."

He suddenly could feel the opening begin to wrap around the tip of his flaccid cock with the warmth of slimy lubricant dripping and covering his entire groin area. The tentacle begins to caress and pull on his cock and if provoking it to grow. Suddenly, a group of very small finger like tentacles emerge from the opening of the tentacle on his cock and work their way around his balls. They begin to gently caress and massage them while the other pulls and strokes on his penis.

To his utter shock, he can feel his cock slowly becoming engorged and grow while inside this dripping member. How can this be he thinks to himself. But somehow, this beast begins to take over his mind as it has his body.

The tentacle begins to slide down his growing cock as it overflows itself with oozing slimy lubricant. The slime runs down his shaft and like a river, starts to pool in his naval and cover his stomach. Much of it runs down to his balls and lubricates the finger tentacles that are massaging his testicles. The villi inside the tentacles press against every nerve ending of his cock causing it to become rock hard and swollen. The tentacle slides down all the way to the point of pressing at the base of his cock extending it even deeper into the slimed appendage. It the slides all the way up to where his cock is barely inside the opening. Its stroking every last inch of his manhood.

Weak, his head falls back to the ground as for some reason that he cannot fathom, he begins to feel pleasure more than fear. His arms and legs stretched out so far and firmly, become accustomed to their restraints. Even his muscles that are being pulled almost off their bones, begin to relax and settle in.

He finds himself slightly begin to pant a bit. He cannot believe he feels himself giving in to this slimy grosslike monster. The tentacle on his cock begins to slowly ride up and down his shaft. The villi massaging his cock and the fingered tentacles on his balls cause him to start moaning in pleasure

The tentacle in his ass starts to slide in and out at a more pronounced rate as it pours ever so much more slime into his hole. It begins to move faster and faster and with the main tentacle stoking feverishly at his cock, and the thin fingers at his balls, he lets out a huge moan.


He feels the need to begin squirming, but the tentacles have him so tied down and spread, the it is an impossibility. Just as he feels the escasty escalating, the tentacles that wrap around his chest open a small slit along the side and out come more thin finger like tentacles that find his nipples and like fishing wire, begin to wrap around each one. He could feel the thin bands begin to tug up and out on his nipples in a gentle tug that send him into an uncontrolled frenzy.


As the minutes pass by, each tentacle is caressing and stroking their respective parts causing him into a sexual dilusion. Just as he thought it couldn't get any more intense, he looks above his head and sees a fat slimy tentacle coming for him. It runs under his head and begins to wrap itself numerous times around his neck with the end of the tentacle staring right at his mouth. With the main tentacle gulping and stroking at his cock, the new one quickly and swiftly forces itself into his mouth and begins fucking his lips. The taste of the slime gushing out the end is salty and hot and hes shocked to find it enjoyable.

However, the tentacle suddenly pushes into the back of his throat hard and down his neck. The slime in this tentacle, which contains a slight numbing agent, reduces then eliminates his gag reflexes. Down his throat it pushes then stops and holds there. At the same time, the tentacle wraps around his neck begin to squeeze like a Boa constricting on its prey. He cannot breathe at all and the blood flow to his brain is now cut off as his face turns a sunburned red. The tentacle in his ass is digging in deeper with every stroke as it begins to swell spreading open his anus wider and wider. The tentacle sucking on his cock starts stroking at a faster pace and sucks harder, while the fingers on his balls and nipples pull gently and caress. All the tentacles on his body, legs, and arms begin sliding and pulsing to ensure every nerve ending of his slime covered body is stimulated.

With his breath choked off, he begins to feel light headed but the stroking and sucking at his cock is so perfect, he feels the wave of orgasm begin to build. He needs to breath. Take a breath so he can cum but the tentacle continues choking him. He falls deeper into a state of unconsciousness as his orgasm begins to explode. Just he begins to pump massive amounts of cum into this intruding appendage, the tentacle pulls from his mouth and eases on his neck. A powerful ingestion of air like a jet engine rushes into his lungs and brings him from the brink of death just as his cock is emptying into the tentacle. The blood flows back to his brain as he lets out a loud, almost deafening moan as he exhales his air.


His orgasm is completely and absolutely beyond intense. He feels as if he will never stop cumming while filling this beast with his hot juices. Suddenly, the mouth tentacle forces it way back passed his lips and into his throat numbing and choking off his air. Again the tentacle around his neck constricts and the blood flow to his brain is cut off. His cock being dried by the sucking and stroking of the tentacle when he finally climaxes and his body goes limp. The tentacle around his neck relaxes again and the tentacle pulls out from his throat. He lets out a huge cough and spews slime and tentacle cum all over his chest and the tentacle that's wrap around it.

Although he is kept spread tight and hard, he would not be able to move anyway. But will this tentacled beast release him now? He is in a frenzy as he cant wrap his mind around what just happened to him and why it was so incredibly intense. He tries to move his wrists and arms and pull his legs closed but they do not even budge. The tentacle beast is keeping him spread and captive. He can feel his nipples continually being gently tugged on and his balls still getting their gentle caress. His barely builds enough strength to lift his head and look down at his cock. He notices it is still rock hard as the tentacle remains wrapped around it. He thinks to himself, why isn't it letting me go? Why isn't it releasing me when he realizes this ordeal must not be over. His head falls back down to the floor when he feels the tentacle take his hard cock back into its grasp. Again, it starts to suck and stroke and ooze slime to keep his cock lubricated.

"Oh God!! Not Again!!"

The stroking instantly starts him moaning. Again the tentacle in his ass starts to slide in and out and swell. Only this time, his hole is stretched and almost welcomes its intruder. The tentacle that surrounds his neck begins to tighten when again, the slimy limb pushes passed his lips and into his throat. The sucking on his cock stroking faster and faster. Much faster than the slower and deliberate stroking the first time. He could actually begin to hear the sucking and slurping sounds on his cock as the tentacle seeps out what feels like gallons of slime onto his cock.

Again he cannot breath. Again he feels his mind slipping into unconciousness. Again his blood to his brain is cut off, and again he feels the massive wave or orgasm begin to emerge. Again his nipples are being tugged on and again his ass is being raped. The sliding and pulsing of all the tentacles covering his body stimulate every nerve of his being. Again as he cums, the tentacle loosens on his neck and pulls out from his throat. Again the air rushes into his lungs the come escaping out with the intense sounds of pleasure.


Again the tentacle empties his cock of its hot cum and again he collapses motionless. Only this time, it starts back up again.

This intense attack upon his mind and body goes on and on and on. How much more can he take. How much of his seed must this monster suck from him before it quits and releases him. The assault continues and the tentacles seem relentless to pleasure and steal his seed. Hours go by. 2 hours. 5 hours. 8 hours of continued attack. The tentacles consuming his seed, then resting. Raping his ass, then resting. Sucking again on his cock then resting.

Will this ever end.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/04/18

We need more!!

We don't get enough hentai stories like this where the male is milked dry rather than the cliche tentacle on female crap we see. I'd love a continuation of this personally or just more stories like thismore...

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by Anonymous07/23/17

Long Sam

Omg yeah this got me so wet

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by Anonymous06/28/17

Hey, that's pretty good--

This was pretty good, but the punctuation and word choice was off/awkward in a couple places. 4/5!

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