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Male Brazilian Waxing


It all started with Brazilian Sisters who brought the Brazilian Wax to New York City a decade or two ago. First it was just women getting waxed 'down there', but soon guys started doing it. I had my first Brazilian wax last year and it left me a new man. Some call it the 'nudest nudist nude', making my male parts all that more visible. I know it doesn't change anything in size, but in perception, I like the new me.

This story is about one particular waxing experience...a fantasy.


It was difficult at first to find a person who would do the Brazilian wax on men. I finally found one place, but it was expensive and far from my home.

Eventually I found Debbie who did Brazilian waxing for women and men at a salon not far from my work. I would go there once a month and Debbie would do her magic. She was about 35, pretty, a working-woman. Waxers perform a service and they are professionals.

The first time I went to Debbie, I was a little nervous...you have to strip naked to get this done. Some people leave their shirt on but Debbie said to make myself comfortable, "keep your shirt on or not, up to you." were her instructions. That first time I kept a T-shirt on, but after that I went completely naked. In the corner of the waxing room was a coat rack where you undress and hang your clothes. Debbie was always in the room preparing the wax. Then you hop up on the table.

Obviously, the waxer handles you in a very personal way to get the job done. About a half-hour later you're completely without hair hairless! Brazilians are a little painful? Does that imply the person or the procedure? Brazilians are a little painful at first.

Each time I go went to Debbie; I sported a half-erection at the start. Heck, you're naked and some woman is handling your private parts. It's just natural and I understand understood that erections happened often. But my erection usually goes disappeared away as the ripping of hair begins began. Debbie never bats an eye and we talked about her dogs, the weather, or local events as she works worked.

This all worked out well until Debbie asked if next time appointment, if she could bring in students from the local cosmetology school to watch how a 'male Brazilian' was done. Just one or two students, maybe they could practice a little...

"Sure, not a problem, next month, no worries.," I mumbled. Next month came around soon enough and I was regretting saying 'yes.'

As I walked into the spa, Debbie and three 20-something women--her students, met me! Gulp! They were all pretty-young women. One was a blond and the other two were brunettes. Names were introduced which I instantly forgot in my nervous state.

"Are you still OK with my students getting some hands on training?" asked Debbie.

'Yes I said, still fine with me..." but thought to myself that I hope I don't embarrass myself as we walked into the waxing room.

Then we walked into the waxing room, Debbie and the women started to prepare the wax and strips.

Standing in the corner for a moment, I considered what I was to do. Then I simply turned to face the corner and disrobed completely. And this time it wasn't a half, but a full on erection. 'Think George Bush, Think George Bush' was my mantra hoping that thinking of the antics of our President would certainly kill of my erection. But it didn't work.

Big breath, turn around, eyes down, walk to table...

Then I heard it: A Giggle!

Looking up, I saw two of the girls looking at me, actually their eyes were locked on my erection and they were giggling...Jeez!

Debbie looked up and realized what was going on and said, "Ladies, this happens often and you'll have to get used to this if your you are going to give guys a Brazilian wax."

"Brad, hop up onto the table and we'll get started." directed Debbie. So I did.

Debbie's ceiling is painted in a starry night motif and as I looked up I tried to concentrate on the ceiling, but as Debbie applied the first bit of hot wax to my skin my attention returned to my situation.

'How did I get here I asked myself? A full-on erection, with four women looking at my privates?' The situation was stirring something deep inside my soul.

Debbie did several swipes of the wax and I was thinking that this would all be right soon. First Debbie waxed my scrotum and balls. To do this she instructs instructed me to grab my balls in various ways to pull the skin tight so the wax can could be applied and the hair ripped off.

Debbie was describing to the students in detail how to do each step. to the students.

"Have him pull up here with the right hand and pull tight here with the left hand."

Having the students see me pulling and touching myself I have to admit was getting my mind racing. I was even feeling a little slight of breath, excited. The scrotum is the touchiest part of the whole procedure so and I'm always glad when this is finished. Then she asked me:, "Brad, I'm going to let the students give a try, if it is all right with you?"

"OK" was all I could muster. I gazed up at the stars, trying to imagine the depth of the cosmos.

The usual banter between Debbie and I was replaced this whole session by her instructions to the students. This made it much more graphic than I had ever experienced. In the past Debbie and I chatted, now I was alone with my thoughts as she instructed the students.

"OK Lisa," said Debbie. "You're up first. Let's start by waxing above his penis and along the shaft here. You'll have to move that out of the way."

Next I felt a cold pair of hands grabbing my erection and lifting it up and out of the way, so that she could get at the hair growing above the penis. Hot wax...then ripppp.

"Ouch," I jumped.

"You OK there Brad?" Debbie asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"OK you put on a little too much wax there Lisa, let's try that again with that patch of hair here."

Moving herself around, all of the sudden I felt Lisa 'stroke' my erection by mistake. She was holding my manhood while she got into position and I'm sure she didn't know what she had done. But it got my attention. 'Think George Bush, George Bush, Cheney, Cheney..."

Soon I was half waxed.

"Let Jill do the other side." said Debbie.

Next Jill, the blond, stepped up and gently lifting my erection, applied the wax and much gentler, ripped out the hair. Jill was much softer at this and two or three swipes of wax and I was bare up top. I lifted my head to see what had been accomplished and saw four women bending over, intently looking at my genitals. And to my horror, there was a string of pre-cum dripping out of the head of my penis.

'My God, I thought!' I'm sure my whole body turned red. And to top it off, I was getting more excited!

At this point, I was now without hair on my scrotum and on the skin above my genitals, but that still left the hair on my penis itself and the area between my legs and butt. In a Brazilian, all that comes off.

A towel was applied to the pre-cum and I didn't look, but I'm sure it was Debbie wiping me clean as she next said:, "Let's move to the underside and will do the shaft at the end."

"Could she guess that my excitement was growing and that I was in the danger zone of cumming?"

This next part of the procedure involves spreading your legs wide, then pulling your knees up to your head, whatever to get at the hair. This is very exposing as you can imagine!

"OK Brad, can you grab your left knee and swing your whole leg out to the left.?"

I could just imagine how this looked to the women, balls hanging out, an erection. I did as I was told.

Then the last woman, Maureen tried her hand at the waxing. Debbie was giving directions and I was told to hold myself (my balls!) in a certain way to get them out of the way. A couple swipes of wax and I was bare down there.

"OK Brad, now pull your knee toward your head," instructed Debbie.

This exposed my butt crack and also spreads the cheeks. I know this because Debbie said, "OK this part is delicate, you want to get all the way down there, but you do not want any wax on the anus."

'So technical!' I thought.

It always make made me jump when I have the wax was applied there and I jumped when Maureen applied the wax, then ripped. This doesn't hurt at all down there.

"Lisa, your turn," said Debbie.

"OK Brad, left leg down, pull your right leg up toward your head," instructed Maureen.

I looked over to see this pretty woman getting right down to work on my butt, while three other women peered as well. 'This is crazy I thought,' ' "George Bush, George Bush...'"

When Lisa applied the wax, I knew right away she had put gotten wax on my anus.

'Shit' I thought to myself as a hot sting touched my hole, then "rippppppp."

I must have jumped a foot and screamed, but the next thing I knew there were eight hands holding my naked body down on the table.

"It's OK Brad, just a little pain for a second, it will be OK," said Debbie. Then to the women, "That's what happens to men or women when you get wax down too deep in there." "I'll clean this up."

Then Debbie took two more little swipes of wax off. "Brad you might be a little sore there, but you'll live."

The good thing about this--if you call it a good thing--was the pain in my ass, helped to subside my erection. I was back to half mast!

' "I can get through this!'" I said to myself. Then Debbie said, "This final part of getting the hair off the penis isn't as delicate as the scrotum, and it actually helps if the guy has an erection as this makes the skin tighter."

Murmurs came from the students.

This was all it took as my erection quickly grew back to full mast. I could feel my erection inching up toward my stomach. I can just imagine their view: 1,2,3, erect!

"Well there we go, this should be easier now," was all Debbie had to say.

Each student took a turn of applying wax to my erect penis and stripping the hair off.

I swear that Lisa took another 'stroke' on my erection just to tease me. Getting handled by differing pairs of hands is was an experience but soon all the hair was off.

The final part is adding a little oil or something to help the healing. I looked up to see Jill rubbing the oil onto my balls, then between my legs, down the crack, and onto my penis.

"Careful there Jill so that we don't have an accident!" said Debbie.

"He looks ready to explode!" said Maureen with a giggle. I could see Debbie blush. They all blushed. I blushed!

"OK, Brad, take a look." I sat up for the first time to see their results.

"Nicely done ladies! Thank you!" I said.

It was such a rush to see four smiling faces; eyes focused on their waxed man, heads nodding in agreement to this statement. "Only a little bit of pain, but looks great, thanks again!" I said again.

All the women left the room and I hopped off the table and climbed into my clothes. Going out to pay for my service, Debbie and the women were standing by the reception desk.

Debbie said, "No charge Brad, it was a learning experience for us all."

We all finished with a smile!


Thanks for reading my story.

Comments welcomed!

Thanks, Brad

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/04/18

I was a bit hairy

and the wife didn't like it, so she got me in at the local hair place. Bad enough to have to run the gauntlet of little old ladies with their heads stuck in dryers, all of them knowing why I was there..more...

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by Anonymous01/10/18

good story

An older lady has done mine several times. It is always an enjoyable experience and I like to think we both enjoy it a bit. She is quite quick, so nothing has ever happened but waxing. A little painmore...

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by Anonymous06/26/17

My first time

..getting waxed hurt like hell, but you really do get used to it. My wife and I both use the same lady, she has a room in the back of a local hair salon.
It's hands on for sure, she gets right in theremore...

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by bucknaked566406/26/17

My Experience

I get a Brazilian wax about every 6 weeks. I have always enjoyed the clean smooth look and feel. My lady never has me hold things aside or anything. She just takes care of business. And, sadly she is allmore...

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