tagSci-Fi & FantasyMale Encounters Tentacles Ch. 02

Male Encounters Tentacles Ch. 02


This is a work of fiction. Nothing is real, everything is permitted

The man was starting to panic. He couldn't see any possible way to escape from the creature holding him in place to the floor, let alone the room he was trapped in with it. He had to fight with every ounce of his being to focus, not on the amazing feeling of euphoria the aroma inside the room was giving him, but on how to get out. His mind was in a haze, and he hardly noticed that the creature had moved him onto his hands and knees and was now spreading his legs apart on the floor. He shook his head vigorously and cleared his mind, just in time to notice that the set of tentacles that made him cum once before were already back to work on his cock, sucking, massaging and rubbing up and down his already stiffening shaft once again.

He hadn't noticed, at least not yet, the set of tentacles behind him. There were three of them, forming themselves out of the mold of blue gel that this creature seemed to be made out of. Two of them fastened onto either of his butt cheeks and slowly pulled them apart, while the third made its way towards his hole slowly. It was secreting a large amount of the same fluid as the rest of the tentacles, and when it reached his anus, it began to slowly push its way into his ass. His eyes were focused straight ahead of him at another tentacle that was positioned directly in front of his face, no doubt waiting for him to open his mouth and accept that he was just going to have to suck on it. He still was not going to do it.

The tentacle started pushing in and out of his ass slowly and a warm sensation started to fill the whole of his body. He became harder than he ever had before and started to gently buck his hips with each thrust from the tentacle in his ass. Sensations he had never had in his life were coursing through his body and it was all he could do to keep from moaning out in pleasure. One tentacle was running up and down his cock at a moderate pace, while two smaller ones were sucking on the head and wherever else they could, while yet another was caressing his balls. The tentacle in his ass started fucking him faster, and his hips replied by speeding up to keep pace. He couldn't stop himself. He didn't seem to have any control over any of his body from the shoulders down. All he could do was keep looking at the tentacle in front of him, wondering how long it would wait for him to open his mouth to accept it before it took any further action.

He was fucked faster and faster. The bottom half of his body had been lifted up on the floor at an angle that allowed the tentacle to penetrate even further into his ass. He had cum at least twice that he could recollect, everything was starting to turn into a blur. Every so often the tentacle in his ass would pull out, and copious amounts of the fluid it was pumping into him would leak out of him and down the back of his legs and because of the position he was in, would work their way around to his stomach and onto his chest. The tentacle would allow these fluids to flow out completely, and then resume fucking him. Each time this happened, he would inevitably cum.

He experienced no pain what so ever and began to actually enjoy the fucking. He saw no end in sight and he wasn't expecting it to be that way. He didn't want it to end now. Just as that thought came into his mind, he had an orgasm that sent him over the edge, making his entire body spasm and making him moan out in ecstasy. Just as he began to moan, the tentacle in front of him, as he knew it would, entered his mouth and began pumping its own fluid down his throat, and he eagerly sucked it down. He started sucking it like it was a cock and loved every second of it. The fluid it pumped down his throat made him cum more, it made him want more, and it definitely made everything feel even more intense. The creature moved one of his hands up to the tentacle in his mouth and he got the idea pretty quickly. He grabbed it, wrapping his fingers around it, gently at first and started jerking it off and sucking on it. This sent more fluid down his throat.

He couldn't help himself. His previous fight was lost and he knew it, so he gave in completely. A second tentacle was now fucking his ass and the continuous stimulation of his cock was more than he could handle. He came and came and came. He knew it wasn't normal that he should be able to cum so much, but didn't care. He sucked on one tentacle while jerking off another. Then sucked on another while jerking off two others. He was being fucked, came on, cumming continuously, and always wanting more.

He lost track of time. It could've been just hours that passed, although it was more likely that it had been days. Hell, it could've even been weeks or months, he had no idea, but finally the creature stopped. It withdrew from him and left. He was sitting in the small room, which was now white. He was covered in the fluid that creature had left on him and, even though he had cum so much, his cock wasn't even sore.

The same voice as before came over the speaker, although he couldn't be sure there even was a speaker. Her voice seemed to just emit from the walls themselves and fill the entire room.

"Subject 24457, you've fulfilled you're obligation. Since you were so willing to cooperate with quite a small amount of hesitation, a compromise has been made on your behalf. Remain seated where you are, and our ambassador shall be with you shortly."

Once the voice had faded, the light seemed to leave the entire room. It was almost pitch black except for small slits of light eminating from around what appeared to be a door. After several minutes, the door slid open, revealing nothing but blinding light. He was blinded and couldn't see a thing, but he was almost certain he was going to enjoy his encounter with this alien even more....

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Making Cum

Wow ! Great story :) I believe he is in sex heaven. Getting the cum fucked and sucked out of me would be awesome. Could it get any better? Yes it can. The more I suck dick and swallow cum, the moremore...

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