tagRomanceMale Man's Delivery

Male Man's Delivery


Jerry worked at the same packaging company as Lulu. Lulu, originally from Texas, moved up here with her mom and brother 3 years ago and at 20 moved in with three other girls from either school or work. All of them got along great.

Lulu and her roomies held a few parties, which Jerry was invited to all of them, but he didn't go to any, until the third one he was invited to. He knew a couple of the girls and one guy, but didn't like the guys he knew that were going to the parties. Those dudes were asses, in his opinion. Jerry, coincidentally, could be obnoxious himself, but always was polite to everyone.

At least he thought so. Lulu, or Lou as Jerry called her, was a cute girl, in his opinion. Why, he didn't really know. She had long brown thin hair. It was shiny and pretty.

A big girl with pretty eyes, a nice smile, and a cute personality that always liked to flirt, Lou would talk about lots of goofy things she'd do at her house.

She had a tummy that to Jerry was live for the 'picking, licking, or sticking', proverbially speaking. He thought about asking her on a date, being a true gentleman while with her, until later, and then try flirting with her more seriously.

He would go home, get online, and see if he could track her down. It turned out she didn't have a computer. That proved fruitless obviously. Talking to her at lunch, she invited him to her party directly since he had not come to the other two parties.

"Jerry why won't you come to my parties, they are a lot of fun".

"I don't know Lou; I guess I am not sure I would have any fun at them".

"Oh Jerry, I'll be there; isn't that fun enough, hehehe?"

Jerry started thinking, "Yeah it would be a lot of fun" and smile crossed his face.

"That looks mischievous, that smile that you're wearing right now. What's going on in that crazy mind of yours Jerry?"

"Huh, what do you mean? Nothing is going through my mind right now. I was just thinking about your party and what I could expect."

"What do you want to happen? Would you like dancing? Is there something I could make or supply as far as drinking is concerned?"

"Lou, you aren't even 21 yet, you can't legally drink." "So, I am an adult and as far as partying is concerned, I do many different things you wouldn't expect me to do."

"Like what Lou? What do you do that's out of the ordinary? Go on binge drinking and become crazy or out of your mind?"

"No, no Jerry, nothing like that. Haven't you ever played "Spin the Bottle?"

"Hahaha Lou that is a child's game. I don't play kids games. I'm not going to go, I don't think, unless something or someone more attractive is there to entice me to be there."

"Hehehe, like someone or something, said Lulu. Such as who would make it worth your while or what would it take to make it worth your while to make you come?"

Then a mischievous smile or look showed up on his face again. She looked at him with curiosity. Lou didn't have a clue. Lunch was almost over and both had to get back soon.

"I have to get back and clock in", said Jerry.

"So what is it you are thinking about", asked Lou.

"I'll talk to you soon", he replied, but only winked at her.

That confused her, at first. He was almost in the door when she yelled out to him just before he went in, "You mean me?"

He turned his head around, smiled, winked and gave her a quick wave.

She blushed with a throbbing flush of excitement that began streaming through her body. She was beside herself that he might find her attractive! Her face glowed as she thought about his actions more, but she had a huge grin on it too as she went back in to clock in and get back to work.

Jerry let himself become captivated by his attraction to Lulu. His mind was set on hooking up with her somehow. He wasn't too well focused the remainder of the day and it showed. He would get up often to calm his nerves and he wasn't productive due to that.

His work would wait until tomorrow and he was able to calm himself that night hopefully. He had ways to do that. No one knew about his lifestyle, or parts of it.

Unbeknownst to him and Lulu, each was going to receive accreditations for service and they both coincidentally were to receive nominations for supervisory positions within their departments. He was called into the CFO's office along with his manager. They sat down and discussed the unplanned session or review. It highlighted all of his accomplishments as well as some of the proactive initiatives he had taken. For that, he received nominations from his manager, managers from coordinating departments and input from all of them as well.

He could either decline or accept the promotion. Lou also received similar treatment, but neither knew of the others situation. After work, as everyone was leaving, there were some congratulations to each other. Both noticed the other was be given them and was curious why the other was getting it.

They stopped, talked, and realized what had happened. They were happy for one another and instinctively wanted to give the other a hug, but refrained from doing it, so no one would begin any gossip.

Instead, he shared his cell number and his home phone number with her and she did like wise.

He forgot something at his desk and went back in to retrieve it. Thinking about all the commotion that day, inspired him. He was proud, but he was also happy for Lou.

So he wrote an inspirational note to her along with an intimate quotation at the end. "Wonderful things happen to those who want or desire. Work hard, play hard and stay hard. I'm going to...."

She wouldn't get it, he thought, until the next morning. She was still out there when he exited the building. She was visibly upset. Her car wouldn't start up, so she had to call for a tow truck. He was in great spirits, but she turned sour due to that happening.

She went back in to look up a towing service, stopped at her mailbox, pulled her mail, and saw this unmarked envelope, signed only, 'The Male Man'.

She said to herself, "The Male Man, who the hell? Who the heck is the Male Man?"

She was amused, confused, and befuddled. She read it and wondered, "Who would write this? Oh my god, Jerry probably did. I bet this is Jerry's writing. She reread it. She was even more amused. He's so cute," she said quietly.

"Who's cute, asked Jerry, who surprised her. She didn't know he came back in. Who's cute", he asked again.

"You wrote this Jerry. This is so cute. Makes me wonder what you mean."

Jerry looked at her with the straightest and most honest looking face and said, "Wrote what?"

"This, Jerry, this and she handed him the note, you wrote this, didn't you?"

He read what it said, roared out laughing and asked, "Who the hell is the 'Male Man?" He laughed and laughed; he convincingly made her think it was someone else.

She believed him and it didn't amuse her as much as he thought it would. Now he felt guilty, but kept to himself anyways, for the time being.

"Did you get someone to come and tow your car? I'll give you a ride home, if you want; it isn't much trouble at all."

"No, I'll call a roommate or my mom. One or the other can come pick me up."

"Oh, come on Lou, save them some trouble, and let me have the pleasure of driving you home. I only live four blocks away."

"You live that close to me, Lou asked, how did you know where I lived?"

Jerry replied by saying, "You've invited me to your parties. I know where your place is by now; I should at least, since I am coming this weekend."

"Oh cool Jerry, really, you are going to come for sure?"

"Heck yeah, why wouldn't I? Sounds to me like you got it going on over there and I am missing out on it all. Anyways, all the stories you've told about guys peering in on ya and seeing ya prancing around in your, ummm undies. That sounds pretty inviting to me."

"Hehehe, replied Lou, we won't be dressed like that Friday night. This isn't an 'undies or toga' party, hehehe."

"I know but a guy can use his, umm, uhh, imagination, can't he?"

They both blushed at the thought, but they also both laughed. They walked out together as they talked. Each was wondering about the other, what he or she looked like in their skivvies. Neither realized the others' thoughts.

Both were on emotional highs and both minds wondered through patches of fantasies. The tow truck came, picked up her car and Jerry took Lou home. Neither of them talked too much because they were fantasizing about sexing up the other.

She would look at him here or there and he would turn and smile at her. His face was flushed and he would feel his boner kind of grow beneath his slacks. She wasn't feeling anything similar to that, but she was becoming more attracted to him as they got closer to her house.

He pulled in her driveway and she got out. She smiled at him and slowly inched her way out of his car. He gave her a long look with a smile attached to it. She thanked him and he offered the following: "Anytime you care to get a ride to work Lou, anytime at all, call me, okay. I mean that, I really do."

She acknowledged his offer, scooted back in quickly, kissed him on his cheek, patted his shoulder, and said she'd see him tomorrow. Jerry was horny now and his boner showed that he was just that, she didn't think to notice it, but it was hard.

Jerry drove home quickly. He got out, ran to his bedroom. He ripped off his clothes as he thought about her sucking him off and he masturbated. He shot a load as he caught it all with his underwear.

The week passed, Jerry and Lou saw each other at lunch or breaks. They talked when there was time, but nothing for company fodder. It was Friday and it was time to party! Yep, party at Lou's and Jerry was heading for it. He arrived earlier then even he expected.

Lou was looking good and Lou thought Jerry was looking hawt. He wore his signature deep green long sleeve collared shirt that he barely ever wore. This must be a special occasion, because he rarely ever will adorn that. His slacks were black and he wore a pair of black leather deck shoes along with everything.

Lou, in a multi colored camisole underneath a shear black open face top, to Jerry, was hott. Her hair was pulled back enough that it wasn't too tight. It was loosely done in a ponytail, but along with her red and black skirt, it all accented the camisole and sheer black top perfectly. At least in his eyes it did.

Her smile greeted him, as did her open arms. They hugged as if they were old friends. There was a kiss waiting for him, when he walked through her front door. They made small talk briefly, and then he was introduced to her friends. They were all so damn cute, he'd bang the whole lot, if it were an open invitation.

That's just how his mind worked, but his prey or lustful interest, if not more, was surely Lou and Lou looked simply delicious as delicious could look.

"Lou, you know what? She asked him what. You really look nice and I really mean nice!"

"As in sexy nice or attractive nice", she tried to clarify.

"I mean both, Lou. Whatever makes you feel special, sexy, wonderful, or unique, and he winked when he said that, assume it to mean exactly that!"

She blushed as he smiled. She held his hand for an instant. Jerry squeezed it at that point and they were on their way to something special that night. Jerry was introduced to her roomies and other friends, including Skuzzy, a guy who also liked Lou. He was named that because he never shaved. He was always clean; he just didn't like to shave.

They, Jerry and Skuzzy hit it off. They competed for Lou's attention, but outwardly Jerry wasn't as aggressive and he would win out in the end easily.

The night progressed well. Many people from everywhere showed up. People from work, family, friends from school, and guys in the neighborhood. They were bringing in beer as if it was the Prohibition era. Jerry, being twenty 24, had no problem drinking away. Lou wasn't drinking; she was too busy being a good host to be wasted. He never saw her drink, but she was acting as if she'd had a few too.

She was in a great mood and that worked well for Jerry and even Skuzzy. But Skuzzy was becoming hammered and he was out back smoking a joint all evening. So he wasn't going to be great company by the time the evening was done. Besides, he was after Lou and he wanted a piece of her, somehow or someway.

Lou wanted some of Jerry. They would talk occasionally all evening while she went around and took care of everyone. Things began quieting down, so Jerry decided to sit down, relax, and watch everyone. He'd watch Lou a lot. She caught on to the fact he was eyeing her lots.

At first, she was uncomfy. He would smile a lot more as he sat and watched her. Eventually, he got up, walked out back to the back yard swing and hung out inconspicuously. No one saw him out there while Skuzzy smoked a couple joints.

Lou came looking for him, thinking he went home. She asked and they pointed out he was over by the grove of trees on the swing. She walked over. He was just hanging out, swinging. She began to ask him why he was out here but he grabbed a hold of her and laid her on his lap.

She propped her ass, her nice full round ass, on his legs, while on the swing. Without her okay, he kissed her. She did not resist, but she was surprised. It wasn't an exciting kiss, but she didn't mind. He was thinking about trying to get further then that.

He reached underneath himself because he could feel his dick stiffen. She didn't notice it. She switched positions and he tried to shift his cock without her seeing him do that. It didn't work. She was amused that she aroused him.

"Ooooohh, what's that all about Jerry? Am I, umm, turning you on?

I don't believe I could do that Jerry, not me!"

'Well Lou, I am...umm...", and he wouldn't finish the thought.

"Hehehe, she got a huge kick out of it; she started to think she was actually stirring him up, but he wasn't letting on any further either.

That began to excite Lou also. She giggled more and more.

They got up off the swing and walked away from her party. Her roommates would keep things under control as she and Jerry took a stroll down the street. The evening was nice, there was some sign of rain coming in, and clouds began gathering and partially covering the moons' rays.

A slight breeze of warm air started flowing down the street as they walked. It was a nice pleasant breeze that both enjoyed. It had no coolness to it and it even seemed as if it was producing hire humidity levels to it. Both were caught up a little in how warm it felt.

They stopped at the nearby park, which of course by then was closed. No one ever did surveillance in the park. Lou always said she'd go down to the park, swing often for a long time, and just clear her thoughts.

Lou, at twenty and Jerry at twenty four, had a natural affinity for each other. They both began talking about what they wanted out of life, a little about work and their new positions they were offered. That was thrilling to both, because each of them got offered the jobs on the very same day. Additionally, it just so happened that both had over a short time, taken a liking to the other.

As they sat there swinging away, Jerry got off his swing, walked over to the large park bench, and then Lou did. It was shadowed by thick shrubbery that enabled them some privacy. He wanted to kiss and snuggle with her, badly.

He watched her and smiled while she walked towards the bench. He was anxious for her to sit next to him. She looked sexy in her camisole, skirt and open sheer face top she wore.

He thought to himself, "Boy would I like to feel her up or at least cop some kind of feel".

He continued looking at her and she wondered what was on his mind. She blushed, smiled and just stared more at him. He made a move and she let him.

Jerry scooted closer to her. She didn't inch away at all. She, in fact, turned to him so that hopefully, he would kiss her. She wanted Jerry to take the first step. She thought she would be willing to do almost anything, almost that is.

He scooted closer and closer. At that point, she knew he was going to kiss her. He did and they went at each other with a ferocity that was emotionally natural to both of them.

Cute little grunting sounds emitted from both of them. Romantic like transmissions that they both approved of this activity continued to spew from their mouths as they kissed.

He pulled her soft, rotund figure towards his large bulky physique and there weren't any adverse reactions from either.

They both were consumed how each felt towards the other. It was a natural connection reflected by the non-stop kissing between them. The kissing seemed to get more powerful. Their lips tugged at one another, even more heavily. Their arms and hands yanked the other into themselves, with Lou pulling Jerry first.

That was a great sign she may be willing to go a step further. He didn't want to violate her, although he would be willing, if she was willing to open those doors.

As they kissed fiercely, they lost their positions on the park bench and fell to the grassy area. She hadn't skipped a beat as they landed. She continued her quest of his lips and their heavy snuggling, laying almost flat against the ground.

His legs and her legs naturally intertwined, as if they were a newly married couple and knew the others movements. His body was seriously turned on by her and he developed a hard boner, making it slightly uncomfortable. He wanted to fix it so that he could butt his pelvis against hers and not be uncomfortable.

They twisted back and forth. She pressed her self tighter against him. He felt it and slid one hand down to adjust himself. When he did that, she groaned out loud. He quickly asked what was wrong and she answered back, "Nothing at all, this is great"; they continued sucking away, mouth to mouth, lips to lips and then her tongue surged into his mouth.

The sensations he felt from her tongue reeling away inside of him sent fluids rolling from all ends of his body into his membrane. He surged with a horny desire full of lust.

"Oh my god, he exclaimed loudly, oh god!"

She stopped quickly and queried him what was wrong. She hadn't realized he was as horny as she was becoming. She began moistening up inside her thighs as well and could feel herself wanting to be touched or at least touching herself. She wanted that, but didn't want to seem slutty either.

Accidentally, she moaned aloud and he knew she was also feeling what he felt. He pushed his hard and hidden cock against her mid-region again. This set off a rush of emotion between both of them.

She reciprocated and obliged him by doing the same. They pushed and pushed themselves into each other as their bodies' fluids rushed with aroused excitement.

Sounds of all kinds came from them. Their hands swarmed many spots around the other without attempting to go to the 'forbidden fruits'.

He wanted her to touch his long friendly facet! She wanted him to explore the fullness of her melon like breasts. She wanted his hands on her top and over her boobs. Her nipples "called for them" to be patted!

She didn't want him to get an impression she was Open Season, but she did want some satisfaction. Thinking, almost out loud, she thought, "Touch them, feel me, yes, feel my boobs. Feel my nipples Jerry, please touch them, please?"

Opportunity knocked and he slid a hand, without her openly asking, around the front and between them and he slid his hands across her chest. They were supple. They were solid. They were beautiful. They had hard nipples. Jerry came back across them. They didn't stop kissing either. He loved the feel of her tits: supple, solid and supreme!

"Ahhhh, he heard out of her. Ohhh, yes, yes Jerry. That is so good Jerry", as she stopped long enough from kissing him. Jerry pulled back to see the look on her face. He liked what he thought he saw, a very happy and satisfied girl.

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