Male Model


I work at a local art studio as part of a Continuing Education program. I basically order materials and schedule the artist sessions. Scheduling includes the hiring of models.

This brings me to my story.

I was given the assignment of hiring a male model for undraped sessions. Now I have hired a number of female models in the past, and I usually use the local community college to find recruits. I figured that this would be a good place to start with any male candidates.

I usually go to the Art Department and speak to Julie, the assistant director. She has put me in touch with a few female models in the past and I feel that I have a good relationship with her. When I told her that I was looking for a male model, her eyes lit up.

She told me that indeed there was someone whom she thought would be perfect for the job. She told me that his name was David and that he worked in the office a couple of days a week with the work-study program. He was very gracious and polite and from what she could tell, quite fit.

She said that she would speak to him and see if he was interested, and added that he was pretty desperate for money being that he was putting himself through school.

A couple of days later, I received a call from Julie telling me that David was very interested in the job, but wanted to know how much it paid.

"Boy, he really is hard up for cash, poor guy," I thought. I told Julie that we pay $20 an hour.

She thought that would be fine, but added that he seemed pretty nervous about modeling nude, not that he said anything, but she could just tell. With that, she gave me his contact information.

Later that day I called David and spoke to him at length and Julie was right, he was extremely gracious and polite.

I asked if he would like to come down to the studio after school and we could have a little chat and meet each other face to face. We scheduled a 4pm appointment.

When he showed up at 4pm sharp, I was a little taken a back. He was quite good looking and very tall, maybe 6' 3". It was spring and he was in a tee shirt and jeans. I could clearly see the definition of his musculature with the thin tee.

We sat and talked for a few minutes before I asked if he would have a problem doing a few poses for me right here and now. He didn't expect that, but he nervously complied with the request. I suppose he didn't want to blow the job.

The studio is located in the back of a large office space that is used for some sort of consulting business. We have a separate entrance, but I usually walk in off the street through the office space, being that there are only three employees at their desks at any one time and I have gotten to know them quite well over the last couple of years.

The posing platform is circular and is surrounded be easels.

I told David to just leave his clothes on the desk in the corner and step up on the platform when he was ready.

I made myself busy, as to offer hem some temporary comfort while he stripped down, all the while I was watching him out of the corner of my eye.

"My god," I thought, "he's perfect. Not an once of fat and a bit more muscular than a swimmer might be."

But what I was truly struck by was his sex. Although he was flaccid, his penis hung down what looked to be a good five inches, resting calmly over a pair of large testes nestled in the soft skin of his scrotum. His penis was all scrunched and wrinkled, and I noticed curiously thick.

I could tell he was somewhat tense as his body was covered with a thin sheen of perspiration, which further accentuated his muscle definition.

"Lets try some simple poses," as I grabbed a chair and had him sit on it facing me.

I watched his every move as he sat with his legs parted, as I requested. The glans of his penis was resting on the seat of the chair. His eyes were darting back and forth between me and everything else in the room. This was too perfect and I guess I could resist. With him being such a novice he would never know anyway.

So in a conversational way, I told him, "David, you know, it's quite normal for a man to erect during a pose."

I don't know what made me say that, It was totally impulsive, but, I just had to know what he looked like with an erection. Now that I had put the thought in his mind, I was hoping it would have the desired effect, hoping to use psychology to my advantage.

He eyes widened and there was a moment when nothing was said... by either of us.

Then a moment later he whispered, "OK."

I kept him in that pose for a long time while explaining that the class usually consisted of women, usually all middle aged women, like myself. That's when I noticed some small movement. His penis was no longer resting on the seat, but was straight and pointing slightly forward. I circled him once more and when I arrived back in front of him, it was now standing straight out, thick like my wrist. How far could I take this, I wondered.

Taking a breath, I said,"David. It's all right. You're getting an erection in front of me. That's perfectly normal."

I can't believe I just said that. He had the look of a frightened animal at that point. But his penis just kept lengthening, now performing it's magnificent upward trajectory.

He refused to look me in the eye at that point. A moment later it was full size, standing up thick like a baby's arm, a deep shade of red, pulsing with his heart beat. He was large, really large. If I looked carefully, I could actually see his testicles rolling slightly in their sack. I walked to the side to see him in profile and could see that his cock was absolutely rigid, standing up against his stomach with this angry, sweeping curve. How erotic.

David stayed pretty much fully erect during the whole interview that day. I truly had forgotten how hard a young man could get. The level of his arousal.

This was a refreshing reminder.

Finally I had him get dressed. It was almost comical to see him tuck that beauty away in his jeans. It was plain to see he had an erection as it bulged obscenely sideways towards his hip. There would be no hiding it on the street, or to the three ladies as he walked through the front office.

I couldn't really sleep that night. My mind was racing with potential scenarios of what I could do to shape David's first day of actual modeling.

I figured that I would just go with the flow and be more reactive than anything else.

David arrived at 6pm, just as a group of six female artists began setting up their equipment. I hadn't mentioned anything to them except we would be using a male model this evening. David's good looks and physique wasn't lost on any of them. He sure turned their heads. Most of the women were in their late thirties or early forties, I would say and were in varying shape.

I greeted David and brought him over to a small curtained area where I told him he could change. There was a robe hanging on a hook for models to use. I then set my plan in motion.

"David, are you OK? I mean from the other day?" He looked at me confused. "I mean about your developing a full erection in front of me?" He colored immediately, and didn't really know what to say.

"I'm sorry Miss. really," he stuttered.

"That's OK, it's been known to happen. In any case, these are all mature women whom I'm sure understand that sometimes a young healthy male will erect."

"I raised a son, who was both at ease with his body and his sexual needs. He was very comfortable spending time in our home nude, as was I, having been brought up on a small commune in northern California. I saw him many times with an erection and even caught him masturbating on a few occasions. I'm well aware of how young men have very strong sexual needs and of how they need to be constantly sated."

David looked at me with obvious acute embarrassment. I glanced down and saw a pretty large lump in the crotch of his pants. Yes, my plan was working.

The truth be told, I was making it all up. I had no son. I am a single mom who's raised two daughters and has lived in the Northeast all my life.

"I'm sorry, I've embarrassed you. Sometimes I forget that everyone isn't as liberal and open minded as I am," I said as I pulled back the curtain on the changing area.

David gave me a small broken smile and he went into remove his clothes. I went out to the women, some of who greeted me with a raised eyebrow.

David came out of the dressing area a few minutes later wearing the robe, but there was some obvious tenting going on and we could all see that he was quite nervous.

I asked him to step up onto the modeling stage and remove the robe. He slowly ascended the wood platform and after a bit of hesitation, he removed the robe exposing a large semi erect penis. The room was silent.

I took the initiative and began to pose him. I had him stand facing the women, who were in a small semi circle in front of him. I asked him the clasp his hands behind his back and to turn his head so that he would be looking over to the side of the studio and not directly at the artists. I could tell that this was very humiliating for him.

I'm sure that he could have never imagined that this is how he would be making a little extra cash. I glanced around and saw the women looking him over as if this was the first man they had ever seen. Then they finally began to sketch him.

David's penis was standing straight out from his body and although only semi erect, it was still quite a sight to behold.

It would occasionally become flaccid then slowly return to that same semi erect state, which was fun to watch, but I was really hoping that my "talk" earlier with him, would be the trigger that would push him to becoming fully erect like he was during our interview, but it began to look like that wasn't in the cards today.

Then I decided to try something. I am a somewhat slight woman with small breasts, but I do have very large nipples that stand out about an inch when erect, and they were erect most of the session so far. But I was wearing a bra and a sweater, so you really couldn't tell.

I excused myself and went into my office and removed both the bra and sweater just leaving a tan, very thin, small tee shirt that really left nothing to the imagination. I checked myself out in the mirror and, Whoa... those perky little things were standing out like over sized pencil erasers. "This should do the trick," I thought.

I walked back into the main studio and over to the corner of the room where I had directed David to look. He glanced up at me, and I swear, I think he did a double take, before a light blush came over him and he looked down immediately.

Yes, I know that he checked me out. I stayed in place as he would continually look up at my chest, then away, not wanting to get caught staring. But caught he was, with the evidence plainly visible as his penis began to stretch to a full blown erection.

We could actually see it pulse in its upward motion as he showed the soccer moms what he looked like with a rigid erection. The woman had basically stopped sketching at this point to witness an event that pretty much every heterosexual woman thinks is pretty damned amazing.

"My Lord, he's so big when he's hard," I murmured to myself.

He basically stayed that way for the last 20 minutes of the session, when I announced the end of the class and thanked David for posing for us. He got a mild round of applause, which just seemed to embarrass him further.

He quickly donned the robe and exited towards the curtained area. There was much whispered conversation amongst the ladies as I made myself busy with some postings on the bulletin board.

When all the women had left, David had still not come out of the dressing area. I walked over towards it in my wool socks and as I neared the curtain, I could hear the unmistakable sounds of a man pleasuring himself. Heavy breathing and muffled grunting.

I stilled myself as to not make him aware of my presence, but I did shuffle a bit closer and...oh my God, what I saw.

He was facing away from me, but at an angle. I could clearly see his hand roaming up and down his thick erection. I suppose he was using his own natural juices as a lubrication, which I had noticed was leaking quite a bit during the last half hour of the session.

God, he was loving himself, his own hand barely fit around his turgid penis. The head of it was red and glassy, like a ripe plumb. His body was really beginning to tense, when a moment later, I saw him throw his head back and he stiffened as if being struck by lightning.

A long ropey jet pulsed violently out of his distended glans, actually hitting the wall in front of him. Then I watched as he lost control, his breathing ragged, his body covered in sweat as the muscles of his ass tightened over and over again as several more ribbons spun out of his sex. Eight...I counted eight. And it was splattered all over the wall.

As he began to calm, I quietly made my way back over to my office. I was shaken and in a state that I had not experienced in a very long time.

About ten minutes later, David came out of the dressing room, fully dressed. He was still pretty sweaty and flush. I thanked him and paid him before telling him that I would be in touch to set up another session soon. He thanked me and we shook hands. That hand.

After he left, I immediately went over to the dressing area, pulled back the drape, and looked for any signs of his release. There had to be some. It seemed endless to me at the time. But he had cleaned it all up.

Gracious, polite and tidy.

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tasty account of a willing young man

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