tagBDSMMale Sub Ch. 02

Male Sub Ch. 02


Chapter two — Riding the Pole

Author's foreword:

Be sure to read the events in part one, Male Sub Ch. 01 – Sting of the Lash.


Three days had passed since Mistress Brandy provided a demonstration of wielding a whip on her hunky male submissive Allen. The thin line of torn up flesh made by Carla with the vicious blacksnake whip was now just a thin red line on his otherwise near-flawless body. Brandy had asked for and received forgiveness for Carla's betrayal of his trust in his petite Mistress.

Business went on as normal between them. She was careful to tone down her demands as the whiplash continued to heal. She didn't want to risk some kind of infection setting in, nor did she want to risk him thinking he was being taken for granted. Brandy didn't want him to believe their relationship was damaged—or worse, a mistake. She didn't want to lose him.

Brandy had been taken aback several months ago when her co-worker Allen had broached the subject to her—dominating a man wasn't something she had ever fantasized about. Undaunted, Allen gave her the addresses of several Internet sites she could visit to get a feel for the idea. He explained she was the type of woman his submissive fantasies revolved around, and would be honored if she considered it.

She did. Now there was no going back.

Dominating Allen was a heady thrill. She had been the smallest of four children and usually the smallest of her classmates in school. That left her vulnerable to be picked on and she grew up feeling powerless. Now twenty-seven, Brandy was 4'11" and 97 pounds, and in undisputed command of a man thirteen inches taller, 140 pounds heavier and more than triple her strength. To keep herself grounded, she likened her Dom/sub relationship to a trainer's relationship with a horse. He could trample her helplessly at any moment if he bolted, but he obeyed her willingly because she took care to respect his feelings, needs and desires.

Allen was naked and ball-gagged, as usual, and restrained to Brandy's bed. His wrists were bound to the upper corners in a spread-eagle arrangement, but he had two short spreader bars between his legs. The shorter one was between his knees, keeping them closer together than normal. The difference in height between Mistress and submissive made straddling him difficult with his legs open as far as the standard spread-eagle. Mistress Brandy liked to secure him to her bed, let him stew for an hour or two in the kind of "lonely bondage" that he liked, then come back and ride his thick cock to her climax.

Allen twisted himself up to look at the clock on the nightstand. He sighed and settled back; it was covered with a teddy bear. She had called him in here at 1:40pm, but he was unaware of the current time. He tested the security of his bindings and found them just as secure as the previous forty tests. His cock was semi-hard; he knew Mistress liked to make him wait before masturbating herself on his erection. He knew it was coming—he just did not know when.

Time went by, enough to cause a noticeable shift in the angle of sunlight coming through the window. He wondered where Mistress was, but he knew she was small and light enough not to cause any footsteps he could hear. The house would occasionally shift just enough to cause a small snap or click that he could hear when he strode from one place to another. But it didn't do that for her. It seemed her house was just as dominated by his diminutive Mistress as he was.

After an undetermined amount of time, Brandy came in. She was dressed as she usually was for Allen's domination—snug fitting and seamless white cotton bikini panties and high heel shoes. She closed the door and, pretending to ignore him with a studied amount of imperious aloofness, flopped the coiled blacksnake onto the mattress beside him. She reached for a dainty, creamy yellow bra and slipped her arms into it, making a big show of both ignoring him and putting it on properly. His cock began to thicken in anticipation as she got ready; he knew she was about to straddle him.

Brandy finished and grabbed a small decorative pillow and flopped it over Allen's face enough to block his line-of-sight. With him unable to see her, Brandy drew down her panties and removed the pillow a moment later.

She climbed onto the bed, kneeling beside him. Then Brandy put the panties over his face. One side of the waist was tucked under his chin and the other over his forehead. The center panel was arranged directly over his nose; he had no choice but to breathe in her heady feminine scent with each breath. Other subs might've found this humiliating but Allen grooved on it. He had taught himself to enjoy the heavenly scent as a way of having her rare and elusive femininity more often.

Still pretending to ignore him, Brandy worked her way south as Allen's cock got very hard very quickly. She threw a leg over him and straddled his stomach, taking care to hold what little weight she had on her legs. Allen tended to get claustrophobic on occasion and she took care not to induce it. She started massaging his iron-like mansteel as if getting a finely calibrated machine ready for use.

Allen lifted his head and admired Mistress Brandy's firm and bare backside, looking through the leg openings of her panties. Her butt was so small and nicely rounded; any heterosexual man would love the chance to run his hands over it. A few might even want to give it a swat or two. He watched that magnificent ass move as she worked his mighty erection with her small hands.

Brandy knew his rod was as hard as it was going to get, but she liked to tease him. This gave him a greater challenge in keeping his orgasm in check. Today was only Tuesday and still had three days to be good before his weekly reward. If he climaxed now, he would be punished and not allowed his scheduled orgasm on Friday. It would be an entire week of being as good a slave as possible before Mistress would give him his time.

Allen strove to be as good a submissive as possible. Being allowed only one orgasm a week obviously meant he could not masturbate. To do so and be caught earned him ten lashes and two hours of hang time to think about his sins. Mistress Brandy made it perfectly clear he was not to play with her toys! He was her toy and, by extension, that meant his penis was her toy too.

Brandy crawled further south and positioned her vagina over his penis. She reached between her legs as she lowered herself, guiding it into her slippery friction. Mistress and slave sighed silently to themselves as each enjoyed the sensations specific to their genders.

Limited of movement, Allen merely lay still and watched as Mistress bobbed up and down upon his impaling shaft. She was facing away from him and the underside of it was caressing her G-spot. The amount of vaginal displacement her slave provided was phenomenal, though she took care not to let him go in deep just yet. Brandy let her lead loll back as she slowly worked her slave's mansteel with her hips, reaching into her bra to fondle and pinch her nipples for added effect.

The stroking was too slow to bring Allen to climax—but that did not mean he wasn't enjoying it. His Mistress had never been married or given birth so her pussy was still nicely tight. He felt the head of his shaft bump into her cervix on occasion. They had measured their genitals early in their arrangement because of concerns in the marked difference in their height; she was just less than five inches deep and he was just over seven inches in length. Care had to be used during fucking to keep from painfully ramming her cervix.

Brandy masturbated on her bound slave's pole. She loved being in control like this as the wanton act of riding him caused sexual energy to course throughout her body with his stalk sliding over her G-spot. She reached down and worked her clit, bouncing more aggressively upon him, moaning and breathing deep and erratic breaths.

Allen felt his testicles tightening up. He knew Mistress would punish him if he climaxed, so he looked toward the window and thought about non-sexual and boring stuff like playing golf, watching NASCAR, mowing the lawn, trimming Brandy's bush. No, dammit, don't think about her bush! Allen chided himself. His brain was starting to drown in testosterone, and the big head was turning more and more of the thinking over to the little head.

Meanwhile, Brandy climaxed. She stirred her hips around, making sure every square millimeter of her interior had felt the delight of his displacement. Allen felt a droplet of her vaginal lubrication run down his sex sword and over his marble bag as a quivering groan tore out of her throat.

Allen watched her climax four more times over the next three minutes. Then, breathing hard and apparently sated, she settled further down and let him penetrate her as deeply as possible. Both felt and luxuriated in the gentle penis-to-cervix contact when it happened. Being in contact with what lay within her mysterious depths was a terrific feeling, but repeatedly banging into it was another matter.

Brandy touched her clit and worked it gently. The sensations from her G-spot, the width of her vaginal displacement, the cervical contact and clitoral stimulation brought her to two more orgasms. Meanwhile, Allen felt her cervix flutter against his penis head and had to grind him thumbnails into his fingers to distract himself. It was a rare and wonderful thing to feel, but it could drive him to his own brink if he didn't have a care.

Finally, Brandy was sated. She was getting ready to dismount when Allen decided he wanted her to hang around for a bit yet. To that end, he clenched his pubic muscles and made his solid erection lurch within her. She felt it, of course, and jumped with surprise. "Startle me, will you?!" she demanded with amusement, speaking over her shoulder. She reached down and pinched his kneecaps in a certain way. He responded by bursting out with ball-gagged laughter and struggled to get away; his knees were very ticklish. Brandy kept it going for ten seconds, enjoying his laughter, his helpless struggling and his still-hard cock rattling around inside her.

Then she stopped and he calmed down. She dismounted him and climbed off the bed. "Bad slave," she said with amused admonishment as she plucked her panties from his face. He smiled around his ball gag as best he could, knowing she had been pleased with his little surprise.

Brandy bent forward and stepped her right foot into her panties. Then she stepped her left foot in and drew them up as Allen watched. The bra was removed and put back where she'd found it. She picked up the coiled whip and shook it at him with a semi-menacing air. "You get to stay there for an extra hour for startling me, you bad slave!"

That sounds just fine to me! Allen thought, getting exactly what he wanted. He struggled momentarily against his ever-present bondage, appearing to protest. His Mistress smirked to herself, slipped her imperious and aloof air back into place and left the bedroom to fix herself a snack.

Allen watched her firm panty-clad butt sway side-to-side as she strolled out. Then he settled back to enjoy the feeling of his submission and the lonely bondage he liked as he waited for her to return.


Coming soon — Male Sub Ch 03 – The Tongue Job

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