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Malee and Me


My first visit to Chiangmai's red-light area, down on Loi Kroh Road, had gone fairly well I thought. For the price of a few drinks and around $40, I ended up taking a lovely, long-legged 34-year old named Na back to the flat where she helped me shoot my load twice in about 90 minutes.

The first time, I shot off in her pussy (into a rubber, of course!) while her legs were spread wide open and she was fingering her clit hard while I looked from between her legs where my cock was pumping into her and spreading her brown pussy lips open to show the pinkness inside and back up to her face while she pinched her nipples with the other hand. The second cum was courtesy of some very hot masturbating on her part as well as a very, very up close view of that lovely pink Thai cunt. After squatting over my face and spreading her lips as wide apart as they would go, she sat facing me, finger-fucking herself while beating my cock off until I splashed cum all over my chest. Like a good girl, she licked my cockhead clean.

But this time I was interested in someone a little younger and a little firmer. I went into another bar farther down the street and, thanking the God of Middle-aged Men Looking to Fuck Chiangmai Bargirls, I met See. She could have passed for sixteen or seventeen easily but it turned out she was twenty-two and had been working in the bar for about nine months. She was just amazingly cute to look at but she had a "I know what I'm doing" sexy edge to her. She had long, shiny black hair, just the cutest button nose, sexy and alive eyes, and a very trim and tight body topped off with the biggest set of tits I'd seen on a Thai girl. Even for a woman six inches taller (See is only about 5' 1" and about 100 pounds), they would have been spectacular tits. In her short (but not too short) skirt, her legs looked incredible and her skin was just so, so smooth. I knew I didn't need to look any further.

We chatted about the bar for a while and where she was from (just a couple of hours outside of Chiangmai) and then we got a little more colourful. I asked if she shaved her pussy and felt my cock tingle as you said she did. She asked how big my cock was (remember, Thai pussies are little and I imagine See's was extra small) and I told her 7 1/2 inches but that my head was a little bigger than average. She gave me a cock-hardening smile and said "I think I can take it".

Back at my flat, she stripped down in front of me as she prepared to shower. The only words I could get out of my mouth as I watched those big, firm tits fall out of her bra (but not really "fall" because when she took her bra off, they barely moved) and looked at the tiny little lips poking out of her shaved pussy were "Hey, do you want to get married? Like, right now". She politely declined.

I gave my cock a few rubs through my shorts while she was washing and when she came out, she gently squeezed it and gave me a sly, sexy look. I showered quickly and, like with Na, it was all I could do to keep from shooting a load as I soaped up my erection for See.

I came out of the shower and she was half-lying on my bed, with her towel loosely around her. I slowly unwrapped it to reveal her light-brown skin, big, firm tits with stiffening brown nipples, and lovely legs that led to her tiny, pink, Thai pussy. Lying next to her, I took in her sexiness. The way she changed her expression from innocent young girl to sexy dirty woman was amazing. One minute, she would be wide-eyed while stroking my cock, the next she would be hotter and sluttier looking than any porn "star". I had no doubt this was going to be an extremely good fuck.

As I lay next to her, she fed my one of her nipples while tugging on my cock. After Na's 34 years-old with one kid tits, See's were a fucking blessing. Firm, hard, and 100% natural. Licking and biting on her nipples while she tugged at my cock and balls had me hard but not quite ready to be in her pussy yet.

She gently pushed me onto my back and began lightly tracing her fingers around my balls and asshole- something I love. I think she thought I didn't like it at first, but after a couple of moans of approval and a slow wink, she really began working on me. Tracing around my ass, but stopping short of putting her finger in, she was driving me crazy. Taking In the sight of her little pussy lips and her big hard tits had me getting very horny and very, very eager to be inside her pretty Thai cunt.

But first, some oral. She gently licked the head of my cock while giving me her best "fuck me" look. Then slowly, she took me almost all the way down her throat. It wasn't quite all the way down, but for such a small girl to get most of my cock down her throat was a really great effort. Normally Asian girls can't get much of my cock down, but See left only maybe an inch while looking at me with those lovely dark eyes. In fact, just looking into her eyes made me want to cum down her throat. But that would've been rude. With long, wet strokes, she slid her tongue up and down my cock until I told her she'd better stop before I shot my cum.

She lay back on the bed and spread her perfect legs. Then she reached down and slowly pulled her little lips apart for me while I stroked my cock. She was obviously ready for fucking but there was no way I was going skip to the main event without tasting that cunt first. With my hands under her little bum for leverage and her fingers holding her pussy open for me, I tried as hard as I could to put my face right up her fuckhole. I'm glad I had shaved my face before heading out because the feel of her smooth cunt and its warm juices on my face was incredible and I really didn't want to make this beautiful girl's pussy sore from my stubble.

With my nose and tongue and chin, I fucked See's pussy until she started to moan softly. While it's entirely possible she was acting (after all, that is kind of her job), I didn't really care because it's tough for a girl to pretend to make her pussy as wet as hers was. Her hands went to her nipples which were now about half-an-inch long and she pulled on them and rolled those beautiful tits around. I spread her pussy and put a finger inside her warmth and it didn't travel very far until I felt the firm little nubbin that was her cervix. As I've done with almost all the Asian girls I've fucked, I traced around the opening inside of her before turning my finger around to work on her G-spot. Looking up from her pussy to see her looking down at me, we gave each other a slow wink and what could almost have been considered a genuine smile. Like I said, it's hard for a girl to fake how wet her pussy is.

In the back of my head, I was thinking that for a girl who'd been working the bars for almost a year, her pussy was extremely tight. So either she didn't fuck all that much or the guys that she did fuck were a little lacking in terms of size. Whatever. The problem was that I wanted to be in that cunt in a big way and although I'd had a few beers, my cock was at full attention. I wondered if she really could take it.

I softly asked her as much because I really didn't want it to be uncomfortable for such an outwardly sweet looking, smiling young girl. She didn't reply, but she took my hand in hers, reached down to her pussy, put two of her small fingers next two mine, and slid her hips down on all three. Her two fingers were tickling the walls of her pussy and I joined them. Sometimes, she would press her fingers against mine and slowly rub them while in her pussy. Slowly, her cunt started to stretch just a little bit which meant that she was ready. Which was good, because I was about to blow a load all over my bedspread after what this lovely, little sexy girl had just done.

I already had a rubber open and ready and she helped me roll it on while giving me the sexiest look I can remember since that threesome with an old Japanese girlfriend of mine. Even with a larger-than-average rubber, my cock felt like it had been shrink-wrapped after the half an hour of foreplay See and I had gone through. She licked her fingers and spread some saliva around her lips for extra wetness and I slid a finger in, withdrew a bit of pussy juice and traced it around her nipples before sucking it off, just to make sure the nipple-pussy wetness connection was working its best. And also because I had fallen in love with the taste of her.

We started off in missionary with me stroking her beautiful hair and lightly kissing her as we fucked. I've been in plenty of Asian pussies, but never one like this. Na had been able to take my cock all the way up her, even slamming her pussy down on me. But See needed me to fuck her slowly so her cunt muscles could adjust. And that was just fine with me because I couldn't remember when I'd had been in a pussy as firm and as tight and as hot and wet as hers was.

After a little bit more missionary, I had her get on top, reverse-cowgirl so I could see that pussy swallowing me. The thing about a lot of Thai girls is that they tend to have big outer lips compared to the inner lips. Or maybe it just seems that way. Anyway, I watched my cock go in and out of See while she looked back at me with that long, silky hair. She had one hand on my leg and the other hand alternating between playing with her clit and scratching my balls. It was going to be time to come soon.

We switched to a bit of rear-entry with me standing and her beautiful little bum in the air at the end of my bed. I love this position because I can see a girls's asshole stretch open as I fuck her pussy and because I can see the little ring of pink pussy flesh that comes out stretched around the wide head of my cock. See's pinkness was so bright against her dark brown lips and I couldn't help but hold my cock just inside her pussy to see that little ring of pink. Again, she looked back at me and while there were no shouts of "Fuck my little Thai pussy with that cock!", there was a fair amount of moaning and a number of slutty looks coming my way.

I knew I wouldn't be able to hold my load much longer- her cunt was just too wet and too tight to hang on. And so I turned her over onto her back, stuck my cock past those little lips again and fucked her with as much of my cock as I could get in (about 6 inches, almost as much as she'd taken down her throat). While again stroking her hair and lightly kissing her, I told her I was close to cumming and she smiled at me. With a few more thrusts, I went off like a firehose in her cunt, my cock twitching and jerking deep in her body. We lay there for a little bit as she squeezed her pussy muscles around me. Like with Na, my cock didn't even get soft after we fucked but unlike with Na, our fucking was so good, my heart was racing and my head was spinning. I pulled out and we looked at the cum in the rubber. See didn't lick my cock clean but she did give me a lingering kiss on the lips as I stroked that gorgeous hair behind her ear.

Whether or not she had a lot of practice doing her "just had my pussy fucked and it was good" look didn't really matter to me although I know mine was by no means the first (or possibly hundredth) cock she'd taken up that sweet, tight Thai pussy. But at that particular moment, I didn't really care. I'd just licked and fucked and been sucked and been fucked by a 22 year-old, very pleasant, very sexy Thai girl and I knew two things. First, I was going to sleep really well that night. Second was that I was going to be back inside that lovely girl at the very next available opportunity.

And I was.

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