Mall Encounter


My workout at the health club was wonderful this afternoon. But more importantly was my aerobic session with the new instructor. As the young woman's breasts and ass jumped up and down and around, I became highly excited. It's a good thing I had a towel to tie around my waist for my workout. My member seemed to have a mind of his own. My wife was away visiting her sister so I knew I'd have a milking moment when I got home.

On the drive home, I remembered that my daughter wanted me to stop at a shop in the mall and pick up a gift she'd ordered for a friend's birthday party. Great. People were crowded very thickly at my entrance awaiting some sort of demonstration. As I couldn't move very far forward or backward, I settled in to wait it out.

Standing directly in front of me was a young woman about my height. Her black hair was cut short and becomingly in back. I tapped her shoulder. "Excuse me, miss. Do you know what the demonstration is about?"

"They're advertising some sort of jewelry. There will be a drawing for free prizes when it ends," she said excitedly as she turned around to me. "I have my number right here," she said, holding her ticket up. "Where's yours?"

I was suddenly enthralled by the beautiful ruby-red lips speaking to me. Her bangs moved slightly as she breathed. Her magnificent breasts were heaving. She was wearing a soft yellow summer sweater and a short green pleated skirt. The outfit was smart. With a wife and teen daughter, I know a little about women's fashion.

I showed her my door prize ticket. "I've never been to one of these things. There are so many people here," I said.

"I know and I love it. My two kids are with their grandmother and I have a free day at the mall. I'm taking advantage of everything. By the way, I'm Brianna."

"It's nice to meet you, Brianna. I'm Taylor. How old are your children? And how old are you? You look so young to have two children."

"Thank you. The boy is three, the girl is five and I'm 26."

"I'm here on an errand for my daughter. She's fifteen. She thinks her dad is her personal superman because he can drive a car and she can't." I wanted to keep her talking just to look at her. She was so pretty and full of life. She smiled almost seductively at me and told me that she admired the way I look. I am 37, 5'10", with dark brown longish hair and green eyes. My body is lean and athletic from years of racketball and cycling. I think I look pretty good.

"Let me return the compliment, Brianna. You're a beautiful young mother. It is a delight to talk to you." I smiled back at her. God, those lips are lush. I could look at this woman all day and not get tired of the sight of her. Could she tell I was ogling her?

She turned from me as the lights went down and a stage was illuminated. The demonstration began. Suddenly the crowd surged forward a bit. My hands went to her shoulders as her cute ass was caught in my pelvis. I moaned as I pushed it further into her. I was still horny from the workout at the club. Now this cute little mother's ass was pressing against my hardening dick. She had to feel my bulge on her ass, but she didn't complain. After a minute or two of my pressing into her, she began slightly rotating her ass on me. Damn, I thought, as a sweet shiver went through my dick, this woman is exciting me. She wants to play.

The demonstration droned on. I heard words but they didn't register in my brain. My other 'brain' was taking over. Just the thought of her ass on my dick, let alone the feel of it, was making me dizzy. I was hot and hard as steel against her. I needed more. Suddenly, she inched back closer as if she read my thoughts. I reached for her breasts and rotated my dick on her ass as I felt her up. She sighed as I ran my tongue lightly over her ears. The crowd was so thickly packed in the dark that I was sure no one noticed me taking her. They probably all had free prizes on their minds. I dropped my number on the floor. I had my prize and it was a sure thing. At first, not a word was spoken between us as I touched her. Only our muted sighs of pleasure were heard in each other's ears.

I drug my hands from her breasts and cupped her pussy through her skirt. I heard her moan. It encouraged me to do more. I eased her skirt up and put my big hand inside panties that were already wet. I rubbed her pussy lips as I humped my dick even harder on her ass. When I found her clit, she gasped and surrendered to her orgasm. No one even noticed that we were fucking in a crowd.

I needed to release my dick. I think it might be possible for me to rub my naked dick on her ass just a little without being noticed. "Help me pull your panties down some, Brianna. I want you to feel my dick on your skin." When the panties were lowered, I unzipped my fly and let my guy out. All nine inches of him popped out. I raised the back of Brianna's skirt and poked my dick at her ass.

"Spread your legs, Brianna. I'm going to slide my dick under your pussy. Yes, that's it. Now reach down and rub my head when I thrust. Do I feel good?" I asked next to her ear.

"It's incredible. You are so big and hot," she whispered.

"I wish I could put it inside you. You have a hot, tight pussy, don't you Brianna? Do you do those exercises to make you tight?" I was still pushing my dick forward.

"I'm doing them right now. It's a good thing you can't penetrate me here. I would go crazy with lust and risk exposing us to this crowd."

"I would love to put my dick between those ruby lips of yours, too. Can you deep throat nine inches, Brianna?" I reached for her clit as I continued sliding between her legs and made her cum again.

"Oh my gracious, Taylor. I would eat you alive."

The demonstrator announced that when the lights came up in three minutes, door prizes would be awarded and orders would be taken. I knew I couldn't leave in the state I was. I grabbed the complimentary condom from my pocket that I always pick up from the club and quickly slid it on my dick. I rubbed it between the valley of her ass cheeks. My body thrust forward and stiffened as I had my cum. "You just made me cum, Brianna. It was magnificent. My condom is full. I'm going to adjust myself and pull up your panties before the lights come up. Did you enjoy fucking me, Brianna?" I kissed her cheek and her neck and squeezed her breast as I whispered to her.

"Yes, very much. I've never had anything so wonderful happen to me."

"You made my dick feel good, Brianna. I keep saying your name. I love the sound of it. It's a sexy name for a sexy woman. Thank you, Brianna."

I blinked as the lights came up. The crowd began to disperse a little as I headed to find a restroom. When I returned, she was gone. That was a good thing. Otherwise, I would have to be totally unfaithful to my wife. Had she still been there, I would have taken her somewhere and really unleashed my guy deep inside her.

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