tagIncest/TabooMall Madness

Mall Madness


(While this short quick story is a stand alone episode, in reality it is the 3rd installment of the adventures of eighteen-year old Katrina and her sexy mom. Readers are advised to read Promenade in the Park and its sequel for background on the two major characters in this story).


While Katrina and I thoroughly enjoy our on-going affairs with Wendy and Gretchen, after awhile we both began to itch for a new conquest. One day we decided to troll the mall to see what we could come up with--just for the naughtiness of it.

Katrina wore her plaid school girl's skirt that was so short a hint of her white panties peeked out from underneath her hemline. On top she wore a very tight-fitting blue T-shirt with no bra. On the front of the T-shirt was large pink lettering spelling out the words "mOmmy's lOver" with the two capital "O"s making targets out of her tits. Since she had no bra on her nipples made nice little dots right in the middle of each of the "O"s. She did her hair up in a pair of pig tails with pink ribbons in them to highlight the coloring of the suggestive lettering on her T-shirt. A pair of pink sneakers completed her ensemble.

I wore a bright red diaphanous summer dress that buttoned down the front and came down to just below my hips. Underneath I wore a white bra, white garter belt, and white panties–all of which showed up through the thin material of the summer dress. My bra was one of those with holes in the front of the cone for my nipples to stick out through, and the thin material of my dress clung to my nipples like a second skin. I also left several buttons undone at the top to show a little cleavage. To complete my ensemble I wore dark brown nylon stockings and a pair of red three inch pumps to match my dress. The hemline of my dress was just short enough to show off the tops of my nylons and a hint of bare thigh flesh.

Walking down the main corridor of the mall we spotted a curvaceous brunette window shopping in front of a jewelry store. Her straight, light brown hair came down well below her shoulders and almost half way down her back. She looked to be about thirty and was dressed in a grey business skirt that came down to mid thigh and on top she had on a white button down blouse. She was about my height, five foot nine, but slightly trimmer than me. Her breasts, though firm and perky looking, were not quite as large as mine. Her ensemble was completed by a pair of low black pumps.

As we passed by directly behind her, she saw our reflections in the glass front of the jewelry store noticed that we were checking her out. She did a double take at our slutty outfits and her head involuntarily snapped back around to take a real live look at us. We both smiled and nodded at her and her face turned crimson. She quickly turned back around to the store front window and pretended to be looking at jewelry.

The Jewelry store was at the intersection of two of the mall's corridors so after we passed by the brunette my daughter and I swung around to the side of the jewelry store where there was another display window facing the other corridor. From that vantage point we could both easily see the brunette through both corner windows. While pretending to look at jewelry we continued to check out the sexy looking brunette who was also pretending to not be checking us out. Katrina had a lollipop in her mouth which she sucked on very suggestively every time she caught the woman looking over our way.

Eventually, the woman gave up her spot in front of the display window and turned the corner to walk down the corridor we were in. As she passed by I continued to pretend to be checking out jewelry while checking out her reflection in the glass. My daughter on the other hand turned around to stare directly at the woman so the woman could read her T-shirt. With one hand pulling her lollipop in and out of her mouth in a suggestive manner, Katrina put her other hand on my ass and fondled it while the woman was looking at her.

With her face redder than a beet, the woman went on down to the end of the corridor and entered a large department store. We quickly followed her.

We saw her go down an aisle pushing her shopping cart, so we entered the same isle from the opposite direction, pretended to also be looking at merchandise while making sure that when we passed by the lady, she got another good look at the front of my daughter's T-shirt. The woman then turned the corner and went down the next aisle. Katrina followed close behind while I stood at the end of the aisle kind of peeking around the corner so I could watch the action without the woman thinking I was present.

The woman squatted down to check out an item on the bottom shelf and this move hiked her tight business skirt up nearly to her hips. My daughter walked right up

to the woman, stood with her back against the shelving directly in front of the lady so she could look down between the woman's legs and see her white panties. Katrina was still sucking suggestively on her lollipop while staring at the woman's crotch. And, in this position her own crotch was about eye-level to the woman, and her hemline was so short the woman had no choice but to stare directly at my daughter's exposed panties with the cute little camel toe marking her now moist slit.

While the woman and Katrina were staring at each other's panties, Katrina took the lollipop out of her mouth to say with a grin, "You look real sexy."

"W-w-w-well, thank you sweety. You look sexy too." She said with trembling voice almost ready to crack.

By this time I had entered the aisle myself and quietly walked up directly behind the woman without her noticing it.

"You have the same color of panties my mommy and I have on," Katrina said.

"Katrina!" I said. "Are you being a pest again?"

"Mommy, I was just admiring how sexy she looked."

Then I addressed the woman, "Ma'am is she bothering you?"

"W-w-w-w-why, no." The lady blushed a hundred colors of red as she turned around to see me.

As the woman stared open mouthed at me, noticing my white panties and my bra with hole-for-my-nipples showing up so obviously underneath my thin red dress, Katrina then rushed to embrace me, burying her face in my tits "I'm sorry mommy. I couldn't help it. She just looked so sexy." With one hand she fondled my tits, while her other hand fondled my ass.

"That's all right honey, as long as she doesn't mind," I fondled my daughter's rear end affectionately as the woman continued to gawk at us. "Let mommy give you a nice kiss just to show everything is okay." As my daughter and I kissed each other in front of the woman's gaze, we gave each other some tongue while fondling each other's tits.

Then we departed the aisle, an arm around each other's backs and a hand on each other's opposite ass cheek. As we departed, I cast a backwards glance at the woman and saw she was still staring at us with open mouth. I gave her a wink and a seductive smile.

As soon as we had turned the corner out of sight the woman headed straight for the back of the store. Katrina dumped her lollipop stick in the trash as we followed the woman. We found her shopping cart just outside the ladies' room. We entered and found it entirely empty--except for the one stall where the door was closed. We saw her black pumps peeking out from underneath, and her white and very wet panties were pulled down to her ankles. My daughter and I entered the neighboring stall.

The only sounds we could hear coming from the woman's stall were not those of a person going to the bathroom, but the liquid "squish," "squish," "squish" sounds of a very wet pussy being fingered.

Katrina then went into her routine. "Oh mommy, yessssssss. Touch me there mommy. Oh, yesssssss, that feels good. Ummmmm, yessssss! Mommy, please, lick me mommy, lick me. Ummmmmmmmyessssssss!"

The sounds of a wet pussy being played with coming from the next stall increased in ferocity. My daughter then got down on the floor and crawled under the partition separating the two stalls. As she stood up to face the shocked woman, she reached back to undo the latch to the stall's door.

By that time I had completely unbuttoned my dress and came around to the front of the stall to enter it carrying both of our purses when Katrina undid the latch.

What we found when we entered the woman's stall, was that she had been standing up with her ear pressed to the side partition separating her stall from ours, she had her blouse completely unbuttoned and was playing with her tits with one hand while her other hand was up under her skirt fingering her pussy.

My daughter buried her face in the woman's tits fondling and sucking like crazy.

I removed my dress completely and hung it over the edge of the stall, then I worked my way in behind the woman and took her blouse all the way off. I rubbed my erect nipples against her back while reaching around to play with her tits. Katrina, meanwhile was kissing her way down the woman's body until she was squatting on the floor in front of her.

As I played with the woman's tits and rubbed my own against her back, I whispered into her ear. "You wannna be fucked by a mommy-daughter team don't you?"

The woman just trembled and whimpered in my arms.

"Pretty soon, my daughter's going to make you feel real good," I said as Katrina kissed and licked her way up the lady's thighs. Then I moved around to the front of the woman and rubbed my exposed-through-my-bra throbbing nipples against her hard-on little eraser tips. I teased her lips with my tongue, then I mashed my mouth to hers and as my daughter's head went up inside her skirt to lick her honey pot her gasp of hot air filled my mouth and sent kinky hot pleasures all through my body making my own pussy throb all the more.

Just as the trembling woman was ready to explode into orgasm, my daughter stopped licking her, pulled her head out from under her skirt and slide her skirt down to her ankles.

While I continued to fondle and suck the woman's tits, Katrina removed all of her own clothing, then, completely naked except for her pink sneakers, she stood up on top of the toilet seat facing us.

I moved back around behind the woman and holding her face in my hands I whispered into her ear again. "Now you're going to lick my daughter's pussy aren't you? Show mommy you know how to make her daughter feel real good like she did you." I guided her face down to my daughter's cunt.

The woman bent over and grabbed Katrina's butt as she stuck her face in her crotch and began slurping away. As the woman licked my daughter's slit, I pulled my panties down and began rubbing my sloppy wet steamy cunt all over her ass while reaching around to tweak her nipples.

Katrina played with her own nipples while the woman ate her out, until she got too excited and almost fell off the toilet seat. Then, as her knees weakened she grabbed a hold of the stall wall on either side and hung on for dear life as her body quivered and shook in pleasure.

"Yiiiiiiiiiii!" she cried out as she came on the woman's face.

As soon as Katrina had cum, I pulled the woman back up and turned her around to face me. "That's a good girl," I said to her. "Now let mommy taste her daughter's cum on your face."

I licked her face all over, then plunged my tongue into her mouth licking and exploring every square nanometer.

Katrina climbed back down from the toilet seat and mashing her body against the woman's backside we made a sandwich out of her in a three-way embrace. Then I flicked my tongue against the roof of her mouth and enjoyed feeling the tremors of pleasure ripple all through her body while my daughter fucked her now sloppy wet cunt on the woman's ass.

"Now what are going to do for mommy, now that I've let you taste my daughter?" I said to her when I pulled away from he kiss.

With barely a whimper she was on her knees munching away at my dripping snatch while Katrina and I made out and played with each other's tits.

My daughter then shifted positions so she was straddling the woman and with her thighs clamped close to both sides of the woman's body she rubbed her newly re-inflamed cunt against the back of her head while the woman was eating me out. At the same time Katrina bent over a little to suck and play with my tits.

"Nghghghghghgodfuckyessss!" I moaned, cuming on the woman's face.

As the last shivering tremors of my orgasm played out and faded away, we heard a sound coming from the entrance to the restroom. Katrina and I both having cum, then quickly put our clothes on and made ready to depart the stall leaving the poor woman whimpering and shivering in unfulfilled sexual excitement and orgasm denial. Feeling sympathy for her I pulled a business card out of my purse and dropped it on her wet panties between her ankles and said,

"Give me a call sometime and we can finish you off."

As Katrina and I exited the stall, two elderly women entered the restroom, saw the two of us with our disheveled clothing leaving the same stall, with another person still in there as evidenced by the black pumps peeking out from underneath the stall partition. The burnt peanut butter and tuna odor of hot cunt filled the room, and in the deathly quiet the "squish!" squish!" "squish!" sounds of a wet pussy being played with virtually echoed loudly off each wall, as the horny young woman frantically tried to bring herself off.

The mouths of the two frumpy-looking women dropped to the floor.

"Oh, my Lord!" The two open-mouthed women exclaimed in unison.

My daughter and I smiled at them as we stepped around them, and said in unison:

"Have a nice day."

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