tagRomanceMallie's One Night Plan

Mallie's One Night Plan


Marie looked at her frame in the mirror, still surprisingly pleased at the image of the sexy woman staring back at her, and adjusted her impressive tits so that they protruded just a bit more from the top of her revealing blouse. Forty-four years old last week, a young widow less than fifteen months ago after she returned home from work as an administrator at the local college to find her husband, eleven years her senior, sprawled out on the floor, passed into eternity from a sudden massive heart attack, leaving Marie all alone. The couple had never been able to conceive a child, and for most of the last lonely year Marie sequestered herself into emotional isolation, alone.

All alone. Too young and vibrant to be so alone, celibate for fifteen long months. And horny. So fucking horny by now. God, how she needed to be fucked, long and hard. There was a world's difference between tender lovemaking and a good, proper fucking. She wasn't ready for any emotional commitment in her life, but she craved, needed, her body to be sated. Marie was confident that she had made a good choice as she dressed for her date today. It was time, her humid pussy screamed to her, this was the day.

Mallie was what her close friends called her, for her crystal blue eyes, reminiscent of those of a malamute, the Alaskan Husky breed. She preferred Mallie, actually, it allowed her to secretly become someone other than her normal, conservative professional persona in this close-knit New England community. She used a derivation of her nickname to sign on to her recent discreet hobby of dating sites.

She and her husband had always enjoyed a healthy, active, though uncreative sex life, and as Mallie delved into the many, many options available on the Internet designed to poke and prod at the imagination of lonely widows such as herself, she found herself becoming increasingly intoxicated with an idea that she had never before considered, even in her single days before marriage. A steamy, no-strings-attached, one night stand.

Mallie turned clockwise and saw that the lacy top of her baby blue thong that peeked over the back of her low-rise, hip-hugging jeans by about an inch. She smiled, she liked the idea of being the teasing seductress today, she and her date had already confirmed plans that she would be making a drive into the scenic Hudson Valley to meet him, perhaps a hundred miles away, and she had already booked a room at that local Hilton for tonight. A one-night stay.

She adjusted the top button on her sheer, summery cotton blouse so that her ample, lightly freckled breasts jiggled liberally within the not-too-tight confines of her cream-colored bra. She dabbed a trace of her favorite musky perfume into her cleavage and rubbed her legs together in an unsuccessful attempt to cease the constant dripping within her thighs.

As she shut her townhouse door behind her, she thought to herself that she was going to have a cock inside of her before she returned home tomorrow, the first other than her late husband's in almost ten years. She let the top of her convertible down and let the warm wind blow through her thick, strawberry-blonde mane as she headed west on Interstate 84 for the drive to the West Point, New York area, home to the United States Military Academy. Her date, her Internet connection, was coming south from Albany, and they decided this would be a good middle ground to meet and spend the day touring the vineyards of the Valley.

Neither the location nor the choice of man was made indiscriminately. Mallie selected the comfort of a discreet location as well as a man who didn't live within a hundred miles. She knew she wouldn't want to see him again, he was to be there with his cock only for her pleasure. One-night only, she told herself again and again.

This plan had been percolating within her mind for at least six months, hundreds of masturbation sessions and several dozen used batteries ago. Only her date wasn't yet privy to Mallie's plan, he sincerely thought this was just going to be a day trip with the pretty, yet rather reserved woman he conversed with electronically and telephonically. It was to be a lucky day for him indeed.

They met in the parking lot of a small strip center so that they could leave one car behind while they traversed the day's tours in one car, preferably his. He didn't know it at the time, of course, but it was directly across the street from the Hilton where Mallie had booked herself this evening. She saw him first as she pulled in, he was already standing next to his Lexus, nervously tapping his sandal-clad feet on the hot asphalt. She was pleased that he looked as he did in the photos they had shared, five-feet-ten, a slight paunch, but otherwise the muscular body of a former athlete, salt-and-pepper hair, navy blue Izod shirt and khaki shorts, mmm, and nice legs. Maybe it was her imagination, Mallie thought, but could that bulge in his crotch indicate 'commando'.....?

His name was John, and he was in the throes of a separation and the beginning of a custody battle for his only son, and he himself hadn't been laid, in, oh, about fifteen months, by his own reckoning. He didn't notice Mallie until she was already walking up behind him, just a few feet away, and as he turned, he made his own first instant mental inventory of his date's attributes.

"Look at those tits," he thought. "On her particular frame, huge. Wow." What he said, though, was, "You must be Marie?", and extended his hand politely, hoping that her reply was in the affirmative.

Mallie eased right past John's extended hand and leaned her body into his own in a warm, introductory embrace, but not before John glanced downward and saw the freckled globes of Marie's beautiful tits, her nipples somehow hidden despite the cleavage tumbling out of her blouse. "Hi, John, so nice to finally meet you," Mallie said, pressing her breasts into his chest. "I'm not sure if I told you, but my friends call me Mallie, my nickname. So, let's be friends, shall we?" She squeezed him even tighter, and Mallie knew right way that her initial observation was correct. No underwear for John today, she mused, and a nice package indeed. She pushed her thigh against his crotch and wiggled her upper leg on his hardening dick almost imperceptibly.

John led Mallie over to his car for their ride to the first vineyard, admiring her sexy gait as as she walked ahead of him, her thong string still strategically poking well above the waistline of her jeans, achieving the desired effect of further stiffening John's shorts. He also got much more than a glimpse of Mallie's magnificent tits as she eased downward into the passenger seat as he held the door for her. "Such a gentleman," she cooed. "Just admiring the fantastic scenery," he gushed.

While again glancing downward at his cock dancing beneath his shorts as he shut the door, her eyes level with his waist, she saw the material stretching visibly, she licked her lips and softly uttered, "Me too." John took the cue and leaned into the open window and kissed her softly, gently, on the lips. Mallie returned his soft kiss with an accelerated passion, swirling her warm tongue into his mouth. He sucked on it, savoring her taste, and wondered if she tasted this sweet all over, and if he would get the chance to find out.

She did, and he would.

They headed north on the lazy, secluded back roads of the Hudson Valley, eschewing the hustle and bustle of Rte. 9 and the New York Thruway. They made easy conversation as they stopped first at the country's oldest operating vineyard in Washingtonville, where they purchased a bottle each of red and white, and then continued slightly northwest to just above Newburgh, where no fewer than seven wineries were listed on the informational map that Mallie had taken the time to procure from the Internet, always the planner.

They decided that one particular vineyard named Benmarl looked the most scenic and romantic, nestled along the bluffs high above the Hudson River, and when they arrived, they were pleased to find a secluded walking trail that meandered along the cliffs for about a half-mile. John gathered a blanket from his trunk, they purchased some cheese and crackers from the quaint little gift shop in the winery, and they headed out for their impromptu picnic, accompanied by only the screeching of the hawks and eagles sailing high over the beautiful hillside.

They held hands as they walked slowly along the narrow trail, saying little, enjoying the beauty of nature and the quiet, comfortable company of each other. They saw no one else on the trail, which gave both of them thoughts that they did not share with the other, but the ideas were similar.

They reached a bluff that had an overlook of the river valley below, and they decided this would be the spot for their picnic. John spread the blanket on the cool grass as Mallie walked to the railing of the overlook. John watched and admired her walk, she had the sexiest walk, he thought, almost cat-like, graceful, unhurried, subtly sensual. Her thong string had jutted out farther from her jeans, adding to the allure, stimulating John's imagination as well his loins.

He walked softly up behind Mallie, who realized his presence only when he was almost upon her. She did not turn around, yet continued to look skyward, enjoying the shrieking birds' calls echoing through the hillside. She said to him softly, barely audible, "Beautiful view, isn't it? Just beautiful."

John ran his finger along the soft skin of Mallie's exposed backbone, tracing a oh, so gentle line with the very tip, lightly touching the silky fabric of her thong. Mallie's heart jumped in her chest, well, really, it fluttered. Oh, she had forgotten how desirous a man's simple touch could be. The goose bumps that rose on Mallie's bare back did not go unnoticed by John. He stepped closer to her so that his crotch gently eased into Mallie's backside, and agreed, "Yes, simply beautiful. A gift of nature to be enjoyed."

She leaned back into him almost involuntarily so that her ass did a soft grind onto John's pelvis area, and she sighed. John continued the erotic gentle touching, almost tickling, on Mallie's back, running another fingertip horizontally across her skin, and with the other hand, he picked up her thick, cascading, wind-tossed strawberry blonde hair in his palm and began to run the back of his palm vertically along the top of Mallie's spine, just below her neck.

He leaned forward at the hip. She leaned backward. They could feel each other's breath in tandem as they gently rocked into one another.

His top hand made its way over Mallie's shoulders and onto her collarbone, lingering there for a moment, and then continued its slow, southern descent, grazing the top of Mallie's breasts, running his index finger into the deep cleavage, and then, almost like a master thief picking a lock, he undid the top button of Mallie's pastel-colored blouse so that her bra was now tumbling into view and he ever so gently ran two fingers beneath the cup of her right breast and pinched her pink, hardening nipple between his fingers.

Mallie closed her eyes as she felt the immediate tingle of her excitement rise deep within her. John moved his lower hand from her back to her stomach, rubbing softly below her navel, still pulling on her pearl-hard nipple with the other hand, listening to her accelerated breathing, taking his cues, reveling in her arousal. At once, he found the hook on the front of Mallie's bra, unsnapped it, and at the same time, he lowered the zipper on her jeans halfway down. Mallie didn't even have time to react, so subtle and tender were John's manual administrations, but she now became aware that her breasts were spilling out of their cover and John's had eased one finger through the minuscule hole that he created in Mallie's jeans and one finger was inching through it and downward to touch the thin fabric of Mallie's thong, just above her slit.

Almost as if overtaken by a foreign spirit within her, Mallie cupped both of her own hands around her firm but soft tits and held them up for John, silently urging John to suck on them. John understood instinctively and cocked his head at almost a forty-five degree angle and took Mallie's right breast within his lips and kissed and kneaded her nipple with his tongue and teeth, while his lower hand's index finger snaked under Mallie's silky thong and found her engorged clit beneath the material.

Though Mallie was blissfully unaware of this, her own screeching caused the hawks above to suspend themselves in midair, trying to find the source of the wailing love call below them. It was Mallie's moan of ecstasy echoing among the tree tops, bouncing off of the hillsides, the simple tender, expert touch of a man's fingertip on her lonely clit evoking the primal response of a sudden, massive explosion that rocked deep within her legs, sending small currents of liquid running down her thighs, which now clenched unconsciously as John continued to flick one finger over her bud while gently biting on her swelling, heaving breast. She wailed again, louder, longer, and her legs nearly collapsed from beneath her, as John eased yet another finger into her dripping cunt, her jeans nearly sliding down her leg due to John's rhythmic finger-fucking, a second stronger orgasm quickly following her first.

Mallie's eyes welled up with tears, such was the intensity of her body's reaction to the simple flicking of a well-placed tongue and finger or two. John surmised, correctly, intuitively, that Mallie's tears were expressions of pleasure, and he tenderly walked her over to the blanket, trying to keep Mallie from stumbling over the jeans now bunched around her knees, and he lay her down gently, lifted her legs over his shoulders, pulled the jeans from her legs, tossed them to the ground, and lowered his mouth to the front of Mallie's now saturated thong, and began to run his tongue up and down the silk barely covering her thick labia, protruding through the sheer lace. When he took his fingers and poked the material tightly into Mallie's hole, her stomach heaved, her ass rocketed from the blanket, and a thick gush of milky liquid oozed from under the thong.

John had an intuition from Mallie's orgiastic responses that it must have been quite some time since Mallie had indulged in such carnal adventure, and decided that this particular act of lustful spontaneity would be simply about her relief. he pulled the thong aside and wrapped his lips firmly around Mallie's impossibly swollen clit, visibly pulsating through the hood, and curled one long finger deep into her the upper channel of her love canal, stroking the inner wall of her tunnel, eventually reaching the spongy mass within, and caressed her there manually while he sucked and licked on her clit. Over the next ten minutes, she came and came and came, tears pouring down her face almost as heavily as the pools of liquid that gushed from her gaping cunt, torrential downpours of passion soaking his face.

he looked up to wipe the cum from his eyes to se the sight of Mallie writhing on the blanket in a rocking motion, mumbling incoherently in deep husky, guttural, repetitive groan, smashing her own heaving breasts together in her own cupped palms, and he realized she almost didn't notice that he was up on his knees over her and was unzipping his fly, releasing his own need, and his cock flopped out of his shorts, saluting high in the air to the soaring eagles above, and he flipped his cock against her cunt until she understood. She opened her blue eyes, blazing with lust, and gave him the demand in her most primal, succinct way.

"Fuck me."

He started by rasing her legs over his shoulders in a "X" position, pumping only halfway in, teasing her, as she ordered, "Hard, dammit, fuck me hard, fuck me, I...... want....... it...... hard, rough, fill me, give me that cock." He brought a finger to her lips in a shushing motion, and she immediately complied, like a puppy discovering that only by obedience would the entire treat be provided, and he rolled her onto her side, liftedd one long leg in the air in a bow-and-arrow position and began to pump into her more urgently.

Seflishly, he wanted to prolong his own excitement, as he was already close to coming, and knew that if he acquiesced to her admonitions that he would lose his seed within her quickly. So, he changed positions about every two minutes.

He raised her on her knees and pounded her doggy-style, which resulted in yet another decibel-raising shriek from Mallie as he pulled her long hair tightly, and he watched the veins on her neck nearly burst as she shuddered in another orgasm. He next pulled her wrists behind her, pulled her up from the waist, and plunged into her relentlessly as his heavy balls slapped against Mallie's firm but quivering as cheeks, and he reached around her torso to twiddle her clit once again into another release, and finally, he stood, pulled her up, turned her around, and held her body against him standing up as they kissed wildly, tongues dancing together in their mouths as their pelvic regions simultaneously pummeled the other's, and with a final, hard grab of Mallie's ass, he shot his own thick streams of cum deep into Mallie's thoroughly sated and now swollen cunt, and they collapsed onto the ground, exhausted.

They never noticed the young farmhand peeking his head from behind his harvesting machine until he gunned his engine and hurried back to the winery barn, his cock still dripping cum from his masturbation session in appreciation of the unexpected show. To this day, the young man considered it his summer bonus. Priceless.

Perhaps it was the fact that she was naked, or perhaps it was the warm sun causing her heated just-fucked body to heat up even more, or perhaps it was because she had just been taken and controlled, or perhaps it was the knowledge that they had just been surreptitiously watched, or perhaps it was all of the above, but Mallie had an urge to turn the tables and take control herself.

While John still valiantly attempted to get his second wind, before he knew what hit him, it was literally Mallie's warm mouth enveloping his still rigid cock as she dropped to her knees in front of him, the grass staining her knees in the unmistakable hue of outdoor blow-job green. Such was his excitement, John had never lost his hard-on, and Mallie took full advantage of this delectable opportunity. After all, even though Mallie had just had a cock inside of her for the first time in over a year, she hadn't TASTED a cock, and taste she did.

Mallie grabbed John's ass cheeks firmly in her surprisingly strong hands and bobbed her head frantically, sucking almost his entire long shaft in a just a few gobbles, and went about sucking the musky collection of their cum off of John's cock with all of the intensity of a meter maid writing out a ticket. She paused briefly, only to look up at John, unsmiling, fully focused on the task at hand, and said, "I don't have a gag reflex. Hold on." Those were the most romantic words that Mallie had uttered today, John thought.

Almost stunned at the zeal of Mallie's quick-hitting oral assault, John indeed held on to the back of Mallie's skull, turning her head into an impromptu balance beam, and the harder he face-fucked her, the more she groaned in delight, his thick cock regaining full hardness while bouncing off the inside of Mallie's cheeks, her mouth expanding to capture the girth. There was nothing remotely tender about Mallie's technique, it was sensational, but almost clinical in its complete void of even a hint of emotional attachment.

As Mallie urgently sucked and sucked, John couldn't help but to let his mind wander as to the source of this beautiful woman's obvious need to just absorb and provide sexual pleasure without revealing anything remotely intimate about herself, other than her body, of course. But there would be a time in the future when he could further contemplate and ponder that, he decided.

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