tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMallory's Abduction

Mallory's Abduction


I hummed my favorite song as my heels tapped across the parking deck as I made my way to my blue Honda. My red hair was playing around my shoulders as I reached for my keys.

I was just putting the key into the door when I heard someone behind me. A hand grabbed my wrist roughly yanking my arm behind my back.

"Scream as loud as you want. No one can hear you," The voice said in my ear.

"What do you want?" I asked starting to struggle. "I'm not allowed to answer any of your question's at the moment. I'm following orders," The voice said as cold metal was placed on my wrist.

I turned my head to get a better look. "CHRIS YOU ASS HOLE LET ME GO!" I yelled my piercing green eyes narrowed into slits. My short skirt rode up revealing the edge of my thong.

He grabbed me roughly by the face planting a hard kiss on my lips. I spat at him getting a hard backhand to my face.

"Chris what's you doing man. We were giving direct orders not to bruise her," a voice said before the guy came into view. Chris whipped my spit off of his face as the guy I reconized as Karl handed him a piece of tape. I tried to push him away forgetting my hands were bound my handcuffs.

"Nice try Mallory. Karl I've been wanting this piece of ass for a while so I get first crack at her," Chris said as I was forced into a van a few feet away. "Okay man I get my turn after you," Karl leered as he got into the driver seat.

My head was spinning as Chris put scissors to my tank top. "WOO HOO!" Chris hooted cutting my bra and letting my 40 DD's pop out. "She is definetly a prize. Gonna be a wild one," Chris said pulling my arms over my head. I watched as he hooked the cuffs onto an eye hook in the van.

He finished ripping my skirt and thong off. "Hey Karl this bitch shaves," Chris said as he started mawling at my breast. He stuck one finger inside my pussy. My body betrayed me as I soaked his finger in my juice.

"Are you a Nympho?" Chris asked before moving down my body. I felt his tounge touch my sensitive clit, and I jerked back hitting the back of the van with my head. I heard them laugh as I felt the sensation between my legs building. "Cum for me whore," Chris said as he continued finger fucking me while he ate me out. I let out a loud moan as I drenched his face in my juices.

"Did you enjoy that whore?" Chris asked pulling his pants down. My eyes widened as I saw how thick and long his cock was. He rammed it in me hard. I screamed through the tape as I felt him split me open.

"Damn I think I just popped her cherry," Chris gloated as he raped me. I started moaning as he was pounding into me. "I'm gonna cum inside of you bitch," Chris grunted as he sprayed the inside of my womb with his seed.

"Chris take this damn wheel," Karl commanded as Chris pulled up his pants.

I watched as Karl undid his pants before putting his face between my legs. I watched him sniff my pussy as he stuck two of his fingers in. "Man she's tight," Karl said as my juice and Chris's cum coated his fingers. He put his mouth on my breast and started suckling as he finger fucked me hard. I started bucking my hips to meet his thrust. I felt myself building as Karl pulled his fingers out of my dripping cunt.

He rammed his cock into my pussy hard enough to make me scream as I started cumming on his cock. "You really are a whore," Karl grunted as Chris turned onto a bumpy road. My head kept hitting the back of the van giving me a headace as the van pulled onto a secluded road.

Karl undid my handcuffs as he emptied his balls into my eager pussy.

Chris grabbed me from Karl and impaled me onto his cock. I felt Karl behind me as he started smearing my juices onto my virgin ass hole.

I screamed through my gag as he impaled my ass hole onto his cock.

"She is so tight," Karl grunted grabbing my tits to hold on. Tears stained my cheeks as my body was used and abused by my two co-workers.

"We need to get her to the boss," Chris said as they each shot their load into me.

"Wouldn't want him to get angry. Might not get a piece of this again," Karl said hooking me back into place. I saw blood on the bottom of the van from where my cherry was popped. Chris pulled out his cell phone, and punched in a number.

"It's done she has been deflowered," Chris said hanging up.

"Let's get her home," Karl said, and I was hoping my ordeal was over, but I was wrong it was just beginning.

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