tagIncest/TabooMama Didn't Mean To Spy

Mama Didn't Mean To Spy


Mid-summer blues had Raefellow feeling a bit depressed as she clocked out of the office two hours early. Fretting illness, she had all intentions of collecting her 18 year-old son, Randy, and driving out on Long Island for dinner.

Arriving home, entering the spacious apartment, she followed the sound of soft music to her son's room. The door was ajar, but respecting his privacy she lifted a closed hand to knock.

"Ohhh! Fuck"

The moaned words froze her hand inches from the door. Her eyes immediately seized on the oval dressing mirror that showed Randy lying naked, his eyes glued to a magazine, slowly stroking his youthful manhood. Her eyebrows lifted as she appraised his muscular form briefly before centering her attention on his manly, lengthy organ, noting that it appeared longer than his father's and just as thick. With each downward stroke of his hand, the skin tightened over the helmet-like head, making it balloon.

Raefellow, only 41, felt old as she stood spying on her son. He was so youthful and muscular. Her flat bellied, thin frame looked undernourished. With smallish breasts that appeared to have dropped in the center like a ruined cake, her short, straight gray hair and old fashion glasses did little to help her appearance. To her thinking, her only attribute was her ample but shapely backside. She had always thought that her ass on a beefier body and prettier head would be a man killer. To day, like most, ever her best attribute was hidden under a dress.

John, her husband, traveled much to often, and she, like Randy, often found needed relief in self-pleasuring.

Instinctively, she wanted to slip away, to leave her son to his own devices, but she felt a strong desire to share a secret, forbidden moment with him. She was fascinated with his budding sexuality. Impulsively, she pushed the door open slightly more and hesitantly stepped in. She covered ten of the twenty-or-so steps across the large bedroom before Randy became aware of her presence.

"Mom! Youu...You're home early?" He stammered with surprise and a bit of embarrassment. Lying atop the bedding, with nothing to cover his nakedness, he attempted to hide his swollen manhood with the magazine.

"Yes," She said warmly, hoping to settle him with a soft voice and a smile. "I had hoped we could have an early dinner at our favorite restaurant, but I see you're a little...busy. But I suppose there's no to hurry. I hope you don't mind my entering without knocking..."

Raefellow took a seat on the edge of the bed facing her son and reached for the magazine. "But you left the door open. I didn't think spying on you was the proper thing to do. I was just so impressed with how handsome a young man you've become and so well endowed. I couldn't resist really."

She stated the last, not looking at him or his erection, but while scanning the pages of the flesh magazine. She noted that the women were of a mature age, near or over her own age, and none were "model" attractive. She wanted to know how he came to possess such material but resisted the desire to ask. There was a more important question.

"You like these older women's pictures over the pretty, younger ones?"

"Yes." Randy replied.

"Which one do you find most appealing?" She queried, offering the magazine back to him. As he thumbed the pages, she shifted her eyes from his to gaze at his rock hard erection. Placing her right hand to the top of his thigh, she stroked his thigh lightly. "I'm just awed at how handsome you are. You've become a man without me realizing it."
He offered the magazine back to her. Taking it, she viewed a nude woman, lying on a bed, on her back, feet placed flat, knees spread-eagled with a come-hither look on her face. Adjacent pages showed her kneeling, being fucked from behind by a well-hung young stud. Except for a heftier body, the woman could have easily passed for her slightly older sister.

"You and Gale? Have you two... been intimate?" She probed.

"Just kissing and touching." He lied. "We've just started dating." In actuality, he had fucked Gale a dozen times or more times. Had she had not been on vacation with her lone parent... her mother, his mother would have caught him fucking her rather than masturbating.

Raefellow tossed the magazine across Randy's legs. It remained open to the paper look-alike. She returned her hand to his thigh, letting it glide inside.

"Yes, I know." She answered, then looked at him. "I hope you're not uncomfortable, being naked in front of me? There's no need to be.

"No. I'm not. Since dad's not around"

"No! He's not, is he." She agreed. "You said touching? How so?" She asked, now again studying his erection.

"She lets me rub her tits and rub between her legs." He faked sheepishness, with his reply.

"Her pussy." She brazenly queried

"Yes, through her jeans."

"Does she have an orgasm?"

"Yes. She likes that part."

"Does she touch you?"

"Yes. Through my jeans. But not long. She's shy." He continued lying. Gale had told him she had spied on her mom engaged in sex. Having conveyed the fact to him that she had watched her mother perform oral sex on her latest boyfriend, it had taken little effort to talk her into trying it.

"She'll come around." Raefellow added. "But I understand. I suppose you want to touch her beneath her clothes, yes? And for her unzip your pants and touch this long enough for you to ejaculate?"

"Yes. Ahhh!"

While uttering the word "this" Raefellow had moved her hand. With her fingers, she displaced her son's hand and feather stroked the swollen vein running up the underside of his rigid shaft. As she lightly wrapped her hand around it, she hoped he would not bolt. Seeing his wide eyes staring at her hand, she softly began stroking and cooing, "You're such a good boy. This is the least I can do. Doesn't mama always know what her young man needs?"

"Yes. Mother."

Seeing Randy's eyes flutter and partially close, she turned her full attention to his erection.

"Your cock's bigger than your dads." She whispered her thoughts aloud, lamenting her own frustrations. "He hasn't been this hard in years. I've never been with another man, Randy, just your dad. But he's gone so much. I would never want to hurt him. Your cock is so beautiful, Baby!"

Turning slightly, she lowered her head. She began to suck the swollen, domed head as she tightened her grip, pumping rhythmically. Her left hand roamed over her son's chest and flat, muscular stomach.

She soon became aware of his efforts to fondle her breast She stopped her sucking.

"You want to touch them? Here, Sugar, this will help."

Raefellow quickly unbuttoned the full dress down to the waist, slipping out of the top as she would a shirt.

"Scoot over and up a bit." She directed, as she reached to unhook and discard her bra. Maneuvering to lie on her right side, ninety degrees to her son's near sitting posture, she proceeded to retake most of his erection into her mouth. With her right hand now cupping his balls, the left forefingers lightly pumping at the base of the shaft, her mouth churned off and on of her boy's manhood. Now exposed, her heavy, ample tits were within arms reach of Randy's hands. He fondled them, plucking at the nipples.

He soon ignored her tits and began pulling at her dress and trying to uncover her crotch, just out of his reach. Again, she reluctantly left his stiff manhood to maneuver her body along side him, pulling the dress up around her waist.

"You're such a good son." She praised, again acquiring a grip on his manhood. "Give Mama a kiss, Baby."

Faking childish innocence, Randy's lips pressed against her cheek as his left hand again caressed her tits, switching from one to the other, with experienced greed.

Raefellow turned her head to place her lips to his. Her tongue darted into his mouth. She pulled firmly on his erection long moments before she broke the lustful kiss. "Have you forgotten this?" She reached to guide his left hand from her breast to her sodden, panty-covered crotch. Randy immediately began to probe the treasure. His touch was bliss to her over sensitive pussy. They both stared at her crotch as his fingers played over her panty-covered pussy. Her dark haired, lavish bush sprayed out from the confinement.

"You're a good boy, Randy. And such a big boy." She whispered. "I want your desires to become real. Here."

She reached and pulled the crotch of her panties to one side.

"Touch it, Sugar. Touch Mama's treasure." She directed, spreading her thighs.

They both became entranced as they watched. When Randy's middle finger began sliding up and down between her wet, glistening pussy lips, Raefellow's breaths quickened.

"Suck my tit, Baby. Suck Mama's tit. Hard." She directed.

She moaned loudly and was aware, physically and visually, of the boy's seemingly reluctance to follow his male instincts with his finger. Holding back, he was playing his innocent part well.

"It's alright. Do it! Stick it in me. There! Yes! Ohhh, fuck yes!" She moaned, as his middle finger disappeared into her. She yanked desperately on his stiff shaft. Her attention was glued to the activity between her legs.


The sound was followed by a wet, warm sensation skimming her forearm and stringing across her belly. Instinctively, she knew Randy had ejaculated. Feeling the fingerfuck quicken then slow, she suppressed the intense fire in her crotch and braced for the possible rejection that might surface.

"Ouuu! Baby. You needed that. Was it good?" She cooed, continuing to grip and pull more slowly at his still near rock hard shaft.

"Unn Huu!" Randy moaned, releasing the suction on her tit.

"Ahhhhhhh!" She moaned as he pushed his finger deep into her. "Your cum shot all over my belly."

Randy pulled his finger out of her and proceeded to finger-paint over his ejaculate over her belly.

"Randy, it's special when a woman spreads her legs for a man, to let him touch her or put his cock inside her. Do want to stick your cock in my pussy now? Do you want to fuck Mama?"

"Yessss. You've seen the magazine. It's all I think about." He whimpered. "Ever since I saw you and dad doing it." He had been inspired by Gale's confession and spied a bit himself.

"I'm so glad I came home early. Come over."

Randy ceased his painting. He scurried to give way as she maneuvered herself nearer the center of the bed. Then, deliberately, as in the picture, she lay on her back, knees spread, feet flat on the bed.

"Take my panties off, Baby."

He took the position he had only fantasized about, between his mother's knees, as Raefellow lifted her ass to assist the removal of her panties. The dress was gathered tightly around her waist. But, effectually, she was as naked as her son.

"Scoot closer." She directed.

Randy scooted closer forcing her knees back, feet becoming airborne, as his thighs came against her ass. She felt electricity shoot through her as his rigid shaft raked her clit, coming to rest atop her matted bush. She reached to finger the swollen head.

"You're a good son, Randy. Always doing what mother asks. Now, put you cock in my treasure and fuck your Mama good."

As directed, Randy took hold of his manhood and poked at her bush.

"There, Sugar, right thereeeeee!."

Raefellow felt her son's manhood sink deep. She had been penetrated deeper than ever and it was bliss. She pulled him down against her breast as they began a quick paced rhythm, her heels tapping his buttocks with each thrust. Her moans and labored breathing filled the bedroom. His lustful whimpering filled her ears. Both were aware of the semen on her belly.

"You're a good motherfucker She chanted. "So long and thick. Can you feel the cum on my belly. Your cum. Yesss, Baby! Fuck Mama's treasure. Fuck my fuckhole. Uuhhhh! Uuhhh!"

Raefellow quickly neared orgasm as she humped vigorously beneath the boy. Her chanting became more biting as she sought climax.

"You spied on me and your dad, you little bastard. You saw his cock pumping my cunt, didn't you...DIDN"T YOU...you fuckun little pervert?"

"Yes! Mother! Yes!"

"And you wanted to fuck me? Wanted to fuck your Mama? Well, your fantasy has come true. You don't need the picture of that bitch anymore. Your cock... is pumping...pumping" Her body stilled momentarily as the orgasm seized her. "pummmpiiinnnggg... OHHHHHH! FUUUUUUUKKKK! Fuuuuccckkk."

As the orgasm subsided, she became aware of Randy's hands moving to grip her buttocks, locking her in tight under him. He thrust with a measured, deep penetrating thrust. She knew he was near.

"Yes! Baby! Cum in Mama pussy." She coaxed. "Fill Mama's belly.

She listened to his labored breathing, moving her ass in rhythm as best she could. Finally she felt the deep stab and felt his cock jerk repeatedly, filling her with incestuous cum.

They lay limp and spent. Raefellow stroked her son's back lightly.

"I meant to pull it out. I'm sorry, Mom."

"Shhh! Don't be concern, Baby. Mama can't get pregnant." She whispered. "I don't ever want you to pull out."

"You wanted it then?"

"Yes. I wanted it."

She felt the gentle thrusts and hoped the boy's cock would stiffen. It did, and mother and son were once again lost in incestuous lust. The bed was soon soaked with her sweat as she sought her second orgasm.

Her mind returned to visions of her son watching her fuck her husband. Hoping his cock pumping into her pussy was clearly visible to her son, electrified her clit. She made no effort to stifle her pleasure and her moans filtered clearly throughout the spacious apartment.

"Ahhhhhh!! Ahhhhh!! AHHHHHH!" She cried as she was engulfed by the strong orgasm.

She felt dazed and exhaled. "What aarrree youuu doinng, Baby?" She moaned, watching her right leg being lifted and pushed across her body, causing her body to swivel. Her son remained embedded in her as he rolled her to her chest. He pulled her hips upward. Realizing he meant to doggy-fuck her, she maneuvered to her knees, being careful to retain penetration.

"Easy, Baby. You're so big and hard." She cautioned. "Give me a minute to relax my pussy. Yes! Baby. Do it slow for a bit. I know what you want."

Randy complied with her desires and stroked slowly but deeply into her pussy.

"Whew! You're long. I'm positive you're touching my womb with the head"

"You OK??" He asked.

"Yes, Sugar, Mama's better than OK."

He increased his rhythm only slightly, letting his hands roam over her ample ass. He had no desire to cum at the moment his cock only simi-erect, and so fucked her slowly for long minutes hoping to regain full erection.

"You like my butt, Sugar?" She inquired.

"Very much." He assured her. "I've wanted to fuck you like this for so long. I'm going to fuck you slow, like this. No heated passion, so when I cum I'll feel it build up and explode into you."

"Tell me, Baby. Tell Mama when you're about to shoot off. Tell me!"

"I will, Mother. I will!"

Other than her occasional purr, to telegraph her continuing pleasure, they were silent as he fucked her from behind. His thoughts revisited a movie of primitive cave dwellers, of a female on her knees at the waters edge gathering water, and of a male's approach, kneeling behind her, penetrating her, fucking her. He believe male-behind-female was the natural position for sexual intercourse, and truly the most erotic. He could feel his erection now; rock-hard. Still he pumped with a slow steady rhythm.

"I'm getting close, Mother!" He whispered. I'm getting close. You ready?"

"Yes, Randy! Mothers ready."

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Ohhhh fuckkkkkk!"

"I feel it, Randy!" She exclaimed. "I can feel your dick jerk and, ohhh yes, your cum."

As he relaxed he pulled slowly from her and flopped to his back beside her.


Randy lay on his back fondling his limp cock and balls. With his head twisted sideways, he stared at the illuminated doorway of his bathroom. Except for her knees, Raefellow, his mother was out of sight. He could hear her humming as she sat on the toilet peeing. He saw fully as she stood.

"I need to tidy up." She said, smiling warmly. "May I use your shower?"

Raefellow moved to the tub without seeing her son's nod. Stepping into the tub, she squatted and began to adjust the water, then to soap and latter her womanhood.

Randy hesitated to follow, but was hoping to join his mother in the shower. Needing to pee, he, without looking at her, faced the toilet. Hesitantly sneaking peeks at her, he found wonder and awl in the scene before him.

Raefellow looked curiously at her son's odd facial expression.

"What?" She inquired warmly.

"That's the most awesome thing I've ever seen"

"This? I wash like this often. Especially after sex."

"It's beautiful."


"Yes!" He admitted, now standing close to the tub."

"You're funny. Give me a second and we'll shower."

Randy joined his mother behind the shower curtain.

"Here, scrub my back." Raefellow directed, handing Randy a soaped washcloth.

Randy happily did as directed. And, though just fucking her, he hesitantly soon extended his scrubbing downward to her buttocks.

"That is not my back, young man." She teasing scolded. "No, Baby, don't stop. I love having my ass rubbed."

After long minutes, she turned, took the washcloth from him, soaped it, and proceeded to gently wash between his legs. "Do you think badly of me, Randy? I don't know what came over me..."

"No, Mom, of course not."

"You know we must keep all this secret. If your dad finds out we're fucking each other, he'll likely shoot us. If he doesn't kill us, he'll put us out on the street for sure. You understand, Randy?"

"Mother, I'm not brain dead." He replied, sarcastically, then a bit more anxious. "You're saying that we can do this again.

"I wasn't implying you were, silly. And, if you wish... I don't want to scar you or anything...but I stay horny... we will have ample opportunities to fool around. You hungry?"

"Yea. You taking us to dinner?"

"Boy, have you got a lot to learn. A lady gives you some pussy, you're expected to buy her dinner." She taunted, using the word "pussy" with little inhibition.

"But I'm broke."

"You're always broke." Raefellow laughed.

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