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For Max…this should divert you a bit from your 'action/adventure' mode for a while and give you a great 'hacerse una paja!' Kisses--Mabel

Max Rodriguez followed in his father's footsteps and inherited the Management of one of the largest hotel chains in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Rio Grande Hotel Chain was actually started by his Grandfather, and then his Dad took over when Grandpa died. Max Sr. oversaw the Headquartered Hotel in Puerto Rico, and it was rumored the Key West Elite Hotels of Florida might be interested in buying a franchise to have in the U.S. as an alternative resort for the many retirees and vacationers that migrate for the cold winter months.

Max took after his handsome father & grandfather, and at 37 years old his 6' 2" muscular frame, rich deep coffee-brown hair and thick but neatly trimmed mustache, deep, penetrating eyes, and Latina-brown skin made him look hot enough to advertise any getaway package Rio G would offer and would make any woman jump at the chance to lodge there. His 10-inch cock was an invitation all in itself for a night of great lovemaking with pretty much any woman of his choice.

However, as handsome and sexy as Max was, he could be a bit shy around most women. His own Mother died when he was only 4 in a terrible hurricane, and being an only child he could be a bit apprehensive. His father did a great job rearing him alone and indoctrinated him with the ropes of running the hotel. He would date quite a bit in high school and college, but the younger women his age and from his cultural background just did not appeal to him. He would also be a bit uncomfortable with shorter women because of his height, so most times he buried himself in running the business and his favorite hobby-bartending.

The type of women that would capture Max's attention was curvy, tall, and usually older than he. His Dad showed him pictures of his late mother in their younger days, and Rosalina Rodriguez fit the bill with her large lush 44DD buxom and tiny 28 waist with the fullest, roundest ass ever perfectly wrapped around her 6'0" frame. They were also great dancers and would entertain the guests with countless Mexican love songs in the early days of the hotels' existence.

Max had sketchy memories of his beautiful mother from childhood, but one memory stood out in his mind. He walked in to the bedroom one Saturday morning as his Mom & Dad were fucking the living daylights out of each other, and he stood at the door memorized by the sight of Mom's gigantic honey-brown boobs and rock-hard mocha nipples powerfully bouncing and swaying as her full ass cheeks were ferociously riding Daddy's 11-inch deep caramel-brown cock. When Max reached puberty those memories of his Mom's big bouncing tits were enough to set his cock into cum orbit many lonely nights.

Key West decided to send a group of tourists to stay in the hotel for a 4-day weekend to experience the atmosphere and rate the hotel so they could finalize their decision. Mabel Alistair Donaldo also traveled with the groups as she was her husband's secretary for many years prior to their marriage. Mabel was 6'1" tall and had platinum blonde hair cut in a lovely short, sassy style, and deliciously desirable 46E boobs with a willowy waist that sprouted into tempting 44-inch hips and a rock-solid round ass, complete with large, shapely legs. She was 51 years old and had just had an unexpected but successful pregnancy, bearing her husband of almost 30 years another son.

Tragically, Mr. Donaldo was killed in an automobile accident when their new son was only three months old. Mabel was determined to keep running the Key West to honor her hubby's memory. His brother Robert was next in Command and was named the new CEO as was her husband's Alan's request in his Last Will & Testament. Their personal maid Darla traveled with them and would keep the baby while he and Mabel conducted the on-site Hotel business. When she wasn't traveling Mabel could work from home and tend to Jeffrey's nursing needs at any time in her plush home office.

A meeting was set for 10:00 a.m. at Rio Grande in which Mabel would meet Max and they would finalize the terms and conditions of their contracts for their Lawyers to review before they signed and sealed their deal.

Max was on the phone in the Rio G Executive Meeting Room and did not see Mabel as she entered in a stunningly gorgeous deep teal business suit that flattered her lusciously sexy frame and wore black patented leather heals with a matching briefcase. Her make-up was impeccably applied and her deep burgundy lipstick and nails played perfected against her platinum hair.

"Good Morning Mr. Rodriguez!" Mabel uttered brightly as she entered the Meeting Room. Max hung up the phone, turned around and had to fight drooling as he watched the curvaceous mature doll strut with confidence towards him with her hand extended for a business handshake. He was stricken so quickly by her sultry appearance he spoke in Spanish, "Buenas Dias Senora Donaldo—I mean Good Morning, Mrs. Donaldo." Max's Latin-Brown skin began to show a slight blush as he stood to shake Mabel's hand.

"Oh, I love the Spanish Language, and I studied a bit of it in high school. My, that was many moons ago!" Mabel exclaimed as Max pulled the Executive Armchair out for her. Max was quite debonair in his deep charcoal grey pinstriped suit, crisp white shirt with a grey-white-black patterned corporate tie and neatly manicured dark brown hands that immediately caught Mabel's attention.

Just as Mabel was about to compliment Max on his fresh manicure, her maid Darla came rushing in with Mabel's son, who was wailing to the top of his lungs.

"I am SO sorry to interrupt Mrs. Donaldo, but Jeffrey has been crying for almost 30 minutes straight and will not take his bottle," Darla apologetically explained to Mabel as she stood holding the baby with a thin layer of perspiration on her forehead.

"Oh my, I have little Jeff SO rotten and spoiled!" Mabel said as she began to unbutton the big front buttons of her lovely suit. "He's used to having Mommy whenever he needs feeding because I work from home. Please excuse us for just a few moments Mr. Rodriquez."

Before Max could verbally affirm his understanding, right before his deep brown eyes Mabel snatched opened her Corporate suit top and opened her black front closure nursing bra and out flopped her luscious, enormous milk-filled boobs that had begun to let down from hearing little Jeffrey's crying. Like a little hungry baby bird, Jeffrey quickly latched his little mouth to Mabel's erect deep rosy-peach nipples and drank as if he had not eaten all year. Mabel had her nursing rhythms in check, switching him from one milk-filled boob to the other until he drifted off to sleep.

The sight of Mabel's delectably swollen boobs and huge wet nipples feeding her famished son gave Max's cock a huge hard-on that he hoped she would not see underneath the big corporate glass covered meeting table.

Darla took the baby and closed the door. Uninhibited Mabel suddenly said, "Oh shit!!"

Max, hearing the explicative from Mabel's mouth came out of his trance to ask, "Is everything alright Mrs. Donaldo?"

"Oh hell, call me Mabel—after what you have just seen, formality is a waste of time!" Mabel uttered as she began to undress and expose her luscious boobs once again as Max this time tried not to watch.

"This doesn't happen all the time, but every now and then my milk continues to leak from my nipples even after Jeffrey finishes feeding. Do you have a coffee cup in here?"

Forgetting about his obviously erect 10-inch joystick that was protruding through his grey suit pants, he stood up quickly and got Mabel one of the Rio G coffee mugs that sat at the Executive Coffee Bar in the Meeting Room. She allowed the flowing milk drops to drip in the cup until her flow ceased. She dumped the milk in the small stainless steel sink, redressed and apologized again to Max for the unavoidable interruption.

"Oh, that's quite alright Mrs.—I mean Mabel," Max replied, hoping she had not noticed his stand-at-attention cock that continued to remain erect even after his quick errand.

Just as they were about to resume their meeting, her brother-in-law Robert called Mabel on her cell phone about some pressing deadlines he needed to meet for the books to be ready for their Company Accountants to review.

"Listen Max, why don't we finish the meeting later this evening?" Mabel asked. "I nurse Jeffrey right around seven and put him down to sleep. Once he feeds at night he'll stay asleep at least until midnight or so. Why don't we meet in my Suite, say about 8:00?"

"That will be fine," Max answered, "I will have our chef prepare his special enchiladas and tamales for our evening dining. Room service will serve us at the time of my arrival. Will that be satisfactory?"

Mabel stood and Max stood with her. To his total shock, she wrapped her burgundy-clad finger nailed hand around his suit-covered hard dick and coyly replied, "oh yes, Max—that AND THIS should be QUITE satisfactory! I'll see you this evening."

After Mabel left the meeting room, Max could not contain himself any longer. He locked the door and unleashed his hot hard brown bone and whacked himself off, shooting his cum wad in the same coffee mug Mabel used to excrete her drops of sweet milk.

Mabel had all naughty thoughts and no corporate composure as she remembered Max's long hard dick that stood at attention while she was giving Jeffrey his evening feeding. By the time the knock on the door came to announce the delivery of her evening meal, Mabel's pussy was soaking wet. She was wearing a deep plum satin pajama-like lounging set and no underwear. Her stay-erect nipples drizzled drops of her thick sweet milk that traced her bare nubs through the silky material and the crotch of her satiny slacks had her obvious female excitement in plain view.

"Buenas Nochos, Senora Donaldo--goce su comida!" The Hotel Chef remarked as he rolled the table into her luxurious Suite. Remembering a few phrases from her travels through years, she gave the Chef a wicked look and replied, "Oh honey, I fully intend to enjoy my meal—especially a nice long tamale that's about THIS LONG!!" Just as Mabel spaced her fingers the length of Max's joystick to describe what she had on her sensuous menu, Max walked in with a bottle of the Hotel's best wine.

"With our Compliments and Gratitude, Mabel" he uttered as he handed the bottle to Mabel and the Chef walked away, knowing Max was the main course of the evening instead of his deliciously prepared Mexican Cuisine.

"Oh Max, PLEASE 'cum' in!!" Mabel seductively said. He followed her and watched her pantiless ass dance in silky slacks as he helped her into her chair and they sat down to eat.

Right as Max put his napkin in his lap, Mabel suddenly darted under the table. Max felt her warm breath nearing his strong muscular thighs and his ten inches of glory cock was rock hard to greet her.

Mabel unzipped Max's deep olive dress slacks and freed his aching stiff dick and expertly sucked and teased the head. Max nearly fell out of the chair as she worked her experienced warm mouth over every hard vein of his Mexican cock delight. She stopped and whispered in his ear, "I'm gonna take this damned delicious fucking stick down my hot throat until you spill your cum down my hot-assed larynx!!" Mabel swallowed his hard sweet bone whole and continued to excite Max with the muscles in her throat until a large wad of spicy ejaculate filled her throat and spilled over her soft sexy burgundy lips.

"Fuck!! I have NEVER cum like that before!!" Max said as he grabbed Mabel and a full-mouthed hungry kiss on her cum-filled mouth. He snatched her top off and grabbed her right breast to drink her sweet milk, and they rolled onto the plush hotel carpet. Max sucked both of Mabel's fully engorged boobs, drinking down every drop of her very sweet milk and passionately kissing and sucking her soft peachy skin.

He kissed down to now her succulently wet peachy clean-shaven mature pussy and devoured it. Mabel loudly moaned with delight as his mustache tickled her taunting vulva and thought she would faint as his warm mouth and teeth coddled her large peach clitty. He spread her huge peach thighs apart and his still erect brown bone buried itself into the wet silkiness of her drenched cunt. Mabel had a huge orgasm that splashed sweet twat juices all over Max's cock and big bouncing balls. His cum met with her ripe wet pussy juices and they devoured each other with several wet, open-mouthed tongue flowing kisses.

Suddenly, Mabel got up and went to the wet bar in the suite's dining room. She grabbed her big boob and filled one of the glasses with her flowing sweet milk. Max, whose cock was still fully erect followed Mabel to the bar and opened Mabel's ass cheeks and she accommodated Max by bending her large round ass completely over while he licked her deliciously puckered asshole as she excreted her milk into the glass. His brown prick found its way between Mabel's rounded blushed cheeks and Mabel quickly put the glass on the bar and screamed, "Yeah baby—fuck the shit outta this big ass now!!!" Max granted her request and her ample asshole took in every inch of his manhood and before long her asshole overflowed and was totally cream-cum filled.

Their dinner was ice cold, but Max and Mabel were hotter than a well-stoked fireplace in winter. After their fiery fucking sessions had slightly subsided, Max spotted the milk on the bar, and went to the fridge to get some pineapple, rum, coconut cream and maraschino cherries. He took Mabel's sweet milk and mixed all the ingredients together and put it on the clear ice cubes that popped out from the ice maker.

Max then said, "Vitorea a mi Querido" (cheers my Darling)….they clinked their glasses and drank the pina coladas made with Mabel's fresh sweet milk, sealing their own 'deal' with another mouth-devouring kiss.

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