tagMatureMammary Mansion Ch. 08

Mammary Mansion Ch. 08


Bloody hell, here I was, miles from anywhere with the Barent’s Scandanavian chauffeur (chauffeuse?) Sonia, peeling just about the most delectable body I’d ever seen out of her suit with the full intent of doing dreadfully nice things to my body.

I attempted a half hearted protest. “Er Sonia, are you sure we should be doing this? Somebody might see.”

She shimmied the trousers down her long gorgeous legs, slipping her black lace panties with them. She had a gorgeous tan but was modest in getting it as she had tan lines top and bottom. All that did was accentuate her Playboy centrefold model of the year figure even more. Her pubes were silky blonde and trimmed and did not hide the large rolled in lips of her bulging pussy.

“Get naked Michael, we haven’t got all day.” She hauled the last of her clothes off and flung them over the open door. Mesmerised by the barely swaying tits, I pulled my tshirt off and pushed my jeans down. My cock was at half mast but rapidly filling with red hot engorging blood.

Sonia knelt on the seat and grabbing my head, kissed me voraciously, pushing her tongue into my mouth to duel with mine. My hands went like lightning to her fabulous tits. They were hard and silky, the teats erecting rapidly as I tortured them with my thumbs.

“D’you give the old girl a good banging, Michael?” she panted, grabbing hold of my one eyed monster. “Any left for me? We suck later, we fuck now.” She flung a knee over my thighs and holding my dick in one hand, she parted her pussy lips with two fingers of her other hand, rubbed my cockhead up and down a couple of times and slotted me home. My hands were still making the most of her tits and this, combined with the enormous heat generated by her hot, tight cunt had beads of sweat popping from my forehead. Down a couple of inches, up and nearly out, down a few more, up and then down until my cock head fetched up against her cervix.

“Yeerrssssssss,” she hissed, and leant back, keeping still and letting the throbbing of my iron hard cock gently raise her temperature higher. Her eyes were closed and she was clutching my shoulders, moaning and hissing. Then she slowly rose up and slowly sat down, the tip of her pink tongue parting her luscious lips. She gazed into my eyes almost without expression.

“You will not come. You will not come! I will come many times and then you will come.” She shuddered and I felt the walls of her vagina secrete love juice all over my boiling cock, dripping down onto my turgid balls. “I come already. Your cock so nice in me. I come again.” She did, moaning.

I tried to match my pinching of her nipples to deepen her orgasms as she slowly posted up and down on my dick. It was clear she was determined to thoroughly enjoy herself. I was. My hands were on her large conical tits, massaging, caressing, biting, licking and making and all round pig of myself. Occasionally, we engaged in a tongue duel, and sometimes, my hands grabbed her firm shapely buttocks, massaging and appreciating their gorgeous shape, rubbing or scratching the star shaped anus. This made her gasp and she came again.

She started to speed up. “I come big time now. You come too.” Faster and faster, her clinging pussy walls milking my throbbing cock. If I hadn’t emptied my nuts earlier in the day, I would have spunked when she first grabbed my cock. I offered up prayers to the god of youth, and to Molly’s special cajun magic, and to Marjorie and to Maria and to Amy, that I was able to last as this goddess rode me to the magic ring. Unbelievably, I fountained into her and that brought on a massive orgasm in Sonia. She squealed out loud and pulled my head against her big firm breasts as her body shook and shook again, her cunt rippling with huge contractions that milked essence from my body.

She fell against me, sobbing and panting. “Oh, you very good Michael. Lovely cock. Just right for me. I clean you up. We must go.” A woman of few words, Sonia. She rose up slipped to her knees on the floor and licked our combined juices from my now flaccid cock and balls until they were cumless. She dressed and we drove back to the mansion. Once there, it was meal time where it was clear that everybody had had a tiring day. I didn’t see Monica, and was strangely disappointed. I told everybody that I had work to do for the firm and wanted to retire early to get a good start next morning. I had no visitors that night, thank goodness.


Next morning, I breakfasted alone from a range of food on the sideboard. No Molly, no Maria. Obviously Monica had left instructions for me to be left alone to get on with my work. I retired to the computer, downloaded the programs from the discs and got to it. Sent some e-mails, searched a few data bases, hooked into the trap door I had left at Pointer Holdings and struck gold after five solid hours. The Pointer brothers were at it again. I got the details of their stock purchases and who had been dealing for them. They also appeared to be under capitalized and were clearly looking to get into a cash cow like the Barents Resorts, milk and get out. They were exposed.

I buzzed Monica and she was in her office. “Morning sleepyhead,” she said. “I looked in on you this morning and you were dead to the world. What have you got?”

Wishing I had been awake, I told her what I had found. “Now is the time to sort these buggers out once and for all,” I said. “They have left themselves vulnerable for a hostile takeover of their own holdings, and if you could spare a miserable $150 million, you’d get them. What they have is mostly owned by banks, including yours but worth more than what’s showing. What do you reckon?”

“I know about their position,” said Monica, “and I have been looking for an opportunity. We’ll go with it. Thanks Michael. Enjoy the rest of the day and I’ll see you tonight and bring you up to date.” She smiled at him and signed off.

I stretched, switched off and went looking for food. The big kitchen was empty. On the table was a plate of delicious looking sandwiches and a glass of what looked like champagne. Propped up on the glass was a note which read; “Come and join us in the spa after you’ve eaten”. Molly had signed it. I ate and drank and sipping the last of the champagne, made my way to the indoor pool that I had seen the previous day. At one end was a spa that was about the size of most backyard swimming pools.

In it were Marjorie, Margaret, Monique and Molly - all naked, all holding a glass of champagne. On the edge were a number of empty bottles of Moet et Chandon plus a couple of full ones.

“At long last, Michael,” said the Monica’s grandmother. “We’d almost given up on you. And we’re probably too pissed now to enjoy what we had originally planned. Now, get your clothes off and get in here.”

I stripped, very slowly, very teasing. “Oooh, he is gorgeous, Mother, isn’t he?” squealed Monique. “Just look how his tan compliments that fabulous physique. I’m juicing up already and he hasn’t even got his pants off yet. Get ‘em off Michael, you tease.”

I slowly slid them down and stepped out of them. Looking at the four voluptuous older women, their melon-like breasts, three pair white, one pair dark brown seeming to float on the bubbling surface of the spa, had my cock starting to thicken. All were gazing raptly at it.

“Gawd, I want to eat that gorgeous cock.” Margaret’s words were a bit slurred. All of their eyes were glazed to some extent. I walked down the steps, my half erect meaty cocking swaying with each step. The water was warm and soon covered my genitals.

“Any champagne left,” I asked. Molly reached behind her, grabbed a bottle and topped up my glass, spilling a little into the spa.

“Whoops,” she said and giggled.

I took a sip and stood in the middle of the spa, surrounded by three pink and one dark brown fleshy bodies. Their hands reached out and at least two grabbed my cock while one hand cradled by hanging balls. A hand behind me ran a suggestive finger up the crack of my arse.

“What do you want to do, Michael?” asked Gradma.

“I want to tit fuck the lot of you. And I’ll start with you. Why don’t you get it hard for me.” I moved between her legs and hunched my hips forward, offering my semi hard dick to her. She reached for it and licked the underside from the balls to the glans, then swirled her tongue around the helmet, before sucking the head. I stiffened instantly. She sucked some more taking it deep into her throat. In and out it went as she bobbed her head. I could see her flushed cheeks bulging.

I had hold of my glass in one hand and my other hand resting on my hip. One of the others had stood behind me as I could feel tits on my back and pubic hair against my bum cheeks. One white arm was around me and the hand was cradling my balls.

“Let’s have those tits, woman,” I growled. Marjorie stopped sucking and pulled my cock against her chest. She grabbed her big breasts and wrapped them round my rigid prong, and began to slowly move them up and down, lubricated by sweat from the hot water. Every opportunity, she gave the helmet a suck. It was very nice indeed.

Abruptly I pulled back, freeing my cock from her bountiful breasts. Next in line was Monique. I stepped between her legs and she immediately leaned forward and surrounded my dick with her big soft pillows. The blue vein tracery was very obvious, the nipples hugely erect. She too gave my warrior a suck as it emerged from the crevice of her magnificent mammaries.

I moved to the next body. It was Margaret. All the time, the bountiful body of Molly was pressed to my back, one hand cradling my balls the other holding her glass. I could hear her slurping her champagne. Clearly, she was nicely pissed. Margaret welcomed me between her thighs and offered up her melons. I slid home. Her tits were a little firmer than the other two and I enjoyed the difference. She licked the pre-cum oozing from my pee slit and pasted it around the underside of the helmet.

After a minute, I stepped back and peeled Molly off my back. “Now you, you bloody witch,” I growled. She flopped back on the underwater seat, her humongous breasts quivering and swaying covered with a sheen of sweat from my back. Her big dark nipples were hugely erect, her areolae tightly crinkled.

She pulled them apart. “Come on, my big mon, put that monster in here.” I stepped between her meaty thighs and nearly melted as my dick was surrounded by hot, sweaty tit flesh. She hunched her big dark breast up and down and licked the purple helmet at every opportunity.

I managed two more circuits until I could stand it no more. “Sit close together girls. I’m going to give you all a sperm bath.” Nearest was Margaret. I lined myself up so that I could see eight massive tits in a row and wanked my cock furiously. Margaret gave my balls a squeeze while all eyes were focused on my dick. Suddenly it erupted and spurted far enough to land on the farthest tit, Molly’s as it happened. I saw the first pearly white drops land on her mahogany breast. I kept spurting in slowly diminishing arcs until I puddled what was left on Margaret’s near side tit. Molly held her tits up and licked what she could off, scooping the rest with a finger and sucking. They all followed suit. Bloody marvellous stuff.

“Well, that’s afternoon tea taken care off,” slurred Molly.

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