tagRomanceMammary Mansion Ch. 09

Mammary Mansion Ch. 09


Yeah - I know - not my usual but for those following the story, long awaited. Thank you for your patience.

Part 9

After the marathon tit wank, the women, mostly pissed fell out of the spa, grabbed robes and staggered off. I relaxed into the spa and finished off two half empty bottles of bubbly, then I too lurched upstairs to sleep it off.


I awoke to the sound of the telephone ringing next to the bed.

It was Monica. “Caught you. Not busy are you?”

“No. Just me.”

“Good. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight? We have something to celebrate.”

“Yes, I would, very much.”

“Great. Sonia will pick you up in half an hour. Wear one of the suits in the closet. See you soon, Michael.”

She rang off and twenty minutes later, I admired myself in the mirror. I rarely got dressed up but even I was impressed with what I saw. The phone rang and Sonia told me to meet me at the helipad.

I went downstairs and all of Monica’s relatives were standing near the door with Molly looking like proud parents. Molly wolf whistled. “Ain’t he gorgeous. Monica is a lucky girl to have such a handsome date. Be good to dat girl Michael,” she said wagging her finger at me. I bussed each of them on the cheek as I went past. “Smells yummy too,” said Molly, giving me a pinch on the arse.

I joined Sonia at the helipad, not the slightest bit surprised that she was the pilot. She was capable of anything. Within minutes we were up and away into the gathering gloom and soon over the lights of the city. We landed atop the Barents Regency, one of the grand hotels. “Take the lift to the penthouse,” said Sonia. Woman of few words, Sonia.

A liveried butler opened the door. The penthouse was luxurious with huge windows looking down on the city, sparkling like pirate’s treasure. Monica was near one of the windows looking like a jewel herself, sparkling in a long blue off the shoulder gown with a deep decolletage. Nestled in the deep cleft of her creamy breasts was a large blue sapphire hanging from a diamond encrusted necklace. She looked a billion dollars and probably was. She took my breath away. She wasn’t slim or svelte but she had curves in all the right places and they were on show in the closely clinging gown.

Monica’s eyes widened when she saw me and slowly looked me up and down. She smiled as I moved closer and saw that her dress and jewellery had served to heighten the blue of her eyes which were shining at me.

“Monica, you look gorgeous,” I breathed admiringly, and very sincerely.

“So do you, Michael.” She slid her arm through mine and led me out on to a terrace to a small table set for two. I sat her down and took the chair opposite. The butler unobtrusively poured some excellent Australian Chardonnay. We clinked glasses and sipped, eyes riveted to each other.

I felt absolutely mushy. I was besotted with her, and, it was clear, she with me.

“To us,” I said, solemnly.

“To us,” she replied and smiled sweetly.

“What are we celebrating?”

“I got the Pointer brothers by their balls and strung them up, thanks to you.”

“I’m glad. But really, it wasn’t too difficult. They just left tracks anybody could find,” I said modestly. Her experts had been unable to find the tracks, after all.

“As part of the takeover, I’d like to give you $10 million dollars for your work.” She looked at me earnestly.

“Monica, I’m affronted!” I glared at her. “I don’t want the money. It has no real importance in my life. I actually did it for you. And your family. They have been fantastic. I’ve had the most enjoyable week of my life.” I contemplated her and met her serious and slightly confused eyes. “But tonight promises to be the best of the lot.”

She blushed and her eyes took on that shiny look again. “OK Michael. I’m sorry. I wanted to know whether you as uninterested in money as my original research revealed. I won’t do that again, I promise.” She reached across and took my hand. “Let’s enjoy the evening and forget everything else.”

The butler arrived with the entree and soon opened a lovely red wine to go with the main course. While we ate, we talked. I used every technique I knew to get her to talk about herself. It seemed that she had taken over the reins from her grandfather, not her father, who apparently had no head for business. She had graduated top of her class at Harvard but had no opportunity to study further due to the grandfather’s demise. As I had suspected, she had worked all hours, had not socialised much and was very, very lonely.

“I believe Grandmother Marjorie told you that we female Barents were uninterested in marriage?”

I nodded.

“Well, I do want to marry, and have children.” Monica flashed a searching glance at me to gauge my reaction. I stayed poker faced. “I have only met one man who has attracted me. The problem is that I’m not beautiful or built like a model. I’ll probably end up with the same sort of figure that Mum and Grandma have.”

“Then that would be magnificent,” I said with a smile. I was rewarded with a lovely smile.

“I’m being forward here, Michael. I want you to marry me, and give me lots of children. I don’t mind if you want to screw model types, I’ll even employ a few for you.”

“There you go again, Monica. Once again you’ve upset me,” I said sternly, shaking my head. “Screwing skin and bones would be the pits, after the diet I’ve been on.” I decided to tease her some more. “What about the lovely ladies at the mansion? Would I be able to have them from time to time? Would that upset you? Well? I don’t think I could resist if they put the hard word on me.”

“Oh Michael, I would be so grateful and so would they. I’m not possessive by nature.” She frowned and grabbed my hand. “Does that mean you will?”

I pretended to think long and hard, took a couple of sips of wine, and finally said, “I will marry you. But don’t go throwing money at me, I don’t bloody like it.”

“Anything Michael, anything.”

“Good. Let’s dance.” There was no music but I waltzed her around the terrace with the stars glittering above reflecting in her eyes as she gazed up at me. Christ, she was gorgeous.

“Dance me to your bedroom,” I whispered. Within minutes, I was in a dimly lit and lushly furnished boudoir. We stopped by the bed and I slowly bent down and kissed her gently, then steadily deepened the kiss as it was returned in kind. She was no expert. I ran my hands over the firm curves of her body glorying in the narrow waist and lush hips. I raised my hands and gently tugged her arms from around my shoulders then slowly slipped her dress down to her waist.

What breasts! They were creamy white, with the blue tracery of her mother and grandmother. They stood out from her torso without the slightest hint of sag. Her nipples were large and proud with in-pointing centres. The areolae were about two inches in diameter and crinkled and magnets to my mouth. I reverently licked around her nipples, one after the other, feeling the ruched surfaces rise even further. I sucked her left nipple into my mouth, swirled my tongue and laved it, and felt it burgeon further. Suddenly the inner section popped out and I sucked some more. I quickly switched to the right and repeated the dose. I leaned back and admired them. While mother, aunt, grandma and Molly had wonderful breasts, Monica’s were absolutely breathtaking.

I reached forward and pushed the dress down over her shapely hips to reveal a lacy pair of midnight blue panties. She reached forward, undid my tie and pushed my jacket off my shoulders. We had both started panting.

I was down to my underwear and she was still wearing her panties. She put her hands on my shoulders and looked deep into my eyes. “Michael, I’m a virgin.”

“That’s nice,” I murmured and kissed her deeply, pulling her against my steely bulge.

“I want to do everything,” she whispered, and pulled my underwear down allowing my rigid cock to slap against my washboard stomach. She fell to her knees and grabbed it gently. “Oh Michael, it’s perfect. It’s more beautiful than I imagined. I’m going to kiss and lick it. Don’t try to stop me.”

Yeah, right!

Clearly she had no experience, but she quickly learned by my sighs and moans what pleased me, and just about all of it did. She was a natural. Her eyes looked up at from under the cloud of her beautiful blonde hair. When she pulled it down and started sucking on it, swirling her tongue around the helmet, I could have shot my load there and then. I restrained myself and raised her to her feet, kissing her deeply, tasting the slightly salty residue of my precum on her luscious lips.

“My turn,” I said sitting her on the bed and kneeling at her pretty feet. Gently I eased her panties down her firm meaty thighs and over her dimpled knees. I pulled them off and flung them over my shoulder. I pulled her knees apart and pushed her gently onto her back. I raised her knees and gasped at the beauty before me. Covered with silky blonde hair, her pudenda bulged and gaped just a little, enough for me to see the shiny inner pink of her labia majoria. I pushed them apart with my thumbs and was rewarded with the view of her perfectly symmetrical inner and outer lips rising to a pronounced hood that covered at least a quarter of her wonderful slit. “What an absolutely gorgeous pussy you have, my darling. It is perfect.” I put out my tongue and licked her slowly from bottom to top, again and again. She moaned, one arm over her eyes. I glanced up but couldn’t see her face through the mounds of her huge breasts. I reached up and gathered her breasts, seeking her rigid nipples, while continuing to lick her gathering juices. She tasted exotic, like fine wine. The bulge beneath her clitoral hood was getting larger. I sucked the bulge and felt the sudden swell of her pearly clit as it burst from beneath. I swirled and sucked, swirled and sucked, then pushed my tongue into her cunt as far as I could. She shuddered and wailed as a gush of joy juice inundated my mouth. I slurped as hard and fast as I could to get it all.

“Make love to me Michael, now please,” Monica panted, pulling at my shoulders to bring me up between her raised knees.

“I’ll make love to you. And I’ll fuck you ‘til there’s only dust coming out of me.” So saying, my cockhead found its target like a homing missile and gently slipped into her inundated love channel. Within inches, I met resistance.

She looked at me with shining love in her eyes. “Do me darling Michael, nooooooooooowwwwww,” she shrieked as she gripped me with her ankles and pulled me into her. Her hymen broke and my cock drove into her clinging depths to shudder against her cervix. I kept still and waited for the pain to go, for her cunt to get used to my steely rod.

I saw the pain pass and began to fuck her gently at first and then with rising speed. Rigidly, I controlled the uncontrollable waiting for the sign. There it was! And it didn’t take long. The flush across the upper chest, the eyes rolling heavenward, her thighs gripping my waist, her nipples burgeoning and the wail of ecstasy of her first cock induced orgasm. My baby maker spurted hugely, inundating her womb with fighting spermatozoa while I groaned in erotic ecstasy, both physically and from my soul. She was mine and I was hers, joined in earthly lust, forever and ever. Amen.


Nine months to the day, a little blonde blue eyed cherub was born. We named her Melanie and she had to fight me for her mother’s milk. Greedy little bitch didn’t leave me much but I enjoyed what I got.


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