tagIncest/TabooMan & His Boy Ch. 1

Man & His Boy Ch. 1


My wife and I have always been a pretty out of control couple. We always get what we want and we're true hedonists. We enjoy life whenever we can. We live like rock stars. When we had our first son (out of wedlock) we were worried. We didn't know whether our rock 'n roll lifestyle would be beneficial to a child but we believed we could do it. Here we are just over 18 years after Alex was born and everything's great. Alex turned 18 about 8 months ago, his younger sister Melissa turns eighteen in 6 months...

It's funny, our kids are as crazy as us but they have great self control. They know the difference between a good time and wrecking your self. Needless to say my wife Candi & I are real proud.

Alex's birthday fell on a Wednesday so I told him that for his 18th I would like to take him for a weekend in LA. We'll get a cool hotel, shop, dine, party and visit some strip clubs. A guy's weekend. He was all up for it. Candi was a little concerned. She didn't like it if I swung unless she was there. I could understand so I respected that but this was Alex's big weekend and I asked her if something came up if I could follow through. Her answer was so cute, she asked that I call her if a situation arises then she would interview me and decide. I laughed and asked her if she didn't think that wouldn't be a buzz-kill. She agreed, giggled and said that as long as I answered any questions she asked when we got back that I could do whatever. I told her that I really wished she could come along but it's Alex's birthday, I figured that he might be a little nervous about cutting loose with his mom around. I really meant it too, she's a fun person. I knew that Alex would do whatever, he wasn't shy but he has a tremendous amount of respect for his mom and he would be worried about offending her. We were all pretty comfortable with our lifestyles and it was no secret that Candi would occasionally give Alex a hand job or a blow job if the situation presented itself. Our house hold was unique.

Alex went out with his girlfriend and all his buddies on Wednesday. Friday afternoon Alex and I loaded up the Lincoln Navigator I'd rented and we headed for the highway. I figured we'd be in West Hollywood at our hotel on the Sunset Strip by midnight. We had a blast driving down. I gave him a couple of bumps after having two or three of my own. We drank beer out of fast food cups and listened to cds. We talked about life, music, his future, school, cars and getting our cocks off. We made a couple of pee/gas stops on the way. At one gas stop Alex kept hitting on the girl who was trying to clean the Nacho Cheese dispenser. She was cute even in that silly gas station polo shirt with her dark brown hair pulled back. He kept talking her up and acting silly while I got us bottles of water and more beer. At the counter I grabbed a box of condoms just in case he didn't think to. His new friend asked if I was his dad and if so why am I buying condoms while I'm with my son. My son being the goof he is told her that I was his manager, he was a songwriter and that we were on the way to LA to do business. He told her about his wild lifestyle, always on the road and about all the free drugs. Well like any young girl working at a gas station in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley she wasn't about to miss a chance at a good party.

I was already halfway across the parking lot when Alex ran out to catch up with me. We got into the Navigator and he asked me to pull around to the back of the store and shut the truck off. I got a little miffed, I was worried about getting to LA, checking into the hotel, showering and hitting the rock n' roll bars. He assured me that it would be fine and besides, it was HIS birthday. He was right so I opened a beer and turned on a cd. The cute girl came around to the back carrying a milk crate. She placed it on top of a stack of two or three crates and then walked over to us. Alex opened his door and made her climb over him to get inside. Once inside she perked up and let her hair down. She said she only had a 30 minute break but she wanted to hang out. She was really hungry, she had only eaten once today. Alex told her that she wouldn't be so hungry in a second. He then scooped out a bump and held it out to her. She acted shocked but Alex said, "don't act like you didn't realize I had drugs out here, you knew it". She giggled and retorted, "well I'm trying to be lady like".

We each did a bump and we started talking. She wanted to know about us but Alex and I pulled the good cop, bad cop routine. Every time Alex would start to answer one her questions I'd cut her off and ask her a question. I started with "who do you live with?" and in a couple of minutes arrived at "how many women have you slept with"? This was fun. I felt like a kid. She had loosened up by now and was laughing at my questions but answering them. They got more and more perverted. I asked her what the oddest object she ever fucked was, she said one night she was in bed, half drunk and she grabbed an empty root beer bottle off the bed stand. She said it was embarrassing and it didn't feel special but the naughtiness was fun. She confided that she wanted to suck off one of her cousins but hadn't had the guts to act on it. I asked her if she preferred cock to pussy. She exclaimed "COCK!"

I've only fooled with women, I don't like women the way I like guys. "Women are good friends who know how to eat pussy" she quipped. I asked her why she was wasting her break time. It was obvious that she was into Alex and she only had ten minutes left on her break. She looked at me quizzically for a second. Alex leaned to her, pulled her chin toward him gently and kissed her, softly but in a lusting, dirty way. After the kiss she asked if she could have another bump. She was all wound up now. She and Alex had their hands all over each other but she didn't know what to do. I asked Alex what he wanted her to do. He said "I want her to suck my cock, then I'll get her off if she has time." Alex looked at her and asked her, "what do ya think?"

She was into it. They made room, reclined the seats and he pulled his pants down around his ankles. I got the Polaroid and got ready to start getting pics, Candi was gonna love these pics. As she sucked his cock Alex pulled the bottom of her polo shirt up just above her now exposed bra. I reached and unfastened the back of her bra. Now I had my cock out and I snapped the first Polaroid. The flash scared the shit out of her. She turned to me and screamed. I said. "take it easy, they're Polaroids, if you don't like 'em I'll give 'em to you and you can destroy them." Alex urged her, "c'mon, you're almost out of time, you can throw them away."

He was jerkin' his own cock while he said that. She went back to sucking. She was enjoying it. Alex was groping her breasts, kneading, pinching. I took another three or four photos and continued jerking off. Alex came in her mouth and she immediately rose up and tongue kissed Alex. She was two minutes past the end of her break and she started freaking out. Alex and I helped her get her clothes back on and she smiled and asked Alex to stop in and say hi if he comes by again. She leaped out the door and ran around to the front of the shop.

Alex and I looked at the pics. Here we were just a few hours into the weekend and we already had a great story and pics. We got back onto the freeway. I still had my cock out of my pants as did Alex. I kept stroking myself lightly not thinking about it as we reviewed the events. He asked if I was going to keep the photos or give them to him. I said that his mom and I would keep them and when we passed away he'd get 'em. He laughed and said, "you two are perverts, big pervs. Old pervs..." He laughed. He asked, "you're really gonna show those to mom?"

"She wouldn't have it any other way" I replied. "You think she'll like 'em?" he asked. "Fuck yeah she will... She loves sex..."

"So how long are you gonna hold your cock in your hand" he asked sarcastically. "Until they pry it out of my cold, dead hands" I answered. I laughed and let my cock go, it fell to the side. "What about you? Sittin' there with your half cock, pants around your ankles and your own cum dryin' up inside your mouth. Fuck, who's the perv here?"

"You and mom are pretty unusual, you know that. Right?" Alex sounded real serious. For a moment I thought maybe something was wrong. "Kinda, yeah. We certainly do things our own way. Why? Is it affecting you somehow?"

"No, I love my life. I just wish that I could be so open with my friends. I can't talk about a lot with them. If I tell them what goes on with me and mom sometimes they would think we were hillbillies or something." I thought for a minute. "Yeah. I know. Well you know you and Melissa are number one. If mom and I are doing something wrong tell me and we'll stop. We love you two more than ourselves and I know that we have some pretty crazy fun but that's all I see it as. If we're hurting some one we need to stop." Alex looked serious, "No, I think I'm fine although I can't stop jerking off to that time you came in mom's mouth while she gave me a hand job."

"Mom loves cock doesn't she?" I looked over at him and said, "oh hell yeah." She's like me, a slut with a brain." We laughed. Alex became serious again, "how come we can make life so interesting and everyone else settles for these mundane, controlled lives, how do we do it?"

"SHUT UP! "You're tweakin'. It's your birthday, don't ask why right now. Jesus kid..." Alex starts laughing maniacally and turns the stereo back up. I keep fondling my dick as we continue south to LA.

We check into the hotel on Sunset Strip. I got us the largest suite available. There's only one bed. That's just how the suites are, it's a king and I don't imagine that the two of us we'll be doing any sleeping. There's a sofa bed in the living room just incase. Once inside I make myself at home. I tear off all my grimy road travel clothes, turn all the tv's to the adult film channel, set up the boom box and the drugs on a glass top coffee table. I put my clothes away, do a line and get ready to watch a couple minutes of porn, this slut is sucking a cop off to get out of a ticket.

What a tired cliché. She's hot though and he has a nice cock. I'm pretty twisted right now. Alex comes in with beer and whatever else he could buy with my money at the AM/PM. I'm sitting there in a trance watching this scene on the tv, I'm hoping that he'll pull out and cum all over her face. The cop is standing outside the driver's window while she sucks him off from the driver's seat. She looks like a Latina, she's fine. Alex strips down does a huge line and pops a beer. He's half hard and as trashed as I am. I'm getting so turned on watching this scene and glancing over at my sons hot cock. He suddenly leaps up and runs to his bag. He comes back with some weed and a tiny vibrator toy. He says to me, "she is really turning me on. You want a hit?"

"Yeah." I take a few hits and hand the weed back. He asks, "we're not just gonna sit here jerkin' off to porn all weekend are we?" I look at him with a flirty face, damn he's gotta nice cock, "What? You already got your dick sucked. Damn, on my eighteenth birthday I got a job. We'll go, I wanna see if he's gonna come on her face and then I'm gonna take a quick shower." He sends his mind into outer space and starts jerkin' off as well. The cop now has his hand down the girl's shirt and is playing with her tits, he asks her to pull her skirt up and show him her wet pussy.

She's shy and asks if he'll just let her suck him. He gets an angry look and tells her to pull the goddamned skirt up, he isn't gonna fuck her, he just wants to see it. She tells him that she's on her period. He pulls his cock out of her mouth, leans in and forces his hand up her skirt. She closes her eyes and looks worried. He can't get his hand in her panties. He pulls his hand back and opens the car door. The cop gets on his knees outside the car, his cock hangin' out of his fly. He reclines her seat and pulls her skirt up. She looks worried again. One of her tits is hangin' out, I tell Alex that I wish I could put my mouth on that nipple. He said, "yeah, I'll take the other one."

The cop gets his fingers inside the top of her pretty black panties and forcefully pulls them down to her knees while looking into her eyes. She looks downright scared now. The cop doesn't understand her look, he looks at her crotch and sees a beautiful cock. It's limp but it looks tasty. "Your a fuckin' tranny?" he asked in a surprised tone. Obviously he knows the answer but he needs verification. She nods yes. Alex looks to me and asks, "you ever done a tranny?"

"Love 'em" I say. "I suck the cock, your mom plays with the tits. Son, you haven't lived until you've seen your mom being eaten by a hot tranny, or her getting fucked by one. Damn, your mom's hot."

"I suck cock but I've never been with a tranny" Alex says. "You have a boyfriend?" I ask. "God no! Dad you know a cocsucker isn't the same as a gay guy. It's just fun". Yeah it is. I ask him who's cock he's been sucking. He said it's just a here and there thing. I tell him that's how it is for me. I don't like guys but there's something fun about playing with a cock. I tell him that I sometimes wished mom was a hermaphrodite. That I often imagine how hot it would be if she had all the equipment. "That's what strap ons are for" he says wryly. "Shut up, look the cop can't decide what to do, I'd take that cock and suck it dry. I'd get off just watching her cum" I say and I go back to playing with my cock. Damn, Alex's cock looks so good to me right now but I don't want to take him, I'm just not comfortable with it. Maybe I'll suck some one off later tonight.

The tranny now is trying to save the situation. She tells the cop she's sorry and that if he wants he can just give her a ticket but she's really sorry and that she probably should have told him. She has this super sexy latin accent that sounds like sex. The cop tells her that he likes it when she sucks his cock and that he didn't know what to think. He put a hand on one of her nipples and let the lust take over. He asked her how she gets off. "Just like you" she giggled, "it's a cock."

"Don't say it that way" the cop says. "Look, follow me around the corner, let's get off the street. There's a parking lot there, it's quiet. I want to get off." They drive around the corner and the cop gets inside of her car. He pulls his half erect cock out and asks her if she still wants to finish the deal. Her panties are still around her knees, her sexy cock is hanging there waiting for someone to suck it and her tit is still hanging out. For a moment I imagine my wife taking that cock into her mouth. The tranny is into it now. She leans over and starts suckin' on his half hard cock. The cop asks her if she likes women. She hums yes. He asks if she likes to eat pussy. Again she hums yes. He asks if she likes to jerk off She replies by taking her cock into her hand and begins jerking it.

Her cock is growing hard and the cop is staring at it. The cop pulls his hard cock out of the tranny's mouth and jerks his own cock a couple of times. When there's some pre cum at the tip he scoops it with his finger and puts on the tranny's nipple, he leans in and licks it off. "You like cum" she asks. "I like my cum" he says. He puts a finger on her bottom lip and gives it a tug then he takes his cock into his hand and asks her to continue.

I'm in full jerk now but I want the cop to suck the tranny's cock. Alex is licking his pre cum off his fingers. I can't resist, I reach over to rub my fingers over the head of his cock and take some pre cum for myself. "Good, huh?" he asks. "Boy, if your friends could see this!" I laugh and go back to the movie. I ask him to give me some more of his pre cum. He puts his finger in my mouth and I lick it all off. The cop now takes the tranny's hand off her cock and starts stroking it. He's funny, he's acting like he expects her cock to be different than a man's cock.

He's about to cum when he pulls the tranny up and lays her down in her reclined seat. He takes his cock into his right hand and hers into his left. He jerks his and holds hers steady at the base. He's evaluating it. He leans down and licks it like ice cream. He pulls back, looks at her and goes back down. He takes it into his mouth accidentally scraping his teeth on it. The tranny asks him to just relax. "It's better for both of us that way." He starts sucking her cock like he would his own. He lets go of his cock and is focusing on hers now. The tranny looks so pretty, her face is glowing, her head back, her nipples in her fingers. The cop lifts his head, he asks her, "when your ready to cum don't tell me, hold my head down if you have to. I swear, it's ok, I want to do this." The hot Latina nods in agreement and the cop goes back to work. The only thing that would be hotter than this is if my wife was teaching that cop how suck that cock. I can visualize her making out with that cock, taking it in her hand and feeding it to the cop.

I'm close to coming and so is Alex. Goddamn, Alex is hot. His head is back, his feet are up on the table. He's jerking his cock so hard that it should hurt. He's got that little egg vibrator up against his asshole and he's about to blow. I explode all over my stomach, seconds later the tranny starts to cum and the cop freezes. She shoves his head all the way down and shoots down his throat. Alex turns to me and says, "damn, I'm there, I'm almost there!" The cop is taking it, his face is turning red. The tranny pulls his head up. The cop is all flushed, she puts her fingers in his mouth like she's finger fucking his mouth. "Are you ready now?" she asks him as she begins to go down on him. Alex's head is back, his eyes are closed. He's trying so hard to come. "Your there. Alex, what do you need? "

"Shove this thing in! Hold it for me! Hurry!" I take the vibrator and push it up against his asshole. He spreads his legs as wide as he can, he's almost screaming. I wipe the cum off my stomach and smear it all around his asshole and onto the vibrator. I shove the little egg shaped vibrator inside his ass. "Shove your fingers in my mouth, please!" Alex shoots, one spurt nearly made it over his shoulder, the rest falls onto his stomach. I have my finger shoving a tiny vibrator up his ass and three fingers of my left hand shoved into his mouth. He's sucking them like cock . I leaned down and licked up his come. Wow. All this and we haven't even left the room yet! Alex surprised me when he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a deep long tongue kiss.

"Shit. Like I said son, you're the perv." He took a breath pulled the vibrator out of his ass and started carressing his inner thighs. Alex said, "if not for you and mom I'd be out of control I guess." We laughed hard and then I showered. I got dressed as Alex took his shower...

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