tagBDSMMan at The Bar

Man at The Bar


It was a warm evening. One of those that carry the slight hint of autumn in the air but the promised coolness hasn't arrived yet. The sun was softly sitting on the horizon as people bustled past as I sat on the bench and awaited my date for the night. We had met a few times and I was beginning to get comfortable with him. I had chosen to be brought by my car on this evening and I had arrived a bit early so I could meet him outside.

He greets me with a hug and holds the door open as I enter the small intimate restaurant. The lighting was soft and bounced off the dark woodwork warmly. There was a small bar and several tables scattered around. The hostess led us to a table and I requested to be seated with a better view of the bar. She found us a suitable table and the selecting of the meal began. The usual how is your week and what has been going on since I last saw you, talk took place.

The meal was set before us...We had ordered differently and, of course, had to sample the others fare before fully enjoying our own. I caught the eye of a man sitting at the bar. I could see the interest in his eyes and I smiled. My dated continued to talk.

We ordered one dessert and shared that slice of cheesecake. The wine of the evening starting to take effect as the smiles came a little more easily and the flirting began in earnest. Our fingers entangled across the table and I slid my foot out from my heels and rubbed his leg softly. I looked over my dates shoulder and caught the eye of the same man again. I smiled softly and winked at him. I received a smile in return. I turned my attention back to my date. We leaned over the table and softly kissed. The waitress bringing the check broke the kiss.

She sat the check down for my date; I interrupted her and said, "No, he won't be paying this evening". I directed her attention to the man at the bar that I had been lightly flirting with. "He will be the one to pick up this evenings bill, thank you."

I watched her as she took the check over to the man at the bar with a look that was a little more than confused. The man grimaces slightly and then nodded his head. I smiled.

I slipped away for a moment to use the ladies room and returned in a bit. My date stood and we walked outside. I'd had the car parked a distance from the restaurant so we could enjoy a short walk together. My fingers slipped through his and squeezed lightly. In the middle of the walk I turned to him and pulled his lips to mine and held him there as I kissed him. The lights from the restaurant falling softly around us, flashes of light from the oncoming traffic on the street shown us in a passionate embrace, his hand upon my ass and pulling me close, my finger buried in his hair and pulling firmly.

Breaking the kiss we continue to my car. Once there he presses me up against the door and kisses me again...my gasps become louder as he presses me harder against the car. My fingers grasping at the windshield, his lips tracing my neck in warm kisses, his tongue painting soft circles upon my skin. His lips searching farther down, down to the top of my breasts just above the low-cut blouse that I have on....I shiver. Pulling his hair firmly I bring his lips back up to mine as I push my leg against his throbbing cock.

I abruptly push him away and smile. He opens the door for me and I slip into the passenger seat. I roll the window down and tell him, "Follow me". I watch him as he gets into his car and it starts. I look over in the driver's seat. Yes, there is the man at the bar, I grin and thank him for picking up the bill at the restaurant and say, "You really should get going, and we will be having company tonight, cuck." I watch in satisfaction as a look of excited misery crosses his face as he says, "Yes, Ma'am." I relaxed back in the seat as my cuck eased the car into traffic and began our journey home. Many things were going through my mind, but on the outside all was calm. I shifted my eyes and glanced at him. His hands were gripping the wheel a bit more firmly than usual, his mouth was twisted in a slight grimace and he was shifting in the seat often. I smiled.

"Don't lose him in the traffic", I said to him. He nodded and almost whispered, "Yes, Ma'am." I turned in the seat so I would watch him. Yes, that's a favorite thing of mine, watching. There is a multitude of things a person can learn and tonight, well tonight there would be a lot of learning going on. I leaned over toward him and placed my elbow on the arm rest that separated us. I reached over and grabbed what was mine and squeezed. I looked at him and said, "Already wet are we?" He moaned and nodded. I began stroking him softly and lightly touching. Not enough to give him any satisfaction but enough to keep him aroused and wanting...not like his thoughts weren't enough...

As we got closer to home he looked at me and squirmed. "Ma'am, what will happen when we get home?" he asked.

"When we get home I will go in the house and slip into something a bit more comfortable while you show our guest to the living room. Then I would like for you to pour the wine that we got the other day into a couple of glasses and by that time I should be joining you both," I said softly while suddenly squeezing his cock hard. He jumped in his seat and whimpered. I laughed.

I leaned back in my seat and glanced in the side mirror, yes he was following along nicely. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. Soon, I felt the car turn into my driveway and I readied myself to get out of the car. I looked at my cuck and I knew from the look on his face and the glance of his eyes that he wanted a kiss...I smiled and exited the car. As I was entering the house I could hear the two of them talking softly, ah, yes that would be a bit awkward for the both of them.

I went in the bathroom and begun to change, the new black lingerie was going to come in handy tonight, how the cucks eyes had lit up when I picked out that little black thing last week. Aw and he thought it was all for him...

Laughing softly I walk down the hall and join my cuck in the kitchen anticipating the look in his eyes the moment he views me... Yes, that look was all that I had hoped for. His eyes widened a quick intake of breath and a small shudder running through his body...followed by a moan that was an exquisite mix of pleasure and pain. The nighty was an ivory silky piece of material with a black lace overlay; the black lace hung below the ivory just a bit and caressed my upper thighs as I walked. It was one of the slip types, comfortable and softy sensual. I took his hand and placed it around my waist, stepping into his embrace. I pressed my body against his and nibbled on his neck. I could feel his erection between us and could hear his breathing changing...I pressed his body firmly against the cabinets in the kitchen, reached up placing my hand at the back of his neck pulling his lips to mine. Our wet wanting lips slid against each other. I teased his tongue into my mouth and begin to suck softly. His hands caressed my body and when his hand began to search under the fabric, I abruptly broke the embrace and stepped away. Watching him regain his composure was so very amusing.

I walked away to join my date on the couch, looking over my shoulder at my cuck I could see the desire, agony and anticipation in his eyes, I winked at him.

I curled my legs under me and sat on the couch with my date. In a few moments my cuck brought our wine to us and I instructed him to ready the bedroom...he knows how I like things. My date and I chatted about a few things that we had in common but soon the desire to touch and be touched won. By the time the cuck had reappeared, naked, we were quite involved.

I had my cuck to stand before me, close to my date. We both giggled at his size...or rather, him lacking in size. As we laughed I watched his face and then his little cock began to twitch. I stroked him a little bit but not too much, he seemed about ready to burst anyways, but I wanted to show my date how small my cuck was, how my fingers wrapped around him and my hand almost covered his entire cock. I released his cock and watched it bounce...almost cute it was.

I slipped my other hand in the hand of my date and lead him to my bedroom, the cuck following behind. Tonight the cuck would watch. The sheets and comforter was turned down on the bed, candles lit the room softly and there was soft music playing in the background. He even remembered his little rug near the bed. Well done.

My date reached over and put his arms around me as I pointed to my cuck and then to the rug. I heard him kneel more than I saw anything; my sight was taken up by my date. The cuck done a mixture of a moan and a whimper as he knelt. I smiled a bit then was completely distracted in the embrace of my date.

His clothing began to drop to the floor. My hands caressed his body, chest, upper arms, and waist...fingers tracing his stomach just below his jeans...then my fingers curling around the waist band and pulling him firmly to me. He slipped my nighty off my shoulders and down my body so very slowly.

He knelt down and begins kissing my stomach, my fingers buried in his hair holding him to me. My legs beginning to tremble I sit down on the bed and scoot back, I glance over at my cuck. The cuck is watching my date. It has been a long time coming, this night, for my cuck. Tonight is the leap between fantasy and reality.

My attention turns back to my date; he is unbuttoning his pants and pushing them down his thighs. I gasp when I see his cock for the first time. Yes, that is a cock that any woman would want. Thick, throbbing and quite long. I barely heard the whimper from my cuck. Reaching up I pulled my date on top of me...

The night was a success...the fantasy fulfilled and reality set in. Was reality different than fantasy? Oh, yes, it was but it was very good, very good indeed. My body was sore and tired. My date was on his way home and I was curled in my cuck's embrace. His body still slightly trembling and that little cock just as hard as it could be. He wouldn't get any release tonight...there would be plenty of time for that tomorrow or the next day...or the next day...

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