Man Eater


Her nails slide though her long red hair. Dreamlessly her eyes peer from under the locks.. Shewas somewhere else. Her movements were slow and controlled as she let her left leg slide off ofthe edge of the table as the other was curled to her chest. She was clad in his shirt and nothing else.. A half lit cigarette in her fingertips..He watched as it was brought to her lips. Watching asthe butt touched those full pouts just one too many times. He turned his head. Looking anywhere every where but at her.

He licked his lips and shrugged lightly. Afraid to talk and break her quite spell that held him there with her. He shook his head and caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of his eye. She was looking at him. Those hazel eyes devouring his soul right there. He winced though he tried not to. He kept thinking to himself as he stared into those hazel orbs “she is a mean eater...” His buddies warning kept ringing in his ears. “No way...No way could that beautiful thing be such a monster!” But now.. Now he could see something in those hazel eyes that was not there before..Or maybe it was but he chose not to see it. A hunger.

She smiled and he smiled back.. Softly. A smirk really tugged at those beautiful and cruel lips of hers. Oh her lips.. His eyes couldn’t help but to drift downward.. Over that seemingly innocent form. So very round and soft god.. How.. No. He closed his eyes and shook his head. Another upon her list. A notch in her belt. He wondered how many women he had done that way.. And this was the first time he was ever placed upon “The List”. She had lost interest in him and went back to her cigarette and left him to his own thoughts. She cared not what he thought. Hardened beyond what the world or men could ever dish her. She smirked to herself as she read him like a book. Slowly it dawned upon him that he was the expendable one here. That soon he would have to get dressed and leave her house and go to his bed. She flicked the ashes off into the tray beside her. He was a challenge and she accepted it gladly. Nothing makes her pussy twitch than a challenge and a good one at that. She slowly pulled off his shirt and tossed it at him.

That snapped him out of his thoughts as he looked at the shirt then back to her naked form. A little arch touched his brow. He stood slowly pulling the covers off of him. Thinking it was odd how many times he had tried to prolong this moment. To get her to snuggle with him but her excuse of the cig was valid he knew. He pulled his shirt on first then went about finding his other clothes. She watched him silently. She loved the silence.. Nothing but the burning of her cig and the sounds of cloth against skin. Those hungry hazel eyes locked onto him.. Watching him every moment of the way.. A slight tilt to her head.

Finally he had to say something as he buckled his belt back into place. He turned and found himself lost. His mouth opened to say something.. Anything.

“No” She beat him to it and he was confused a moment.

“No what?”

“No you cannot call me” She smiled..the same smile that before had caught his eye.. Now it seemed to rip at his heart.

“But I..” Lost.

“No.” Her voice was barley over a whisper this time and he winced.. “No to every other reason you can come up with.” She put out her cig and leaned back slowly crossing her legs.

He was caught between the urge to run and the one that tells him to try harder. His eyes never left those legs and the smooth shaven spot just in between. How.. How could she be so evil, this innocent, giggly, woman-child become this? His tongue darted across his lips. He could still taste her there. He sighed deeply.. Somewhere he thought he should have known when he saw her rings.. Two perfect circles of silver though her diamond hard nipples. Even now his eyes dipped down to them. He wondered if she even really enjoyed his light tugs and playful flicks of his tongue.

She shook her head letting her hair settle upon her shoulders and cascade down her chest. “Forgotten where the door is already?” Again her brow arched and she smiled.. Acid sweet.

“No I just...” He felt he should answer.. But how? How do I tell her that I want to stay? That I want to be here. That I want her again? “Just what?” Again with the innocent look he found so appealing in the beginning. She could feel him crumble more.. And she purred. A shiver ran along his spine and he stepped closer.

“Please..” He would beg for anything at this point. God he was already hard again. He loved that purr.. And wanted to hear so much more of it.

“Please what?” She stopped.. And just looked at him. That same dreamless hungry gaze.

She wasn’t a man eater.. She was an addiction all onto herself. “I want..” He reached out to touch her leg oh so gently with just his fingertips. “Want what?” She saw him coming and with a little smirk she lifted her legs just out of his reach.. But giving him a little glimpse of hell. Of the shaven mound that his hardness so wants to invade at the moment. She loved it.. And it took a lot not to purr at the moment in the face of his weakness. What a challenge he was.. And now, now he was broken in her eyes and what is more fun than playing mind games with something like him?

“I want to..” His voice trailed off as his eyes slid down her legs and he gasped softly. Want..oh please. He was willing to beg at any given moment should it help him. Beg, fight or whatever for just one more time. It cannot end like this. Not with her.

“You want what?” She slid her fingertips up her legs as she settled them over to the side away from him. “Oh.. You want to go again?” She slid onto her knees and leaned over. Her fingertips barely ran up the length of his hardness though his jeans.

“Oh god please!” He leaned into her touch and arched his back some. Chiding himself silently for being so eager..

She stopped a moment just to see what he would do.. And he stepped closer chewing upon his lower lip some. Reached for her at least twice, and she batted his hands away. He bowed his head and sucked upon that lip and at that moment she touched him again.. Slowly sliding those fingertips up and down his thighs. Crisscrossing across his zipper more than once, making him moan softly. Those dark cupid bows twist just at the edges into a smirk. He closed his eyes and leaned into her touch.. Wanting so much more than what she was giving but unable to even speak his wants out loud.

“I could stop right now and leave you like this.” Her voice was a raspy whisper that sent chills up his spine. Her fingertips pressed harder against his jeans outlining his now fully hard cock.

“Don’t.” The simple request came out more of a plea than a command and for that she gave it a thought. “Oh please don’t.. “ His eyes opened just enough to show the blue peeking though his long black lashes. “Don’t leave me like this..”

“Why not?” She smiled at him one brow lightly raised more than the other. She enveloped him in her legs and drew him tightly against her naked body. Bright white teeth shown though her cupid bows when she smiled. “I could.. And you know that now.” She grabbed his head by the back of his hair and held him still as her teeth nibbled and kissed upon his neck. Her breath even whilst his caressed her flesh in bursts.

“Cause..” He raked his brain for any reason.. Anything at all that would make her. No appeal to her to not leave him like this. Not when she was so close. Not when her lips and teeth were playing with his flesh. Before he could bite it back a moan escaped his lips.

“Why?” She purred in his ear.. Then flicked her tongue across the lobe. Her sharp little nails bit into his back though his shirt. And he groaned. His body arching against hers so delightfully.

“I will do anything you want.” It passed his lips before he could think and once said he wasn’t sorry for it. Anything to get her one last time.

“Anything?” She purred as her fingertips slid up along his back pulling his shirt off of him once more.

“Yes.” He lifted his arms and she pulled his shirt off. She placed it down beside her and smiled. A shiver ran up his spine again before her fingers could even touch him again.

“Mmmmhum” She seemed not to care what else he said. For a moment he was scared but that just made him want this even more. He leaned back some as she started to unbutton his pants. She was taking her time and it drove him wild. He wanted her to rip his clothes off and they fuck right here right now. She reached inside his pants and played with his cock and he growled softly. His hands flying to undo his buckle and toss that across the room. She stopped him and pulled the belt free with her other hand. Making sure one was playing with him at all times as she worked her thighs against his legs to pull down his pants. Soon they were around his ankles.

“Yes.. “ He moved slightly trying to kick his pants off over his shoes. She gently tugged his cock and he stopped..

“Lay down on the bed.” She smiled at him as he tripped over himself as he waddled over to the bed. His pants still around his ankles he managed to get on the bed and she grinned.

Slowly she slid off of the table top and over to him. Those blue hues never leaving her form. His eyes raking over her body more than twice before she sat down on the edge of the bed. With a little grin she crawled on all fours over to him.. He moaned and froze a deer caught in the headlights he shivered as her tongue darted out across those tiers and her hazel hues seemed to glitter darkly.

“Anything.” he whispered solemnly to himself as she crawled closer.. He found himself watching her eyes more than her body. Something wasn’t right but that thought got pushed into the back of his mind. She slid astride his knees and he whimpered softly.

“Yes.. Anything.” she purred softly her fingertips slowly caressing the flesh of his thighs in an ever madding circle pattern. He arched a little hoping for more.. Maybe her hand might slip so he could get what he wanted. He wanted inside that tight pussy of hers NOW. But she was in control..He reached over to her and she batted his hands away.”Did I say you could touch me?” She leaned up, her breasts pressed against his cock. The rings cold against his naked flesh as she shimmies a little.

“No?” He swallowed hard and drew his hands back.. Laying his head upon them hoping that would remove some of the temptation.

“That’s right so what made you think to even reach your hand out?”

“I dun know.” He whimpered softly and squirmed under her. “Please don’t stop.” His blue eyes pleaded with the dark hazel. He could hear her purr and could swear it was a growl.

“Don’t do it again.” The smile left her lips those dark hues eating at his soul. He shivered under that gaze and goose bumps appeared upon his exposed flesh. She leaned down and sharp white teeth left their mark upon his flesh.

He gasped and arched against her.. His nails biting into his palms. “Yes Ma’am.”

She laughed softly at first and then leaned up, all purrs and soft moans that left his nerves raw with out her hands touching him. Her breasts pressed so hard against his cock didn’t help either. He groaned and silently pleaded with her eyes once more.Her lips pursed a moment as she watched him. It felt so very good to be in charge. Her pussy tingled as his eyes begged her. She had a moment where she thought about keeping him, but that moment passed and she was back to her games. She slid up along his body .. Making sure every last inch of her slides against that cock of his, till she had it trapped against his chest and her pussy. She ground down into it.. Making sure it slid between her already wet lips and touched her clit. He groaned again his hips bucked once but her glare kept the other ones he had in him at bay. Hazel hues drift closed and she ground down against that cock. She loved to get off like this. She leaned down some, planting her hands upon his shoulders, her nails biting into his flesh as she rocked her hips back and forth. The rhythm that always made such moans and shivers of pleasure run though her, pleases and cries spilled from his lips as she used him. Finally he went quiet except for a few whimpers and she moved faster.. Reaching down and spreading her lips wide over his hard cock letting it hit her clit full on. Cries of pleasure spilling from her lips almost none stop. He could feel his cock throb with every single one of her moans and cries. He loved it when women get loud. He could only imagine how she would scream if he grabbed her hips at this moment and slammed up into that tight cunt. Would she scream his name then? She was close he could tell by the keen edge to her moans. He wanted to slam into her and fuck her how she should be fucked. Make her cum and scream his name. He smirked a little up at her. Yes so very close. He rocked his hips up into her movements then suddenly he jerked his hips sharply and she screamed in pleasure as her orgasm ripped through her. His hands came up and held onto her hips keeping her still as he slammed his cock deep inside her.

She gasped those sharp little nails breaking his flesh, her pussy gripping his cock tightly as he bounced her. Just as quickly she locked her thighs against his and he couldn’t move. She grinned down at him then leaned back her hands upon his knees. Shakes her hair back over her shoulders and slowly rides him taking control over the pace once more. Her legs spread wide as she road him. Making groans come from his lips.

He more than willingly moved to the new pace she had set. His hips moving up to meet hers in the same damned slow rhythm she so loved. His shoulders burned from those nail bites. His hands slid over her body, tugging on her nipple rings then dropping lower and between those spread lips of hers to tangle with her clit. She gasped softly as he pinched that sensitive bud between his thumb and finger, grinned up at her as he rolled it gently in time with the slow pace of her hips rising and falling.

She growled softly at his hold upon her, her nails sank into his knees driving a guttural moan from his lips. His fingers moved faster.. Rolling that bud back and forth making her buck harder. He was panting wanting to cum but the urge to make her cum first kept him his fingers working harder than his hips. His blue hues locked onto her half lidded hazels.

“I am gonna make you cum.. For me.” He growled up at her as he worked her clit harder, faster driving more cries and moans from her lips. “Then I am gonna slam hard into your cunt and fucking cum my self.” With a soft cry he kept his hips still letting her use him as she pleased. She leaned up suddenly her fingertips hooked through her rings and tugged on them. She was so close he let her clit go from his grip, only to a second later press his thumb against it and wiggle. She gasped and he felt her walls tighten around him. He growled softly waiting and then her screams became keen, at that moment he pressed down harder against her clit. She screamed out his name as she trembled on top of him. His hands went to her hips and he slammed up in to her convulsing pussy again and again. Driving soft moans of his name from her lips. He cried out her name and shot his load deep inside her. She tried to get up off of him but he wrapped his arms around her and drew her down tightly against him. His cock was slowly starting to slide from its cozy spot inside her pussy, with a hard thrust he sent it back in. Making her moan softly and her nails bite into his shoulders almost in revenge her pussy gripped him tightly. He pressed his lips hard against her neck, nibbling softly, his hands lazily roaming her body.

She tried to push away once more and he held tight to her. She growled softly at him.. Leaning up as much as his hands would allow.. Raking her nails though her hair she glared down at his smiling face. “You cannot hold onto me all night.. Let go!”

“No and I think I could hold onto you that long.” He grinned up at her glaring eyes. Her soft body felt too good against his flesh. He all but purred as his hands slid over her. “You might like it if you relaxed some.” She sighed and tapped her nails against his chest. Never quite relaxing as he wanted her to. He smiled softly up at her and gently caressed her cheek. Her eyes drifted closed but a moment and she shook her head. “Do you just not like to cuddle? Or is it just not with me?” He was surprised how much that thought hurt him.

“Not with you.” She glared down at him and he could swear her eyes darkened even as he winced.

“Why not? Your in control . Your on top. I let you use me to cum and in return all I want is to cuddle.” He narrowed his eyes just a bit watching her.

“And you used me to cum as well.” She sighed heavily. Testing his hold once more and finding it quite good. “So we are even.. So let me go.”

“Do I get to see you again if I let go?” He smiled softly her struggles seemed more playful than anything.

“No.” She struggled more. Then gave up for a moment. “Why?” Her brows lifted just a hair as she looked down at him.

“Because I want to see you. Matter of fact I would enjoy spending as much time as I can with you.”

“No you wouldn’t.” She folded her arms and laid them down upon his chest.. Propping her head up to look down at him. She seemed oddly calm.. A little smirk touching her lips.

“Why is that?”

“Because you and I both know you dun really want a relationship.. You just dun want to feel like your expendable. Which lets face it...You are.”

“Wha?” His arms slid from around her and she slid off of him and to the side.. Propping up her head upon her arm.

“Yes.. Expendable. I can get the same feeling from my vibrator. And it dun need to rest a moment before its ready to go again.” She smiled.. And his heart dropped.

“Just like that?”

“Do you need help finding the door this time?” She lazily pointed over to her bedroom door. “You can pardon me for not getting up and showing you out.” She laid back pulling her pillow up under her head. “I am tired and you need to leave.”

She had left no room for argument and he didn’t feel like trying any way. He climbed out of bed. His eyes cast to the floor as once more put on his pants, shoes, buckled his belt and slid his shirt on. Blue hues once more looked over her soft form, stretched out upon the bed, how innocent she looked in her light dozing. Chills ran up his spine as she turned upon her side once more and curled up with her pillow. He walked to the door shaking his head a little..”Man eater.”

Outside it was cold and he breathed it in deeply.. Looking down the street, people moving slowly to their homes. He wondered out to his car and leaned against it a moment. Looking at the house and back at his car he grinned a little before he stepped inside his car.. “I will be back.” He closed his door and started the car. His eyes locked onto her room’s window and he smirked. Throwing the car into gear. “She will be mine.” He called to the wind as he drove off.

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