tagAnalMan is Superior to Woman

Man is Superior to Woman


I have often been called a mean-spirited man. An arrogant bastard. An inconsiderate prick. A ruthless psychopath. A madman. A wannabe god. A few screws lose in the head. Yes, I've been called all that and a few other colorful terms that I shall not mention. Maybe it's because I don't think much of the world and the men and women in it. Men are bad. Men are very bad, actually. Women are evil. More than just evil, women are pure evil. Half of the human species is stupid and the other half is evil. I'll let you guess which attribute fits which gender. Have some fun figuring it out. That's just the way the world works. Many optimistic and positive people disagree with me. They claim I have a twisted view of the universe. But sometimes the universe goes out of its way to prove me right. My name is Jonathan Friedrich, I'm a tall, good-looking young man of African-American and German descent. Currently, I'm a student at Nietzsche University in Berlin, Germany.

I'm the consummate intellectual in many ways. A student of literature as well as art and science. I'm one of the brightest scholars at the University of Nietzsche. A lot of people don't like me because I'm quite different from the norm. I'm a six-foot-six, 240-pound man with light brown skin, pale green eyes and long black hair. One of sixty black students at Nietzsche University. I'm also one of the most controversial ones. For many things that I have done. I claim that the human species is wretched and doesn't deserve to live. I think humanity should be rendered extinct so that the planet earth might survive. I'm the consummate misanthrope, I'm afraid. My opinion of the men and women of the world isn't the highest.

The astonishingly wicked ways human beings find to inflict pain upon each other never cease to amaze me. The entire human species has gone mad a long time ago and there is no remedy for its illness. As an intellectual luminary, I felt that it was my duty to enlighten, educated and redeem my fellow human beings. Unfortunately, you cannot save those who don't want to be saved. It's a lesson many Wise Men have learned the hard way. It's a lesson I learned through some extremely difficult trials. When I am not at the University of Nietzsche, I amuse myself by exploring the myriad wonders and horrors of Berlin, a world-class city. Everything here is top notch, including the bordellos.

My favorite is the House of Throes, a rather expensive but decidedly worthwhile joint. I go there twice a week to get back in touch with my inner savage. Yes, there is a savage lurking inside the most civilized of men. Never forget that. To be reminded, one only need to watch what happens on a sinking ship where there aren't enough life boats for the entire crew. Human beings revert to the savage beasts that society has forced them to repress for thousands upon thousands of years. I don't believe in repression. It often leads to extremes. It's best invidividuals find ways to unleash the beast within in a safe and constructive way. Control it and not let it control them. I think that's the best policy.

At the House of Throes, I enjoy the company of sexually adventurous large women. Big women of all races and backgrounds are what I prefer sexually. I identify as bisexual and I've also had dalliances with male lovers of all races as well. I think variety is the true essence of life and not just the spice. Fortunately, I happen to live in a country where sexual pluralism as a way of life has been embraced. I have a strong penchant for anal sex, with both my male and my female lovers. Nothing I love more than to get a big man or a big woman on their hands and knees and stuff my cock into their naturally tight assholes. It's one of life's greatest pleasures, in my honest opinion. Anal sex is all I want from a lover. I don't kiss. I don't lick. I don't suck. I don't permit myself to be kissed, licked or sucked. Just bend over and spread your ass cheeks wide open and let me fuck you in the ass. That's all I want from any lover.

As I come into the House of Throes, I am welcomed by my favorite whore. Her name is Giselle Heinlein. A six-foot-two, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped, bow-legged and big-bottomed white woman with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She weighs three hundred and seventy pounds. Oh, yeah. She's one of the most popular whores at the House of Throes. Also, she's one of the best-paid ones. Lots of men and women come to the House of Throes to fulfill their sexual fantasies and have some adventure. I don't come here for adventure. I don't come here to be entertained. I come here because I have a savage inside and he needs to be let out. I need serenity.

Giselle Heinlein sees me and smiles. She asks me to follow her. Like a good little whore, she knows the drill. I'm one of her special clients. The one whom the University of Nietzsche pays to do special research in the domain of psychology and human sexuality. If only the President of Nietzsche University, Erik Stein, knew what I was doing with the university funds. He'd have a fit. Or perhaps he would congratulate me. Like me, he's a bisexual hedonist. To his bored housewife's everlasting distress. I go into the room, and find Giselle waiting for me.

Giselle is on her hands and knees. Face down and ass up. That's how I like my women. No talking. No hugging. No kissing. No sharing. No emotional bullshit. I discovered a long time ago that the only honest part of a woman's body is her asshole. The woman's mouth is made to lie, betray and seduce. The woman's vagina is made to ensnare, entrap and betray. The woman's asshole is honest. If you lubricate and fuck it, it will feel pleasure. Or pain. Or both. You can at least trust it to be honest with you.

Why do I love fucking women in the ass? It's partly because it's my own personal fetish and partly because of security reasons. I don't want to get a female pregnant. Brat support is a bitch. Also, I read somewhere that women have invented and mass-produced a diabolical device which they insert inside their vaginas. It's meant to ensnare any supposedly unwanted visitor. Knowing women's genetically designed penchant for vengeance and treachery, I don't think most of them will use that device to protect themselves. I think they will use it viciously and vengefully against innocent and unsuspecting men. Just as they've done with Tasers and 911 calls. Female abuse of power is limitless. For this reason, I have never nor will I ever penetrate a woman's vagina. But I will gladly continue to fuck women in the ass until I die.

I step up behind Giselle Heinlein. I spread the big white woman's ass cheeks wide open, and push my twelve-inch-long, uncircumcised cock against her tight backdoor. With a swift thrust, I go inside. I ram my cock into Giselle's asshole without lube. She is screaming as my cock fills her tight backdoor. I don't hear any of it. My eyes are closed and my hands are firmly gripping her wide hips. I thrust my cock into her asshole, deep down where the sun doesn't shine. Giselle's asshole feels wonderful around my dick. Her asshole is not just warm, tight and soft, but it's also so damn honest. I hammer into it with my dick, feeling it yield to the force of my thrusts. This is the highlight of my week. I absolutely love doing this. It's so damn good.

I speed things up as Giselle continues to whine. I grab a handful of her long blonde hair and yank her head back. I push my cock even deeper into her asshole. She is still whining. This just won't do. Opening my eyes, I clamp my right hand over her mouth and ram my cock so far up her asshole, I'm surprised that it didn't come out of her mouth. I take my sweet time as I slam my cock into her asshole. This is awesome. This is great. This is glorious. This is perfect. So perfect that not even Giselle's breach of anal sex etiquette can change things. How did she breach the unspoken and unwritten rules of anal sex etiquette? The fat white woman farted during anal sex, believe it or not. I smack her fat ass so hard, I leave a nice red mark on it. That's good. I resume fucking her, delighting in the feel of her tight ass around my cock. A few minutes later, I get my nut, as they say. I cum, blasting my load deep inside Giselle's asshole.

I grab her and flip her on her back. I admire my handiwork. I pull my dick out of her ass and watch my cum leak from her now gaping asshole. I smile, suddenly near tears. I'm sorry, it's just that I've never seen anything so beautiful in my entire life! A big white woman lying on her back, her face flushed and her ass wide open, with hot cum flooding out of it. This is a vision of perfection. I grab my camera from my trousers and take a few snapshots. Then, I get up. I compensate Giselle handsomely for her time, and assure her that I shall be back in a few days.

Off I go, back to the University of Nietzsche. I've got tons of work to do. Important matters which demand my attention. I've got anthologies to write for my publisher. I've got sporting events to attend. I've got professors to impress and geniuses to beat at Chess. Oh, and I've got some very stupid men and stupid women whom I shall gladly remind of their inferiority by outperforming them in the classroom. I feel up to the task. I feel great. My inner savage is pleased, and my external intellectual is ready to go to work. The balance within my inner and outer selves has been restored. I've found serenity!

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