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Man of Honor


Once upon a time, as these stories go, in a land now long-forgotten, there lived a man who valued honor above all else. He was the beloved son of the Vizier, advisor to the Ruler of the kingdom. Strong, bold, handsome and intelligent, all of these were qualities he possessed in abundance. He was a man of passion and great kindness, generous to his friends, loyal and brave. His strong jaw, dark hair, chiseled face attracted admiring glances from many of the women in the kingdom. Offers of marriage were brought to his father by many of the noblemen of the kingdom, dowries promising great riches. Yet, Amar and his father declined them all – nothing had seemed to their liking. Oh, Amar was by no means celibate – many a young beauty had known his touches, imploring him to become their lover, he would have had mistresses aplenty, should he have so decided. But it was not yet his time, Amar knew.

The Ruler of the kingdom had ruled long and fairly for many years, few could remember a time where he and his beloved Queen had not blessed them with their benevolence. So, when the Queen passed away into the hands of the Gods, the whole country went into a state of mourning. A week-long festival was declared in the Queen's honor, wine and song both flowing in tribute to her memory.

At the end of the week, the Ruler called the Vizier to his side. He looked a bit haggard, tired and sad. It broke the Vizier's heart to see him in this fashion.

"What is it you wish of me, oh beloved ruler? You need merely ask, if it is in my power to grant you this wish, I shall do so."

The Ruler smiled, it was the first smile that had crossed his face in well over a week. "You are a good and loyal servant, honest and true. How fares your son, Amar?"

"Quite well, your highness. My thanks for your inquiry."

The Ruler nodded, waving his hand. "My most loyal of servants, do you recall my daughter, the Princess Fawnsha?"

The Vizier sighed lightly. He knew well of Princess Fawnsha. Her beauty was nearly beyond description. She possessed the best qualities of both parents, her eyes were dark and full of life. Her body was tall, lithe and moved with a sinuous grace. Hair, long, jet-black fell down to her buttocks and there was nary a blemish or mark on her that would mar any of her beauty.

Yet, the Vizier recalled, she was arrogant, sometimes even cruel. Rumors that her servants and handmaidens were afraid of her wrath abounded. Fawnsha wanted things her way and it was said woe to any that denied her that.

"I see in your face that my daughter's reputation precedes her, beloved servant?"

"I am sorry, my liege, but yes, it does."

A slight grin came over the face of the Ruler. "It is all right, my friend. As our only daughter, my beloved wife and I were, perhaps, a bit too indulgent, somewhat lenient. Her brothers went out and made their mark in the world, but Fawnsha wished to remain close to her mother and I."

"This is not necessarily a bad thing, your highness."

Again, the Ruler grinned. "No, you are correct. She is a doting daughter, and I think, with proper assistance, she will rule well, with loving guidance, over the Kingdom. It is this I wish to speak of with you."

"My liege?"

"My dear friend, I know your son Amar remains unmarried. I wish him to marry the Princess Fawnsha. I will not be here forever and it is my fondest wish for them to wed and be the heirs to my throne, ruling wisely when my time comes to join with the Gods."

The Vizier had not expected this. He knew that a great honor was being accorded him, but he did not think he could speak for his son. He began to speak, but the Ruler spoke again.

"I know this may be an imposition, my dear friend, but the Princess is beautiful. I believe Amar strong enough, smart enough, loyal enough to us both to be a loving, caring husband who will teach her the compassion she lacks. I know this is a great favor I ask of you both, yet I ask it in the name of our long friendship. The marriage will not be without rewards. Amar and you will lack for nothing and when I pass, it shall be Fawnsha and Amar who guide the Kingdom forward."

The Vizier nodded, still incredulous at the Ruler's words. He promised he would speak with Amar that evening and have an answer in the morning.

Over their evening meal, Amar and his father spoke at length. As a dutiful son, he had no wish to dishonor his father by not granting his request. Still, he too, had heard of the fire of Princess Fawnsha. He had also wanted to fall in love and have loving, wonderful children with the woman he loved. His sense of honor won out, of course, he knew he would do what was best for the Kingdom, the Ruler, and his beloved father.

The next morning, Amar presented himself to the Ruler and bowed. "I am honored at the offer of Princess Fawnsha's hand in marriage, my beloved liege. You have my word of honor not to be cruel to her, to dishonor her in any way. I will give her my love and fealty, I promise you that."

The Ruler rose and took Amar by the hand. "Your words do me honor Amar, and for that, I am grateful. From today forward, you shall live here with me, you will want for nothing. You shall be treated as a most-beloved son. As I wish for you and Princess Fawnsha to become friends, I am placing you in quarters close proximity to her own."

Amar bowed again. "As you command, my liege."

This time, the Ruler's face took on a serious expression. "However Amar, I ask of you this favor. You MUST not lay with her – or any other female - before the night of your wedding, no matter how much she asks or other offers are made you. Do I have your word on this?"

Amar knew this would be difficult, the hardest thing he had ever done. His passions ran high, yet he knew the honor accorded him and his family, the rewards in this life and the next would make it worth the while.

"As you wish, my liege."

The Ruler clapped his hands and smiled. "Excellent. Come, my son, allow me to escort you to your quarters and then, we shall meet your betrothed. Servants shall be sent for your personal belongings, they shall be here within hours."

Amar walked with the Ruler, taking in all the opulence of the Palace. Rich tapestries hung everywhere, fixtures of gold and silver gleamed, polished to a rich lustre. The floors were cool and made of beautiful stone, with intricate patterns set in deep. Amar knew that someday all of this would belong to him and his soon-to-be bride, yet all he cared about was doing his duty.

Amar's own quarters were opulent, with two attending servants, one male, one female. He had never known such luxury, but as the Ruler guided him into the quarters of Princess Fawnsha, he saw the most spectacular thing of all.

"I will leave you two alone now, to become acquainted." The Ruler left the room and Amar and Princess Fawnsha were alone for the first time.

Any word of Princess Fawnsha had been inadequate to truly describe her great beauty. It was flawless, the gods had bestowed on her untold beauty. She moved towards him with cat-like grace, she was not demure and did not look away. Those dark eyes flashed with fire, her gentle hands touched his and then she spoke.

"So, you're the one father has chosen to make an honest woman out of me!" she said with some derision. Then, she snorted derisively. "Well, at least you're good-looking."

"Umm --- thank you, Fawnsha."

An angry look crossed her face. "PRINCESS Fawnsha."

Amar shook his head. "We are to be wed, there will be no formalities between us. You will have no secrets from me, nor will I keep any from you."

Fawnsha's eyes narrowed, she looked at him with suspicion. "None? Pfft. Men know little of honesty or honor. Do you have lovers? You do not come to me a virgin?"

"Yes, I have had some lovers. Although I promised your father I would have none now that we are betrothed."

Fawnsha's face took on a cruel smile. "Oh, really? And you intend to keep that promise?"

"I do."

"You shall go without the passions of the flesh?"

"Yes, until you are my wife."

Again, Fawnsha snorted. "I find that – truly – hard to believe. Tell me, Amar, do I appeal to you?"

"Yes Fawnsha, your beauty is truly inspiring."

"Do I arouse you?"

"I would be lying if I said no, Fawnsha."

This time, Fawnsha smiled kindly. "Then Amar, you may make love to me. Here. Now."

Amar shook his head. "I am sorry Fawnsha, I cannot do that."

Fawnsha's entire body shook with rage as she whirled around. "WHAT?" she sputtered.

"I gave my word to the Ruler that I would have neither you, nor any woman, until the night of our marriage, Fawnsha. I will keep my word."

Fawnsha was beside herself with anger. "You dare to refuse me, to dishonor me by not accepting my passions?"

Amar sighed. "You are truly one of the most exquisite, unique women I have ever seen Fawnsha, and on the night of your wedding, I shall pay dutiful homage to that beauty. But for this night, I will maintain my honor and yours by staying true to the vows I made your father."

Amar turned on his heels and left her quarters, her loud curses – very unbecoming for a Princess – ringing in his ears.

Barely any time had passed when Princess Fawnsha appeared in the door to his quarters, a young servant girl accompanying her. He got up and was ready to escort her from his rooms, when Fawnsha stopped him.

"Foolish man, Mai and I will show you just what you are giving up." With that, Fawnsha had the girl disrobe her, the other girl following suit. Mai was beautiful, tiny and delicate, with small breasts, slender legs and a shaved pubis. Her hair was shorter than Fawnsha's, only midway down her back. She walked gently to Fawnsha and took the Princess' hand.

"Pleasure me, girl" Fawnsha commanded.

Mai lay Fawnsha down on the cushions in the corner of the room and began to kiss the Princess, starting at her feet. She took them in her mouth, kissing the instep, the toes and the ankles. Mai began to kiss up Fawnsha's silky, long legs and up towards the warm delta, splaying it with knowing fingers. A tiny pink tongue darted out and Mai began to eat the Princess' horny little cunt. Soft squeals of pleasure came from Fawnsha as the girl worshipped at the font of her pussy. Mai's tongue was obviously no stranger to Fawnsha's body, the little handmaiden seemed to know just where to lick, how to strum the Princess' body with her fingers. As she ate pussy, Mai's hands roamed knowingly all over Fawnsha's spectacular form.

Fawnsha's body, in the throes of passion, was the most exquisite sight Amar had ever seen. Yet, to maintain his honor, he remained stoic. Firm in his resolve. He did not touch himself as he watched the women take their pleasure in each other. His entire body was suffused with desire, but he took no action.

Mai was moving over Fawnsha's body, kissing her dark, rounded breasts. Fawnsha was cooing with pleasure, a gentle side of her was exposed as Mai caressed her with obvious affection.

Mai moved around and her own tiny body was atop Princess Fawnsha's. She yelped as Fawnsha's tongue stabbed out and swabbed all over her cunt. She relaxed and within moments, the two beautiful women were paying loving adoration to each other, tongues licking, hands stroking. Squirming, naked on the cushions, it was a sight that few men would ever see, Amar knew all he had to do was move and his presence would be welcome in the pile of writhing flesh.

Yet, he sat there. He did not move, he did not touch himself, he sat, agonized, as they continued to have passionate, female-on-female sex. When they finished, with loud and noisy climaxes, Fawnsha sat up and grimaced at him.

"I cannot decide if you are truly and honorable man or the biggest ASS in the world!" she hissed. "You passed up an opportunity that few sane men would ever refuse."

"I promised ... "

"Yes, you promised my father, blahblahblah! Enjoy your `honor' Amar, may it keep you warm this evening. Come Mai!" She led the still-silent servant out of Amar's quarters.

An hour had not yet passed when the Ruler himself appeared at the entrance to Amar's quarters. He was smiling, obviously pleased.

"I know what transpired a while ago, Amar. Little goes on in these walls that I do not know of it. I am, obviously, very pleased with you. I have come to present you with a small token of my pleasure." The Ruler clapped his hands and two servants brought in a large chest.

"It contains jewelry and precious items that I bequeath to you. Use them as you will, you may pass them along to your father, he may sell them as he wishes, whatever you chose. I am truly pleased with you, Amar." The Ruler left a stunned Amar alone with the burgeoning chest. It was filled to the brim with gold coins, jewels, all sorts of things, but something in the corner caught Amar's eye.

It was an oil-lamp, dulled from years of abuse. Amar looked around for a cloth with which to polish it. He began to diligently rub and polish the lamp, removing years of grime.

Of course, as is true in tales like this, wisps of smoke appeared from the lamp. Soon, a Genie appeared before the dazed Amar.

But this Genie was beautiful. Eyes like sapphires, tall and imposing, the scent of Jasmine filled the room. Every word she spoke was like the ringing of bells, beauty was too soft a word for her.

"My thanks Amar, for my freedom. I am grateful and offer you three wishes."

"Naturally" chuckled Amar. He too, had heard the tales.

"However Amar, I will have a request of you. If you grant me one simple request – which I know is in your power to grant – I will give you your heart's desires. Tell me, oh man, what is it that you would wish for?"

Amar smiled. "Genie, my needs are but few. I wish the people of this kingdom to know peace and prosperity. I wish my father to have a long life and share in the blessings I have been given. Finally, I wish my marriage to the Princess Fawnsha to be long, filled with love and happy children."

The Genie smiled, teeth as white as the finest pearls gleamed. "Those are all within my ability to grant you, Amar."

Amar smiled. "So Genie, what is your request?"

The Genie seemed to become more corporeal as she spoke again. "It has been many a year since I lay with a man Amar. I have long missed the pleasures of the flesh. My wish is for you to make love to me."

Amar's heart sank. The Genie was beautiful and he was sure that the sensuality, the experience of bedding her, would be beyond any delight he had ever known. Also, he would ensure everything he had wanted, it would be a better world for his doing this not-unpleasant task. And yet ---

"I am sorry, oh Genie, but that is one request it is beyond my means to grant."

"I do not understand."

"Genie, you are beautiful, but I have made a promise to our beloved Ruler. I am betrothed to his daughter, Princess Fawnsha. I am to have neither her nor any other woman until the time we are married."

"I am no woman, Amar."

Amar smiled. "I am sure that is a technicality, oh Genie. I do not wish to break my vow."

"None would know, Amar."

"I would know, Genie. I am a man of honor. I love my father. I love my ruler. I cannot ... "

"Do you love the Princess Fawnsha?"

Amar smiled. "I don't know her well enough yet, She's beautiful, but mayhap she is lonely. I hope to grow to love her. However, that does not matter. I will do my best to make her happy. I will be a good husband and faithful. I am sorry Genie, I will not dishonor my vows."

With those words, the smoke in the room swirled about. What was to occur next, Amar knew not. When the smoke cleared, there stood the smiling face of Princess Fawnsha, the Genie was gone. Smiling, the Princess was even more beautiful than before.

"You truly are a man of honor, aren't you, Amar?"


"You have been tested, dearest Amar, and you have passed."

"Princess, you have me at a loss."

Fawnsha smiled, crossing the room and taking both of his hands. "Twice, dearest Amar, you were offered enticements that most men would not consider refusing, twice, you held true to your vows. You are worthy of me, of being my love."

Amar looked at the beautiful Princess with a stunned expression. She continued on ...

"Dearest Amar, I was also the Genie. Please, allow me to explain. Long ago, before your father's time, or his father's, my father was the most powerful Djinn of the land. It was his fate – a happy one – to fall in love with my Mother, the Queen of this Kingdom, who was also his mistress. This was forbidden, so my father was presented with a choice by the King of the Djinns – marry my mother and lose all of his abilities – or keep his status. My father chose love, although he was allowed to live a long life and pass on his former status to the first of his female offspring, myself."

Amar looked at his betrothed, eyes wide.

"Amar, I too, will live a long, long life. I need someone by my side to reign over this Kingdom with kindness, compassion – and honor. These tests have assured me that you are that man. I will endow you with all you asked, plus my love."

The wedding of Amar and Princess Fawnsha occurred mere days later, to the cheering of friends and family alike. There was much rejoicing in the Kingdom, but none were happier than Amar and his Princess.

In their bedchamber that night, Fawnsha cuddled close to her husband, happy that her father had chosen well. He was a good man, now was time to find out about the loving and passionate side of him as well.

"So husband, my handmaiden and I were unable to tempt you?"

"Oh, my dear Fawnsha, you tempted me, but ... "

"Would you like for her to join us? I am not averse to the pleasures of women, as you could see, nor to sharing ... "

"Perhaps some other time, my Princess, but I wish to have you all to myself tonight."

Fawnsha stood up and removed the silks she had been wearing. One by one, bit by bit, as if unwrapping a wonderful present. First, she bared her breasts, dark as chocolate, firm as two ripe peaches. Her belly was flat, not a hint of sag or fat. Her thighs were sleek, supple and her legs were long and tapered. Her pussy had been shaved clean by Mai for this evening, who had teased her beloved Princess with many sweet kisses as she did so.

Fawnsha's fierce reputation had been merely a pretext to dissuade unworthy suitors. In the last few days, Amar had come to know her gentility, her sweet nature and her kindness to her father and servants. Now Amar would come to know her passionate side, at this moment, it was that which interested him most.

"Do I please you, husband?" Fawnsha teased.

"Come here beloved, and I will show you just how much!" Amar responded.

Fawnsha moved on top of her husband, slithering her now-naked body all over his. She trailed her long, black hair all over his body, noting the way his cock twitched as she seduced him. It was large, magnificent and tonight, she would feel it within the recesses of her body. But first, she yearned to taste it.

She took his shaft in her mouth and began sucking him, her first cock. It was a taste she enjoyed immediately, laving it with her mouth. She felt it jerk in her soft lips and mouth, getting harder and thicker. She traced each vein with her tongue and Fawnsha was rewarded with a groan of pleasure from her husband.

"Gods woman, you have a talent!" Amar groaned as she sucked his cock with obvious relish. "Would you like me to do likewise to you?"

Fawnsha nodded, she adored when Mai ate her pussy, she wondered how Amar might fare. She sound found out as her husband parted her dark, soft thighs and moved his beautiful face into her pussy. He licked her fast, it aroused her beyond imagining. Mai was superb and ate pussy with skill, happy to please her Mistress, but Amar was fierce in his loving, it was like Apples and Oranges. "Oh Amar, my love, suck my pussy. Eat my pussy, I want to cum from you doing that!"

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