tagIncest/TabooMan of the Family Ch. 02

Man of the Family Ch. 02


Sorry for the delay, those fucking virus writers got one past Norton! Our story continues with Jim learning more about how useful his formerly hated cock can be! This story includes anal, toys, and some new family members who find his cock irresistible. All characters are 18 years old or more. Read to enjoy, but remember these events are fiction, created by my twisted mind.

As I walked in the door to our house, mom looked up with a distressed look on her face. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "I'm just so sorry that your aunt saw me doing that to you."

"Come on, mom, you can say it." I told her. "Say the words don't just say 'that'."

"Oh all right, I hate that your aunt walked in and saw me sucking your wonderful cock all the way down my throat! Is that better?"

"I know it is more honest, and it leaves little to the imagination. How long will it take her to get over it?"

Mom started to sob saying, "I don't know honey, she has always been a bit of a prude when it comes to sex. I think she needed a better partner in bed but, unfortunately, she didn't get much. I know their sex life would best be described as plain old vanilla! When I could get her to talk it seemed his idea of great sex was: 'climb on, pump her a few times, shoot the load, roll off, go to sleep'. Oh god, that gives me the willies just thinking about it. I was so lucky to have had a pretty good sex partner in your dad, and now with you, it's like I hit a gold mine."

"I'll take that as a compliment!" I replied. "But seriously, will she come around or are we basically dead to her?"

"Oh, babe, I think she will get over it, but I don't know how long it will take. I called her while you were taking care of your grandma's fire, yes I knew all about it, and your aunt just hung up on me. I called again and she didn't even answer. Maybe your grandma will be able to get through to her. I am sure she will try, although her presence in the room does tell Peg that she approved. Oh, dear me."

I walked to her then knelt down and hugged her to me before kissing her deeply. Her hand slipped down and stroked my cock through my sweats. Her touch brought it back to life and she oohed and ahhed her approval. Looking in my eyes she said, "I seem to have missed out on quite a few opportunities to take care of your birthday needs today. This might need to be carried over to tomorrow! Is it by chance 'any time' right now?" I pulled her to her feet and led her to her bedroom.

My mother made up for much of her missed opportunities before we fell asleep. Her blow job was her best since these activities began less than 24 hours ago. After she swallowed my load she continued sucking me to make sure I stayed hard. Then she climbed onto me and rode me long and hard. She came hard at least 4 times, with many smaller climaxes, before I again had a thunderous orgasm. Again she surprised me when she stayed on top of me and slowly fucked her pussy onto me. These slow and short movements finally turned much more vigorous after about 20 minutes. I found her slow movements to be really hot, stimulating and loving.

Once she picked up the pace, I started thrusting back at her, intensifying both our pleasures. She didn't know it but the prior 20 minutes had a remarkable effect on my cock. "Mom, um, Dana, I'd like.......I wonder if.......um......" I stumbled with my request before very softly I asked, "...um, can we do it in the doggie position?"

Even though she was feeling really good, mom gave a hearty laugh as she gently pushed me back, our genitals separating even as she said, "Of course my love, I always love getting fucked that way!" I grinned along with her as I wondered why I had waited so long to ask that.

My mom rolled onto her hands and knees then looked around her arm at me and purred, "Come on big boy, shove that cock of yours into me and make my day complete!"

"Oh god mom!" I gasped as I stared at her round ass, in particular her moist slit that was winking at me as her pussy opened and closed in need. I grabbed my dick in my right hand and then moved closer to her ass. After stroking my length along her gash I took blind aim and gave a slight push with my hips.

"Careful there Jim," mom said quickly as she moved away from me. "Let me help guide you into me." Then her right hand slipped between her legs and grasped my cock and pulled me back to her. With a skill that once learned seemingly is never forgotten she guided me right into her pussy where I eased fully into her in one straight shot. Each of us groaned as I once more entered the pussy that had born me.

"Oh god Dana, you look so sexy like this!" I gasped as I pulled back and then began giving her full length powerful thrusts.

"Oh Jim, I love how you're fucking me! Oooooo yes, don't stop baby, OH yes!" Mom proved that she meant it as she really got into fucking back at me. Less than five minutes after my first hard thrust like this she reared her head back and screamed, "Oh god, fuck me I'm cuuuummmmmmmingggg!"

She clamped onto me super tight as her body spasmed in front of me, her powerful orgasm slamming hard into her. Due to our time apart while moving into this new position my balls had a chance to calm down so I was no where close to blowing my load into her. So I just kept right on pumping my shaft into her with full length thrusts that ended with a powerful finish. Each time I bottomed out she shook hard and moaned.

Once her orgasm was over I slowed down but never stopped my hip movements. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her and gripped each of her tits firmly. While mauling her boobs I whispered into her limply hanging head, "God mom, you looked so hot cumming all over my cock like that! I know I love this position just like you do!" She moaned again when I kissed her behind her ear while her entire body shivered with excitement.

Releasing her tits I straightened up and stroked her sides with my hands while my rock hard shaft continued giving her slow but full length thrusts. Soon my hands were moving all the way down her sides from her shoulders (yes, I stroked the sides of her incredible tits) to her hips. Her head still hung down as she breathed heavily while her body rocked back and forth in time with my slowly plunging cock.

I was watching my shaft as it disappeared into her cunt and then reappeared as I moved back from her with her cum streaks all over my shaft. Fuck what an incredible sight! "Oh Jim, I love how your cock is spreading my pussy walls apart each time you enter me. I love fucking you son!"

"Your pussy feels incredible Mom," I said huskily, "but I'm kinda looking at that brown star back here and..."

"Oh no Jim, your dad forced me to do that and it really hurt me bad! And he wasn't nearly as big as you are!" She was looking back at me over her left shoulder and I could see the fear on her face.

"Jeez mom, he must have really been bad to you!" I said quickly. "Don't worry Dana, I would never force you to do something that you don't want to do! And I promise to never hurt you.......ever!"

My mom grabbed my left hand and pulled it to her lips where she kissed it while saying, "Thank you son, you are really so much more of a man than your father ever dreamed of being. Oh that feels good," she said as I bottomed out inside of her again.

We both went silent for several minutes as mom lowered her face to the sheet while lifting her ass even higher for me. Both of us were moaning and groaning with pleasure. Softly my mom said, "Jim, are you mad at me?"

"Gosh no mom, why would I be?"

"Because I wouldn't let you...you know."

"Mom, you've given me more pleasure than I thought was humanly possible! How could I ever be mad if you set a limit for yourself." I leaned down and kissed her between the shoulder blades then rose back up and gave her a powerful thrust while telling her, "I love you mom, and I have no problem with not going there." I pumped my cock into her three long and slow times before I said wistfully, "Besides, There's always YOUR mom!"

She moaned, whether in pleasure or sadness at my words I don't know, as her ass started shoving back against me slightly harder with each of my own thrusts. I was enjoying the incredible sensations her pussy walls were giving me when suddenly she looked back at me while placing her hand on my stomach. "Stop son. Don't move...I need to get something."

I looked at her in confusion as she uncoupled our sex and crawled to the side of the bed where she leaned over and reached into the bottom drawer of her night stand. Moments later she moved back onto the bed with a dark cloth bag in her hand.

"What's that mom?"

"Oh, it's just some...um...toys that I used to need." Digging inside of it she pulled a tube out of it and tossed it back to me while some other things fell out on their own.

"Damn mom, are those dildos?!" I asked incredulously.

"Yes they are. Like I said, I USED to need them, but now I've got something much better! Just put lots of that lube on my asshole and all over your cock and I'll try to do what you want."

"No mom, I told you that you don't need to if you are uncomfortable about it."

"Please don't argue with me Jim. You said you'd never hurt me, and I believe you. I told you that you are much more of a man than your dad ever dreamt of being. So just lube us both up and go slow and we will see if I can handle you. I really want to try!"

One look at her face and the determination coating it told me not to even try talking her out of it. And I did really want to fuck her ass so I grabbed the tube and squirted a big glob onto her back door and then rubbed it deeply into her. Next I gave my cock a very generous coating of this slippery stuff. Just before I was going to move back behind her I asked, "Mom, are you REALLY certain about this?"

"Don't do this to me!" she exclaimed. "Don't tell me how you want to fuck my ass and then chicken out when I finally agree to try it! Now just squirt some of that right into my ass and work your finger into it a few times."

"Oookaaaay mom," I said slowly. Taking the tube in hand I placed it right against her butt hole and squeezed hard while mom moaned at the cool injection of the slippery goo. Using my right index finger I gently eased my tip into her; mom moaned loudly when it slipped in to the first knuckle. Very softly I pulled back a bit and then pushed my finger into her once more. My mom's head dropped down until the top of her head rested on the sheet, her eyes looking back at my inverted image. After a few more finger thrusts my finger eased fully in until there was no possibility of getting more of inside of her. I gave her a few twists of my digit before slowly pulling it all the way out while my hips moved into position right behind her.

The instant my finger left her puckered ass my cockhead touched to her brown star and I gave her very gentle pressure. "Promise me one thing mom," I said huskily, "promise me you will tell me if I hurt you at all."

"Yes baby," she said through clenched teeth. "Now stop talking and fuck my ass!"

I gave her more pressure from my cock as I worked at entering her last taboo place. Every few seconds she moaned and I paused each time she did so. Even with the copious amount of slippery goo on my cock and her ass, I still marveled as I watched her rear end get pushed inside of herself. Then I felt it as her tight opening gave way and my tip slipped into her.

"OH FUCK! DON"T MOVE!" mom gasped as she breathed fast and hard, her body shaking in shock at my entrance.

"Sorry mom," I said as I tried to back out of her.

"STOP!!" she gasped as her left hand shot out and gabbed onto the back of my left thigh. She took several rapid breaths of air...similar to the way women on TV act like they are giving birth... before she slowed and then exhaled in a long sighing sound. "Holy fuck you feel huge back there. Okay, you can move just go slow. Go very slow."

I know it isn't possible but I felt like I was watching skin cell after skin cell of my dick entering her in excruciatingly slow movements. "Oh my god Jim, stop for a moment," mom pleaded. "Thanks, now pull back slowly but not all the way!"

My hips slowly pulled back dragging my shaft with them. It amazed me that the lubricant had been basically squeegeed right off of me by her super tight asshole. "Wow mom, not counting my tip, I had about two inches inside of you!"

"That's good son, now go slow but push back into me....ohhhh fuck yeahhhh." she said lustily. We repeated this several times as I pushed in deeper. Each time more of my cock emerged wiped clean of the lube.

"Damn mom, you feel great around me!" I said as I finally pushed about half of my cock into her. "Your ass is SO tight!"

"Ohfuck!" she gasped making me stop instantly. Three quick breaths before she said, "My god son, it's easy to be tight with your monster shoved up inside of me! Your dad NEVER felt like this!" Taking a few more deep breaths my mom then somehow moved her ass in a circular movement in front of me, working my cock into her ass on her own. "Oh god you feel good! Give me more!"

I did. Still using my slow movements I managed to get over two-thirds of my shaft into her before she asked me to stop. She felt so good around me that I was glad my cock and balls had the chance to calm down while she grabbed the lube and had me spread more of the stuff all over.

"I think that's quite enough Jim," mom said with a deep breath. "Christ I've never felt so full." She wiggled her ass at me then told me, "Okay honey, work that much your wonderful cock inside my ass! Ooo yes, like that! Not too fast yet, but fuck me son. Fuck my ass and claim my entire body as yours!"

Beginning with short one inch strokes I worked my way up to giving her full 8 or 9 inch thrusts, my cock slowly pumping in and out of her glorious rear end. My pace slowly quickened until I was making a full in and out circuit in about 3 seconds. Just as I shoved in to where the huge goo line was I surprised even myself as my right hand lifted up and slapped back down onto her right butt cheek!

"OH!!" mom shrieked while her ass pushed back at me about another inch.

I pulled back then shoved into her again, this time going to the new deepest point that I had reached. Once again my hand went up and quickly down making a sharp clapping sound as it connected with her ass.

"OHFUCK!!" mom gasped even as she arched her back and pushed backwards another inch. I liked the way this was working out so after four more stroke/slaps both of us shuddered in shock as the base of my shaft pressed tightly into her ass crack.

My hips went dead-still as I stared down at her ass with my cock fully engulfed within her warmth. "How do you feel mom?"

"Jesus H. Christ...I feel as if your cock should be sticking out of my mouth!" She lifted her head and looked back only to gasp at how tightly pressed together we were. "No way did I think you would ever get that deep! Getting you inside of me was pretty rough but oh god you feel so good right now. Fuck me son. Fuck my ass with your mother fucking cock! Use me!"

That sounded damn good to me so I started slowly moving out and back in using nearly full length motions. My pace quickened as her ass got more accepting of my monster within it. Within about five minutes mom's head dropped once more to the sheet as she groaned, "Oh fuck Jim, I'm going to cum! Oh god! Don't stop baby...don't stop fucking my ass!" Her entire body tensed and I felt her feet rise up and stroke the sides of my thighs. Looking down at them I saw her toes curling under as if tightly clenched just as she screamed "Ohfuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

My previously well drained balls were not yet close to giving up another load so I held her hips tight as I pumped my cock in and out of her relentlessly making her climax reach even higher levels. Finally she stopped shaking and her muscles relaxed, then her feet dropped back onto the bed as she gave a contented sigh.

"Are you okay mom?"

"Huh," she mumbled straight into the bed beneath her. Several seconds later her head turned to the side and she mumbled, "Good god, that was much better than your dad ever did!" Using more effort she managed to turn her face so we could see each other's eyes before she said "Don't stop baby. I want to feel you pump your hot cum deep inside of my ass! If I'm going to let you do my ass then I'm going to get a good load inside of it!"

Her ass continued tightening around my invader then loosening up a bit before clenching around me again as we talked and mom recovered. Slowly I resumed pumping my shaft into her as she cooed her pleasure. It took about three minutes before I was slamming into her while my mom was pounding her ass back at me in perfect rhythm.

Mom's hand stretched out as if in search of something and I wondered what she was doing. Under a flap of the sheet her hand found the sleek blue nine inch long dildo that had fallen out of her secret bag. She gave it a quick blowjob to get it wet then moved it down to her pussy and pushed it in with a happy groan.

"Oh god mom, I can feel that entering you!" I gasped as she began DPing herself. Naturally this was my first experience feeling another phallus fuck the same woman I was, and it was a huge turn on. "Wow Dana, I can't believe how wild this is!" I exclaimed as she worked up to the point where she was pounding the dildo into her as fast as her hand could go.

My hips were really pumping into her as our grunts and groans mingled while her arm continued rapidly fucking the dildo into her cream filled pussy. It was nearly an instant orgasm for me when she turned on the vibrator function making me gasp, "Holy fuck mom, I'm going to cum REAL soon!"

I looked down between my abdomen and her ass as she slammed the dildo into her making it disappear within her. Mom dropped her hand, leaving the rapidly shaking dildo fully engulfed by her super tight pussy. Suddenly I realized that her tight ass had been not so tight when she let out a climactic shriek, her sphincter gripping onto me firmly. Mom's head reared back as she screamed again, her back muscles knotting powerfully while her ten fingers grasped the sheet in a death grip.

"Oh fuck mom, I'm cumming in your ass!" Two more short thrusts into her tightness and my balls blasted forth their frothy load as deep into her as I could get. "Oh my god Dana!"

Mom's body jerked violently then she screamed again, her pussy rocketing the dildo out of her like an arrow from a bow, just grazing my balls as it shot past them. She dropped her head while inhaling mightily then it rose again as she cried out once more, her hands tearing at the sheet. As my fourth rope of cum shot into her the super clenching muscles of her ass loosened a bit and I pulled back about 9 inches before slamming back into her.

"Oh my fucking god!" she cried out as her tight fingers tore the sheet in two with a loud ripping sound! "Ohgod....ohgod....ohgod....oh god.........oh my fucking god.....oh son......ooooooooooh."

My balls ran dry once more and my hips slowed their movements until I bottomed out and stopped, my cock twitching inside of her spasming ass. My mom lost her strength and in slow motion she fell flat on the bed, her tight ass pulling me right down on top of her. Our heads were cheek to cheek as we worked at catching our breath. Each of our bodies would occasionally shimmy as an aftershock passed through us.

I guess it was five minutes, maybe more, before either of us spoke. "Wow," was all I could muster.

"I'll say," mom gasped. A few seconds later she softly said, "That was...that was totally fucking incredible!" Turning her head a bit she kissed my cheek then flopped her head onto the bed again.

"Are you okay, I didn't hurt you, did I Dana?"

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