tagIncest/TabooMan of the House Ch. 06

Man of the House Ch. 06


Cory groaned at the thought of working so many hours this week, reaching over to slap the cheap digital alarm clock. Shit, he thought, even the sun is too tired to get up yet. Apart from the glowing red numbers on his clock and the white light that slowly faded on and off on the MacBook on his desk, his room was still entirely dark.

Sure the money will be nice, but the hours were going to kill him. Cory's work at the warehouse had allowed for some natural benefits. He was in great shape, got to wear jeans and t-shirts instead of a cheap polyester fast food uniform, and worked mostly early mornings so he could still go to class and be home at a decent time. His boss was pretty decent, too, leaving the guys in the warehouse to load and unload freight and to set the truck routes based on the day's deliveries. He said Cory had showed some strong leadership skills and had earned the respect of the guys on the floor as well as those in the administrative office. As a result, when a globally-recognized delivery company had a strike of the drivers asking for higher wages, the little local delivery company was swamped, more than tripling in business. Those at the top passed on to the loaders and drivers that they could work as many hours as they wanted until the strike was over.

It had been two weeks so far and Cory and his crew had been going in at eleven o'clock at night and staying until four in the afternoon, Sunday night through Friday. Saturdays they would go in early morning and stay through lunch since the trucks didn't run, and would load the trucks to clear the floor for the inevitable onslaught that would arrive late night Sunday. As a result, Cory's paycheck was considerably larger than he had ever had, but his body was also considerably more worn down that it had ever been.

His mom and sister have been very understanding these last two weeks, respecting Cory's work ethic and drive, and making sure he was well-fed and rested. He hated the hiatus from sex that he has had to take, but his body just wasn't functioning the way it normally would. He actually fell asleep during a blowjob from his sister last week! His erection quality had also diminished during this time, even though his desire had not waned in the least.

A few times he tried sleeping in the bed with his mother or sister or both, but he also felt obligated to engage in sex with them if he did that. Unfortunately he didn't have the energy to do it. Last week he was jarred awake by a kick to the face, followed by a laughing apology by his mom. Apparently her splayed legs tensed up at the orgasm brought on by Erin's skill with her tongue and Marco the Wonder Vibe, and when she came she kicked Cory squarely in the jaw. It was at that point that Cory decided he should probably sleep in his own bed until things returned to normal.

It was a little past noon Saturday when Cory burst into the kitchen.

"Strike's over!" he announced to his mom as soon as he saw her wiping glass cleaner off the sliding glass door, her taut ass in cut off jean shorts and a red tank top hugging her figure. To Cory's disappointment, she didn't even respond. At all. As in, she didn't even recognize his existence. As she turned to clean against the door handle, he understood, seeing the white cable from her ear buds swing away from her torso before disappearing into her front pocket.

Cory snuck up behind her and picked her up from behind, his arms tight around her waist as she squealed in surprise, her bare feet kicking out in front of her. He spun her around twice before setting her down on the carpet and turned her to face him. She laughed and hit him in the chest as she pulled one ear bud out, the muted sound of music flowing from the ear piece.

"You little shit," she laughed. "You scared me to death!"

"I would apologize, but..." he just shrugged with a smile.

"I know, I know. You enjoy scaring your poor old mother."

"What?!" he exclaimed. "We're poor?!"

She laughed again and threw her cleaning cloth at his face. She turned to walk to the kitchen, pulling her ear buds out as Cory picked up the cloth from the carpet.

"I've got great news," he said as he stood back up.

"Yeah?" she asked, opening the refrigerator and pulling out two sodas.

"Yeah. The strike's over!"

"It is?! I'm so glad. Now you can get some rest!"

"We'll still be working some long hours for a couple of weeks as we catch up, but Dan said we aren't coming in on weekends any more and we are only staying midnight to noon." He opened the soda on the counter and took a sip as his mother poured hers in a glass.

"I'm so proud of you, Cor. You've been working so hard the last couple of weeks and I know you're exhausted, but you haven't called in once or complained about it. It just proves that you've grown into the wonderful young man I already knew you were." She sighed as she looked at him for a second before shaking her head and looking down to pour more soda into her glass. While she poured, her free hand came up and wiped at her eye.

Cory came around the counter and stood next to her. "Mom? What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she laughed, keeping her head down. "I feel like such an idiot."

"Come on, mom, don't say that. Tell me what's the matter." She looked up at him, her eyes a little red and filled with tears. "I just can't describe how proud I am of you. I know that you grew up watching all kinds of stuff no child should see, and hearing things no child should hear, and I've always worried about what that would do to you. But I look at you and you're in school doing well, working hard at a job I know you don't particularly enjoy, and taking care of your divorced mom and little sister. You don't do any drugs, don't have an arrest record, and aren't constantly angry. You defy the odds, Cory, you really do."

Cory pulled her close and held her to himself, her ear against his heart. "Listen, mom. I'm only as decent as I am because of you. You have always loved me and taken care of me. You have encouraged me to chase my dreams and have supported me in everything I've ever done. Remember when I wanted that old Nissan Troy was selling? You didn't try to talk me out of it or guilt trip me. You said you didn't think it was a good investment and it would need a lot of work, but since it was all I could afford, you would help me out with the repairs."

She laughed at his memory. "I remember you pulling into the driveway followed by a big cloud of blue smoke, but when you got out you had the biggest smile on your face."

"Yeah, that car was a piece of shit," he laughed, "But with your help and Mark's dad helping me fix it, I got it to last through high school." Cory's voice turned serious. "Dad called me an idiot for wanting that car. Every time I needed to work on it, he reminded me of what an ass I was, calling my car 'turd on wheels' or 'the shitmobile'." Cory took a deep breath before continuing on. "But not you, mom. When you saw me working on it, you would bring me a drink and ask how it was going. You would even make a run to the parts store to get oil or parts when I called them in. And that's just one area of my life where you sacrificed for me. I can't even count them all. I love you so much, mom, you don't even know." Cory sighed and pushed her away from his chest before plopping down on the bar stool.

"I do know, baby. I've always known. You and Erin have always made me proud, and I've never doubted how you feel about me, and I don't have the words to describe the love I have for you, too, honey. I really don't." She looked into his eyes and stroked his cheek.

Cory looked tired as he looked into his mother's eyes. He had a slight smile, displaying his gratitude at her confession, but the fire was gone.

"Oh, honey, you're exhausted, huh?"


"So you're not going in tomorrow then?"

"No, not until Monday night." "Tell you what. You go get in bed and sleep until you're rested. When you wake up I'll make you something to eat, whether that's dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow. I'll let Erin know not to disturb you."

"Thanks, mom. I love you."

"I love you, too, baby." She reached up and kissed him on the lips before watching him drag himself around the corner and hearing him shuffle up the stairs. She rinsed out the soda cans and threw them into the recycle bin in the garage before placing her glass in the dishwasher. As she was putting her ear buds in, she had an idea and a smile came to her face. She returned to her play list and as the first song began to play, she picked up the message pad off the counter and began to write. Before the first song was finished she was spraying the kitchen table with lemon scented wood polish with the bounce back in her step.

It was right at 2 a.m. when Cory woke up to a dark room, this time to a cramp in his stomach rather than a buzzing alarm clock. He was starving. He had not eaten anything other than a bowl of cereal for breakfast, but that was twenty hours ago. He rolled out of bed, threw on a pair of shorts and walked to the bathroom, finding the rest of the house to be just as dark as his room. The small indigo nightlight in the bathroom and in the hallway provided just enough light to find his way around and he was able to make it all the way to the refrigerator without turning on any lights. Blinded by the refrigerator light, his eyes took a moment to adjust, but he was quickly able to find what he wanted. On the center of the shelf just below eye level was a plate covered in foil, the leftover oven-baked barbecue chicken his mother and sister had made for supper.

Removing the plate from the shelf, he set it on the counter by the sink and switched on the sink light. The light cast a soft glow over the kitchen, leaving the far wall and corners dark. Cory grabbed a plate from the cupboard and put two pieces of chicken, some beans and mashed potatoes on the plate, and put the plate in the microwave. He opened another can of soda while his dinner reheated, and put the remaining food back into the refrigerator.

Sitting at the counter on one of the bar stools, Cory took a bite of his chicken, relishing the sweet flavor of mom's homemade sauce as he engulfed a spoonful of beans. It was when he reached for his glass that he saw the message pad on the counter. Sliding it toward himself, he read the message and couldn't help but smile.

"Cory, Vanessa called. She said to tell you she missed you. Mom"

Mmm, Vanessa. Cory thought of her with a smile while he ate, and was a little surprised to find his body responding. He was finished eating in a few minutes and rinsed his dishes before placing them in the sink. He turned off the sink light and gave his eyes a moment to readjust to the darkness before walking back upstairs. Heading into his room he picked up his phone and made a call.

After ending the call, Cory realized that he was awake and rested enough to seek some much-needed relief. For the first time in a few weeks he hated to be alone in his bed. After a quick rinse with some mouth wash, he quietly opened his sister's door, closing it behind him, and slid into her bed. She moved slightly at the disturbance, but her brother settled in behind her, spooning her while she sighed at his touch.

When Cory gently ran his hand down her arm to her hip, she let out of puff of air through her nose. "I would know that touch anywhere," she mumbled sleepily.

"Oh yeah?" he whispered. "How would you know that?"

"Because mom doesn't get erections that stab me," muttered the tiny blonde.

"Like this?" he whispered as he pressed forward.

"Mmm, just like that." She pressed her hips back into him. "I've missed you, Cor." She didn't even open her eyes, but appeared to be relaxing into him.

"I've missed you, too." He brought his hand down around her firm cheek and remembered that even when she wore a top, she rarely wore panties. His touch felt her warmth, grazing over the soft outer lips he missed so badly. She moaned at his touch, pressing back again as his finger tips lightly stroked her slowly opening flower. His erection was humming and he was glad he had come into her room naked.

"I love your hands on me, Cor. You make me feel safe."

"Good. I would never do anything to hurt you." He continued to stroke her lips lightly, feeling the moisture begin to make its way out.

"What if I wanted you to?"

"What?" He was confused.

"Hurt me. What if I wanted you to hurt me?" Her voice sounded whiny, pleading.

"Whatever you want, Erin. You know I would do whatever you want."

"I know." She reached back and touched the head of his beast. "You're leaking," she muttered. He felt her thumb smear his own fluids around the knob of his prick before bending it down, running it across the smooth cheek of her ass. He pulled back a little to make it easier and to prevent any pain, and his sister readily placed his erection against her pussy. He slowly pressed forward and withdrew, gliding along her splayed lips as they embraced the top side of his shaft and head.

"God, that feels good, Cory. I haven't had a real dick since this damned strike started. You're cock feels so good on my pussy."

Cory stroked around from her ass, up under her satin night shirt, and cupped her breast, stroking the nipple with his thumb. His sister gasped and moaned quietly, her eyes still closed, only now more from pleasure than sleep. Her hips rolled as he gently thrust, running his length through her labia, apparently bumping her clit as she spasmed on most passes while curling her hips back against him.

Releasing her breast, he slid his hand up further under her shirt until it escaped through the wide neck hole, up her throat, and grabbed her jaw to turn her face toward him firmly. She moaned and spasmed again as he drove his tongue into her mouth, meeting his fever with her own. They kissed for a short time until Cory couldn't bear it any more. He pulled away, leaving his sister panting. As they had kissed, his hand had quickly made its way back down to her clitoris where he had been gently stroking it in circles while his head grazed it on each stroke. Erin's arousal was dripping from his fingers and coating his head and shaft.

As soon as he broke the kiss, he spoke. "I've got good news, Erin," he breathed into her mouth.

"Yeah?" she panted.

"Yeah. Strike's over." As soon as he said it, he pressed the underside of his head as he thrust forward quickly and smoothly, forcing his spear to find the only available path, straight up into his sister's dripping cunt.

"Ohffmmm!" Her gasping words were cut off again by his mouth as he buried himself as far as he could. He didn't move as they kissed and their dance moved from frantic to slow and gentle. Erin began to roll her hips and Cory's hand came down to caress her breast as she drew her knee up and opened herself up a little more. He felt her fingertips rhythmically bumping the underside of his shaft and he knew she was rubbing herself.

Cory gently withdrew until he was most of the way out before he smoothly reversed direction, burying himself again. His motions were steady and deliberate. He was not trying to fuck his sister; he was making love to her. As much as he wanted to get his rocks off, he loved to see and feel Erin cum, too. When she got off, he got off. That's the love they shared. He watched her face in ecstasy in the gentle light coming in from the lampstand outside, through her window. Her brow furrowed as she began to spasm arhythmically in her abs.

"That's it, gorgeous," he whispered. "Cum on me. Let it flow." He never changed his rhythm as his sister convulsed on him, tiny whimpers leaking from her throat, finding their way through her sealed lips.

He could feel his own orgasm rapidly approaching. "Is it all right if I cum now?" he asked. He only asked to let her know; there was no way he could stop it.

"Yeah," she nodded frantically. "I want to feel it." She looked in his eyes as the fire erupted. He buried himself and kept silent as his love flowed into his sister's womb. Cory was dizzy as he blasted stream after blazing stream of pleasure, and he was exhausted afterward. Still embracing his gorgeous blonde idol, he rested his head on her shoulder and her hand came up to stroke his cheek.

That's the last thing he remembered before the sandman forced him to submit.

Michelle saw the dishes in the sink and knew that Cory had woken up sometime last night or early this morning. She smiled knowing that he had eaten her chicken, one of his favorites, but butterflies in her stomach arose when she realized he had probably seen the note that Vanessa had called. Turning to the bar, she unplugged her phone from the charger and saw that she had missed a call from Cory and had received a message. Entering her personal code, she listened to the message.

"Hey, uh, Vanessa. It's Cory. Listen, I'm real sorry about not seeing you the last couple of weeks. I've been working a lot and haven't had any time to rest or to set up a date with you. But my schedule is about to lighten up some and I was wondering if next weekend would be good to go out somewhere. If you're up for it, let me know. After I hear back, I'll make some plans for us. Again, sorry it's been so long. Bye."

Her heart jumped at the thought of another date with Cory. As much as she loved Erin, she also needed more than a tongue and toys. She even needed more than a hard dick to fuck. She needed a man to love her and to treat her like a lady and Cory did that for her. It had been years since she had been treated with respect by a loving man, and until her date with her son a few weeks ago, she had forgotten what it was like.

Cory woke to an empty bed and looked at the clock to see that it was nearly 8:30. He could smell his sister's shampoo on her pillow and smiled. His mind immediately went to their midnight rendezvous and his stomach tightened up as blood flooded into his groin. He gave himself a couple of gentle strokes, then decided against it, knowing two things: he had to pee, and he wanted to be ready for a real fuck at the next opportunity.

Rolling out of bed, he made his way to the bathroom. As he brushed his teeth, he remembered that he had not showered after work yesterday and suddenly felt sorry for his sister. He was so used to being grimy the last couple of weeks and was so exhausted, he didn't even notice when he collapsed into his bed. He turned on the shower and with his toothbrush sticking out of his mouth, he walked to his room to dig out some fresh underwear and clothes.

His phone interrupted his plan and he grabbed it when he saw it was his mother's face on the screen. He ran around the corner to spit into the sink while the movie theme ringtone played before he answered.


"Hi! Corey, it's Vanessa."

Time to switch gears. "Hey, Vanessa. How have you been?"

"Lonely," she whined. Her voice sounded sad. "I've missed you."

"I know, and I'm sorry about that. I've been super busy. I've missed you, too."

"Really?" She sounded more energized. "I thought that maybe you were a 'love 'em and leave 'em' kind of guy. I was beginning to think that since you got what you wanted from me, I wouldn't hear from you again."

"No way! I wouldn't do that to you. I really had a great time with you and can't wait to see you again."

"Good. I got all excited when I got your message. My, uh...my panties are a little moist from hearing your voice."

Oh, shit, thought Cory. His penis swelled at the thought of her wet panties. He could smell and taste her already. "Oh, really?"

"Really," she purred. "I need to be with you again. My fingers and toys just don't take me where you take me."

Don't touch yourself, he reminded himself. Be patient for a real pussy. "Well, I hate to hear that, Vanessa. I mean, it's good for my ego, but that must be terrible to have all that pent up sexual energy."

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