tagRomanceManagement Skills Ch. 03

Management Skills Ch. 03


When they eventually made it downstairs, they sat at the large pine kitchen table which Jake had laid for two, complete with a candle in between them. The meal he served up was delicious; roast lamb, perfect roast potatoes and a selection of vegetables. Molly found him so easy to be with. Having eaten their main course, they migrated onto the sofa to share a home-made chocolate mousse.

'You're a fantastic cook!' said an impressed Molly. 'That was the best meal ever.'

'Then you haven't had many nice meals,' Jake chuckled. 'Why don't you relax,' he suggested, pulling Molly's head down against his chest. Raising his feet onto the coffee table in front of them, he flicked through to a comedy channel on the TV.

Sighing deeply, leaning against the epitome of her desire and able to hear the slow, steady rhythm of his heart, Molly wasn't sure she'd ever felt happier, more satisfied or more replete. Incredibly, even his laugh was an aphrodisiac, mused Molly, as they both giggled their way through a set of classic comedy sketches playing on the television. Jake repositioned his body slightly to get comfortable and dropped a companionable hand on Molly's thigh. Her secret wishes were advertised to Jake when she sighed noisily upon feeling his tender touch.

'That's not supposed to happen,' teased Jake, looking down at her. 'You must be far too exhausted.' A slow, steady pulse beat deep within Molly's abdomen as Jake began to gradually push his hand beneath the hem of her sundress. When he reached the top of her leg, he ran a teasing finger over her panties. Molly groaned deeply.

'Hmm,' he breathed. 'And you had the audacity to accuse me of being insatiable?'

'The more we make love, the more I need to make love with you,' sighed Molly.

'How long had it been, since you last had sex, before me?' asked Jake, pushing her legs slightly apart.

'At least a couple of years,' groaned Molly.

'That's quite a long time.'

'I don't have sex with someone lightly,' breathed Molly.

'Me neither,' murmured Jake approvingly, skirting his finger under the elastic of the silky material and staring to stroke gently between her wet lips. 'But maybe that's why you feel such an overwhelming need to make love. Your body's coming out of hibernation and it's got a voracious appetite. My advice is that you feed it whatever it needs.'

'Oh!' Molly sighed, closing her eyes and simply absorbing the incredible feel of Jake's gentle touch.

'Mmm. So sexy,' he murmured, dipping his finger marginally inside her, before migrating up to Molly's clit, which he stroked softly. 'But I don't want to make you sore.'

'You're my drug,' groaned Molly. 'I don't feel any pain, just pleasure.'

'But still,' said Jake gently. 'I don't want to do anything which might hurt you.'

'But I want to make love with you,' grumbled Molly.

'Do you really?' teased Jake, sliding himself out from under Molly's head and kneeling on the floor beside her. 'Or do you just need to come? There's a huge difference you know.' Carefully pulling Molly's knickers down, he dropped his mouth to her body, expertly caressing her until she could literally orgasm no more. Half asleep following such an intense, physically demanding experience, Molly hardly batted an eyelid when Jake scooped her up into his arms and walked towards the stairs.

'Stay with me tonight,' he murmured affectionately, pushing open his bedroom door.

'I really shouldn't. It's a school night,' she whispered very half-heartedly.

'But I need you to,' said Jake as he carefully tucked Molly into his bed.


Molly was in work well before Jules the following morning. Having left Jake's home only hours earlier, she had briefly dropped into her house for a shower and change of clothes. Incredibly tired, Molly knew she wouldn't have chance to sleep before work, so instead decided to get into the office early, in the hope she could also leave early. Her boss was hardly in a position to complain, after all.

'Bloody hell!' giggled Jules, as she came in the door. 'Were you up all night shagging the delectable James?'

'What do you mean?' asked Molly very self-consciously, grabbing her compact mirror. The sight she was confronted with wasn't pretty and she quickly snapped it shut again.

'How much sleep did you get?' smiled Jules.

'At least three hours,' giggled Molly.

'You've already shagged him this morning, haven't you?' she laughed.

'Perhaps,' said Molly self-consciously.

'Ah, the glorious honeymoon period,' giggled Jules.

'Morning,' said Jake as he breezed into the office looking happy, relaxed and fully energised. Jules and Molly replied, almost in tandem. Observing him, Molly felt her chest contract, knowing that numerous parts of his body had been inside numerous parts of hers only two hours beforehand. Furthermore, she realised the tie he was now wearing was the same one he had used to blindfold her the night before. Jake smiled briefly at the expression on her face, as though daring her to challenge him in front of Jules.

'Are you OK, Molly? You look a little tired. I hope you're not coming down with something,' he said with a completely straight face. Molly bit her lip, shook her head but said nothing. Aware he was probably pushing his luck, shrugging, Jake walked away.

'Coming down on something, more like,' chuckled Jules to herself.


The morning passed without event and Molly kept her head down until the end of the working day. Back home, she shovelled down some dinner, turned off her phone and fell into bed, sleeping twelve hours straight through. Waking at seven the following morning, she felt thoroughly refreshed and after a hot shower was back in the office, ready and raring to go.

'Ah, you look much better today,' grinned Jules, as she flopped down beside Molly.

'Thanks,' said Molly wryly.

'So, when are you seeing your hot stud again?' asked Jules, at the same time as Jake walked into the office.

'Soon. I hope,' smiled Molly, her eyes momentarily meeting with a grinning Jake who paused at her desk.

'Molly, can you spare a few minutes to discuss the Latham account please?' he asked.

'Sure,' replied Molly. 'Now?'

'Yeah,' replied Jake. 'Just give me a moment to settle in.'


'Good morning,' murmured Jake, as Molly shut the door behind her and sat down opposite him at his desk.

'Good morning,' she smiled.

'How are you doing? Recovered?'

'Yes. I'm good thanks,' said Molly. 'So, you wanted to talk about the Latham account?'

'What? Oh God no! That doesn't even feature at the bottom of my "couldn't give a shit" list.' Molly burst out laughing.

'What do you want then?'

'Well, yesterday I remembered that you owe me. Big time.'

'I do?'

'Uh-huh,' nodded Jake, a wicked grin on his face. 'Two nights ago,' he continued, leaning towards her and dropping his voice to a much lower level. 'You begged me to let you orgasm and I did so, on an unspecified condition. I'm now ready to specify what the condition is.'

'What is it?' asked Molly, hoping it was to accompany him home right now so they could screw each other senseless.

'That you wear this today,' grinned Jake, placing a small parcel on his desk. Molly picked it up inquisitively. 'I wouldn't open that here, if I were you,' murmured Jake. 'Probably best in the ladies.'

'Fine,' breathed Molly, standing up and walking towards the door. As she pulled the door open, he spoke again.

'And let's schedule a catch-up meeting for after lunch?' said Jake.

'OK,' nodded Molly, making her way towards the ladies.


Ten minutes later, Molly was sitting down apprehensively at her desk. In the ladies, she had opened the parcel to encounter a pair of knickers with an inbuilt clitoral stimulator. Pulling on the underwear with some trepidation, Molly spent a little time readjusting them. She eventually came to the conclusion that, even without the added element of vibrations, there was no avoiding her clit being titillated for the remainder of the day with every step she took. Sighing, she put her own knickers back in the parcel and returned to the office, trying to get used to the horny sensations coursing around her body. For the past week, she'd barely thought of anything other than sex and Jake; this latest addition to her wardrobe wasn't going to help her productivity in the slightest.

As a gesture of defiance, as Molly was passing Jake's office, she knocked on his door and placed the packaging, now containing her knickers, in his in-tray. Jake was in his office having an engrossing conversation with Martin, Head of Sales. He paused momentarily, the wind briefly knocked out of his sails, when he realised what Molly had done. Smiling sweetly at both men, she exited Jake's office.

Although the thought of wearing the underwear made Molly feel sexy, no vibrations had occurred through the course of the morning, lulling Molly into a false sense of security. She had worked out that the vibrations would probably be operated by a remote-control mechanism, no doubt in Jake's careful charge. After lunch, Molly picked up her laptop and went to Jake's office for their catch-up meeting.

'Molly,' smiled Jake. 'Sit down,' he said, gesturing to a chair facing him.

'Hi Jake,' replied Molly.

'Thank you for the gift,' grinned Jake, patting his jacket pocket. 'I'm keeping them very close to my heart.'

'You're welcome,' Molly giggled. 'Thank you for my gift. I thought you said at work, we were going to be completely professional?'

'I'm blaming my temporary weakness on your bad influence. So, with that in mind, back to work,' said Jake seriously. 'Can you give me an update on the Latham account?'

'The one you couldn't give a shit about?' smiled Molly.

'That's the one,' agreed Jake. 'So?'

Realising that Jake was serious, Molly quickly gathered her thoughts and was just launching into the three main issues which needed to be resolved when the tip of her clit was rocked by low frequency vibrations. Gasping in shock, Molly's body jumped forwards as though it had received an electric shock. She slowly raised her eyes up to meet Jake's twinkling ones.

'Problem?' he asked innocently, iPhone in his hand.

'Ummm,' mumbled Molly, a red flush starting to develop on her chest and neck.

'Carry on then,' he instructed.

'Um...I...the...' stuttered Molly as the sensations overwhelmed her body and mind.

'I really love to hear you scream in bed,' murmured Jake, leaning in towards Molly. 'But this time, gorgeous girl, you're going to have to try and muster up some self-control.'

'Oh!' gasped Molly as Jake tapped his phone and the vibrations ramped up.

'Now, I'm going to sit here, and watch you orgasm,' he smiled, sighing deeply and leaning back in his chair. It didn't take long for Molly to do just that, a stifled groan coming from her throat as the waves of orgasm crashed over her and she fought desperately to be quiet and remain still, lest somebody passing Jake's office should look in the window. Still desperately grasping the armrests of the chair, slowly she descended from the heights of pleasure and, breathing quickly, eventually felt her heart rate start to reduce. Looking shyly across at Jake, she collapsed back against her chair, aware of a substantial bulge in his trousers and a huge grin on his face.

'Can I offer you another?' murmured Jake, tapping his phone once again.

'No!' gasped Molly, as the vibrations sent her racing up and over the limits of her self-control.

'We have got to do this again soon!' chuckled Jake, a short while later, as Molly attempted to recover for a third time. 'That was very enjoyable.'

'And very risky,' murmured Molly. Once she had recovered her breath, she reached under her skirt to pull the damp knickers subtly off. Scrunching them into a ball, she stood up shakily and placed them into Jake's hand.

'Spoilsport,' he grinned, reaching for his pocket. 'I suppose you want your original underwear back now?'

'No,' said Molly, pleased to see the shocked look on his face. 'I'm not going to wear any for the rest of the day. That should give you something to think about.' Molly heard his stifled groan as she stood up to leave.

'You have no idea how horny you make me,' he sighed, lifting the hand holding Molly's scrunched-up knickers up to his face and inhaling deeply. 'Do think of me spending the entire afternoon in the monthly management meeting, trying to hide my massive hard-on under the boardroom table, won't you?'

'Not my problem,' smiled Molly serenely, reaching the door.

'Don't you believe it, Miss Butler. I can very soon make it your problem,' growled Jake. 'Spend tonight with me?'

'Come over to mine,' replied Molly, turning back and drinking in the glorious, slightly dishevelled sight of him. 'Seven-ish?'

'Not sure I can wait that long,' groaned Jake.

'Six thirty then?'

'I'll be there.'

'You'd better be,' she said, leaving the room with a huge grin plastered across her face.


'For you,' murmured Jake at exactly half past six that evening, as he stepped over the threshold of Molly's home and handed her an enormous bouquet of flowers.

'Thank you,' smiled a delighted Molly, admiring the delicate orange roses, wrapped in a silk ribbon. Walking into the kitchen she lay the bouquet on the table. 'They're beautiful. They're very similar to the flowers that appeared in our office that time.'

'Mmmm, I suppose they are,' said Jake, following behind. 'Maybe they came from the same florist. This is a nice place you've got.'

'Thanks. It's only rented, but it suits me.' Placing two bottles of wine on the table, Jake took Molly firmly into his arms, dropping his mouth hungrily to hers.

'I need you right now,' growled Jake as they eventually broke apart. 'Now,' he repeated. 'Molly. Please. I'll beg if I have to.' Tingling with delight, Molly took his hand and led him through to her bedroom. They fell onto the duvet together, pulling at each other's clothing, their lips and tongues sliding over each other's bodies.

'Do you own a vibrator?' murmured Jake cheekily, as he kissed Molly teasingly on the neck.

'No,' she gasped.

'Liar,' he smiled. 'Where is it?'

'I don't have one,' she replied, but her enflamed cheeks and breathless tone told a different story.

'If you won't tell me, I'll just have to find it myself,' smiled Jake, pushing himself up off the bed and starting to open Molly's chest of drawers. Not knowing what to do, Molly simply watched him with her mouth agape, as he systematically searched through her belongings, moving closer and closer to her hiding place...

'Ah-hah!' laughed Jake, clearly delighted with himself. 'Here we are! I knew it!'

'How did they get there?' smiled Molly shyly as Jake unearthed a number of sex toys.

'One of life's little mysteries, I guess,' said Jake, raising an eyebrow. Selecting the rabbit, he walked back to the bed and dropped down beside Molly. 'Now, where were we?'

Kissing each other passionately, they systematically finished removing each other's clothing. Jake ran his hands over her body, appreciating every curve and line.

'You're beautiful, Molly,' he sighed. 'Just beautiful.' Picking up the rabbit, Jake placed it gently against her hardened nipple, causing her to inhale swiftly. Flicking a switch, the object began to vibrate gently, sending unexpected shocks of pleasure swirling around Molly's body. Jake then dropped his mouth tenderly to her other nipple and began to roll his tongue and teeth around teasingly.

'Oh,' mumbled Molly, her legs automatically opening in readiness, as Jake slowly stroked the vibrator down to her stomach and across her clit, where it halted outside her tight, wet entrance.

'Mmm, you're beautiful. And already so turned on,' sighed Jake as he swept the head around her sensitive skin. Flicking the switch to activate the rabbit ears, Jake began to push the thick shaft of the vibrator slowly inside her body.

'How often do you use this?' sighed Jake, enjoying the look of bliss on Molly's face.

'I don't use it. I didn't know it was there,' she murmured.

'Such a bad liar,' chuckled Jake, as he continued to insert the instrument smoothly into her clenched body. 'Tell me,' he sighed.

'Most nights I guess,' said Molly shyly.

'So, you are insatiable?' grinned Jake. 'I'm so pleased to hear that.'

'I haven't had the energy to use it recently though,' groaned Molly, as the rabbit ears began to burrow their wicked way towards their optimal location. 'I've been too shattered.'

'Good. Then I've been fulfilling my duties effectively,' laughed Jake.

'Oh God,' cried out Molly as the rabbit ears clamped firmly down on either side of her clit, trapping her sweetly in position. As her hips began to buck, a cross between a sob of desperation and a cry of elation ricocheted across the room.

'Good girl,' said Jake gently, pulsing the vibrator gently against her and suckling her breasts tenderly.

'No!' groaned Molly as she was immediately catapulted into another orgasm. As she writhed and screamed, her reactions only had the consequence of clamping the vibrator deeper inside her and compressing her delicate clit further still. When she had completed an increasingly violent string of orgasms, Jake slowly removed the rabbit from her body and she collapsed back onto the bed.

'My turn now, I think,' he murmured, as he pushed her legs further apart and dropped his lips directly onto her desperately engorged and over-sensitive clit.

'No,' whispered Molly. 'Oh, Jake, you can't,' she groaned as he gently sucked her into his mouth and she immediately came with such force that the muscles in her neck felt as though they might tear. Just as Molly took her final gasp, before descending into another massive climax, Jake quickly moved upwards and glided the full length of his rigid cock deep inside her spasming body.

'Oh fuck,' he groaned as he was treated to Molly's muscles clenching and pulsing at full strength. Rocking his hips, he rode out the shockwaves of her pleasure. As Molly gasped for breath, Jake dropped his mouth to her collar bone, where he gently kissed along her neck, eventually reaching her mouth, where they both took everything the other had to give.

'I want you to go behind me,' gasped Molly at last, breaking their kiss.

'I won't last long like that,' warned Jake, as they switched positions and Molly moved onto her elbows and knees, opening herself up to him.

'I don't care,' groaned Molly. 'I just need you to bury yourself inside me.'

'You're the boss,' growled Jake, immediately slamming himself into her.

'Oh God,' cried out Molly. 'Please, Jake. Please, harder, please,' she sobbed as an all too familiar hot wave of pleasure travelled across her body and she surrendered herself to pure, unadulterated pleasure.

'Oh Fuck.' With hips thrusting wildly, Jake soon followed the same way.


'Molly?' said Jake tenderly, as they lay folded together afterwards.

'Mmmm,' she breathed, her body still reeling from the way Jake had made her feel.

'Do you have any fantasies?'

'Mmmm. A never-ending supply of praline truffles, which don't make you put any weight on,' sighed Molly happily.

'Sexual fantasies, that is,' he said smiling

'I don't think so,' she said carefully.

'You do know you're a hopeless liar, don't you?' smiled Jake. 'Please tell me.'

'There's nothing to tell,' explained Molly. The thought of sharing her intimate thoughts, given the conversations she'd previously shared with Jake, sent a cold bolt of dread through her brain.

'Please,' he whispered, lovingly stroking her stomach. 'Please trust me?'

'Why do you want to know?' she enquired, playing for time.

'I want to be sure I can give you everything you need,' he replied.

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