tagInterracial LoveMandingo Hostel Pt. 01

Mandingo Hostel Pt. 01


Chapter 1

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Twenty seven year old Erica Miller asked her husband Harold with more than a little nervousness.

The house music was faint but distinctly hip-hop. Harold felt a twitch in the pit of his stomach at the thought of what they were about to do tonight. They talked about it for some time both uncertain at first but the more they talked about it the more both grew more grew turned on by it till it became almost an obsession. Recently Harold had a hard time getting hard and much to his embarrassment he started to have a problem with premature ejaculation. After many frustrating attempts Erica and Harold agreed to finally go through with it.

It was through the internet that they were able to find what they were looking for: a private club called Club Mandingo boasting of total privacy and a safe resort for couples interested in experimenting in interracial sex.

"Yeah I'm sure." Harold said feeling more than a little nervous.

"Okay than." Erica said kissing her husband gently on the lips before they got out of the car together feeling more than a little insecure herself.

A tall burly black man wearing a nice suite and tie with a clipboard stood blocking the doorway.

"Name please?"

"Harold and Erica."

Looking down at the clipboard he nodded stepped aside and opened the door.

The rap music was louder than first anticipated and at least thirty people mostly interracial white woman who were scantily clad with black men who were sporting male g-string underwear that showed off rather generous packages were dancing together seemingly at ease while the guys mostly white sat in the background watching. Their expressions were more than a little eager but some looked equally reserved.

A rather handsome black man wearing blue sweat pants with no shirt that exposed hard lanky muscles approached them. Fascinated Erica looked down despite herself noticing as she did that this guy had to be twice the size of her husband.

"Well, well you guys must be new." The black man had a genuine professional edge to his voice. "The names Luther." He said with a broad smile reaching out to shake their hand.

"My name is Erica, this is my husband Harold." Erica said jerking her eyes away feeling rather self-conscious as she reached to shake his hand in which he took in his own and bent down to kiss it.

"So I take it you're here to have some fun?" Luther asked casually surveying Erica and liking what he saw. She stood at least a foot shorter than himself and had one of those memorable faces not quite super model material but extremely attractive nonetheless. She was wearing a short skirt that showed off a ton of leg but still leaving a lot to the imagination.

"Well we're here more to just check out this scene to see what all the fuss is about." Harold said interjecting before his wife could reply. "We're not sure how far we want to go."

Luther nodded thoughtfully at this. "How 'bout some dancing first. We got some more appropriate dancing attire in the back room if you'd like of course."

"Uh, sure why not." Erica said noticing as she did that Harold looked like he was about to object but thought better of it when she voiced her agreement.

Harold watched silently as Luther escorted Erica to the backroom noticing that Luther grabbed her slim white hand in his large black one. Luther joined him soon after she entered the room.

"So you guys been in this scene for very long?" Luther asked idly knowing the answer before it even exited Harold's mouth.

"Well not really but our sex life hasn't been the greatest and we've looked into swinging but heard about this place online and she's always been interested in trying a black man out." Harold replied feeling more than a little intimidated by this larger guy in more ways than one. A sort of nervous twitch entered the pit of his stomach at the way his wife and this rather larger black man seemed to interact together he could sense that his wife found this guy attractive and what's more it disturbed him more than it turned him on.

"Well look no further than this is probably one of the safest places your going to find out there." Luther said with a genuine smile showing off perfect white teeth.

A couple of minutes later Erica came out and caused Harold to gasp in instinctive surprise. She wore an almost sheer black bikini that barely covered her generous cleavage and showed off her beautiful pale skin. Never in all the years that Harold knew Erica did he ever see his beautiful wife dress so sexily. As he simply stared at his wife dumb founded feeling himself to start to stir in arousal Luther was already making his move.

"Very nice." Luther said casually approaching her with an almost arrogant swagger in his step.

Harold felt obligated to follow them to the dance floor an almost protective husbandly feeling came over him but he pushed it down not wanting to ruin the moment. For a long moment he watched them dance like a stranger in the sidelines and felt his stomach drop to the floor. They seemingly made the perfect looking couple their bodies rubbing close together their faces close together in an intimate fashion.

Pulling his eyes away from his beautiful wife he went to the bar to order a drink as he found his eyes constantly moving to the dance floor taking in how they were virtually dry fucking in the middle of the dance floor. In all the time that they knew each other Erica never danced that way with him. As a matter of fact she never so much as wore anything remotely so revealing even in their private sex lives together.

"So what brought you to the Mandingo hostel?" Luther asked loudly as their bodies continued to gyrate with the music.

"Well my husband's been having a hard time performing as of late. We eventually came across this interracial swinging site called Club Mandingo which referred us to the Mandingo Hostel..." Erica said feeling uncomfortable dancing since she wasn't used to it due to the fact that Harold almost never danced.

"No need to worry about that. I guarantee that you'll experience things that you've never felt before with my big cock." Luther said while grinding his pelvis provocatively against hers her leg as they continued to dance the night away.

Erica was startled soon followed by arousal. She could feel her knees weaken as she looked over at her husband noticing that his handsome face had this almost tormented expression on it. For some reason this only served to heighten her excitement after all he was the one that talked her into this. With some daring on her part she moved to grab Luther's cock mainly out of curiosity to see if it was really that big or if he just some socks down their to make it look that big.

A loud gasp came out as she felt Luther's hardness and that it was real, very real. It had to at least be ten inches and the most she ever had was six and a half and that was before her husband who was barely five inches.

"What's the matter never felt a cock as big as mine?"

Erica could only shake her head in partial disbelief as they continued to dance to the music feeling more than a little naughty as she did so. Finally after awhile she felt more than a little tired.

"Hey you mind if we stop for a while and go see what my husband is up to?" She hollered feeling suddenly reserved at the knowledge that this guy was so well hung.

"Sure not a problem." Luther hollered back.

Harold gulped a shot a shot down feeling the pleasant burn go down his throat than settling into his stomach. The alcohol wasn't able to settle the anxiety that that was filling his stomach at the thought of his beautiful chaste wife fucking Luther's ebony cock. He wondered if the myth was really true about black men being well hung and if the saying 'once you go black you never go back' was legitimate.

"Honey we're going upstairs want to join us?" His wife's voice interrupted his thoughts.

Turning around he almost dropped his drink in amazement. She stood before him closely held next to Luther who had a big grin showing off wide even teeth. Her pale body a stark contrast against his coal black body. He could feel the blood rushing to his face as he realized that they were about to fulfill his long awaited fantasy.

He could only nod his head as he got up filling more than a little unsteady on his feet. Walking slightly behind them as they headed up the stairs he couldn't help but notice how her slim white hand seemed to be engulfed by his freakishly big one.

Chapter 2

"Holly shit!" Harold exclaimed in complete and utter surprise.

Luther was stark naked showing off his hard muscular body but it was the cock between his legs that surprised Harold so much. It had to at least be ten inches thicker than his wrist and hard as a rock. It caused him to step back a little in dismay self conscious of his inadequacy in that department. His own cock was no more than five inches and fairly thin.

Looking over at his wife who stood there wearing nothing more than high heels and absolutely beautiful he couldn't help but wonder if she'd be able to take such a huge cock. Judging by the look on her face she had to have been thinking the same thing.

"What's the matter never seen a real cock before?" Luther asked with a smirk looking pointedly towards Harold who flushed in indignation.

"Uh... No it's just I'm not sure if I can take that." Erica said her eyes looking at his cock with a morbid fascination.

Erica couldn't stop herself from grabbing Luther's huge cock noticing as she did that her hand couldn't even fit around it. Her knees felt weak as she got on her knees looking over at her husband with an almost apologetic look in her sweet blue eyes before turning back to the huge black cock.

"Hey why not take your clothes off as well and join in?" Luther asked Harold with a slight smirk.

Harold feeling more than a little flabbergasted hesitantly took off his own clothes noticing as he did how flabby his own body was in comparison to Luther who looked like he worked out every day. The real humiliation was when he finally took off his pants and underwear and noticing how small his own 5-inch penis was in comparison to this ten- inch monster dick.

Luther's mocking laughter filled the room at the sight of Harold's thin white shriveled hard penis.

"Man what the fuck do you call that?" Luther grunted as he felt Erica's pretty lips wrap around his cock head.

Harold looked away embarrassed at how small his cock looked in comparison to this black stud realizing that he made a mistake in coming here with his wife. The way she seemed to worship this other mans cock was almost embarrassing especially at the way Luther seemed to laugh at him almost dismissively.

Erica slowly bobbed her head back and forth absently tasting the rough salty taste of his semen. Soon loud slurping sounds echoed the chambers, moaning slightly she rubbed her pussy mound feeling absently how wet she was. This ache felt like nothing she ever felt with Harold before, it felt invigorating and subservient, and it was the most empowering feeling she felt in her life.

"Hey why not get on the bed and get comfortable?" Luther said.

Reluctantly Erica pulled away looking deeply in Luther's intense brown eyes before getting up and doing what he said. Looking over at her husband she felt almost moved to pity.

Her beloved stood their his eyes red from holding back tears his cock as hard as she ever saw it but now it seemed to diminish in her eyes as she finally realized how much he lacked in the endowment department. There was a silent pleading in his blue eyes that had her hesitating.

"Hey Luther maybe we shouldn't do this..." Erica said breaking her gaze away from her husband's heartbroken expression right at Luther's considerable girth and size that still surprised her. Especially compared to her husbands much smaller size.

Instead of answering her he simply kissed her. It wasn't a chaste or faint French kisses that she shared with her husband on occasion but rather a hard unyielding and passion filled kisses that took her breath away. She felt herself give into this man as she melted in his arms feeling his hard cock head sliding into her pussy causing pleasure to stir throughout her body.

Harold could only watch at the way his beautiful pale bride slowly submitted to this much larger black man and at the way the mans huge club seemed to tease her pussy lips. He could only whimper as the huge cock invaded her tight white pussy.

"Careful that hurts!" Erica cried out suddenly as she felt Luther's gigantic cock enter more than half way filling her in a way she never felt before.

Luther only grunted and thrust even harder causing her to wail in pain, her hands pushed on his muscular chest as if to push him off her. She knew such a deed was almost useless but she never felt so stretched before nor did she expect Luther to be so rough.

It was hard to tell when her cries of pain and protest turned into cries of lust and grudgingly unbridled passion. She never felt so full or complete as this guy made her feel nor could she remember feeling so owned by a man. Her husband could never come close to bringing her off, even on their first night together could he even come close.

Soon loud moans filled the room as she felt Luther's huge black cock invade every part of her uterus. His balls heavily slammed against her as he proceeded to fuck her in a way that she never felt before.

"Tell me you want me to cum in you." Luther whispered savagely ramming his cock in and out of her, his balls making slapping noises against her that filled the room.

Erica could only scream in orgasmic bliss as she felt Luther's hard black chest press against her soft white breasts, feeling something give in her. She couldn't define it until she looked over at her husband who was sitting down now with a befuddled expression on his rather plain face. His cock stood at rigid attention but it still dwarfed Luther's by more than half and looked more amusing and pitiful now.

Hours and four glorious orgasms seemed to go by when she finally felt Luther begin to stiffen inside her.

"Fuck yeah cum in me Luther I'm yours for as long as you want me!" Her voice was like a strangers as she felt Luther slam in her one final time before jerking his hot cum shooting directly into her womb.

Breaking her gaze away from her husband she kissed Luther with a passion that surprised even her, realizing that she could even be conceiving this very moment. Her body convulsed as she unconsciously squeezed her pussy lips together trying to take as much cum in herself as possible.

After an eternity Luther felt his huge cock completely drained he finally pulled out his cock made loud slurping sounds. He laid next to her almost possessively as he looked over at Harold who looked absolutely crushed.

"Hey Harold come over here." Luther said with such command that Harold had little choice but to obey.

He felt belittled as he noticed the cum seemed to be oozing out of his wife's pussy, deposited by another man. She looked truly ravished like something from a porno, he thought.

"Why don't you get over here and eat all that cum I deposited into your pretty wife eh?" His request came out as a command and his hard brown eyes had a cruel look in them that intimidated Harold.

Harold felt numb as he got on the bed and looked down at his wife's pussy and how stretched out it looked. He could see how sperm seemed to leak out from it as he leaned down smelling how strong and potent the black mans seed was.

"Y-you don't have to do this Harold." Erica whispered her eyes closing even as she said this as if telling him that she could want nothing more than this.

Harold couldn't help himself and gently licked at his wife's pussy tasting the pungent taste of this other man. He could feel how her legs seemed to close around his head forcing him to open his mouth fully sucking in all the pungent cum deposited inside his Erica's precious pussy.

Nothing felt more humiliating or degrading in his entire life as he felt his wife pulling his hair forcing his mouth and tongue deeper into her pussy tasting the bitter salty taste fill his mouth as he felt his own arousal start to grow and his cock threatening to explode.

"Come on white boy suck out all that cum from her bitch." Luther commanded as Erica gasped marveling at how good her husbands tongue felt on her freshly fucked pussy.

Suddenly against Harold's will he could feel himself begin to cum without so much as touching himself. His cum landed on the bed almost discreetly as he finally could feel the last of Luther's pungent cum fill his mouth.

Harold gasped loudly as he felt fresh air fill his lungs thankful that he was finally done with sucking out all that cum from his wife. His face felt flushed as if he just drank a shot of vodka, looking down he noticed that his wife seemed to have this self-satisfied smirk on her pretty face.

"You're done already whitey?" Luther asked idly he laid next to the beautiful white woman noticing as he did that their was small drops of cum on the sheets. "Why not do me a favor and take these sheets to the cleaners while I get cozy with your wife here?" Luther grunted as he got up in which Erica followed suite and pulled the sheets from the mattress.

Harold numbly took the sheets from Luther feeling almost as if he was some errand boy. As uncomfortable as he was with the thought of leaving his beloved wife with this man he still felt obligated to comply.

Before Harold closed the door he heard his wife and Luther whispering to each other in a intimate fashion, as if they've been lovers for years that almost instantly brought tears to his eyes. It was the soft throaty laughter that was his wife's that haunted him all the way to the cleaners.

-End Of Part One-

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