M&M Kisses

byTx Tall Tales©

"I was hoping to collect on my missing kiss."

She leaned toward me smiling. "I think that's only fair. It was a very nice lunch, thank you."

I met her halfway, our lips coming together gently. Hers parted against the pressure of my tongue, allowing me access, teasing and tasting her. I hated to pull away, but time was of the essence.

I started the car before she was even leaning back in her chair, turning into traffic. I looked over at her, eyes almost closed, smiling at me enigmatically. "You're not what I expected," she said softly.

"Ditto, and then some."

She laughed. "Oh, I know I'm seriously fucked up, but you...you surprise me."

"I hope in a good way."

"Definitely. Most definitely. Thanks again. I was very nervous about this, and I can say, without the least hesitation, that was the best date I've ever been on."

"I get to call it a date?" I teased.

"It ended in a kiss, didn't it?"

"I'd like to date you again."

"Me too. Let me have a little time to digest this one first, alright?"

"Whatever time you need."

I got out of the car, and ran around to her side, to open her door. She'd started to open it but stopped, and waited for me. I helped her out, closing the door behind her, and passing her the keys.

"You didn't open the door for me on the way there," she observed.

"I didn't know we were on a date. I'm sorry."

She leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Forgiven. I like sushi."

* * *

Our second lunch date, three days later, and less than a week until Halloween. I had called ahead to the restaurant, and asked them to have the food ready when we arrived. Briana was surprised, but delighted when an assortment of finger-food appetizers was presented to us, on two large platters.

"Appetizers for lunch. I hope I wasn't too presumptuous."

She was already making patterns from our snacks. She was giggling, in a great mood. "Double kisses for you today. This is the best ever. I can take what I want, and you get stuck with the excess. It's perfect."

She took a bite of something deep-fried. "What are these round things?" she asked.

"I have no idea. Probably fried zucchini or something similar."

She put them on my plate, opening up space on hers for arranging. "I hope you like them. They taste like poop."

"Thank you so much for letting me have the good stuff," I kidded. She was right. They weren't very good. "Reminder to self. Double mini-burgers, no fried poop, next time."

Briana smiled and reached for the last slider. I beat her to it.

"No! He's mine. I saw him first. I opened a space for him and everything," she whined.

"You snooze, you lose," I told her, lifting it teasingly, for a big bite.

"Please? You can't devour him, it's not fair. He has to go last."


"He's the tallest. Last. It has to be."

"What will you trade for him?" I asked.

She pouted. "I already promised you double kisses," she said softly.

"From your plate. I have to eat too. Not just the fried poop. Trade for him."

"Oh," she said blushing. She eyed her plate, moving the food around, and freed up three items. "Fair?" she asked.

I tried to act like I was thinking hard. Fist to the bottom of the chin and everything.

"What? It's a good deal," she griped.

"Sorry. You got me thinking about the kisses. Much better deal."

She grinned. "You like?"

"Very much."

"If you can be by my car at 4:35, one Big kiss. Fair trade?"

"More than fair. I feel like I'm cheating you now."

She took the slider off my plate, moving the other three items onto mine. "That wasn't the deal."

"Eat. You're going to need your strength."

She was right. At 4:31, I was standing by her car waiting. She walked over casually, unlocking the car from a distance, opening the passenger door and putting her purse inside. She walked around the car and slid into my arms as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

I was expecting the kiss, but was very glad for the long extended hug.

She looked up at me expectantly, and I brought my lips down to hers. It started slowly enough, brushing our lips together, puckered little kisses. She pressed her little teeth against my bottom lip, tugging softly. I ran my tongue across her upper teeth, feeling their sharp, perfectly aligned bottoms. Her mouth opened, pressing forward, her tongue pushing against mine, sliding around it, her breath flowing into me.

I let my legs slide outward, pulling her body closer, connecting from hips to chest, my arms drawing her tighter. She made the sweetest little whimper, opening her mouth and letting me explore.

I felt her tremble, and backed away slowly, worried that I had pushed things too far. "Are you Ok?" I asked, looking into her eyes, looking for any signal she was uncomfortable.

"No. I'm scared."

"Why, Bree? What did I do wrong?"

"Nothing. That's the problem. It's all too good. It has to blow up in my face. I don't deserve this," she said nervously.

I kissed her forehead, her narrow little turned up nose, her soft lips, her sharp chin. "Give us a chance, don't be afraid of something good happening."

She trembled, burying her head in my chest. "Slowly, Zach, Ok? This is all so new to me."


"Everything. It should be more difficult than this. It can't be this easy. Nothing new ever is."

I stroked her back, showering kisses on the top of her head. I decided to change the subject. "A friend of mine is having a Halloween party. Usually a pretty big blow-out. Would you like to go, Saturday?"

"I don't do well at big parties."

"What do you normally do for Halloween?"

"Dress up and pass out candies. I like to see all the kid's outfits. We get a good sized crowd in my neighborhood."

"Would you like company?"

"You'd be bored. You should go to your party," she said.

"I'd love to spend the evening with you, passing out candy, and maybe watching a couple of old movies."

"Are you sure?"

"Absolutely positive. Please."

She gave me a squeeze. "No later than 6:00 pm. Dress up."

"Thank you. I'll be there."

"Nothing too crazy either. My parents always stop by. I can't tell them no, just because I have a date. Not on Halloween."

"Understood. Family friendly costume."

She gave me a little kiss. "Was the Big Kiss worth that silly little burger?" she asked.

"Worth the whole friggin' restaurant."

She chuckled. "Why do you have to be so sweet?"

"It's all the kisses. Chocolate and otherwise."

"Mmm. Remind me to keep you fully stocked."

I opened the door, before returning to work. Costume. I had an idea.

* * *

Two more lunches before the weekend. Both times a delight. I wanted to see more of her, after work on a real date maybe, but I didn't want to push her. The more I thought about her comments, how everything was new to her, the more nervous I got. Did she not date? Was I her first 'boyfriend'. I felt the weight of responsibility settle on my shoulders to be as good as I could be, for her.

I found the costume I was looking for online. Paid a fortune for overnight shipping, and then set in to do some customization. Several hours Friday evening and a few more Saturday morning, before I was happy with it.

* * *

She'd said no later than 6:00, not at 6:00, so I felt fine showing up at 5:45. Early enough to allay any concerns about my being late, while giving her plenty of time to get ready.

I rang the bell, and a large, make that huge, man opened the door, dressed as Frankenstein. I had to look up at him, his head higher than the door. Jesus, must have been close to seven feet tall.

He stuck his hand out, and it swallowed mine. "I'm Brian, you must be Zach." He looked me over, smiling. "I see you know my daughter pretty well."

He stepped back out of the doorway, gesturing me to come in. "The girls are still getting ready. You know how they are, everything has to be perfect. To the last detail."

I nodded, grinning. "Women."

"Especially these two. Like mother like daughter." He walked toward the kitchen, while I followed, still stunned by his size. "Angela usually has her issues under control, and the drugs help. Briana's trying to deal with it on her own."

He passed me a beer from the refrigerator, opening his. "You don't mind if we talk about this? We probably won't get another 5 minutes alone. You should know what you're walking into."

"I don't mind at all. I appreciate it. She doesn't talk much about her family life. Nor about her condition. She does seem to have it under control, as long as she stays on schedule, and we leave her personal space alone."

"You understand, if you're going to date her, your personal space becomes hers?"

"I figured that out. Got my office in order, with her approval after a few minor changes. Detailed the car and even organized the trunk."

"Containers," he said softly. "For some reason, things in containers don't bother them as much. A messy container is a very minor nuisance. Even a simple box in the back seat of the car for anything loose, helps a lot."

"Has your wife always been this way?"

"As long as I've known her. If you have any questions, anything, ask. Call. Anytime. I'm serious. Day or night. Anything at all. This isn't easy. Not for either of you. You're the first man she's gone out with more than twice. That says a lot to me. I'm pulling for you."

"Thanks. I'm going to take you up on that. I hope for a very long time."

He grinned. "That would be good. We only want her to be happy."

I heard the women in the other room. He perked up, and walked toward the living room. "Coaster, at least an inch away from any edge of the table. Ideally geometrically placed," he said softly. "By the way. Good choice on the costume. Homerun. You'll see."

We walked out and I saw his wife. Bride of Frankenstein, in miniature. She looked like a doll. Even shorter then Briana, with a Marge Simpson hairdo in black and silver. Tight torn mini-dress, black fishnet stockings. Wow. She walked over to me, and gave me a hug. "I'm so glad to meet you, Zach. She can't stop talking about you."

"Mom! Gosh!" I turned to see the most adorable sight. A giant Hershey kiss, must have been four feet across at her thighs, if it reached that low. Her legs were encased in white fishnet stockings. She was wearing a smaller Kiss for a hat, and long white gloves. Little white streamers, labeled with "KISSES" stuck out of her hat and the back of her outfit.

She smiled, walking over. "I know how much you like Kisses," she said. She looked me over, grinning. "Looks like great minds think alike."

I was dressed as a huge bag of plain M&Ms, dark brown wrapper, from shoulders to knees. Black pants and a black turtleneck complete the ensemble.

Briana giggled. "God, that's mean. I haven't had a single M&M today."

"Ready for a little treat?" I teased, reaching down to my waist, and opening one of my customizations, a pocket, around belly-button level.

"Zach!" she gasped, blushing.

"Trust me, sweetie. Reach in."

She closed her eyes, turning away from me, and slid her hand into the opening. She laughed, pulling out a hand full of loose M&Ms, in her three custom colors. She popped one in her mouth, gave her mother one, then dropped to her knees, organizing them on the table.

I sat on the couch, placing my beer on a coaster as I'd seen her father do, the coaster touching the corner edges of one of the four large square patterns embedded in the wooden surface.

"Any more surprises in there for me?" she asked. She reached over and nudged my coaster a hair. I couldn't even see the difference.

I reached into the two side pockets, equally hidden, pulling out mini-bags of M&Ms. "Plain and Peanut."

Any more teasing was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. "It's starting!" her mother exclaimed, clapping her hands like a little girl. I could see where Briana got her cuteness from. Her mother must have been at least 40, but she seemed like a teenager. Friggin' adorable.

Briana finished her M&M segregation, hopped up and ran to the door, the bottom of her outfit bouncing sexily, teasing, not quite showing what she was wearing underneath.

Any ideas I had of watching a movie were quickly abandoned. Briana was right. The kids didn't stop for hours. She and her mother had a system, a large table around the corner from the front door had an assortment of candy arranged in organized piles. Briana would select the treats to distribute, and pass them to her Dad. He'd hold them on a tray while Briana's mother delivered them to the trick-or-treaters.

I felt like an outside observer, until Briana got me involved, opening bags of candy and putting them on her table, for her to reorganize before sending them out the door.

It was a blast, talking about the kids outfits, hearing about past costumes, and the Halloween house decorations. The parents were subtle, sliding in a few more personal questions now and then, family size, schooling, job, but only rarely, and never more than one or two without a break.

I didn't mind sharing, since they were doing the bulk of it. Angela was a tease, surprising me by giving me a hug from behind. "I'm so glad you're here with us, Zach."

"No Mom!" Briana snapped, giggling, slapping her Mom's hands away as she pulled them out of the front pocket, M&Ms in her greedy grip.

"They're mine," Briana laughed, grabbing at her Mom's hands, trying to open them.

"Brian!" her mother called out. "Help me!"

He laughed. "You brought this on yourself Angie, I'm staying out of it."

They were obviously having fun, and I didn't want to interfere. A group of kids walked up to the door, and I intercepted them.

"Trick or treat!" the four ankle biters called out.

I reached into my side pockets, pulling out some of my M&M treats. I was happy to get rid of them, they were heavy, and I figured they'd be melting before too long.

I dealt with the crowd of four, 2 mini-bags each, and looked back to see the girls gigging, wrestling. Angela had her hands at her mouth, struggling to eat her treat, while her daughter was trying to pull it away. "My hair!" her mother whined. "Don't mess up the hair."

I looked over at Briana's father, and he shook his head. Don't get involved. Seemed like good advice.

I had another group of three coming up the walk. Tots. I was a little surprised they were still out, it was getting late. I knelt down in front of them, and when they made their plea for candy, I reached into my outfit and passed out the bags.

"Mom! I can't believe you! He made those special for me," Briana whined.

"I didn't raise you to be selfish," Angela teased. "I'd share with you."

Briana came over and without a word reached down my front, coming up with some more treats. She walked over to her Mom, holding them out. "Mom, they're not normal M&Ms. They're for me. Look."

I could feel myself blushing, as Angela looked the candy over. "Oh, sweetie. I didn't know. I'm sorry. I was just playing," she said.

I watched and Briana went to her table, segregating the candies, and coming up with two extras. She gave her father one, and gave her mother the other one. "I'll share. But don't take, them, please."

Her mother took her by the hand, and sat down with her. "Relax, baby. I won't take any more, I promise. I didn't know, Ok?"

Briana, was sitting anxiously, moving the candies around, pushing two to the side, before she seemed to settle down. She moved one of the extras in front of her Mom, holding the other one, waiting for her Mom to eat hers.

I dealt with a new crowd of kids at the door. When I finished with them, Angela was standing beside me, looking nervous.

She leaned against me. "Please tell me she's not some game to you."

I shook my head. "No way. Sweetest, most fascinating girl I've ever known," I said softly. I watched a crowd of six come running up to the door. Tween-aged, their parents standing out by the curb.

Angela reached into my side pocket, making me nervous, pulling out a handful of candy packages. I grabbed several from the other side.

"Girls like Briana and me," she said softly, passing out the candy. "We know we're a handful. We are slow to grow attached to our guys, but we are absolutely devoted once we do. Give us a chance."

"Anything I can do, I'm committed to making this work."

Briana moved up on the other side of me, "Leave him alone, Mom. Please, you're embarrassing me."

I turned, reached out to her head, pulled her forward and kissed her softly. "Your Mom's great. She only wants the best for you. Me too. I'm nuts about you, you know?"

She blushed, smiling. "Not too crazy for you?"

I shook my head. "I'm gonna screw up now and then. I don't know how to handle some of this. You need to be open and honest with me. I'll get better."

She looked on the verge of tears. "I don't know how. You've been perfect."

I laughed. "You're setting me up for a fall. I'm not perfect. Far from it. But I'm willing to do whatever you need. Whatever. You only have to let me know."

She smiled. "I could use another kiss."

Angela tugged me away. "Incoming. Keep the kisses indoors, kids. Impressionable youngsters are watching."

The number of kids had slowed, but a trio was laughing, walking up the path. I felt the hands sliding down my sides, retrieving the treats. "One of each, for each of them," Briana said, three bags in her hands. She flipped them over so all the writing was going the same direction.

One brown bag, one yellow bag for each of the kids. I looked up and saw a virtual army of kids on their way. There must have been at least a dozen.

"You have enough for all of them?" Angela asked. I could feel her hand moving around, checking how many bags were left. There was a small problem. It wasn't really a pocket. There was a bag attached to the opening, and pinned to my pants belt. It was easy to reach inside and miss the bag. Angela seemed to discover that, giggling as her hand felt around, rubbing my side.

"Seems like it," Briana said, pulling out a handful.

"There were 40 bags of each," I told them.

I felt her hand slide back into the gap on my side, and struggled not to make a scene, when she discovered the same issue, and her hands started rubbing my hip. "Feels good on this side," she giggled.

"Briana..." her mother whispered, warningly. As if she had any room to talk, her hand was being wicked, inside my outfit, rubbing my side and upper thigh, only a scant couple of inches from really being naughty.

The kids were upon us, and the girl's hands kept slipping in my outfit, retrieving bags, each of the them putting a package of M&Ms into the goody bags held up before them.

Briana was keeping her near hand inside my outfit, leaning close to me, crushing the side of her outfit. She'd pull out a candy, then slide her hand back in, and give me a teasing rub before snagging the next treat to be passed out.

Angela was no better, her hand never leaving the pocket for long. Her hand was more exploratory, wandering around, front and back. She gave my ass an unexpected squeeze, and I almost jumped.

The last of the trick-or-treaters left, and Briana leaned over, looking around me. Her hand was still in my outfit. "Mom! What was that?" she hissed.

"Nice buns," Angela giggled.

"Dad!" Briana, called out. "Mom's being bad."

"God, Briana, I can't believe you told on me!" Angela whined.

Brian walked up behind her, picking her up bodily, hoisting her high, like a toy. "Jesus, Angie, we've just met the boy. Give the kids some space, before you scare him off."

"We're just playing around, Brian," she whined.

I laughed. "She's not going to scare me off. I love the fact that the girls are close. My sister and my Mom don't get along all that well."

"See?" Angela whined, wiggling in his grip. Her struggles had the bottom of her dress riding high on her hips, her legs kicking. A tiny little black thong was exposed, along with a red and black garter belt. Sweet Jesus. Her mom was hot.

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